Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Day after day, finally the day awaiting by every mother worldwide comes, and apparently today is the Mothers' Day!!! Today is the day when every touching mother's story would be unearthed to the whole nation and the world. Even in The Star Online there was a video about tribute to the mother, and undoubtedly it was a solid proof that shown the greatest love in the world - Love from the mother, one and the only one. Mother is the one who carried us for over 9 months long; Gave birth to everyone of us here with unimaginable, unbearable pain; Took care of our welfare with the purest love ever; Gave us advices and motivated us whenever we face problems in spite of the degree of seriousness; Most importantly she taught us patiently, and formed us to be the finest person we could ever imagine today. Without our mother, we would never exist in this tiny world, to get the perfect opportunity to live in this wonderful world fulled with miracles and colors.

Firstly, I would like to thank my mom for giving birth to me, teaching me strictly yet tolerantly, and giving me the purest love ever in taking care of my everything. Everything. Clothes, shelters, health, meals, finance, etc. Besides, I want to thank my mom, cause she always there for me no matter what. Thanks for visiting me every weekend for the past two years, when i was studying in fully residential school. Thanks for helping me to wash my clothes, thanks for fetching me every time i need it, thanks for teaching me lots of lessons since I was a baby, thanks for taking care of me and cook great meals everyday. 

Besides, I would like to apologise to my mom because I can be so ignorant sometimes, always be stubborn-headed, always argue due to some small matters. From here, I would like to sincerely say that, I'm so sorry and I never mean to do it. I promise that I wouldn't hurt you anymore, and be happy always!

Finally, thanks for everything, and most importantly, thanks for introducing me to this wonderful world! Without you and dad, I would never be exist in this world. I would do my very best in every single thing to make you proud, and I promised that I would. =)

I love you always MOM, forever and ever!!! 

My mom and I at Mid Valley!!! ^_^

My mom and sisters at Penang beach!!! ^_^ 

My dad, mom, younger sis and I at the Penang beach!!! ^_^ 

Favourite Music! =)