Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Closure of Survival Series (9/9)! =)

Hello people! So sorry for the long hiatus (2 weeks?)! This would be a post solely reserved for sermon sharing on last Sunday, and I would include some of my afterthoughts after the sermon. But before that, I would like to announce (if you have yet to know), Acts PJ has been launched on the 9th of September (last Sunday) at 4pm! Woots! It is a new church plant of Acts, serving as an avenue for God to move His hands even greater to bring more people to Him, to bless the PJ community by making the church more accessible for the people.

Again, congratulations to the startup team of Acts PJ! They have really sacrified a lot and their obedience to God's mighty plan shall be applauded!

Excited for the Word of God yet? So here it goes! The speaker was Reverend Kenneth Chin, the senior pastor of Acts Church! God bless Pastor Kenneth! (:

Bible Verses: Matthew 5:3-10, James 4:8, 2 Corinthians 5:9, John 8, Hebrews 11:6, Matthew 3:11

- It's easy to bring people out of Egypt, but it's hard to bring Egypt out of people.
- We belong to God, we are made in God's image.
- Forgiveness, patience and faith are beautiful.
- Church need to give second chance to people, as church has received second chance.
- Everyone wants a second chance at least once.
- God is God of Second Chance.
- 1) The Reality of Opposites:
       God and the world is direct opposite.
       Once upon a time, we were our center of life; Now Jesus & God are the center!
       We are IN the world, but not OF the word.
       Spirit of God clashes with spirit of the world; the way world do things clashes with the way
       God do things.
       Kingdom comprises of a King, people and the ways.
       With fear of God, we obey Way of God (higher law than world's).
       If you chosen to be bullied because of obeying God, blessed are you!
       We go against the Earthly flow.
- 2) Responsibility of Opposites:
       It's a choice, not a chance.
- 3) Reward of Opposites:
      If you are obedient to God, reward will be yours.
- Challenge the church to be irresistable.
- Checklist of being an irresistable church:
  i) Grow spiritually in this church (full in spiritual food).
  ii) Witness a strong sense of mission/purposes (to care for the poor & community).
  iii) Long to go to this church every week.
  iv) Want to invest in the church for a long hawl (get involved!).
  v) Want to tell others about this church.
  vi) Feel relax in the church (don't feel judged & condemned but feel loved and warm acceptance).
  vii) Delightfully challenged (Word of God challenge me to grow, beyond myself, to be better).
- Church is not a building, but the people.
- Our first purpose is to be irresistable to God, not to people.
- Be a church that feeds the hearts, not only mind feeder.
- Stay away from arguments that don't change life.
- Irresistable is not perfect, but alive.
- It's the presence of God that draws people to church.
- Beatitudes attract God, hear Heaven's applause.
- What draws Him is call Him from the inside out.
- Be magnate for God's presense.
- It's living to please God that brings God down.
- Finish a degree/study with not only title, but a testimony.
- We live to please the Lord.
- Holy Spirit will baptise you through fire.
- We must be people of Holy Fire.
- Fire in Greek called 'pur' (also means lightning).
- How to attract God's lightning? Stand out from the crowd! =)
Wow! What a great conclusion for the Survival Series by Pastor Kenneth!

One thing that I need to testify, is that God is really faithful and gracious to me. It's really true that when a servant of God is obedient, God will graciously reveal lots of great plans to him or her, and make the journey smooth despite some random trials and tribulations. Everything will be good in the end as God has assured us that if it's not good, it's not the end yet. Only by living with God as our center of life, He will draw close to us delightfully. I has served Revo Store for a month now and thanks to the Revo Store team, I have technically learnt most of the tasks involved such as MTG order, MTG collection, sales, cashier and assistant cashier! So I will write down a summary just to refresh my memory, hoping that I would be able to remember how the operations of each task work in future. When Revo Store team sets up the stall, first we need to count the opening stocks available, filled up the form and put some of the stocks on display.

MTG Order: Prepare adequate number of pens and assist people who are interested to order MTG
                   to fill up the MTG form, put a signature and kindly ask him/her to pay at the cashier.
                   Make sure the MTG forms are sufficient enough to avoid the problem of running out
                   of forms. (Remark: Fairly easy.)

MTG Collection: Receipt of MTG order will be showed by a person. Find the second copy of the
                         receipt (of the same name) at the folder, and according to the code stated at the
                         receipt, find the respective MTG ordered at the MTG container. Then sign at the
                         receipt. (Remark: I have never actually done this task so I'm not quite familiar
                         with the process).

Sales: Watch over the displayed items and assist people if they need help. (Remark: Fairly easy too)

Cashier: Set up the computer and cashier machine. Count the money beforehand. When there're a
            'customer', scan the item from codes list (read through the codes list to familiarise where
            the codes of items are, and make sure you return the right amount of money to the person.
            The main item bought is usually MTG, followed up by T-shirts. Others like badges, Revo
            H2O and books etc are less frequently bought. Close the counter, and recount the money.
            Make sure it aligns with the sales record.

Assistant Cashier: Help the cashier, especially with the MTG form, to stamp the form and stapler it
                          with receipt, then return it to the 'customer'.

(Remark: This is by far the hardest task of all. Just don't be panic when some problem arise at the
              computer screen. Everything else should be fine.)

Wooohooo! Praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to serve Him at Revo Store! I would like to thank Revo Store team for assisting and guiding me throughout my intensive training for over a month! Specially thanks to Jamie for patiently explaining to me all the processes involved, particularly with cashier matter. God bless Revo Store! :D

Another door that God is opening to me now is Acts London! I'm getting excited whenever I hear of Acts London, and has already joined the Acts London Support Group in FB. London will be my home for the next 3 years, and it would be really great if Acts Church could plant a new church in London. For the past 9 months I have spent in Acts Church, I'm deeply attracted by the church's warm acceptance and God's presence in this church. I still remember there was one occasion when Ps. Kenneth was praying for me during the alter call, he prayed that I would be able to forget my past, which left me pondering deep about it.

