Monday, 29 March 2010

A Demanded Update!!! ^_^

Hey, bloggers!!! It has been a week since the very last time i written my last post, and i'm sorry for neglected everyone, dearest blog, and the long hiatus. Since i am being demanded/ordered by starlover and baby tiger, i have to update this blog. Actually, i have encountered lots of events throughout this whole week, but yet i don't have the mood to write them down, albeit i do really wish to. I don't know what had happened to me, maybe i have being too busy for these few days, trying my best to finish essays, resume and scholarships' applications.

On the past 22 March, I found out that PNB Overseas Scholarships is actually opened to non-Bumiputra starting from this year onward due to the result of 1Malaysia policy. Before this, I printed out the application form but didn't fill it as from my friends' mouth, i knew it was only opened to Bumiputra. Hence, i was not really rush to applying it, but since my mom kept on pestering me to fill up the form, i have to fill in the application form in the end. After filling up the form, on the very next day, which was on 22 March itself, my mom called to PNB Education Department to make sure that it was only eligible to Bumiputra. Out of her expectation, the officer informed my mom, saying that it is opened to Non-Bumiputra as well this year. At the mean time, my dad brought my certificates to his office, to be certified by his boss. Luckily, on 23 March, which was the due date of the scholarship, my mom sent the application forms alongside with certified certificates and documents to the PNB Tower in KL. Thanks God, good luck in everyone who's applying for this scholarship. =)

p/s: I have lots more to tell, but in the next post, okay? It's 1.38am now by the way, have to get some nice sleep as i need to wake up early in the morning tomorrow, and get myself busy with another hectic scholarship's application (Shell Scholarship). >.<

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Day Trip!!! ^_^

Oh, almost forget about one problem that i faced during JPA scholarship application a week ago. If i'm not mistaken, on last Friday, when i filled in JPA scholarship application form by online, I found out that the third column at the Sports activities/achievements kept on appearing as "TIADA". But in fact, i have chose "Lain-lain" as my choice. So, i had to amend it back into "Lain-lain" but it was futile. After altered it for three times, I was blocked by the JPA's technical system and i can't update anything by that time. I felt terrifying by that time and don't know what to do. Luckily, on last Saturday, my fifth aunt from Kuala Kangsar came to my house as she had something to do with the Ministry of Education in Putrajaya. She is a principal in one of the primary schools in Kuala Kangsar for your information. So, i may go along with my mom and aunt as well to JPA office in Putrajaya.

So, on this past Monday, my mom took a leave and brought my aunt and me to Putrajaya. My mom dropped by Ministry of Education for over an hour, and then straight to JPA office for clearing my technical problem. At the JPA office, there was a Malay lady at the 5th floor sitting there at the counter in front. So, i told her about my problem and fortunately, she helped me by calling JPA's technical team to clear the blocking to my scholarship application, by using my IC numbers and name. In just half an hour, everything was fixed and back to normal. So, we went back to my house and rest for an hour before went out for shopping and lunch. After having lunch at the Seri Kembangan's Chinese market, we moved on to Mid Valley for shopping.

At the Mid Valley Megamall, we walked in the Jusco and later on i went to MPH to search for some books. Then, we rested by McD and i had a delicious Chocolate melted with milk ice cream. At the Mid Valley, there was also a exhibition for the movie of  "Alice in the Wonderland" and there was cute mushrooms there. So, we took photos for memories. Those were really nice pictures indeed!!! ^_^

*It's me with the cute mushrooms*

*My aunt said I was wearing a huge mushroom hat. LOL!!!*

*With my dearest mom*

*My fifth aunt from Kuala Kangsar*

So, after having a walk at Mid Valley Megamall, we headed to my cousin's apartment in Mont Kiara, KL. Her apartment was superb, with a nice swimming pool in front of the balcony, and open air in front of the main door. So it was quite windy at night especially. Overall it was a comfortable house to live in. Here are a few pictures you guys wanna see, taken at my cousin's house. Oh and my cousin served me a chocolate coated milk ice cream with topped of chocolate melt. Yummy!!! ^_^ 

*With my lovely mom and cousin*

*My cousin, fifth aunt and mom*

*View of swimming pool from the balcony, at night* 

 *Part of my cousin's house*

*Nice decorations above the furniture in my cousin's house* 

After chatting at my cousin's house for over an hour, we headed to Japanese restaurant nearby to have our dinner with my cousin. The restaurant was located inside a mall and the food there were scrumptious. I have never tasted such a delicious Japanese food before. And i definitely want to try more in future. Oh and i had another cup of Chocolate Ice blended. Thanks to my cousin, she served us for the whole meal and that was so nice of her. Thanks again!!! After having the great dinner, we went home finally. =) 

p/s: I have eaten a total sum of 3 chocolate ice cream that day. Wow!!! So unbelievable!!! But seriously, chocolates were delicious!!! =P 

