Monday, 5 October 2015

I Want To Be A Child!

I just turned into a young adult not very long ago. Although some people may disagree with me and still see me as a child and of different generation. I remember just a few years ago, all I wished was to grow up faster. I was impatient and wanted everything to happen fast. I wanted to finish college quickly and start working. I wanted a girlfriend and I was hoping the one girlfriend will eventually become my wife. I was dreaming of starting a small family of my own. I wanted a fast car and I still do! I thought I knew it all and had all it takes to be an adult. I became arrogant of my own little achievements, not realising how insignificant I was at that time. Or was I right? I was plain naive. 

Just this morning I have bumped into this poll set up by one of the bloggers I was following and it goes: Would you rather travel back to the past, or to the future?


That was my first response. But having contemplated a little, I chose Past. Wait, hang on a minute, so you would rather choose "Past" than foreseeing your own "Future", you ask? A stark difference from what I have written above! You are right. If I am given a chance to turn back the time, I will choose to appreciate moments more. I was impatient and wanted everything instant! I have missed out so many precious moments with family members and friends. Ironically, I picked up photography for exactly the same reason - capture the moments. 

I will slow down my footsteps and smell the wild flowers, sit by the bench at a park and simply having my Me time, enjoy the moments. It would have been even more fantastic if I had a good book on hand. I did not. All I did was rushing courseworks, meetings and events. When I was still in school (not university, I had a fantastic time!), I wished to get out of the class and go back home, every single day! I did not enjoy the moments I had with my classmates, and understandbly lack of close friends due to my slight arrogance and introverted nature. The truth is, nobody likes to befriend an arrogant douchebag. If you can't seem to find the fish everyone is talking about, you are the fish! I was the fish. 

It took me ages to realise I need a change. I can argue until the cows come home and say they were simply not good enough to be my friends, pointing fingers and putting blames on others. It would have been much more convenient to me, of course on the expense of losing even more friends. OR, I can choose to change myself. I can choose to be nice to others when others are not that friendly towards me, or even talk behind my back! It happened, but yet I chose to be nice and even offer my help in their need. I can choose to let go and forgive. Do you know when you let go of something, you will feel as if a huge rock has been lifted off your shoulder? I do! 

If you know me, although I have been Christian for quite some time now, it was difficult for me to incorporate what Christ has taught me in my life. I was strongheaded, a tough nut to crack. Since I tend to think logically, not everything in the Bible will make sense to me, even up to this day, if I continue the same old way of viewing the Bible. Yesterday the Sunday service at my church was delivered by Pastor Sandra, on having a childlike faith. It doesn't seem new to me, and certainly won't seem new to most Christians. 

We have heared it all over the place, many times. But many of us, if we are honest enough, still struggle to live up to that expectation God has set up for His believers. Pr. Sandra spoke about a rich young man, who had lived his life being obedient to God's law and commandments. The young man bumped into Jesus and asked what was he still lacking and got the right answer. Jesus asked him to sell all his possessions and follow Him, but the young man walked away sorrowful, unwilling to give up his wealths. 

It spoke to me! 

I can relate so much to the young man, because to be honest, I will struggle hard myself if I were asked to sell all my possessions and follow Him. But again, the possesions here do not necessarily mean wealth, but also past hurts and past memories! I remember responding at one Sunday service three years ago and went out to the alter, for Pr. Kenneth to lay hand on me and pray. He did not yet know me at that time, but this was what he said to me, "You have to learn to let go of your past." What past?! I did not understand what he meant at that moment, but he was right. 

Have this past memory been haunting me? Past memories of being bullied in class in secondary school and even college. I was fat and slow. Perfect target for bullies. What about past memories of broken relationship? Broken friendships? 

If I simply have a childlike faith, trusting God will deliver me from these painful memories, the amount of joy I would have experienced throughout the journey is boundless! I can choose to surrender all these past bondages to God, knowing He will deal with all these. A child looks up to his/her dad as his/her personal hero. No matter how much a loser the dad really is, he will always be the number one superhero in his children's eyes. I wished Jesus was my childhood superhero. He wasn't. I didn't get to know Him intimately only until recent years. 

How did you react when someone you trusted so much (i.e. your dad) asked you to not be afraid and walk towards him, when you were just a baby? You walked towards him, despite knowing you will fall on your own. But you knew your daddy will always catch you when you fall. You trusted him! In the same way, I want to trust God wholeheartedly. I am not afraid of anything, because I know I have a big God catching me when I fall. He is watching over me, every step I take. 

