Monday, 11 January 2010

Bye bye SPM...hello future!!!^^

    The days of the happiness have finally reached and i strongly believed that all my hard works have been paid off for the exams. Days by days waiting for the accomplishment of the SPM'09 and finally it has been attained. At the moment the examiners said " Calon boleh keluar sekarang " after the time for the Chemistry Paper 3 which was the last paper of the SPM'09 for me has finished, everyone started to scream and cry in happiness and joys. I just can't really believed at my naked eyes that the examination have finally finished. Well, time really flew with a lightning pace until I was never realized it. After having the last assembly at my school basketball court, i have to separate with all of my friends who have actually accompanied me for the past 2 years. Every happy, sad and crazy moment I have went through with them and now i have to break up with them??? Just imagine that...I gonna miss all of my friends and teachers in ASiS!!! I would never forget the date of 8 December 2009, which is the date of my last moment in my whole 11 years of school life.

    The first month has actually passed since the last day I was in ASiS. In this month, honestly I wanna say that not much thing i have done and most of the time have been wasted without doing anything beneficial for me, family, community and of course our lovely country, Malaysia. I didn't work nor take car licence, which i think most of my friends did, at least one of them. Online is the only activity i have been keep on doing for this month, most of them by chatting with my friends, social networking such as Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Tagged and Hi5, reading informative forums such as Recom and now only i'm updating my long forgotten blog. Sorry blog for being such irresponsible to you... as if this blog is my buddy... ^^ Oh yeah, before i forgetting these events, i have actually participated in the IQ Marathon conducted by KBU International College for the battle of scholarship. However, the luck lady was just not on my side and i didn't even get called up for the second round. Nothing big deal actually and i don't really wanna get the scholarship as the selection of courses given to the winner was extremely limited. My main purpose there was just to gain some precious experiences for participating in such a great national level battle. And i think this is the first competition i participated after finishing my secondary school life.

    Besides, i have found my old primary school's friends in Facebook and got informed that they were gonna conduct a gathering in the Mc Donald Restaurant which is located next to my primary school in KL(SJK(c)Chiao Nan). I was got really excited to meeting them and fortunately i was given the green light by my mum for the gathering. That day, I found out that most of my friends have really transformed themselves into mature teenagers. They are no longer small mischievous kids in the primary school. In fact, if they were still be the same, it would be weird and awkward. I have really enjoyed that day and i totally hope that i would have upcoming chances in gathering with my old lovely friends.



  Alright, now is the topic on my future... I have actually applied for Bank Negara Scholarship by using my Trial JPWP KL results and went for the interview on the past 5 November 2009, just exactly 2 weeks before SPM got started. A day before that, my friend abruptly informed me that i have been shortlisted for the interview of BNM scholarship. Out of 12 candidates my account teacher Mrs Marlina have chosen for the scholarship, the BNM had shortlisted 6 potential candidates to be interviewed. I was just so happy and excited yet nervousness was totally overwhelming me as there was merely a day for me to prepare for the interview. For that whole day, my lucky friends and I went to the teachers' access room to look for informations regarding the central bank and our selected course. I have applied for actuarial science and none of my friends applied that. Most of them applied for economics, accounting, law, corporate finance and financial engineering. Hence, I have to look for the actuarial science course on my own and printed out some of the significant information. Before this, I have checked up about this course on my own at home in the Internet, so i don't really face any difficulty finding this website and printing it out. I have to really thank my teachers because they have helped all of us a lot by training us in that whole evening. The best ways of attending interview, the tones and styles of interview. The teachers have exposed us to everything about the interview and we were well equipped i guess.
    That morning, on the fifth of November 2009, my first ever interview in my whole 17 years of life got started. The interviewers came to my school and conducted the whole application process. Before the whole process commenced, all the 6 candidates have a meeting with the interviewers and teachers. There were 2 interviewers came for the interview and they were very friendly as they smiled a lot to us. After having the ice breaking of the interviewers, the whole application process had been carried out in the language room and SALC room. All of the candidates including me entered the SALC room for the briefing of the interviewer. There were 4 sections in this whole application process, which were interview, writing essays, group presentation and individual presentation. Firstly, we were given 30 minutes time to draft about the individual presentation in the mahjong papers. The question was "Describe a situation where you have use persuasion to make people follow your ways." and i was like " What the ..." Just believe me, I suddenly blanked out and couldn't think anything about the title and situation. After thinking for quite a long time, maybe 10 minutes, an idea suddenly rushed out from my brain and that was it. I wrote it quickly in a mahjong paper and when i was just about to start the second one, time was out. I have to just find the other time to finish that draft. Now, it was time for interview. We were divided into 2 groups, each group with 3 students, one group was waiting for interview and the other one was given essays task. Every student have to write 2 essays in just an hour, one Malay language essay and the other one English essay. Well, I was divided into the interview group, so i have to just wait for the interview. Suddenly, the interviewers called "Chia Wei" and i just " What??? Oh my God!!!" Of course, i said it in my heart and whispered it. I was the first one to be interviewed and i entered the language room that was just located next to the SALC room. When i was sit down, the interviewers smiled at me and the interview got started. The friendly interviewers asked me about descriptions of situations and my achievements in forms of academic and curriculum. Basically the interviewers just wanna know more about me and i just told them everything about my unique character. They also asked about my understanding in my desired course, which is the actuarial science. And of course, I said out everything about the actuarial science and they was just gave me thumb up. Fortunately, i was able to complete the interview smoothly without any major problem.

