Friday, 5 March 2010

My Second Car Driving Lesson!!! ^_^

Wow wow wow, today is the most fun, exhilarating and precious experiences for me in the car driving lesson. As early as 6.30am, and i haven't really got ready by that time, my house's bell rang and that signalized the arrival of my instructor in front of my house. I rushed out from the house, put on my pair of stockings and Power brand shoes,  and hopped into the driver side of the Perodua Kancil, with the eyes of my mom watching me from outside the car. As i switched into first gear, i drove smoothly and vanished from my mom's sight in seconds. As i have predicted, i drove all the way from my house in Seri Kembangan to the driving school which was located in Bangi, and i drove through highway with a speed of 60-70km/h, not bad for a beginner i think. After drove for about an hour, finally i reached the driving school and started to learn a few driving skills, which are essential for the JPJ test later on.

I drove the car to the parking site, and started to learn parking. Believe it or not, it totally involves maths in the parking skills. Here is a few important steps of parking a car by reversing from the front into the parking lot:

  1. Drive to a little bit front from the parking lot, and then come to a totally halt. 
  2. Switch into the reverse gear with a full press on the clutch to prevent any damage to the gear, and release the clutch a little bit, with some soft press on the oil pedal, and when the car moved until the first front metal bar at the parking lot, stop the car. 
  3. Then, turn the steering wholly to the left side and release some clutch pedal with some really soft press on the oil pedal in which the car'd be started to reverse, and stop when you see the third metal bar from your right side mirror.
  4. Next, turn the steering 2 rounds to the right and release some clutch pedal with some soft press on the oil pedal, and the car start moving, and stop when the back tires of the car enter the white column. 
  5. Then, turn the steering wholly to the right, release some clutch pedal for the reversing movement. Beware: From here, you need to be really cautious on the distance of the back of the car with the metal bars behind the car. Don't knock it!!! 
  6. Next, turn the steering wholly to left and switch into the first gear with a full press on the clutch pedal. Slowly and softly, release the clutch a little bit and the car'd start moving and until a suitable distance, halt the car. 
  7. Then, fully press on the clutch pedal and switch into the reverse gear. Slowly release your clutch with a little bit soft press on the oil pedal and the car'd start to reverse in the same direction as in Step 6. Beware: Be cautious in estimating the distance between the car and the metal bar. (I knocked it twice here!!!) 
  8. Next, fully press the clutch pedal and switch into first gear. Turn the steering wholly to the right and release the clutch a little bit to make the car start moving on its own without any press in oil pedal. 
  9. Then, out of the parking lot. It's done. =) 
After practiced it for over 10 times, I have get used to it and just practiced it till perfect(even though now still not really that perfect). Everytime i have done my parking practice, i'd straight away practice for the 3-point turn in front of the parking lots. Fortunately, i have mastered the 3-point turn and found it really easy to do, and the thing to take care of is only the change of gear into first gear and reverse gear. Other than that, everything'd be fine for me. 

After learning parking skills, with my instructor inside the car, he ordered me to go try uphill. Talking about uphill, i think that it is one of the difficult one among all the driving skills. While going up the low hill, i'd have to stop the car at the yellow line, with a full press on clutch and brake pedals simultaneously. Then, I'd have to pull up the hand brake and still fully press on the clutch pedal, with some press on the oil pedal, slowly release the clutch until the car have some forward power, and by that time, release the hand brake and press on the oil pedal. It's done!!! =) It was quite difficult, but i managed to do it perfectly in just three attempts. Not bad though, i guess. After completed all those practices, my instructor and i went to the Malay stall inside the driving school to have a breakfast. Unpredictably, he treated me a plate of fried rice with a fried egg and a cup of Milo ice, and i really appreciate it. Thanks yeah, Mr Lao!!! =) 

After having a light breakfast, it was time for me to learn "on the road". Well, i just wished to say that this part aren't really difficult and i think i done pretty well on it. Things to watch out are the bumpers on the road, big holes, and the junction. I'd need to slow down at the junction and if needed, i have to use hand brake and switch into first gear, press a little bit on the oil pedal with some release at the clutch pedal, and release the hand brake, just exactly like the uphill part. Oh yeah, things to remember is that when changing gear, do not press on the oil pedal, and release some oil pedal when comes to a turn, no matter sharp or normal, and get used to the changing of gears, depending on the speed and engine sound produced by the car. That's all for the "on the road" part i think. After I drove on the same route for three times, finally i drove to a different route, the road to my house actually. I found out after i reached a familiar place near my house, and i drove back to my house smoothly. So, that was the end of my second car driving lesson, and the time was 10am. That meant I have practiced for 3 hours today, give out a total sum of 4 hours of car driving lessons. Interesting, isn't it? In my opinion, I drove much more smoother as compared to first car driving lesson and i think i did improved some in this time driving lesson. I really hoping that the remaining 6 hours of driving lesson would be much more exciting and improving in my driving skills, till the form of perfection is achieved. =) Wish to drive like him as below:

Favourite Music! =)