Saturday, 20 March 2010

JPA PILN Scholarship Application!!!!!! ^_^

Well, just wanna share with you all, the things that i have encountered when i was applying for JPA scholarship for the very first time in my life. As usual, i filled in the JPA scholarship application form that i found from Esila website. Just as i have filled in most of the info needed in the form, suddenly my main problems unearthed. Which course should i choose??? When i browse through the list of minimum requirement for every course in JPA/Mara, abruptly my eyes caught on my dream course, Actuarial Science. Everything seemed normal, but when i seen the sponsor for this course was only Mara, my heart started to be fragile. I can't really believed it, and so i read the FAQ of JPA PILN 2010. When this question and answer (as below) appeared in front of my eyes, my hopes totally broken into pieces. =(

22. Kenapa bidang Sains Aktuari tidak ditawarkan di bawah PILN 2010?
Bidang Sains Aktuari tidak lagi ditawarkan untuk ke luar negara kerana bidang tersebut tidak lagi tergolong dalam bidang keutamaan. 

So, i have to pick my alternative choice to replace the Actuarial Science. Suddenly, a bright idea came out from my mind and i suggested that, how if i choose a course that can eventually link me to actuarial field. The only courses that can link to actuarial field in future are only Science and Economics. Thanks to the suggestions and advices from the seniors in Recom, finally i choose Science as my course in this JPA scholarship application. In fact, the reason i chose Science as my course in JPA scholarship is that Science is a very wide field. Few days ago, i intended to major in Mathematics under Science course as Maths is closely related to Actuarial Science. Here is my plan: When i pursue Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), at the mean time, i can study for actuarial professional exams as well. When there is a will, there is a way.

Here comes a statement that actually regain my broken hopes. Actually, JPA allows Science scholars to study almost every major with the title BSc. in front of the name of major. On the previous years, JPA segregated Actuarial Science from those Science scholars since there was Actuarial Science itself as an independent course offered by JPA. But now, as JPA don't offer Actuarial Science from this year onward, maybe Actuarial Science can be pursued by Science scholars. In fact, a lot of foreign universities actually name the degree for Actuarial Science as Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science), for example Cass Business School in City University London. Well, this is merely an assumption of mine. But hopefully, JPA won't be so cruel i think. Anyways, JPA scholarship application has been closed 2 days ago and any change'd be futile. The most important thing now is the JPA interview. This is the only matter within our control now. I'm hoping that i'd get selected and do well in the interview soon. Good luck everyone!!! Wish me tonnes of luck too!!! =)

"S" Scholarships!!!!

Wow, can't believe i have neglected my lovely blog for such a long time, even though everyday facing the computer. For now, i guess i'm facing some complications for scholarships application, which are the Shell Scholarship, Sime Darby Scholarship and Security Commission (SC) Scholarship. Ironically, three of them start with the letter "S". Funny, isn't it? Haha... okay, i better stop laughing before someone say i'm a weirdo. Well, what're the problems? After leaving high school for over 4 months, my writing skills seriously deteriorate days by days, and yet the Sime Darby Scholarship and SC Scholarship need the applicants to write essays. Wonderful. For the Sime Darby Scholarship, the closing date for it still one week away. No worries, but for the SC scholarship, it's just 4 days left from the closing date. The worst part is that applicants need to write the essay by handwritten. Gosh, that means i can't use my laptop to write it, which practically faster than that by handwritten.

So, i still doubt about the SC scholarship application. Should i apply for it? I know the chances of being selected as one of the scholars is really really slim, just like Khazanah Global Scholarship. Hope someone can give me some advices regardless of the form. Alright, next, Shell Scholarship. In my opinion, Shell Scholarship is one of the earliest scholarships opened to everyone, if i'm not mistaken, in early January. When i means everyone, of course that including candidates from SPM, A-Level, STPM, etc etc etc. Of course, Shell Scholarship is also one of the most complicated scholarships besides SC and Sime Darby. It requires resume/CV, testimonials from principal/vice principal and certified certificates throughout senior high school's life(Form 4 and 5). Well, no worries as well. The closing date of Shell scholarship is the same as Sime Darby Scholarship, if i'm not mistaken.