    After finishing the interview, it was time for me to wait for the another 2 candidates in my group to be interviewed. I found out this perfect opportunity and quickly finished up my draft about the individual presentation that would be carried out later on in the evening. After the third candidates in my group finished his interview, it was time for me to write essays. The questions in both Malay language and English language were basically easy to be answered but what made me felt that an hour was just too short was the lining at the papers given was small. Hence, I have to write a lot for it to reach the desired length, which was one and a half pages. Created from my inspiration, the ideas raced out from my brain and made me to have the ability of writing the essays at an instant speed. It was fast and i had never write essays at such a speed. Maybe it was because of the essays determined my future. After an hour in exact, i have finished my essays and readied to be passed up, so as my friends. It was afternoon now and everyone was allowed to go recess for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    Then, it was time for group presentation. It was conducted in the SALC room after everyone had their delicious lunch. We were all given the same task and required to work as a group. We discussed the questions given and everyone just started to speak in Malay. Everyone started to come out as shining star and i just couldn't really cope up as I was not so fluent in speaking Malay, so most of the ideas have been given by my friends. This was the only part that i think that i have not done my very best, but yet i still able to correct my friends on some of his ideas during discussion and i think it was good though. Now, it was time for group presentation and we started to work as a team. Everyone have a different role to play and i played the role as the scientist. It was a question about the global warming. So, as usual, it was about the causes, effects and ways to solve that problem. I have presented 4 ways to solve the problem and i guess i was doing well in it. Lastly, it was time for individual presentation and I was the second person to be called up to the language room. With confidence and bravery, I was able to speak out every ideas on my persuasion topics based on the draft i have completed. The interviewers asked me the source of this idea and i just uttered that it was the inspiration from the current issues that were happening at that time. I told them about the current issues on economics which my father explained to me some last night before. The interviewers commented that it was very good for me to know about the current issues in the business world now as i was just a secondary student. I would like to say most of the secondary school students would not be interested in business news. Luckily for me, i was the only one came out with this current issues in the individual presentation, so i guess it was an add on point for me. Abruptly, one of the interviewers asked me to think about my personal real experiences where i have really use persuasion in making others follow my ways. The interviewer even gave me examples and finally i found one. Really wanna thanks her actually!!!^^  After everyone finished theirs, the whole process have finally accomplished. Everyone was given a souvenir bag and pictures of all the participants have been captured by the interviewers. The end for the BNM scholarship interview process. Even though it was really tiring since the interview has been conducted for the whole day long, yet I have really enjoyed it so much and i don't mind to have another chance doing it again.

    So that is it!!! Now i'm still waiting for the result of BNM scholarship and i heard that the result would be revealed by next week. My mum has called the bank and found out that there are 80-90 candidates for the scholarship and only 20-30 talented candidates would be chosen to be offered the scholarship. Although my dad has been working in the central bank for more than 30 years, i think that it would be still tough and competitive for me to secure the BNM scholarship as i strongly believes that all the participants have done their very best. Just hoping that i'm capable to be selected as one of the scholars of BNM now!!! So wish me luck k!!! Thanks in advance for being interested in reading my long story patiently!!!=)

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