My past? ... I'm a 1st Generation Christian, with my older sister and parents being Buddhist/Taoism (Praise God that my younger sister is a Christ believer now!). Hailing from a Buddhist/Taoism background, I wasn't really that fervent about teachings of Buddhism. I was self-centered, just like many other people who have yet to know Christ. I didn't have many friends during secondary school due to my personalities (selfish, pride, inconsiderate, kiasu, unforgiving etc). Some of the traits I believe I haven't fully improved but I'm working on it... with Christ! I was a school prefect in my old secondary school, but ironically a victim of bully outside school compound. I hated many things that people had done to me both verbally and physically, and perhaps the past that Pastor was talking about, was my unforgiving self. But all glory to God, that now I have found courage to forgive people by God's grace! I have also found a home in Acts, and most importantly, peace in my heart for me to root in this church. Thank you Lord. Definitely looking forward to Acts London now! God bless Acts London!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Continuation of Survival Series! =)

Hey people! It's been a few days since my last update so yes, I'm going to update myself! But if you were busy, you may skip through the first 3 paragraphs and go straight to the sermon! Remember I was having trouble with my accommodation in London? I was contemplating whether to take up Sir John Cass Hall or Liberty Hall, in which I eventually settled down on Liberty Hall. The rushing of deadline for online payment (to secure the room) was stressful particularly when I had only a few days left before the deadline (24th of August). I kept myself busy dealing with emails from Liberty Hall Management and City University. Also, since the money involved are huge in amount (everything is in GBP), paying such amount is not possible with debit or credit card due to the exchange control policy imposed by the Central Bank since the 1997 South East Asian Currency Crisis, to circumvent speculation from international currency traders.

Apparently the only viable way is via bank transfer, and the whole process is a bit tedious for me (someone who has yet to get exposed to anything about banking). The amount of payment was not only large, but quite confusing as well. Also, I was required to send 2 passport sized photos to Liberty Hall for their security system. I was searching all over the Express Mail and Air Mail hoping to send the photos and reach there by the deadline, but to no avail. Thank God my mom came into rescue! She called up Liberty Hall Management for clarification, and everything is in order now. She also manage to send 2 passport sized photos of mine! I have paid the deposit of £200 by credit card via the online payment system to secure the room, and my mom has just carried out the bank transfer today! So all is well! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful mom! :)

Oh yes, I have done my medical checkup as well! Everything seemed to be smooth so far, praise the Lord! Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as I will be going to different places to settle everything in a day. I will be going to the Bank to collect my scholarship contract and relevant documents, KL Sentral to collect my medical report, and college to collect my statement of result. I shall sleep early tonight to store energy for tomorrow! But wait, I'm going to Quinnie's house tonight for PE1 BBQ class gathering! Wooohooo can't wait! :) 

Alright, since the title of this post is about survival series, I shall not digress too much from the main topic! Yesterday it was an awesome Sunday (every Sunday is an awesome day for me hahaha! :p) and once again Pastor Kenneth was the speaker! To be honest, whenever Pastor Kenneth is preaching, I will be extra alert to listen the sermon and it is almost certain that I would get something new. Pastor even said in Twitter later yesterday: 
Enjoy myself too much delivering God's message today. Totally lost track of time. Thank God for His presence and power... & people's patience. 
Thank you so much Pastor for delivering such a wonderful Word! Definitely looking forward to more of it! Excited for the sermon yet? Here you go! :) 

- Church is an agent for transformation. 
- Greatest test in our life is success. 
- People tend to forget God amidst of success, not in hardship. 
- You don't have to do something external to solve internal issue. 
- Word of God is like mirror to reflect who we are. 
- Sometimes something that irks us is just a testing from God on us. 
- People don't turn into who they are in just days, but due to various circumstances around. 
- God has made it easy for us to follow His ways; He works in the principles of THREE (3). 
- Body, Soul & Spirit; we focus so much on body, but God is interested in our spirit! 
- Father, Son & Holy Spirit want to help us. 
- Learn 3 things from God: Jesus's Testimony, Teachings & Telling Off. 
- Teachings: Sometimes we just need to be taught. 
- Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. 
- Faith, Hope & Love -> All these 3 are internal. 
- If faith doesn't do it, hope will & if hope doesn't do it, love will. 
- Steal, Kill & Destroy -> Principles of Devil. 
- When reading Scripture, understand the process that we are in. 
- Worship God in Spirit & Truth. 
- Live in life of power that comes from the inside. 
- Where your marriage stands now? Has something been stolen? It's not too late to restore!  
- When a woman can no longer stand a marriage and give up, that show something deep has occur;
  a deep cut. 
- Even if you come from a divorce home, do not worry about your future. 
- While your body is still okay, make sure you invest in your soul & spirit. 
- Soul & Spirit are longing, therefore the body will react. 
- Sometimes a girl devoids of father's love, will keep searching for different male partners, in hope   
  of searching something to fill the hole inside her heart. What can truly cease her from giving away 
  her body to different guys, is Father's love; when soul & spirit is dealt with! 
- Come to a place with faith, hope & love, again! 
- Don't put value on internal from the external. 
- Lust of the Eyes, Lust of the Flesh, & Pride of Life.
- Searching ourself can lead to condemnation & confusion; God wants conviction. 
- Don't let Devil to keep deceiving us from external. 
- Be a beauty from the inside, like Christ from the inside.
- Never fought over money, as we rule over money, not otherwise. 
- Don't put our confidence on external things that society treasures, such as: 
  1) Sustenance: Never bow to it! God will provide our immediate needs. 
  2) Success: Success is not your God; at the top of pinnacle? so what? 
      At top positions, temptation not to be held accountable, will come; eg: I will do what I want to 
      do, don't tell me what to do! 
      Don't test God, you have knowledge of God? Good, take it to draw yourself closer to God. 
      Don't tempt, don't take God's mercy and grace for granted, as God can call you home any 
      second He wants. 
      Be under authority, do what your God says, be a top man in God's eyes.
  3) Security: Security is not your God; find your security in God. 
- It's not your weight, your height, or your background to give you authority, but how you find 
  yourself in Christ.  

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August Updates! =)

Hello people! Sorry for the 2-week hiatus as I was a little bit busy with accommodation stuffs and all. I was trying to find an accommodation cheaper than my own university hall in London. Oh by the way, if you have yet to know, my A-Levels result has finally been revealed! Praise the Lord that I've achieved 3A* 1A! As predicted, I've gotten an A (88 percentile) for my Economics. But still I thank God for it! A* for Maths, Further Maths and Physics are not easy to be attained! What more, I wasn't putting any hope on Physics to get A* since I've got only 90 for my AS. Enough with tears flowing and regrets, I shall be grateful that I'm still going to Cass Business School! All glory to God! Wooohooo~ :D
So what's with the accommodation? Apparently Liberty Hall (the university residence that I've applied for) costs £180 per week, which I think is quite expensive. It will then cost £720 per month just for the accommodation alone, out of £1056 monthly allowance sponsored by the Bank. In fact, I found another cheaper alternative, i.e. Sir John Cass Hall, which costs only £120 per week, but it's 10-20 minutes away by bus. Added to the monthly bus pass which cost £10 per week, it would roughly cost around £130 per week; at least £200 will be saved monthly. The only downside: It's located in Hackney area, which is densely populated with Muslim and African, indirectly signifying higher crime rate, thus a more dangerous place to live at. Eventually after discussing with my friends, I decided that I shall just live at Liberty Hall. It's nearer to the university (5 mins walk) and can bond with my university friends better. The first year is a crucial year for me to settle down, so I shall settle for a safer and better (although more expensive) option. Also, the time and energy spent on commuting might not worth the £50 saved per week.