Hopefully i can do my resume and essays on time. Regarding the Security Commission, somebody please advise me. Thanks in advance and i really appreciate it. =)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Scholarship Hunter!!! $_$

Yeah, that's the most frequent thing i did for these few days; Hunting for scholarships, filling in and summiting the application forms, photocopying all the certificates and important documents, and praying hard for being called up in the interview. For now, i have applied quite a numbers of scholarships, just set up for the back up plans. I have successfully applied for JPA [Science(Maths)], BNM(Actuarial Science and Maths), Khazanah(Actuarial science, Maths, and Statistics), Telekom scholarship(Accounting), Yayasan Tenaga National(Accounting), UEM Group Scholarship(Finance) and Asean Scholarship. At this moment, i have filled in application for Petronas Scholarship(Economics, Finance and Accounting) but then i haven't pay for the numbers yet. I think tomorrow my mom will help me to pay 20 bucks for that application, no worries. And i'm still filling Shell, Sime Darby, Security Comission and three of them are indeed quite complicated and troublesome at the mean time. Still wondering whether i should try to apply them. Thanks to those who helped me a lot in Recom as well as other resources, and i do really appreciate it. For more inquiries regarding the scholarships, you may find out more in , but do remember one thing, please do your researches first before you post any question. Ask the seniors there when you can't find answers from anywhere else. Good luck everyone in applying for scholarships. =)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Actuarial Profession: Unemployment? Oversupply?

*Mr.Raymond Lai, Immediate Past President of Actuarial Society of Malaysia(ASM)* 

Wow, till now I couldn't believe that I have this precious opportunity to attend a talk in Inti College, Subang Jaya yesterday, and the title was "Actuarial Science: Unemployment? Oversupply? by Mr Raymond Lai, immediate past president of the Actuarial Society of Malaysia, Appointed Actuary by Bank Negara, and also Fellow of Societies of Actuary(FSA), US. What a long title, and I really really appreciate the talk by Mr Raymond Lai. I never thought that I would have this chance on meeting Mr Raymond, but after persuaded my mom of transporting me there for a few days, fortunately my mom gave me the green light and brought me to Inti College Subang Jaya in that afternoon. The talk started at 1.30pm and ended at 2.30pm, and the one hour time was really a unforgettable experience for me. For Mr Raymond Lai's path to be an actuary, he gained his Bachelor in Science (Mathematics) and self-studied for 20 actuarial professional papers from Society of Actuaries (SOA), US, at that time. After attended a lot of conferences, finally the SOA shorten their syllabus from 20 professional papers to 8 professional papers, until now.

At the talk, Mr Raymond told us about the definitions of actuary from various actuarial board all around the world, and only one word can simply describe what is an actuary. Actuary is mathematician / statistician / financial engineer. Besides, he also mentioned about the future of actuarial profession in Malaysia. The unemployment of actuary? Would actuaries be oversupply in future? Well, everything has been unearthed in that talk. As what he mentioned, when there is risk, there is opportunity, and that means actuary'd never be oversupplied nor unemployed. When there is risk, people'd seek advices and calculations from actuaries, to reduce the financial impact to the society, and secure financial security in future. Actuary need to collect statistics from the past, build actuarial models for future, and from there pricing the parcels. For now, there are only 64 qualified actuary in the Actuarial Society of Malaysia, and this job'd be definitely in high demand for the next decades, or perhaps millennium.

Besides, Mr Raymond mentioned that, when he started to study for actuarial exams, there were a lot of people who were studying for those professional papers too. But eventually, most of the actuarial students ventured into other professions, such as economics, finance, accounting and computer science. A lot of students didn't have a strong belief that they can succeed in this actuarial profession, and gradually changed their major into others. Actuarial students need a lot of hard works, persistences, determination and interest in studying for the actuarial exams. Despite some students may study extremely hard, it's quite common for those students to fail their exams. That sentence freaked me out, but I knew that long ago, and I knew that the main point here is just, keep on trying. No matter how many times of failing the exams, you just need to keep studying, maybe with different methods. Try to consult the lecturers, professors, seniors and friends. Once you know the techniques of passing the exams, nothing can cease you from passing these exams. The most difficult part is, would you have the courage to stand up again, after failing the exams for several times albeit you have studied so hard? If you have, go ahead with this profession. If you don't, stop it now and change to another major.

Everything Mr Raymond Lai said was very informative and inspiring. Oh, from the talk, I got to know about a specific and particular actuarial software as well called "Prophet", and one more professional risk body called The Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA). Although I might be afraid of not having enough courage to stand up again after failing in the exams, still I think that with every hard work and method, I would stand a fat chance to become a qualified actuary in future. After the talk ended at 2.30pm, I asked Mr Raymond Lai a few questions regarding actuarial science, and he did enlighten me on those questions, and I was really grateful and contented with the talk. Thanks, Mr. Raymond Lai!!! =)

Sense of Satisfaction!!! =)

