Friday, 14 May 2010

Kiss Good Bye to Thomas Cup 2010! =(

Well, I believe that everyone is aware of the Thomas Cup for this whole week and the news that all the Malaysian teams have completely lost to China's. I watched the match between Lin Dan and Chong Wei, and unexpectedly they seemed like warming up in the beginning. However, Lin Dan seemed to warm up faster as compared to Chong Wei and eventually lead Chong Wei by double the scores of Chong Wei at the first half. Amazingly, when Lin Dan reached the score of 18, Chong Wei suddenly counter attacked against Lin Dan and able to score until 17 when Lin Dan beat him at the first match. Well, I think he thought that he would be able to fight back at the second match, which most of us are hoping about, but eventually he didn't!!! He started to be tension when Lin Dan surpassed him by at least 5 marks, and this condition remained throughout the whole match! At last, as expected, Chong Wei was beaten by Lin Dan with the result of second match 21-9. Gosh! How could Chong Wei be so relax in the beginning and lost to Lin Dan at the first round, while totally lost hope when Lin Dan surpassed him by at least 10 points at the second round? Lin Dan is still the great one, and apparently Chong Wei has to train harder for the next encounter with his ultimate rival. 

What frustrated me the most was, the attitude of some of the spectators at the stadium. There was a Malaysian spectator who booed and showed "thumb down" hand signs at Lin Dan just now, during the second match's first half, and I think he was indeed very unethical! Malaysian, we seriously need to change our attitude, although not all, but a drop of ink can spoil the whole jar of milk! It would affect our country's global image, and that would be the resistance for our country to be on par with those advanced countries around the globe; Continue to be the third world country! Oh well, by the way, Lin Dan took off his shirt after he won the so called "World No.1" single badminton player Chong Wei, and danced half-nakedly at the court, in a Muslim country; And I think it was done in an inappropriate way, in which he should know that the whole citizens of Malaysia were watching this match, and he should respect the Malaysians. I was wondering why there was no one there to throw at least an egg towards him. Hmm... Just kidding! LOL... XD 

Favourite Music! =)