Anyway, here's the sermon preached on the past Sunday Service (19/8/12) by Pastor Kenneth Chin! The sermon was so powerful and my heart was so touched throughout the whole service. Oh some updates on serving God through Revo Store! So far I've done MTG order and Sales, and they are not really that easy, considering the complication that might arise during closing. We are required to recount the T-shirts and other items (closing stocks - opening stocks = sales quantity), to make sure that it's tally with the record of cash counter. Anyway, everything was quite fun and personally I enjoy serving the Lord! Definitely looking forward to this Sunday for more! =)

Without further ado, here's the God-inspired Word! =)

Bible Verses: Psalm 139:23-24, 1 Samuel 16:7, Proverbs 16:32, Proverbs 25:28, Matthew 4:1-10

- We grow up in different types of packages.
- Jesus values what's growing on in our mind and heart.
- External bondage (Egypt) -> Wilderness (internal breakthroughs) -> External blessing.
- Changes can start from you, then maybe everything else will flow smoothly.
- It's not only how to manage tough times, but also tough thoughts!
- Let go of anger and deal with other internal elemets.
- There are some people with nothing yet get everything.
- We can search our hearts, but in the light of God.
- Only God can search and review wickedness in our hearts, to go for everlasting.
- Search ourself without God will only cause condemnation and comparison.
- In God, there will be no condemnation and comparison, but only conviction.
- You will have reward if invest in external beauty (compliments from people); if invest in internal
  beauty, you will have reward of eternity.
- When you want to know how great a man is, ask his wife first! xD
- God's protection is so much safer than having the most secured army camp/police station next to
  your house.
- Control your own spirit, rule your self control, & you will be bigger than the ruler of a nation!
- If you have problem, ask God.
- Lie of the enemy/devil: External leads to internal.
- Surrender all your appetites to God.
- Don't sell your destiny short. I don't need anything, I have everything that God gives me.
- A good name is to be desired than great riches.
- Goal: Be like Christ.
- You are, before you do; so invest in who you truly are.
- Sow a thought, reap a desire; sow a desire, reap an action.
- Sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, ripe a destiny; sow a destiny, reap an eternity.
- Respond (not only react), take responsibility on our thoughts.
- Fear & guilt.
- Something might fall apart without you, but don't let the guilt continues to get you.
- Why am I stuck this way? Is it because of family?
- Commit your burden to God!
- The day you release burden is the day you have your life.
- You don't have control over others' life, but God has.
- What's driving you on, is your guilt and fear. Don't sink on the weight of guilt.
- Come to a decision, resolve internally in your heart.
- Something has to die inside, for something else to live.
- Sometimes you need to be hurt, before you can be healed.
- Sometimes you have to let go, before let God to take control.
- Let go of your burden and God will take care of it!
- Don't put burden on your children (as this will kill them on the inside), but rather let them live &
  dream high! =)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Eventful Sunday! =)

Hello people! Some of you might be wondering why you are being tagged and linked to this blog. Not so much on promoting my site, but to share the good news and testimonies available all over my blog (particularly the last few posts prior to this, so if you had time, why not just read through those posts?). If you have been following my blog faithfully since the beginning of the moment I decided to share the notes I've written down on the sermons preached on Sunday services, you will know I have had tagged quite a number of people to read the Word but that didn't last long. Sooner or later I found out that not everyone that I tagged viewed the post, some of them did not even bother to read. I felt discouraged to tag people anymore on the post, sooner or later I did not even bother to tag anymore. I felt that, if God really wants to touch a specific person's heart, Holy Spirit will nudge the person, while he/she was scrolling through the FB newsfeed, to check out the post I've shared. So I thought I had done my part well and surrender the rest to God.

Just a few days ago, I was having a conversation with Tricia, one of a few friends sharing the same birthday with me haha! xD In her case, same day same year! Anyway, we bumped on the topic regarding the sermons I've been sharing. I told her about the discouragement I was facing and she recommended me to continue tagging people. Credits to Tricia, Romans 10:13-15 depicts very well on this matter, just the right verse to solve my problem. I believe changes should come from within, from the inside out. I shouldn't gauge based on the result and focus solely on that. Instead, I should have focused more on the primary objective and the goal of the action. So yeah, I will continue to tag people! Also, thanks to her, I'm able to start serving in Revo Store in less than a week time after my registration. I wasn't expecting that coming so fast but really want to thank God for this great opportunity! 

For the first time I served in the Revo Store. My first task: MTG order. I wasn't sure what is MTG at first, but after my friends explained it to me, finally I understood. MTG is a voice recording of sermons in DVD form, used for self purpose or to bless someone else. Not only the sermons from Acts Central, but you can also obtain sermons from other plants like Acts Ampang, Acts Nilai, Acts Mandarin and so on. The task was easy, to facilitate church members on MTG ordering, in filling up the form and asking them to pay at the counter. Later after the serving, one of the team leaders Jamie had an informal interview with me, along with 2 other friends who are serving in Revo Store. It might seem formal but it wasn't. She told me everything about the Revo Store. 

Here's what I understood: Revo Store is a ministry in church, just like any other ministries. It was created to sell accessories that can bring people closer to God. Revo Store is not profit orientated, but rather God-centered. The reason why people in Revo Store continue to serve there is due to the satisfaction gained when you realised things from Revo Store are distributed out to spread the good news, to bless someone, to draw people to Christ and bring people closer to God. Badges, books, MTG, worship songs discs etc. All these are meant for one and only one purpose - to draw people to God. Not only for non-Christians, even Christians can be blessed by Revo Store, by consolidating their faith or even transform backsliders back to the right track. In short, Revo Store is a platform to complement people's faith in God. Pastor Kenneth also mentioned about church's plan to plant a new church (Acts London) in the UK, so I'm going to undergo intensive 7-week training about operating Revo Store and be a team leader. The responsibility seems really heavy, but I believe I can do it by drawing strength and ability to learn fast from God! =) 

Here is the sermon that Pastor Kenneth has preached on the past Sunday. It was the continuation of the series that he has started last week, on the theme of breaking internal bondage. As usual he made jokes while he was preaching sermons, one of which that I found it interesting was a watch that he was wearing, that can measure calories burnt! Guess what, by the end of the sermon, he has burnt more than 555 kcal! OMG! Preaching a sermon is even more effective in burning calories than running on a treadmill for 15 minutes. :O Wow! 

