Thursday, 11 March 2010

My Third Car Driving Lesson!!! ^_^

Well, as usual, today's lesson is yet one of the most exciting and exhilarating car driving experiences for me, and each time drew me closer to my form of perfection in my driving skill. Well, frankly speaking, my car engines still stopped at several occasions and maybe i was just too tired. Last night, i just slumbered for 4 hours and seriously, i encountered hard sleeps for these few nights, kept on thinking about everything. Everything. Result, car driving lesson, etc. Albeit i have closed my laptop and head to bed at 12.30am, yet i just can't stop thinking, even i have tried my best to close my eyes. Hope that this'd not be exacerbated into insomnia. Luckily, at 2am, i successfully drifted into the dreamland.At 6am sharp, my mom woke me up and i dashed down the stairs to prepare myself. At 6.15am, everything was done and i was ready to out.

At the driving lesson, almost everything was perfect for me, and i meant everything. Uphill, 3-point turn, parking and "on the road". I guess that's all that'd be tested for the JPJ driving test. Well, my sequence of actions on the driving track goes like this: 1) Uphill -----> 2) Side parking -----> 3) 3-point turn -----> 4) "On the road". At the uphill part, i did it quite well for several times and i think i have mastered it. Splendid!!! For the side parking part, i did it quite perfect today after practiced it for a few times. But due to my hasty performances, occasionally i still knocked down some metal bars when i was reversing. Or maybe, i was just too tired just now and due to that, i can't really estimate the distances between the back of the car and the metal bars. But one thing i really contented today is that i finally managed to stabilize between the oil pedal and the clutch to allocate powers, and i'm really happy about it.

Next, at the 3-point turn, i did it perfectly and swiftly without any mistake. That was great and i really hoping that i can maintain at the form of perfection. So, after practiced for 1 and a half hours, i drove the car on the public roads, of course, with the supervisor-my instructor, and the whole driving lesson went on quite well too. At 9.30am, i started to drive towards the journey to my house, with the instruction of my supervisor of course. At 10am, i reached my lovely home. When i reached my home, the instructor told me that my JPJ driving test'd be on 30th of March, and there'd be another practice lesson a week before. Today is just another day of great, unforgettable experiences. I'm really hoping that my driving skills'd not rust in this fortnight, but it'd improve instead.

p/s: I'm really nervous now for the revelation of SPM result tomorrow!!! >.<

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