I want to be a child, to my Father in Heaven.  

Friday, 2 October 2015

A Little Confession

"Please follow us", a way taller guy tapped on my shoulder with another guy standing next to him. While they were leading me to somewhere, I tried to act calm and asked them, "Who are you guys?! Why should I follow you?" But down my heart I knew I was in deep trouble. They flashed me with identity cards stating they were the security officers.

They refused to answer me why I was under detention, until I was brought to a room not far away from the shopping mall's entrance. They started checking the plastic bag I was holding and found a well built Crush Gear toy, with a receipt inside.

"Did you buy this?!", the security officers asked me. " " I answered very reluctantly, not willing to make any prolonged eye contact with them. But as soon as one of the security officers took a quick look at the receipt next to the toy I have spent merely 15 minutes to build at the small table of promoters, it printed "boxer". It was obvious.

I was eleven years old.

I did not know whether I should deny or act dumb. There was no way out. I was caught red-handed this time round. It was not my first time stealing toys from a shopping mall near my house, but this was indeed the first time I got caught.

I had to think sharp and act fast. The security officer asked me to call my parents and tell them everything about it. "Call my parents?! Are you freakin' serious?! No way I will do that! They will kill me!" I thought to myself. "We will pass you to the police station located just opposite the mall if you refused to cooperate with us!" One of the security officers exclaimed.

I quickly recalled there was indeed a police station smack right opposite of the shopping mall. Perfect location.

So I randomly pressed an 8-digit number with similar format of my house number, just so the chance of me successfully calling someone staying in the Klang Valley was higher.

"Hello?", a lady picked up the phone started speaking Mandarin Chinese. "Hi! I am your son's friend, but I am caught stealing at J**** shopping mall near your house. Can you please help me, come over and redeem me? I couldn't reach my parents. The security officers will hand me over to the police if no one comes to my rescue." Lies.

I knew nothing about this lady, and obviously no way I will have known she had got a son of almost the same age as me. She responded well, "My husband will be there in 10 minutes." I hit the jackpot! I was too lucky, at least that was what I thought.

The security officer asked me, "What school are you from?" I answered, "Chong Hwa". But the truth is, Chong Hwa was my school's rival located 2 miles away from my school in Kuala Lumpur. More lies. There was no way the security officers could have been fooled by me, because I was wearing my school's sports attire with a HUGE school logo printed on the t-shirt. Yet they fell for it, believing I was from Chong Hwa Primary School.

I was afraid to stain my school's name. I fear of my parents' wrath if they ever found out I got caught once at the shopping mall for stealing. I was even more afraid to be passed on to the police station, located just opposite the shopping mall.

10 minutes passed by quickly. A tall Chinese guy (everyone was tall to me at that time because I was just a kid) appeared at the detention room, claiming himself to be my uncle. I was like, "Finally my saviour is here!" I was too excited but scared at the same time, not knowing what exactly will happen next.

The uncle subsequently paid for my toy and as we walked out of the detention room, I was still naively asking him, "How can I repay you for the toy you have paid for me?" He told me, "No worries, I'm buying this for my son. Don't ever steal toy again next time!"

WHAT?! So he didn't pay for me, but he was buying over the toy for his son!

Nevertheless, I thanked him profusedly for saving me and I went back home quickly. I did not even dare to look back, because I was too ashamed of what I have had done. No one ever found out what happened that day, except maybe my little sister.

Growing up, I was a naughty and mischievous boy, yet I have an above average intelligence. I was a toy collector, not because my parents bought me all these toys, but most were stolen either directly (physically) or indirectly (bought with stolen money). I always managed to think of ways to get the toys I wanted without paying any penny on it.

When my parents asked me where did I get this toy from, I will give answer like "My friend gave me today", "I found it on the road", or something along the line. Until now I can't believe I said all these, because to be honest, no one gives you toy or anything at all, for FREE! I never seen any free toy on the road neither.

Until this day, my parents never found out that I had been caught red-handed in the shopping mall and yet managed to find a way out without them knowing. But it was not the first time. They knew I had stolen their money before. While they never realised the change in their wallets' positions, the amount of cash seated inside the wallet dropped slowly. Ten Ringgit today. Ten Ringgit tomorrow. Ten Ringgit the day after. 150% return in three days. Best "investment" ever.