Theme: Beautiful People Series    Bible Verses: Proverbs 22:2; Matthew 5:20; Galatians 4:9; 
                                                                     Matthew 15:8-12, 23:23-27, 6:1-2, 6:5-6, 7:3-4, 
                                                                     7:24-25, 7:28-29; Psalm 34:6 

- Promise land needs beautiful people to live in it, to be beautiful. 
- Let's embrace this wilderness. 
- Offences are bound to come, and inevitable. 
- Don't live according to other people's standards. 
- Don't let others to bring you down to their standards, making you less beautiful. 
- It's about mindset, change from the inside out. 
- Most of the victories are found in the internal exams/internal bondage. 
- Everyone has problem, but we don't have to remain there. 
- Every creator will create something that goes back to him/her. 
- What sets you apart from the rest is the internal strength. 
- We don't wait for the world to be beautiful, we can be the starting agent. 
- Poor in spirit is defenceless, for his only defence line is Christ. 
- Choose to be defenceless, dependent. 
- Most of us start up being rich in spirit (independent). 
- It's the internal victory that leads to external victory. 
- B coming and relying to God, you inherit everything, from nothing. 
- Pharisees are of righteousness to the highest level, but in external form. 
- Your righteousness can surpass that of Pharisees, by focusing on the inside. 
- It's easier to cast out demons than bad habits. 
- Be wise, by listening to spirit of the Word, and obey! 
- Become beautiful, by changing the spirit inside.

After the Sunday service, it was time for me to play badminton with my churchmates! It had been 2 weeks since the last time of me playing badminton! Badminton has been one of my favourite sports and I really enjoy playing it! It was fun! =) After playing badminton, we went to Silva Restaurant at SS15 (near my college) and had dinner! We planned to watch the Final match between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan too! The game finally started and both were really good! After playing really hard, Lee Chong Wei managed to win the first set. Most of the people screamed in joy, and that was really the first time I've witnessed on my own the unity of our people! I was exposed to the unity between races since primary school, but never had the chance to witness and feel it. Yesterday was my first time. 

For the first time with me in it, people from different races sat down together, and supported our national athlete Dato' Lee Chong Wei. We literally overjoyed for every score LCW managed to score! People from all walks of life, regardless of races, religons, political parties etc, sat down and supported our national player! It was an ineffable feeling, only people who were there could feel that. It was such a exciting moment when Lin Dan won the second set, and they were set to play the third game - the determining game of London Olympic gold medal for badminton man's single. It was a nail biting moment when Chong Wei and Lin Dan tightly fought against each other until 19-19, due to certain element in randomness, in the end Lin Dan won. It was indeed a heartwrenching moment to see Chong Wei being defeated, but he was incredibly amazing! 

Dato' Lee Chong Wei was all over Facebook posts and trending worldwide in Twitter. Despite his defeat, he is viewed as the national hero! He has fought his very best and managed to exert such a pressure to Lin Dan, the world no.1 badminton man's single player. Nobody has the ability to do that to Lin Dan, only Chong Wei does. Most Malaysians went into saddening moment when he even apologised to Malaysians on Twitter, and cried on the podium during victory ceremony. What he wanted was not the gold medal, but Negaraku being played in London's Wembley Arena for the first time in the Olympic Games history! He is a really great man, well respected national hero that has brought our people to unity! For the first time that I'm so so proud to be a Malaysian. As what this trending quote stated, "Lee Chong Wei is such a great guy while Lin Dan is a bit arrogant. Skills win medals, attitude wins hearts", by ESPN commentator. 

I even respect Lee Chong Wei for his persistence and determination! He was injured early this year in Thomas Cup during his match with Lin Dan, on his ankles. Directly after his recovery (he has not fully recovered yet at the moment), he went to play Olympic Games after training of mere 2 weeks. He had to eat a painkiller before each match that he was playing. His determination and skills has also once again proven by his ability to enter the Final and the tight match with Lin Dan. At such a moment of 19-19 on the third set, nobody can actually know who will win. It was all based on psychology and luck, in other word, randomness. Just so the element of randomness kicked in, Lee Chong Wei got defeated. But he did not lose! He won a silver medal! Indeed, he deserved every single bit of it!

Nobody in the entire universe has the ability to recover from a severe ankle injury, only trained for 2 weeks, managed to enter the Olympic final and almost defeat the world no.1 player, except Dato' Lee Chong Wei. For Lin Dan it was to retain his title, but for Chong Wei it was the whole country counting on him; with such a heavy burden, it wasn't easy to perform yet he carried it exceptionally well despite his injuries, for that he has already won a gold. He has fought greatly and made the nation proud! Very proud. I'm really happy for being a Malaysian, and for Malaysia having such a great sportsman. Really thank God for Dato' Lee Chong Wei! I hope he will be able to cheer up and continue to make contributions to the country, and I believe he will! The greater plan has yet to come! =) 

Monday, 30 July 2012

Signed up to Serve the Lord! =)

Sorry for the delay of yesterday's sermon preached by Pastor Kenneth! The sermon was indeed refreshing and conveyed with a different approach altogether, alongside with real life examples, to provide greater relevance for people to relate their particular circumstances to the Word of God. The sermon was so powerful and impactful that it eliminated all my possible doubts and once again pulled me up from my slight depression. Oblivious of the attack from the devil, I fell into a state of mild depression a few days ago, with the thought that I wasn't doing adequate enough. I became dubious with my own conviction on Christianity, and I couldn't feel God's presence (although He was right beside me all the time, and still is!).

These are a few signs that I had low self-esteem thinking that I wasn't good enough in the eyes of God. For instance, I have never brought anyone to church. I have never preached gospel to anyone and impact other people's life. The most I did was consoling my friends with biblical scriptures and praying for them. I have never served in church. There are many people in church whom never failed to inspire me and I wish I could be like them. They are so faithful to God and has been trying hard to bring new souls to church every Sunday, to connect people one step closer to God. All these require courage and faith, which I believe I am somewhat devoid of. The spirit of doubt still hit me from day to day despite me praying hard (not hard enough, maybe?) to God. Being a rational person who always think objectively by logic, the consistent occurences of miracles performing throughout the centuries sounds like legendary myths to me. But by God's grace, I have had so many opportunities to witness miracles happening to my brothers and sisters in church! God has been so faithful to Acts Church and to all of us, although sometimes some of us (me, for example) continue to commit sins that irate Him, and do not please God in any way.

I have been praying hard for my family's salvation, and anyone who is close enough to me would have knew that I am a first generation Christian. It wasn't easy to get permissions from my parents for me to attend Sunday services, and I had many quarrels with my parents. Yet God has been so faithful to me, provided me countless opportunities consistently. I have once brought my younger sister to Acts Church (about 5 months ago), and I wasn't sure of what she thought of the service as she just answered my question with a simple reply, 'okay la'. Just a few days ago that she finally responded to the calling. She asked me about Christ, and intended to be a believer of Christ! WOW! Praise the Lord! All glory to God!

