Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Scholarship Hunter!!! $_$

Yeah, that's the most frequent thing i did for these few days; Hunting for scholarships, filling in and summiting the application forms, photocopying all the certificates and important documents, and praying hard for being called up in the interview. For now, i have applied quite a numbers of scholarships, just set up for the back up plans. I have successfully applied for JPA [Science(Maths)], BNM(Actuarial Science and Maths), Khazanah(Actuarial science, Maths, and Statistics), Telekom scholarship(Accounting), Yayasan Tenaga National(Accounting), UEM Group Scholarship(Finance) and Asean Scholarship. At this moment, i have filled in application for Petronas Scholarship(Economics, Finance and Accounting) but then i haven't pay for the numbers yet. I think tomorrow my mom will help me to pay 20 bucks for that application, no worries. And i'm still filling Shell, Sime Darby, Security Comission and three of them are indeed quite complicated and troublesome at the mean time. Still wondering whether i should try to apply them. Thanks to those who helped me a lot in Recom as well as other resources, and i do really appreciate it. For more inquiries regarding the scholarships, you may find out more in www.recom.org , but do remember one thing, please do your researches first before you post any question. Ask the seniors there when you can't find answers from anywhere else. Good luck everyone in applying for scholarships. =)

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