I was that bad. Stealing and lying were my expertises, probably my part time hobbies at that moment.

Fast forward twelve years later, I am a Christian and a central banker, blessed enough to earn an above average paycheck (at least among fresh grads), more than my monthly expenses which directly translates into my savings and investments.

I am a changed person. From being a mischievous and sly boy, into a man of God, and will continue to be. Really, it was all by the grace of God that I have been called to his salvation, and to be blessed so abundantly in my career and finances. If God can transform a child thief into a successful young man, what more God can't do for you?

Signing off.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Effectiveness of Simplicity

I am currently still reading "Seven Things That Steal Your Joy" by Joyce Meyer, and something struck me yesterday I decided to make it a post entry. Indeed it turned out that simplicity almost always yield better result than complicatedness. Not only it enables you to focus on making bigger decisions, it will make you happier and peaceful as a person. Have you ever wondered why your life is such as mess, but some people can live happily regardless of the external circumstances they may be facing?

Found this on the web and so happened that it fits perfectly well with my title!
Personally, I used to be very complicated person and because of that got frustrated easily. Then I realised it was ME who made it complicated. I have the choice to make it simpler if I allow it to. And so I chose to live simple. It is in simplicity I found peace. In simplicity, I am able to focus my energy on making bigger decisions, or simply perform more effectively in doing my daily tasks. Do you realise sometimes you can get quite frustrated even when choosing what to wear or where to eat? That's why I have a daily routine, on what to wear, where to eat, what to eat and so on. 

The truth is, if you are being indecisive on all the small decisions stated above (I can get quite indecisive at times), it will drain out your energy. I know I can get tired easily just by having all these mental conflicts happening in my head. So what I do every morning and almost every day are pretty much predictable. First I will go to gym (I can get myself ready within 10 mins because I have prepared everything the night before). Then I will eat breakfast (almost always mee/mihun with egg plus fresh fruit juice for now, until I get bored of it), after which I will read some blogs/books and start writing. 

You may think I am boring! It's fine, I probably am. But by making all these small decisions an automated individual system, I am able to direct my energy on training my idea muscles. I can work or write more effectively, putting my limited brainpower on producing something more significant. Again what is significant for me may not be significant for you, so you have to figure out your own top priorities that demand your highest concentration level. At the same time, drop everything else that are not so important and make them automated. 

Back in the UK, I used to check out all the current accounts that yield the highest interest rates. Whatever current accounts that you can name, I probably have had opened it at one point in my student life. But there were always some requirements you need to fulfill, such as "you need to debit at least £750 into your account every month" and "you need to have two direct debits" etc, to be eligible to earn interest for that month. To be honest, they are not that difficult. If you have double the amount (say £1,500) in your account, you can always open another backup account and set up a standing order/instruction to transfer the money on a specific date of the month. I have done that throughout my whole three years in the UK, and earned my groceries money just from the interest alone. Banks (at least the retail side) are not always sophisticated if you know how to navigate your way around. 

Simplicity links well with elegance too. Two months ago when I was travelling in Switzerland with my family for my graduation trip, I was looking for a watch. My parents favoured Tissot (quite a popular Swiss watchmaker) so I was looking. But I can't seem to find a watch that manage to catch my attention, not because they are cheap, but too complicated. And then a watch caught my attention in Lucerne! Roamer. I had never heard of this name so I was skeptical of its quality and reliability. I gave it as pass the first round. Then I went on and continued my trip. This time round we were in Lauterbrunnen, a quiet town near Jungfraujoch. I was still looking for a nice watch. Again the same Roamer watch caught my attention. I gave it a pass again. 

On our way back from Jungfraujoch, we went by this small little town at Wengen, and... you guessed it right! Again the same Roamer watch managed to catch my attention. Maybe it is fate bringing us together. I don't know, but I decided to check out more about it. I was told Roamer is a Swiss watchmaker of the same tier with Tissot in performance and quality, but it is more renowned among the local Swiss people, not so much on international marketing as compared to Tissot. That's it! I decided to seal the deal. My parents warned me of the potential consequences but I am firm in making this decision. What is it in Roamer that fascinates me so much? See it for yourself. 

Roamer Ceraline Saphira, simple and elegant! Got loads of compliments from friends too :D 

Often people mix up complicatedness with complexity, when they are not exactly the same. Complicatedness is made up of a large number of individual components which can be broken down and reduced to smaller parts, and be dealed with individually. But complexity may not be comprehensible easily even if broken down into its individual form. Take for instance, an iPhone. The reason I am an iPhone user speaks on its own, I personally prefer iOS system than Android system, simply because it is more user friendly. You see, things that are user friendly will always win because many people prefer simplicity. When things get complicated, not everyone will be able to understand or even bother to understand it. 