So, what is the problem now? Perhaps it is not even a problem after all. I wasn't fully convinced of my sister's conviction, neither am I fully convinced of my own. Doubts strike me over and over again, but the faith in God will usually pull me up from the deathly trap. Yes, I will describe doubt as a deathly trap, spiritually! Once you fell into doubts, you will only be dragged further and further down by the devil like a gravity of Black Hole, unless something pull you up, in my case, faith. I was having doubts for this matter, on God's power! Just a brief introduction for all of you, my younger sister is a Lower Six student now in Catholic High School PJ, and is very busy with her studies and co-curricular activities. It will be hard for her to spend a whole Sunday in church since she is already preoccupied with so many activities during weekdays, including her tonnes of homework assigned, time of spent on travelling back and forth, and tuition. On Saturday she has to go to school for her extra co-curricular activity. My parents wouldn't agree if she spent Sunday outside at church or any other activities planned by interest groups.

All these are just my worries and personal thoughts, and I know God has a greater and perfect plan for me and my family. Recall that I wrote 'perhaps it is not even a problem after all', that's true! I have been worrying too much, and underestimating, to a certain extent, God's mighty power. The key word here to solve this 'problem' is faith. Just by firmly believing that if that's God's Will, it will happen regardless of the process. It will still happen in the end. To bring my family to the light of Christ is an insurmountable task, but nothing is too difficult for God. We might be able to plan out our best, but eventually God is the one who touches people's hearts through various means. Same thing goes to thoughts. God's thought is always greater than mine, and the reason I would have worries and doubts overwhelming me is solely due to lack of communication with God. There, I have pointed out the solution - pray. But before started pouring out everything to God, set your heart right. Diverting your heart to God's goodness, instead of pouring out all your problems soliciting God to fulfill our personal desires in life, will definitely make wonders in your prayer, for that I can testify. It worked for me when I was praying for a brother sitting next to me yesterday prior to the sermon. Instead of merely praying for the brother, I diverted my focus to God's goodness and the aftermath was rather different.

God has again reassured me that He is with me regardless of the waves of obstacles coming my way. There will be days that I feel very passionate on God, and days that I could hardly feel His presence (consequently doubts strike and temptations come). Testings come in hard times and what hold most of the Christians is conviction. High confidence on my conviction to God will definitely bring me through the hard times. Jesus at the Center of It All (by Israel Houghton) is a very simple yet powerful and meaningful song, emphasising our attention on God in everything we do. The song sounded so simple yet how many of us actually put God at the center of our life? To be honest, there are times when I don't put God at the center of my life and that's something I shall start working on. Times of adversity, times of doubts and temptations. That's when Holy Spirit comes in to assist us, giving us strength to fight against the devils.

Yesterday after Pastor Kenneth finished preaching the Word, he opened up the altar for members of congregation to come forward for him and a few of the church leaders to pray for. I stepped forward and Pastor Kenneth prayed for me. What remains vivid to me is this: God told Pastor to tell me that I shall forget my past. My past? This question has been sticking with me, and I'm still thinking. Perhaps the past that Pastor mentioned, was something that has been molding me into who I am all this while, something that has been dictating my life? I am still not quite sure, but I will continue to pray about it, to seek for revelation.

Remember last week I mentioned something about serving the church? I had so many choices but this one had never crossed my mind, Revo store. I was contemplating on which one to join, and even considered joining Acts TV! Personally I'm interested in Acts Stream, but given the length of period of time I have before flying off (1 month), I decided to join something else. Acts Host (usher ministry) and Actspresso (hospitality) were amongst my choices. I couldn't make up my choice while I was standing in front of the booth of volunteers registration. Opposite the booth was the Revo Store. Just in case you don't know what it is all about, it's a store opened after the Sunday service to sell stuffs such as Revo T-shirts, Revo buttons, Chin Up (a book written by Pastor Kenneth) etc. In short, Revo Store is an business operating for everyone, as part of the church's source of income. So I thought, why not Revo Store? Yeah, why not? Eventually I signed up to serve the Lord through Revo Store. Finally! =)

Without further ado, I will include yesterday's sermon here, and I believe you will definitely benefit from it! As I've promised, a very powerful sermon that is apt to be the basis of a perfect church. 'These sermons are going to be a series', said Pastor Kenneth. So I hope this sermon will inspire you, to bring you closer to God. Here it goes:

Bible Verses: Psalm 139:1-18, 23-24; Proverbs 21:2

- The way to victorious living begins from the inside out!
- Problems always stem from inside.
- Eg: Wash the internal part of the cup, not the outer part of the cup.
- Church lives on and grow stronger regardless of result of the upcoming General Election.
- It's easier to take us out from external bondage than internal bondage.
- Check your heart!
- Proverbs -> Wisdom for victorious life.
- Survive all the obstacles and succeed!
- We are living in a world not devoid of pains and sufferings!
- Offences cannot be avoided.
- You can be the richest man on Earth, but you can be not happy as happiness is from the inside!
- Everyone can try to stress you up, but you can choose not to be affected.
- It's at the bad times that we find our true self. 'Why me?'
- During bad times, ask 'Why not?' instead.
- It's during bad times that God is doing works that build characters.
- There are different toppings on bad times (different circumstances).
- No matter how severe the damage, you still have choice to trust God.
- Eternal life -> internal.
- The reason God understands all of us is because He created us!
- He doesn't have to be in your position to understand your problems.
- We are made the same, and God knows the inner part.
- Many of our problems stem from anxieties/fears.
- Religion is not under authority.
- The difference between God and god is who is in charge.
- God -> He is in control; god -> we are in control.
- Conviction comes when you are serving the big 'G'.
- Anything can be an idol (small 'g') from inside (unforgiveness, bitter, doubts etc).
- Argument starts when both parties think they are right.
- Anyone who gives their best will not come down without sweating.
- There is no perfect church, if there's one, don't join; cause once you join, it turns imperfect.
- Perfect = 100%; +/- 1% from 100% = imperfect.
- Perfect church can only exist when everyone changes from the inside out.
- The whole world change when all of us change from the inside.
- Everything thinks he's right, until someone checks him; until God weighs his heart.
- If you tell yourself not going to be someone you don't want, chances are you will end up there,
  or worse.
- Stop the situation before it gets worse.
- Let's become people we want to be, don't allow us to become people we despise now in the
  next 10-20 years.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony! =)

As the most widely participated sports event by nations all around the world, Olympic Games that occurs once in every 4 years has been officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in London at 7.30am this morning. Although I didn't have the privilege of watching the opening ceremony live, I was definitely fortunate enough to be able to wake up at 3.30am (after sleeping for 3 hours) and watch the whole ceremony, thanks to our national television broadcast TV2! For once, as far as I can remember, they did a great job in it. Well done. =)

It was definitely stunning to watch the whole ceremony and admittedly the whole idea was indeed brilliant, attributed to Danny Boyle with his opening ceremony namely The Isles of Wonder. It started off with superb imagery, as a pastoral scene slowly transformed into broiling evocation of British Industrial Revolution, and some great performances by National Health Service (NHS). Later on The Queen was dropped into the stadium to the audience by a live action of parachuting from a helicopter alongside with James Bond, and showed up shortly after that. 