Hey, finally i got back my mood to update this blog after days of neglecting it. Thanks to nodame, cause she gave me the mood to update this blog. I really sorry for the hiatus, the days that i didn't update the blog seemed like years, and my hand got itchy as time passed. I can't really leaves my blog, i guess. As the hot cakes now, everyone are talking about their SPM'09 results and at the mean time, hunting for various scholarships and hope to be called up for interview. Personally, i believes most of my friends have already know about my result. For those who still don't know, I have achieved 6A+ (Maths, Add Maths, Physics, Principles of Account, History and Moral) and 4A (BM, BI, Chemistry and Biology). Albeit the result i have achieved was slightly out of my anticipation, but yet i still feel really happy and satisfied with it. It's still string of As by the way. In fact, it was considered as 10A1 according to the previous grading system. I really wished to thank everyone, i meant. Everyone, especially family members, highly dedicated teachers, friends, fellow Recomers and many more. Without all of your existences in my life, without your supports and assists, without your kindness, i don't think i'd have this golden opportunity to acquire such a stupendous result in the exams. I really appreciate it and thanks in advance. =)

Now, i wished to congratulate every SPM high achiever who got stupendous result in the exam. Congratulation to my lovely, dearest school, Alam Shah Science School, which got pointer of 1.30 and fifth place nationwide. Albeit the ranking of my school among SBP dropped from third place to fifth place, but yet for the very first time, my school achieved fifth place in the whole Malaysia, and my batch can be considered as the best batch ever in ASiS. Great job, SA[Vi]our!!! I'm really proud of it, and as a member of the batch, I wished to sincerely thank every teacher who gave out their very best in teaching us. Thanks a lot, I'd never ever forget teachers and my dearest school. Thanks, ASiS!!! =)

A few pictures for all from the result's announcement day. Enjoy everyone!!! ^_^ 

*The top scorers from ASiS* 

*Same group of people again* 

*With my lovely mom!!!* 

*With Zul Farhan, one of my best friend* 

*Jeremy Wee, one of the top scorers who scored 10A+ in my school was being interviewed by a reporter*

Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Peace Of Mind!!! =)

It's time for us, to pray hard, to calm our soul and mind, to hope for the best and prepare for the worst; No matter what'd be the outcome on the result slip tomorrow, be well-prepared always and never regret nor give up on anything we do. As Syazwan Zainal(my third batch senior) said once to me, "acceptance is the best policy", and i think it's indeed very true. Hope that every SPM'09 leaver'd get their result as what they have anticipated. Good luck everyone!!! =)

My Third Car Driving Lesson!!! ^_^

Well, as usual, today's lesson is yet one of the most exciting and exhilarating car driving experiences for me, and each time drew me closer to my form of perfection in my driving skill. Well, frankly speaking, my car engines still stopped at several occasions and maybe i was just too tired. Last night, i just slumbered for 4 hours and seriously, i encountered hard sleeps for these few nights, kept on thinking about everything. Everything. Result, car driving lesson, etc. Albeit i have closed my laptop and head to bed at 12.30am, yet i just can't stop thinking, even i have tried my best to close my eyes. Hope that this'd not be exacerbated into insomnia. Luckily, at 2am, i successfully drifted into the dreamland.At 6am sharp, my mom woke me up and i dashed down the stairs to prepare myself. At 6.15am, everything was done and i was ready to out.

At the driving lesson, almost everything was perfect for me, and i meant everything. Uphill, 3-point turn, parking and "on the road". I guess that's all that'd be tested for the JPJ driving test. Well, my sequence of actions on the driving track goes like this: 1) Uphill -----> 2) Side parking -----> 3) 3-point turn -----> 4) "On the road". At the uphill part, i did it quite well for several times and i think i have mastered it. Splendid!!! For the side parking part, i did it quite perfect today after practiced it for a few times. But due to my hasty performances, occasionally i still knocked down some metal bars when i was reversing. Or maybe, i was just too tired just now and due to that, i can't really estimate the distances between the back of the car and the metal bars. But one thing i really contented today is that i finally managed to stabilize between the oil pedal and the clutch to allocate powers, and i'm really happy about it.

Next, at the 3-point turn, i did it perfectly and swiftly without any mistake. That was great and i really hoping that i can maintain at the form of perfection. So, after practiced for 1 and a half hours, i drove the car on the public roads, of course, with the supervisor-my instructor, and the whole driving lesson went on quite well too. At 9.30am, i started to drive towards the journey to my house, with the instruction of my supervisor of course. At 10am, i reached my lovely home. When i reached my home, the instructor told me that my JPJ driving test'd be on 30th of March, and there'd be another practice lesson a week before. Today is just another day of great, unforgettable experiences. I'm really hoping that my driving skills'd not rust in this fortnight, but it'd improve instead.

p/s: I'm really nervous now for the revelation of SPM result tomorrow!!! >.<

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Wooohooo~ My Third Car Driving Lesson!!! ^_^