Amazon and Alibaba are another two fine examples. Because it was so easy for users to just click on their websites to purchase items, these companies strived! Jack Ma once said in a forum that if he himself can't understand something on his company website, he will ask the experts to make it simpler, regardless of how onerous the challenges are. Again simplicity to the users is the direct opposite for the producers, it means complexity. It is complex but not complicated. Simplicity is about putting order to complexity.

So, would you rather live a complicated and frustrated life, or simple yet effective life? 

Here's a nice definition by Apple regarding simplicity, something nice to ponder today. 

Signing off. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Brief Light Candle

This post is written with a heavy heart. In just a couple of days, few people around me passed away. A manager in my department who had been battling with blood cancer courageously had put on a good fight. My cell group leader's dad passed away. My friend's teacher also passed away. Another friend's primary schoolmate's mom also just passed away. On the side note, my favourite football team Arsenal also lost to a weaker Greek side, Olympiacos 2-3 AT HOME, thus killing any real chance of qualifying out of group stage for Champions League this year (since the next two games are up against the Almighty Bayern Munich who have just trashed Dinamo Zagreb by 5-0).

All in sudden, I am again reminded that life is too short. Too short to be sad and depressed. Too short to be frustrated and hold grudge against someone you have conflict with, or someone who has wronged you. Two days ago I've read about this from "Seven Things That Steal Your Joy" by Joyce Meyer: "When you feel hopeless or upset, or if you are losing your peace and your joy, ask yourself this: Am I believing God's Word?"

If there is anything we can learn from this, it is this: 
Life is far too short to not make an impact on other people's lives.
No matter how successful one is, at one point he/she will ask "What is the purpose of my life?". Although I can yet to confidently tell you my purpose in life, I am trying my best to serve others, seeking to add values on other people's lives. More importantly, as a Christian, I am trying my best to follow God's plan by faith, be sensitive to His calling for me and expand His Kingdom in ways far beyond my imagination.

Just observe a little closer when someone around you passed away, and you will notice many friends of the deceased flock to his/her Facebook wall and write testimonials of his/her life, as a sign of respect and comforts to his/her other friends and family members. Sometimes this question popped up in my mind: If I die earlier, what will my friends write about me? You may think I am weird, but this is a legitimate question. Have you ever asked yourself this question? I will leave it to you.

Just like the brief light candle, despite being short lived, it has lived up to its purpose. Have you lived up to your purpose? The most important thing in this world is not wealth and success (although they are good to have), but happiness and love. Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of our time, once said in an annual meeting in Omaha 12 years ago:
"I measure success by how many people love me. And the best way to be loved is to be loveable." 
This is probably the most unusual thing that can ever come out from the mouth of the Oracle of Omaha, yet it makes every perfect sense. I bet none of the attendants would have expected the answer to be uttered by Buffett, and most likely all of them were getting all excited and curious on the magic number for Buffett's definition of success. I love it! I love the fact that he dared to adopt this unconventional approach when the world around him all speaks of  wealth and success from the worldly view. To be disgusted and hated by many is easy, but to be loveable may not be for certain people.

To be loveable, one thing you can do is to be genuine in offering help. Help unconditionally in any way with a sincere and genuine heart, but not expecting any return. Sometimes no tangible help is even needed, your presence itself will speak the word. Sometimes you just need to be there to practice your listening skills, be a good listener! Not many people can be good listeners, that's for sure. Sometimes you just need to be committed in doing something. It can be a relationship, or it can be a simple gym session. Being genuine and sincere will go a long way, being a good listener will propel you even further.

Really, is it difficult to bless people around you? I don't know about you, but it was difficult for me. I grew up being selfish and always wanted the best only for myself. I fought with my siblings just to get the last piece of chicken, or the blue toy instead of the red toy. When I knew of certain exam tips, I kept them to myself and seldom share them with my friends, in fear of them overtaking me in the exam. Still they almost always got higher marks than me. But as soon as I realised the best way to dig into my blindspots (unknowns that I don't know that I don't know) is to teach others, the passion to teach in me got ignited!

