Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Greatest Rejection Ever!!! T_T

Upon rejected by a dozen of scholarships institutions, I was highly hoping at the very common scholarship that everyone would most likely to apply for - JPA. Obviously, there was a stiff competition among the excellent students nationwide, since JPA is only capable of offering 1500 places to those students for overseas program. Probably there are tonnes of excellent students this batch who scored lots of A+, but instead of 2000 places offered for the previous years, JPA reduced the number to 1500. Due to economics recession maybe, and we as the students, are the major victims. Lots of my friends who actually scored way better than me failed to get the scholarships, including me of course. Also, the introduction of A+ to the students end of last year shocked and intimidated almost every SPM'09 student, cause they were not given enough time to prepare adequately to score A+, which technically means above 90% marks.

Personally, I was really down and depressed over the rejection of JPA, and couldn't really handle it yesterday. In fact, for the whole day! I skipped my lunch and merely ate dinner. For my close friends who kept consoling me when I was being emotional yesterday, sincerely I want to thank all of you for being all ear to me for the whole day long, and you all are the most precious gifts to me. Now, I can only hope at BNM, my last chance to get a scholarship by using my SPM result, which would be announced on any day within next week. Apparently it would be even tougher than JPA, since everyone had tried their best in their interview process. Nevertheless, I can only hope now and hope that everything would turn out fine.

Anyways, congratulations to my friends who get selected to be JPA, Petronas and MARA scholars!!! Good luck to all of you in your future endeavor. Remember, getting a scholarship doesn't mean that the life is a bed of roses now. You still have to work hard to achieve success in your life! All the best! =)

P/S: Going to work out on the appeal letter to JPA and also through MCA! Wish me luck guys and girls! =)

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