Yeah, as the title above, tomorrow i'd be attending my third car driving lesson as early as 6.30am, and i supposed that this lesson'd be extending until 10am, just like last Thursday. Undeniably, it'd be my last car driving lesson before i faces the most frightening judgement day in my whole 17-year-old of life; a day that'd leave either a sweet memories or a scar in my fragile, brittle heart, on this coming Thursday. Despite having a hard sleep for these few days, there is nothing much i can do for now and the fact'd be remained as a fact. The only thing that i can do for now to calm me down is just praying hard for my anticipation to be fulfilled. But, no matter what'd be appeared on the result slip this Thursday, i just have to be open-minded and accept everything. Anyways, just hoping that i'd be enjoying my third car driving lesson tomorrow. =)

p/s: Tonight is rather silent without her, for the first day. =(

A Unbreakable Promise!!! ^_^

In a lifetime, i believed most of the people have had promised with anyone just about everything, but how often or regularly do they actually fulfill their promises? It'd be remained as a question for all of the readers back then. Yesterday, i myself have a few special words in a conversation with her, which later on turned out as a promise for me. She'd be leaving today, besides her packed schedule today and her leaving bus in the afternoon, 2pm to be precise. She need to go back to her school in KL to receive her SPM result that'd be announced this Thursday and so, she have to leave earlier due to some transport problems. Yesterday night, in the conversation, she said that she'd online early in the morning and by that time i was normally sleeping still. Albeit i have never promise directly with her, but it was indeed a promise for me. So, as usual, i enjoyed surfing Internet yesterday, without any realization, the time did flew and it was 1.30am. So, i switched off my lappy and headed for my bed. Unfortunately, everything started to come across my mind and i just can't fell asleep. Everything. Result, car driving lessons, promise, etc etc etc. Well, actually i did set my alarm clock to wake me up at 7.15am, so i have no much worries about the wake up part. After tossing here and there on my bed, finally, at 2.30am, i fell asleep.

 At 7.15am sharp, the alarm clock rang but i only switched off the alarm clock and intended to continue my slumber. Abruptly, everything came into mind, again, and so i woke up and try my luck, whether she was online or not. Well, down to my disappointment, i was totally embraced myself in despair. She didn't online, apparently. But, one thing i'd never expected was that she could be appearing offline, and that was what exactly she did. Appearing from nowhere, she suddenly buzzed me with a emoticon of ":P", which totally dispersed my senses of despair and disappointment into pieces. I was totally out of words when she buzzed me, and she said that the "phenomena" of me waking up early was unusual. Well, it was just for her, i did it. Or else, i think for now i'd still sleep like a sleeping beast as what she occasionally call me as. I chatted with her in jubilation, and the sweet moment was never last long. In 30 minutes time, she had to out from the conversation and prepares for the breakfast and her packed schedule. No matter what, i still deeply appreciates the time we spent together. Well, sincerely i'm just hoping that she'd get stupendous result in the SPM exam that'd be announced on this coming Thursday. For me myself, i'm just hoping that my result slip'd be appeared just like what i have anticipated and anyways, good luck to every SPM leaver. =)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Recovery from being emotional hurt!!! Again... ^_^

Well, nothing much i want to say, but sleep did really helped me. Sorry for being emo-ing yesterday my dear, and i just can't act like you never popped out in my life. Your existence is a very invaluable gift to me, and i hoped that you'd live happily just like usual, with me as a best friend. =)

Monday, 8 March 2010

Tag from Nodame!!! ^_^

Yesterday i have practically no idea at all on what to update on the blog, so thanks to nodame, inspiration came to me just now, to answer these questions. =)

1. Do you cry usually?
    Well, i know it's kinda embarrassed, but i used to cry when i was still young, or in more precise word,  immature. Even when i was in secondary school, seriously i still cried occasionally, especially when i was being sad.

2.  When would you cry?
     When i was sad or being emo about something of course.

3. Why do you cry?
    What kind of question is this? I thought i have answered them. =/

4. When was the last time you cried?
    Well, last few weeks i guess.

5. Why did you cried last time?
    Sadly to say, my parents scolded me tersely, and even argued with me.

6. Who would you find when you are crying?
    Nodame. =)

7. When you are crying, what would you need to be with you?
    Chocolate maybe. As fas as i know, chocolate do help people to be happy due to some specific chemical reaction over the human body. Oh, and pillows as well, maybe the rabbit(soft toy)??? ^_^

8. Do you need someone to console you when you are crying?
    Yes i do need someone to console me, especially she. =)

9. Do you cry in public?
    Well, it's totally depends on the particular situation actually, and sometimes the tears can't really ceased by us.