By teaching others, you will almost always get feedback and questions that will hit you on the spot. Questions that you are not quite sure of yourself, have been asked on the spot and you have to go figure out the answer. These questions are the type of questions that could potentially come out in your next exam, job interview and any future life challenges that you may encounter. Again, your future self will thank you for having prepared for the hardest questions (They were hard because you had never thought of them, but once you have prepared sufficiently for them, they are no longer difficult and pose as unpleasant surprises).

Another way of blessing others is by being generous in giving. But giving doesn't necessarily have to come from a financial perspective, but in time and efforts. Are you willing to give someone your time? Maybe sacrifice 30 mins of nap time and Skype or message a dear friend whom you have lost in touch in ages? Sacrifice 30 mins of gaming time or watching Youtube time, and make sandwiches for the homeless? Your choice matters. It is how you choose to spend your time and put in your efforts, that will make all the differences. 

Go make an impact on someone else's life and have a joyful day yourself!

I'm going to end this blog entry with a song I have been listening to. I find it quite adorable and beautiful at the same time. Enjoy!

Signing off. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


The first time I heard of this word was from junk food. I loved eating junk food when I was growing up. Mamee Noodles snack, Twisties, Mi-mi, Doritos, Cheezels, Double Decker, Walkers, Lays and so on, you name it! I have probably tried them all, if not most. Over time though, my concern for health started to develop although that was just back in college not very long ago (about 4 years ago). I came to a realisation that I was overweight, and being overweight is probably the last place I will put myself at these days.

The story of how I managed to turn over my entire lifestyle from being overweight into where I am today shall be left for another day. Although being overweight was not entirely due to junk food and (junk) soft drink, but also coupled by lack of exercising and messed up lifestyle, junk food and junk drink (soft drink in this case) definitely contributed a huge portion of the factors. That was when I chose temporary short term gratification over long term benefits and success. I chose to devour on delicious junk food and sweet soft drink because I thought it made me happy. Was I really happy though? 

Most of the time I was feeling depressed and lack of confidence. My body shape and weight definitely did not contribute any better, if not worse. My self confidence was at rock bottom, and I was not proud of admitting I did not have many friends. Every day in school, I was afraid of how other students would judge me, or how they will pull me down at one point. In fact they succeeded. My only way trying to "prove them wrong" was through my academic result. Given my level of intelligence, I know I have to put in much more effort than other smart students or the so called "geniuses". You all knew how they succeed! 

I managed to attain above average result in the end. Still I was not confident enough, until the day I finally got a lightbulb of revelation. My lifestyle. I need to change my lifestyle, to live healthily, by eating the right food and consistent exercises. I started to see changes first by my energy level and soon my body began to adapt. I am more confident as a person now. I feel more energetic now than ever. I know how easily I got tired and clumsy when I was overweight. I promised myself not to get back to that stage. It is a no-go zone. The first step of eating right was to stop eating junk food and soft drink altogether. 

At one point in high school, I was drinking 100 plus (isotonic drink) every day for no apparent reason. I only exercised once or even none per week. Even now, it is still a challenge for me to stop drinking sweet drinks though. Nescafe, fresh fruit juice, Mocha ice blended! Ah my new favourites haha! Think of the amount of calories it will put in... 

Most of the time we only see this term junk from food perspective, but do you know there is such thing as junk reading? When was the last time you read? If you are reading this blog, chances are you are still reading to nourish your mind with informative contents (I hope I am informative haha!). Well done! What about books? Facebook doesn't count in this case. Maybe articles and blogs? If we constantly feed our mind with junk materials such as novel, mangas and comics, do you think our mind will develop and grow? I will leave that for you to ponder. To me, even newspapers and online journals can be junk contents sometimes. 

If you are only subscribing to sports or entertainment columns of the news, you are feeding your mind junk material. A good way of thinking this is: how can this add value to me? If I read this article or watch this video, how can this add value and change my life? If you can't answer this question, most probably it doesn't offer much value. It has been at least two to three months since I last watched a Youtube video. Not because Youtubers do not make good videos nowadays, but because of I have better things to do such as reading and writing blog. Watching football matches is another thing haha!

I know some people must watch certain news channels every night, good for you! But what are the things you are listening to? Are they beneficial to you? Or are they bringing you more cringes and drive up your stress level? I believe you do realise the proportion of bad news reported on the news channel is way higher than those of good news (news that can bring values into your life). Maybe it is time for a change? Nassim Taleb (one of my favourite authors who wrote "Fooled by Randomness" and "The Black Swan") once said that he muted the CNBC channel and only read the headlines at the sidebar. By doing so, he can cut himself off from being influenced by the "noise" blurted out by the news presenters/journalists, so called business professionals and pundits. 

