Monday, 8 March 2010

Tag from Nodame!!! ^_^

Yesterday i have practically no idea at all on what to update on the blog, so thanks to nodame, inspiration came to me just now, to answer these questions. =)

1. Do you cry usually?
    Well, i know it's kinda embarrassed, but i used to cry when i was still young, or in more precise word,  immature. Even when i was in secondary school, seriously i still cried occasionally, especially when i was being sad.

2.  When would you cry?
     When i was sad or being emo about something of course.

3. Why do you cry?
    What kind of question is this? I thought i have answered them. =/

4. When was the last time you cried?
    Well, last few weeks i guess.

5. Why did you cried last time?
    Sadly to say, my parents scolded me tersely, and even argued with me.

6. Who would you find when you are crying?
    Nodame. =)

7. When you are crying, what would you need to be with you?
    Chocolate maybe. As fas as i know, chocolate do help people to be happy due to some specific chemical reaction over the human body. Oh, and pillows as well, maybe the rabbit(soft toy)??? ^_^

8. Do you need someone to console you when you are crying?
    Yes i do need someone to console me, especially she. =)

9. Do you cry in public?
    Well, it's totally depends on the particular situation actually, and sometimes the tears can't really ceased by us.

10. Who is the 5 person you would like to tag?
      Baby aka Ke Yang
      Hidayah Hanafi

Just for fun everyone!!! =)

Favourite Music! =)