10. Who is the 5 person you would like to tag?
      Baby aka Ke Yang
      Hidayah Hanafi

Just for fun everyone!!! =)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

My Dream Last Night!!! ^_^

I bet most of the SPM'09 leavers has only one thing in their respective minds now, which is the their results that'd be announced next Thursday. Of course, i'm included in that particular category where the sense of nervousness totally overwhelming me each day and it is getting worst as the day becomes nearer and nearer. I have heard many of my friends worried so much and they even dreamed of their results, and i was just wondering why i didn't dream anything yet for now. My inquiry have been answered last night, and it was totally unpredictable. I dreamed that i get 7A+s and 3As, and it was so unbelievable as i have only aimed for 3A+s and 7As hopefully. I was just so happy, in the dream of course. I even thought that it was true, until the sounds from the renovation of my neighbor's house woke me up from the sweet dream. It was 9am by that time, and i just slumbered back to search back the dream, but it was unsuccessful. Anyway, i have slept for another 3 and a half hours before i crawled up from my bed reluctantly. I guess i have to just hope that the dream comes true next week. Good luck everyone!!! ^_^

Friday, 5 March 2010

My Second Car Driving Lesson!!! ^_^

Wow wow wow, today is the most fun, exhilarating and precious experiences for me in the car driving lesson. As early as 6.30am, and i haven't really got ready by that time, my house's bell rang and that signalized the arrival of my instructor in front of my house. I rushed out from the house, put on my pair of stockings and Power brand shoes,  and hopped into the driver side of the Perodua Kancil, with the eyes of my mom watching me from outside the car. As i switched into first gear, i drove smoothly and vanished from my mom's sight in seconds. As i have predicted, i drove all the way from my house in Seri Kembangan to the driving school which was located in Bangi, and i drove through highway with a speed of 60-70km/h, not bad for a beginner i think. After drove for about an hour, finally i reached the driving school and started to learn a few driving skills, which are essential for the JPJ test later on.

I drove the car to the parking site, and started to learn parking. Believe it or not, it totally involves maths in the parking skills. Here is a few important steps of parking a car by reversing from the front into the parking lot:

  1. Drive to a little bit front from the parking lot, and then come to a totally halt. 
  2. Switch into the reverse gear with a full press on the clutch to prevent any damage to the gear, and release the clutch a little bit, with some soft press on the oil pedal, and when the car moved until the first front metal bar at the parking lot, stop the car. 
  3. Then, turn the steering wholly to the left side and release some clutch pedal with some really soft press on the oil pedal in which the car'd be started to reverse, and stop when you see the third metal bar from your right side mirror.
  4. Next, turn the steering 2 rounds to the right and release some clutch pedal with some soft press on the oil pedal, and the car start moving, and stop when the back tires of the car enter the white column. 
  5. Then, turn the steering wholly to the right, release some clutch pedal for the reversing movement. Beware: From here, you need to be really cautious on the distance of the back of the car with the metal bars behind the car. Don't knock it!!! 
  6. Next, turn the steering wholly to left and switch into the first gear with a full press on the clutch pedal. Slowly and softly, release the clutch a little bit and the car'd start moving and until a suitable distance, halt the car. 
  7. Then, fully press on the clutch pedal and switch into the reverse gear. Slowly release your clutch with a little bit soft press on the oil pedal and the car'd start to reverse in the same direction as in Step 6. Beware: Be cautious in estimating the distance between the car and the metal bar. (I knocked it twice here!!!) 
  8. Next, fully press the clutch pedal and switch into first gear. Turn the steering wholly to the right and release the clutch a little bit to make the car start moving on its own without any press in oil pedal. 
  9. Then, out of the parking lot. It's done. =) 
After practiced it for over 10 times, I have get used to it and just practiced it till perfect(even though now still not really that perfect). Everytime i have done my parking practice, i'd straight away practice for the 3-point turn in front of the parking lots. Fortunately, i have mastered the 3-point turn and found it really easy to do, and the thing to take care of is only the change of gear into first gear and reverse gear. Other than that, everything'd be fine for me. 

After learning parking skills, with my instructor inside the car, he ordered me to go try uphill. Talking about uphill, i think that it is one of the difficult one among all the driving skills. While going up the low hill, i'd have to stop the car at the yellow line, with a full press on clutch and brake pedals simultaneously. Then, I'd have to pull up the hand brake and still fully press on the clutch pedal, with some press on the oil pedal, slowly release the clutch until the car have some forward power, and by that time, release the hand brake and press on the oil pedal. It's done!!! =) It was quite difficult, but i managed to do it perfectly in just three attempts. Not bad though, i guess. After completed all those practices, my instructor and i went to the Malay stall inside the driving school to have a breakfast. Unpredictably, he treated me a plate of fried rice with a fried egg and a cup of Milo ice, and i really appreciate it. Thanks yeah, Mr Lao!!! =) 

