Monday, 15 March 2010

Sense of Satisfaction!!! =)

Hey, finally i got back my mood to update this blog after days of neglecting it. Thanks to nodame, cause she gave me the mood to update this blog. I really sorry for the hiatus, the days that i didn't update the blog seemed like years, and my hand got itchy as time passed. I can't really leaves my blog, i guess. As the hot cakes now, everyone are talking about their SPM'09 results and at the mean time, hunting for various scholarships and hope to be called up for interview. Personally, i believes most of my friends have already know about my result. For those who still don't know, I have achieved 6A+ (Maths, Add Maths, Physics, Principles of Account, History and Moral) and 4A (BM, BI, Chemistry and Biology). Albeit the result i have achieved was slightly out of my anticipation, but yet i still feel really happy and satisfied with it. It's still string of As by the way. In fact, it was considered as 10A1 according to the previous grading system. I really wished to thank everyone, i meant. Everyone, especially family members, highly dedicated teachers, friends, fellow Recomers and many more. Without all of your existences in my life, without your supports and assists, without your kindness, i don't think i'd have this golden opportunity to acquire such a stupendous result in the exams. I really appreciate it and thanks in advance. =)

Now, i wished to congratulate every SPM high achiever who got stupendous result in the exam. Congratulation to my lovely, dearest school, Alam Shah Science School, which got pointer of 1.30 and fifth place nationwide. Albeit the ranking of my school among SBP dropped from third place to fifth place, but yet for the very first time, my school achieved fifth place in the whole Malaysia, and my batch can be considered as the best batch ever in ASiS. Great job, SA[Vi]our!!! I'm really proud of it, and as a member of the batch, I wished to sincerely thank every teacher who gave out their very best in teaching us. Thanks a lot, I'd never ever forget teachers and my dearest school. Thanks, ASiS!!! =)

A few pictures for all from the result's announcement day. Enjoy everyone!!! ^_^ 

*The top scorers from ASiS* 

*Same group of people again* 

*With my lovely mom!!!* 

*With Zul Farhan, one of my best friend* 

*Jeremy Wee, one of the top scorers who scored 10A+ in my school was being interviewed by a reporter*

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