I believe one of the greatest hits from the Olympic opening ceremony was definitely a sequence by Rowan Atkinson, where he portrayed himself as his infamous character Mr.Bean, as an inept member of the London Symphony Orchestra, playing "Chariots of Fire". Most people know Rowan Atkinson as the famous comedian, and the Oxford graduate has never failed to make the audience laugh with his silliness style of jokes, including me! xD I definitely like this part a lot and even downloaded it. :p 

Later there was an appearance of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web. I never knew of such inventor and has definitely learnt of something new. Some of my friends were surprised that the person who invented the Internet is still alive, but hey! He's even younger than my dad! I later discovered that he's a British computer scientist and a MIT professor. Wow! =)

Then, it was the time for Parade of Nations, where athletes from each country participating in the Olympics paraded in the stadium, preceded by their flag. There are 205 countries participating the Games, and one great improvements I've noticed is that for the first time in the history of Olympic Games, Muslim nations (Brunei, Qatar & Saudi Arabia) are sending females athletes to represent their nations, marking a new high for the women in the attainment of gender equality throughout the globe. Shortly after that, there was a speech given by Sebastian Coe, the Chairman of London 2012 Organising committee, ensued by the opening of London Olympics 2012 by Queen Elizabeth II.

Followed up there was an appearance of David Beckham driving a speedboat down the River Thames, carrying the famous Olympic torch. One of my girl friends was stunned by his hotness lol. xD The boat finally docked at Stratford and Beckham gave a helping hand to pass on the Olympic flame, where the flame was taken to the ceremony and passed to 7 young British athletes, and simultaneously ignited the Olympic chauldron to open Games. 

Overall, London has presented a vibrant picture of Great Britain's rich heritage and culture! James Bond, Mr.Bean and the Queen! =)) Looking forward for the Games now! First gold has been attained by Chinese shooter Yi Siling from Hunan! =) Congrats!  

Monday, 23 July 2012

Obliged to Serve! =)

Before going into the topic, I'm going to share the sermon preached by Pastor Kenneth Chin yesterday morning at SPCC! Yes Acts Central has once again moved on from Summit Hotel to SPCC, a great God-inspired move! =) Oh by the way, I would like to wish congratulations to my campus pastor Pastor Dave and Katherine for their wedding on the past Saturday! I attended their wedding in Luther Centre PJ, and God's presence was indeed very tangible for the whole ceremony! This was my first time attending a wedding, and I believe so do many of my campus brothers and sisters! The whole wedding was very lively filled with laughter and joy, and sacred with vow of bride and groom to each other! Kat even cried while saying the vow! :') Aww. So yeah, the whole ceremony was very very sweet! Haha! <3

Haha how sweet they are! <3 Praise the Lord! Anyway, time for the sermon preached yesterday at SPCC! =)

Bible Verses: Hebrew 11:6, Deuteronomy 8:1-18

- God is God, even when all circumstances say He isn't.
- Although sometimes you don't know what is left, you should always do what is right.
- There are things that God tests (our heart).
- Although there are challenges/obstacles against us, if that's God's will, it shall be done!
- Generation in form of spirit.
- When God tests us, God will test everyone involved in the deal.
- Continue to be soft hearted, pliable.
- Fix your eyes on God, and obey, then God's grace and love will sustain us.
- God is a magnet, let God be glorified.
- Point people to Christ.
- Every command that God says, just obey! God will provide to those who are obedient.
- After every wilderness, people come out stronger.
- Not people develop buildings, but buildings develop people.
- Through tough times, we grow tougher spiritually.
- Things don't always happen in our ways, but God has better plans!
- You can never lose what you have given to God!
- Bouncing back after falling!
- Just continue to trust God, that He will give us more than what we could have imagined.
- Praise God not just on the mountain, but even in the valley!
- God is in control and church shall prosper!
- Nothing can stop churches from growing cause God wants it to grow!
- Don't hold on to these luxurious life as God has so much more for you!
- Don't live a life devoid of challenges and testings!
- God has meant good in the end, for you! We win, in the end!
- For breakthroughs to happen, you need a new challenge!
- 5 points for breakthrough:
  i) God always tell us something, expect a Word from Him!
     Success can hinder us from achieving next level God has for us.
  ii) It will be beyond your budget (plans included), not necessarily only beyond your mean.
     Expect your plans to be messed up by God!
     Adjustments needed not only for fund, but also focus.
 iii) Always have chance to doubt, and choices to follow.
     The longer it takes for you to obey, the higher the chance for you to have doubts.
     We don't live life by what our bank accounts dictate, but live by God's will!
     Obey all the way! Give your thoughts fully to God!
 iv) Things may not have turned out as your way or what you have envisioned.
     God's ways/thoughts are higher/greater than ours. God is able. Just obey!
 v) Don't forget God when you succeed!
     It's the time of success that there's greatest test!
     God will test our maturity, that we are not so weak when things don't turn out our way.
     God's way is better, cause God has meant good for all of us! =)

While Pastor Kenneth was preaching the sermon, he mentioned about planting a new church in London called Acts London. I was overwhelmed with joy when I heard it! I started to think of what God has in store for me in London, to serve Him! Acts London, is that possible? God is able, nothing is impossible with God! If that's God's will, Acts London shall prosper! I told Pastor Dave about my joy of knowing the plan, and Pastor told me it's still in praying stage! I will definitely be very interested to join Acts London should there's any church plant there! For 3 years that I will be studying in London hopefully, I shall discover and develop many of my hidden talents/potentials and I am definitely looking forward to it!