After having a light breakfast, it was time for me to learn "on the road". Well, i just wished to say that this part aren't really difficult and i think i done pretty well on it. Things to watch out are the bumpers on the road, big holes, and the junction. I'd need to slow down at the junction and if needed, i have to use hand brake and switch into first gear, press a little bit on the oil pedal with some release at the clutch pedal, and release the hand brake, just exactly like the uphill part. Oh yeah, things to remember is that when changing gear, do not press on the oil pedal, and release some oil pedal when comes to a turn, no matter sharp or normal, and get used to the changing of gears, depending on the speed and engine sound produced by the car. That's all for the "on the road" part i think. After I drove on the same route for three times, finally i drove to a different route, the road to my house actually. I found out after i reached a familiar place near my house, and i drove back to my house smoothly. So, that was the end of my second car driving lesson, and the time was 10am. That meant I have practiced for 3 hours today, give out a total sum of 4 hours of car driving lessons. Interesting, isn't it? In my opinion, I drove much more smoother as compared to first car driving lesson and i think i did improved some in this time driving lesson. I really hoping that the remaining 6 hours of driving lesson would be much more exciting and improving in my driving skills, till the form of perfection is achieved. =) Wish to drive like him as below:

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Yeay, my second car driving lesson!!! ^_^

Yeah, tomorrow would be a day for my second driving lesson and it would be a 4-hours practice. It would be started in 7am and stretched until 11am before the whole second driving lesson comes to a halt. I know that tomorrow i'd be totally exhausted as during the first time driving lesson last week, I got exhausted even it was a mere an hour practice. So, i guess i have to grab enough rest tonight, just to prevent anything bad happen in the practice tomorrow, and also to gain my concentration for learning the arts of driving. Wish me luck, my friends!!! =)

Finally!!! Recom recovered!!! ^_^

Yeah, finally Recom has been recovered from some technical problems that had been encountered for these few days, 4 days to be precise if i'm not mistaken, and i'm really really glad to see Recom functions again. Throughout this period, i really missed Recom a lot and felt that some part of my life has been gone and felt empty as i have been active in Recom for these three months, almost. However, the chat box was disabled as moderators suspected that the source of technical problems that Recom had been faced was the chat box, and i can't really understand the reasons and theories. Maybe it was the source where the spammers inject the viruses and trojans or something like that. Oh, maybe i was the spammer itself, spam too much at the chat box. LOL..XD Anyway, i'm really glad to know that a lot of Recommers actually succeed in STPM'09 with stupendous result of 4As and 5As. For Johnivan, I'm really happy for him and wish to congratulate him for scoring 5As in the exam, 4As and 1A-, for Further Maths T, one of the two scorers in that particular subject out of 16 candidates who have taken it last year. Congratulations, John Soo!!! May you succeed in your future endeavor and may God bless you. =) Hope that all the Recommers who have taken SPM'09 would score stupendous results, just like the seniors who have scored well in STPM'09. ^_^

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Recovery from being emotional hurt!!! ^_^

"Out of clutter, find simplicity."  
This is one of the famous quotes from Albert Einstein's The Three Rules of Work and i have been applying it when i played the game of "Cube Field". Most of my friends found out that the game is actually very hard to play, and sometimes i myself found out that when the game was played to a certain extent, it was actually quite hard to cope with the sudden changes in speed as well as the colors. After i have set a record among my friends in Facebook for the "Cube Field", i'm actually find it hard to get back my top score and even set another top score. In the attempts of getting back my top score, i found out that i would be easily become tension due to the some distraction caused by my family members. My mom shout easily but in fact just to tell my sister and me to eat the excess rice tomorrow for lunch, and my sister distracted me and wanted me to teach her Physics Form 4 chapter 2, about the velocity time graph. So, for no any solid reason, i became emo again and i really don't know what to do by that time.

By that time, i was chatting with my best friend and when she found out about it, she tried her very best to console me and advise me. She even posted a video about cute baby laughing, and that was really hilarious. I tried to ignore her, but then i found out that i can't, so i went and take a bath to cool myself down. Upon finishing my bath, she cheered and consoled me again. She wanted me to smile, and actually my mood had been recovered, so i fooled around and type "smile", but in turn used a sad emoticon. Then, i revealed myself and being happy again, but my friend in turn threw me a few "snowballs" for fooling her around. Sorry, nodame!!! I just tried to play to cheer me up. Anyway, I really appreciates your efforts and thanks in advance. I'd never ever dare to lose you as my best friend forever. =)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Birthday!!! =/

I wished to say "Happy Birthday" to all of the friends who were born on the 29th of February as well as 1st of March, although there is not 29th of February this year. I have always thought that the people who were born in 29th of February are actually way tougher and stronger than the other peers who were born in different dates, cause they only able to celebrate their birthday once per four years, and that'd be really anguishing for them to withstand the sense of envy towards their peers. Just on my own humble opinions, i guess that maybe those who were born in 29th of February can substitute their birthday on the 1st of March in order to evade the sense of jealousy and depressed. That's one of the solutions for that problem i think. So, just want to make it short, i want to wish everyone who was born on 29th of February and 1st of March, " Happy Birthday". I hope that your huge dreams'd come true, be wholesome, be happy and smile always. =)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Awoke from 3 hours slumber!!! ^_^