Whatever you are reading doesn't matter, as long as it can add new perspectives and knowledge to your mind. You ought to feed your mind daily! Biographies, economics, finance, history, politics, philosophy, self development, religion. Anything! Just read something that will benefit you over the long term. Your future self will thank you. I have this habit of reading Quora and blogs during free time, just to get inspired with more useful information and fresh ideas. Maybe I should write there too.

Truth is, when you start reading consistently, feeding your mind (seed) with good materials (high quality fertiliser and nutrient-rich soil), your mind will grow not only linearly, but on compounding basis! Everything will fall into place more systematically, and new concepts would not appear entirely new anymore when you are able to relate the "new" concepts to existing ideas. 

Why not give it a try? Give yourself three weeks and develop this as a habit, you will see wonders! All the best! 

Signing off. 

Monday, 28 September 2015

Is Credit Card a Bad Thing to Have?

I have been reading a lot on credit card lately, and I am applying one which I will elaborate further later. For those who already have a credit card or a few under their belt, you will understand that credit card can work as a double edged sword. If you think you will be out of control when you are on a shopping spree, and if you are the kind of person who will keep spending even though you are unsure of how you are going to finance it in a month time, it is advisable that you keep yourself as far away from credit card as possible, until you learnt the proper way of controlling your own spending habit. The key here is to spend less than you earn.

However, if you are like me who will think not twice but thrice about buying something, and able to pay the bill on time, owning a credit card can provide you two main benefits:

1)  Building up your credit history. It is very essential to have your credit history built up once you have started working because sooner or later you will thinking of buying car and house. But most of the time, people who are not as cash free as pensioners like me, would have to apply for loans, be it car loan or housing loan. Without credit history, banks would not even consider to approve your loan applications simply because the banks would not be able to gauge how trustworthy and credible you are. Simply put, you want to borrow money but if you did not have any record of repaying the money, the person wouldn't consider to lend the money to you. But if you have a record stating that you have been a responsible borrower and have been repaying the loan payment on time, it will boost some level of confidence on the person and the chance of him lending you money will increase drastically.

2) Cashback on different kinds of expenses. Malaysia is such a blessed country that it is a financial hub for some of the most generous banks you will see (no pun intended). Some credit cards provide you 5% cashback on petrol, some on dining transactions, some on retail transactions and even entertainment expenses. It is entirely up to you to take up which credit card, and one of the reasons should be the cashback that the credit card can provide. Of course, not everyone is entitled to all the cards offered by the banks, since one of the main requirements hinges on one's annual income. There are a few websites which have been very generous in sharing knowledge on which credit cards are the best, and which have the best cashbacks on the areas that you normally spend money on. Here are probably some of the best comparisons I have seen, so it is strongly encouraged that you take your time and read it!

For me, I personally chose Maybank Islamic MasterCard Ikhwan Gold Credit Card (such a long name haha!), due to the fact that I will mainly spend on petrol and maybe some groceries, and this card is free for life, meaning there is no annual fee or whatsover, unlike some of the credit cards offered by other banks. This is probably one of a few credit cards (that I know of) that provides 5% cashback on petrol and groceries on Friday and Saturday, capped up to RM50 per month (for spending up to RM1,000 per month). There are some other credit cards that offer 10% cashback on petrol but they are not free because of the annual charge incurred.

If I foresee myself spending RM50 per week on petrol, which amount to RM200 per month, I will be able to gain 5% x RM200 = RM10 per month. It may not seem much, but earning at least RM120 per year is still better than nothing! This has not even taken into account that I may spend on groceries during the weekend. So the earning is up to the amount that you spent.

Another card seems quite interesting to get is AEON Watami, if you spend between RM1k and RM1666.67 per month, it gives you a effective cashback of 3%. In other word, you will earn RM150 cashback with spending of RM5,000 per quarter. If you swipe the card at least 12 times per year, the annual fee will be waived. The only bad thing about this card is that it does not provide any cashback on petrol, so if the main component of your monthly expenses is petrol, this card may not be a good deal. On regards of the benefits, you can check out the AEON website here.

Do let me know if you know of any other credit card worth getting for one of annual income below RM50k, and spending less than RM2k per month.

Signing off.

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