About serving the church for 2 months before flying off, I finally received a call from God, that I shall serve! I don't know exactly why I didn't do so earlier when I joined Acts Church early this year, possibly clouded by the thoughts of exam preparations. I could have joined Acts Host, Acts Web, Acts Expresso, Acts Kids, Acts TV and even Acts Stream if I want! Now it seems like I have missed out a lot of fun. Yes serving God can be fun, albeit tiring, if you enjoy doing what you are doing in church! Pop me some ideas on which one to join for 2 months? :)

Monday, 16 July 2012

First Two Sunday Sermons of July (8/7 & 15/7)! =)

Sunday Service (8/7/12) (by Pr. Kenneth Chin)

Title: Blessings of Abraham 
Bible Verses: Galatians 3:13-14; Genesis 12:4, 13:2, 15:6, 15:15, 20, 25:7-8; Romans 4:13-25 

- Hold on to the unchangeable (God), and don't hold on to those changable. 
- God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 
- We can stand firm only on the solid rock foundation (Jesus). 
- Righteousness is the key. 
- None of us can be righteous by ourselves. 
- Someone of same problem can end up with different outcomes. 
- The blessing of Abraham is obtain righteousness just by faith. 
- When you believe, you will be rewarded. 
- By using our mind, strengths and experience, it will not go far. 
- Only by faith, everything is made possible, miracles happen. 
- Part of these blessings of Abraham are through faith. 
- Be fully convinced. 
- He is the Father of Impossible. 
- Blessing of Abraham is Favour. 
- He was the Friend of God. 
- Friend eating your food without asking = sharing; 
  stranger eating your food without asking = stealing. 
- Authority comes from identity. 
- Authority = Power. 
- We are already blessed and this is constant. 
- Only we have the choice whether to reject God, no devil can rob us away from God. 
- Our identity in Christ is permanent (children of God). 
- Financial blessing: God's blessing can be overflowing through financial prosperity. 
- Fit (healthy): Go to te grave in peace without worries and stresses. Good old age can be obtained 
  through the blessing of Abraham. 
- By law and flesh, you are your parents' child (might inherit sickness), but by spirit, you are the 
  child of God. 

Sunday Service (15/7/12) (by Elder Kien Yak) 
Bible Verses: 1 Samuel 16:1-12; Deuteronomy 8; 1 Corinthians 13 

- Lord does not see as the way man see. 
- Don't judge. 
- Rejection is hard and tough to accept. 
- Just by reading God's Word without practicing it will have no breakthrough. 
- Regardless of your length of period being a believer, God always has a greater level for you. 
- If you live by 'I should have', you will not please God. 
- How long it takes to pick yourself up? Days? Months? 
- God is preparing our breakthroughs, having something in store for you.
- Don't avoid responsibility and put blame on others. 
- It's part of our job to take care of our own responsibilities. 
- Don't boast in front of people (eg: I have done this and that, what have you done?) 
- God has the promotion for you, so don't forget to thank Him. 
- David is selected as a King, even when he was still in the field before promotion. 
- Many people are trying to prove to God to gain God's favour, don't do that, cause God knows 
  exactly where you stand. 
- If our attitude/character is not right, it will not be able to sustain the promotion as downfall will 
  occur soon.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Plans for the next 3 months! =)

Hooorayyy!!! My exam is over, and let me tell you how I felt immediately after the exam. I felt happy ostensibly like many other friends, but honestly I felt really empty inside, for all in sudden I didn't know what to do after one whole month of nerding, burying myself with notes and past year papers. I actually felt so emo on the day after, thinking hard of what should I do. All in sudden, I thought of playing Texas Hold'Em Poker in Facebook. I bumped into playing poker a week before (just a day after my Economics Paper 4 exam), and I started to learn how to play.

But the hard thing comes after learning. Learning how to play poker can be done in less than 10 minutes, but to master it takes a whole life! Just in case you don't know what is poker, poker is a card game that involves betting based on the two cards that you are holding distributed by dealer. You are required to put a blind (minimum stake) into a pot (if you decided to play that hand), and to call/raise/fold it according to your hand strength. The hand strengths include royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, fullhouse, flush, straight, three of a kind, 2 pairs and one pair (from strong to weak). This might sound easy, but it hasn't taken into consideration the possibility of bluffing. Bluffing means when someone has a weak hand but deliberately raise the stake just to intimidate others, putting pressure on others to fold their cards (some might have stronger hands).

I've been playing this game for a week now and went through many dramatic experiences, drawing me to such conclusion that poker has lots to do with luck too, as a beginner. As you gain more and more experiences, you will see a suitable method and stick to it as long as it earns you profit in the long run. It is imperative for us to loss poker chips, just like trading with real money in the financial market. Keep folding is a nice way to minimise losses, but you might miss out some winning opportunities when the turn and river (forth and fifth cards) came out. You might have a straight, or stronger pairs, or flush. I don't know, many possibilities involved; but to be safe, don't ever put hope on turn and river, otherwise it would be considered pure luck if you go for it and win. The element of emotions as well play a very huge role in playing poker, that's where psychology comes in. Facial expressions are crucial in real life poker. In short, poker is all about game theory, probability theory and psychology! How interesting it is, right?

Am I going to stuck with playing poker for the next 3 months? If you thought so, I'm afraid I have to let you down. Remember I've gotten notes from a senior whom I barely know, on Financial Maths and Actuarial Science? He is a Financial Maths degree student in Heriot-Watt University and he sent me some of his notes in soft copies when I asked for it. So now it's time for me to start reading actuarial materials! Many mathematical topics I don't find it easy to study, so I'm learning one of the topics in CT8 (Financial Economics) now, namely Discrete-time finance and Derivatives Markets. This module involves many new concepts in Finance, not so much on mathematical equations. That's why I can read it in an attempt trying to understand it. =) Wish me luck!

Also, I have so many books to read up! Previously I bought many books during book fairs and now I have a whole box of books waiting me to read! Those books cover a myriad of subjects such as finance, trading, economics, psychology, astrophysics & cosmology etc. I don't think I would have time to read every book before flying off, but I know I should at least try to finish a few of them! Now that I have so much time, shouldn't waste the time with unproductive activities, right? I should really appreciate what I have now, acknowledging that I have such a privilege to spend my time doing what I enjoy doing. I wouldn't have such privilege once my university life starts.

Next, cooking? I really think I should attend at least a cooking class before flying off! One month cooking class, not bad huh? I should learn how to cook healthy good food, and of course taste plays a very important role too! I emphasize nutrition and taste of the dishes. Art of decorating the dishes? Trivial for now. What is good food in my definition? My definition of good food involves perfect proportion of protein and carbohyrate with a small portion of unsaturated fat. Some oils are actually good for health and do help in losing weight, such as olive oil. That's why I like Spaghetti Aglio e Olio! <3 Should not miss out this very nice dish if you have not already tried.