In this very tranquil morning, as i was enjoying my nice sleep, my father woke me up abruptly in a rush mood and i just can't think anything by that time. So i just followed him to downstairs to help him as what he has requested. After gazing at my father's car out of the gate, i closed the main gate by using the remote control button from inside of the house. My father said that his remote control suddenly couldn't functioned normally and the main gate can only be closed by using the button inside the house now. So, the first day of March, in that very serene morning, fulled with the twittering and chirping of the birds, and the sound of insects from somewhere far away, i helped my father after having 3 hours of slumber. I was supposed to continue my sleep 15 minutes ago, but i just don't really know the exact reason, the temptation of the computer was just way too strong i couldn't resist it. So, i just started up my computer and enjoyed it. Just on my Facebook for one or two minutes, my best friend buzzed me at the Facebook chat and conversed with me for about 3 minutes before she out, as she need to help her grandmother to sell kuihs. I'm quite happy albeit she just spent 3 minutes with me and I really appreciate it. Hope she'd have a nice day! =) Hmm, i guess that i have to just leap back to my most comfortable bed and continue my pleasant slumber. Good Morning everyone!!! ^_^

A Tribute to My Parents!!! ^_^

My beautiful life won't be exist, if my parents didn't met each other;
My mind won't be sacred, if my parents didn't teach me strictly since i was small;
My achievements won't be stupendous, if my parents didn't motivate me; 
My safety won't be secured, if my parents didn't protect me from any kind of jeopardies;
My welfare won't be fulfilled, if my parents didn't work hard to earn this family;
My dreams won't be great, if my parents didn't care about me;
My future won't be bright, if my parents didn't be good role models for me;
Just want to say it out loud and clear here, I love my parents a lot!!! 
I love you guys, mom and dad!!! =)  

Silent Night!!! ^_^

Yeah, as shown the title above, tonight seemed to be really silent and I just don't really know the exact reason on it. However, i'm really happy to have my best friend to chat with me tonight and i really appreciate it. Well, hope that she'd be happy always regardless of time. :P

Happy Chap Goh Mei!!! ^_^

Yeah, today is the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese Lunar Calender, which symbolizes the end of Chinese New Year 2010. It is also known as Lantern Festival, not to be confused with the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also sometimes named as "Lantern Festival" in location such as Malaysia and Singapore. Today, usually children would go out to the temple at night to play paper lanterns and solve riddles inside the lanterns. For me, I'm no longer considered as a child, hence i just stayed at home today and surfing Internet as usual. But one thing that truly special today is that my mom cooked the tang yuan this evening and i ate it. That's really scrumptious and i love it. Hmm yummy... and i really wished to eat it next time. =)

Cube Field Game in Facebook!!! ^_^

Hey friends, i found out this particular arcade game really exciting and worthwhile to play. It has the power to train the human minds in attempting to guide the craft through the space field without crashing into any cube, otherwise the fight would be over. It really need a lot of endurances and focuses to hit a high score. Just try it and you would totally fall in love with it if you love this kind of game. Here is the link in Facebook: . Enjoy it!!! =P

Started to learn piano!!! ^_^

I have been hoping to learn musical instrument since i was still in primary school yet i don't have any chance of learning it as my family is a medium income family and i strongly believes that my parents won't be able to afford any musical class for me. So, when i was in Form 1, my friend's friend offers to organize guitar lessons and finally, i have had the chance of learning my very first musical instrument- guitar. I was studied in evening classes when i was in Form 1. Every Wednesday after finishing my classes at school, my friends and I'd start to go to the church to learn guitar lessons. The fees were rather cheap, and it was just 20 bucks per month, just to afford the electric and water fees. From there, i have learnt the chords for the very first time, and i think that it was quite easy as long as practices it frequently. As learning guitar don't really have to know the musics score, I left knowing nothing on the music scores and that was really such a waste for me. I have learnt guitar for two years and when i was in Form 3,  i stopped to learn it as one of the  public examinations at my age was around the corner.

After leaving it, i rarely practiced in playing guitar anymore due to the packed schedules almost everyday. When i was in Form 4, i switched my school into one of the best fully residential school, Alam Shah Science School in Kuala Lumpur and spend my life there for two years. Now, i have finished the major public examination and still waiting for the result. I stayed at home almost everyday and have plenty of time to kill. I have even learnt some college maths and now, i decided to learn piano on my own. Just now, my little sister who is the member of Catholic High School school band, taught me the chords on the piano and taught me ways to read the music scores. The base clef is played by using the left hand, and the treble clef is played by using the right hand. I have even learnt the symbols of sharp, flat and natural. Overall, it was quite fun and easy to learn but i can say that to play the piano smoothly by using both hand concurrently, it'd need years of hard work to practice it until acquire the form of perfection. I really hoping that i can master it in the time to come. =)

Favourite Music! =)