That's all I can think of for now! I would have many camps coming up starting from this coming Friday! CF camp is happening in Genting Highland from this Friday to Sunday, and I have BTN (Birotatanegara) camp coming up from Monday to Friday at Kem BTN Meru! Then there would be a predeparture programme organised by Bank Negara on the week after (Monday to Wednesday), at Lanai Kijang! My schedule is totally packed for the next whole week! :O But fret not, I bet I would have lots of fun and enjoy myself! Wooohooo! =)

Monday, 25 June 2012

College Memories! =)

It's been such a long time since my last update on myself! So yes people, I've finally finished my A-Levels wooohooo! xD Such a huge burden being lifted up from my shoulder, yet another great journey is about to start soon in 3 months time! As most of you know, I've firmed City University London (Cass) to read BSc Actuarial Science. According to my friends who are studying there, it's really not an easy degree to study. Every week they have tests and assignments, but I guess it's almost the same for everyone else. I know I can do it, as nothing is impossible with God!

I have so so much to write yet was irresolute on where should I start it from. It has to start somewhere I realised so here we go, back to the my last personal post where I mentioned about potentially losing my A* due to my Economics Paper 4. I was counting on Paper 3 to at least pull back my deviated vehicle from its course towards the attainment of at least an A, and had one whole week to prepare for it. I really want to thank God that, my Paper 3 went on well despite having one careless mistake. I chose the right answer, and even went on to prove that my initial answer was correct to convince myself, yet I rubbed it off and chose another answer. Oh well...

Anyway, A-Levels is over now. It's been really memorable 2 years experience I had in Taylor's College SJ, and I got to know at least 1/3 of my Facebook friends, so you probably could have imagined how many friends I've got to know throughout these 24 months. I have been through many types of people, and from within picked up quite a number of interests to paint my mundane life into a colourful one, one of which is started attending gym since about a year ago. Remember there was once that many of my consecutive posts were all about gym attending and health? I started to see great result and guess how much I weighed now? 74kg. A total lost of 11kg from my initial weight of 85kg during Chinese New Year this year. God is good! Amen? =)

Also, I came to pick up one of the most unimaginable interests I never thought of 2 years back -- reading. If you don't know me well enough, I used to detest reading. I would have fallen asleep if I were to read boring materials that would never able to catch my attention. But thing changed. I started to pick up the hobby of reading books, particularly books spanning a wide spectrum of my personal interests such as finance, economics, maths, psychology and physics. I've taught myself more and more on financial market by reading alone, and trained myself to be financial literate even in college level. I would really love to share what I know about financial market with anyone, and would definitely yearn for more of it.

I have found my gang of friends, many of which are maths whizzes, classmates and random friends from library. Random friends seems to hold minuscule weightage on my whole circle of friends in Taylor's, but no it actually constitutes one of the largest portion of it. I love to hang out in the library, stay back just to do my homework or study. Library can be considered as my third house other than my own home sweet home and Casa Subang apartment; it definitely contains many of my memories in college, too much in fact, to be put into words of merely a post. Some experiences were just so amazing that I couldn't find the right word to describe it, only praising God is sufficient enough to depict my gratitude of His gracefulness.

So, what's next? BSc Actuarial Science. Bring it on! =)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Third Sunday Service of June (24/6/12)! =)

Today I woke up early, pondering over which service to attend. Eventually I decided to attend 11.15am service and I believe this is not a coincidence. I think I've decided on the right one to attend solely due to the amazing sermon preached by Pastor David Yeow! Pastor Dave is an Associate Pastor of Acts Church and also the head of Campus ministry, held responsible for the welfare and reaching out of campus students.

Amazing sermon? Okay not that the other sermons preached were not amazing, but I believe this sermon has deeply touched me, and to a very large extent I was able to link myself with the sermon. He told us how he got to know Christ at the age of 11, and how he molded himself as who he is now, a strong hero in Christ, a role model for other brothers and sisters in their relentless attempts to continue drawing themselves closer to God. 

Through this sermon I believe many of my questions and doubts have been resolved, thank you so much Pastor Dave! Before the sermon, it was praying time when people praying for one another on anything. I didn't have anyone beside me, and Pastor noticed me, came and prayed for me. Immediately I felt peace when he mentioned about letting the Holy Spirit pour out on me. Praise the Lord! =) I didn't know he was going to preach the sermon for today until he went out. Hmm.

Anyway, here's the great sermon I've been talking about! May God bless you with this! =)

Bible verses: Ephesians 3:14-21

- Church is for people knowing God.
- God is moving around the nation & globe for people coming to know Him.
- People need God! Do you know God? =)
- There are alot of people who need to hear God's revival messages!
- Lies of enemy:
  i) Very difficult to tell people about God.
  ii) Very few people come to God.
- People are yearing for God's word!
- People, of all ages, are hungry for God.
- How do you know God is God, God is real? =)
- If God is real, when you pray, He will answer!
- It's not that God will fulfill your wish, but God will provide your deepest needs.
- Only God can give you peace.
- He demands everything, but provides everything by answering every prayers.
- Be a living (physical) sacrifice (spiritual).
- Theologically not ready to spread/share the word of God?
- Present it in a way that God is so real, share it to people!
- Gospel is not just for the Jews, but meant to be public knowledge, for everyone.
- Holy Spirit wants to strengthen our inner being!
- Mind knows, but body is physically weak, not convinced of own ability to share the Gospel.
- i) Be a witness:
     When you tell your friends about Jesus, they are actually listening. Holy Spirit has got our back,
     back us up and give us privilege to be partner with Him.
- ii) Be rooted and grounded in love:
      So that we won't get disappointed easily. When we face failures, try again! Obedience being
      powered by love.
- iii) God will do more than all we ask:
       He will do far more beyond, more than enough, that we should use. Even if you speak
       wrongly, God will turn it right! When you share it from the right place with the right intention,
       God will do far more than enough. As much as you want to invite your friends, God wants it
       MORE! =)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Second Sunday Service of June (17/6/12)! =)

Hello! I know I'm super late to update this blog with the past sermon 2 days ago. So sorry for it! I will update you what I've been doing for the past few days in the next post but here you go, another amazing sermon preached by Pastor Kenneth! =)

Bible Verses: John 4:23-24, Exodus 33-34, Romans 7, John 17:17, Genesis 3:1-4

- What is worship?
- 1) Perspective: When you start worshipping, perspective must change. God is God no matter
      what you think of Him.
- 2) God's name and nature is One!
- 3) Submission.
- Worship is to be bowed not only on our knees, but also our wills.
- The opposite of Spirit is Law.
- Love must alwas lead the way, and nothing can separate us (music, fashion etc)
- If you look hard enough, problems will surely arise; so be thankful for everything! =)
- Don't walk on the way of Law, but of Spirit.
- What's your feeling on God doesn't change what God feels for you.
- Those whose lips are near to God, their hearts might not; and vice versa.
- Everything in God is spiritual, therefore worship God in spirit.
- If you don't forgive, you are already living in earthly Hell.
- God forgives you, so forgive others! =)
- Jesus wants both external and internal.
- God loves us as who we are.
- In the Old Testament, people gathered not because of sermons, pastors, worship songs etc, but
  because of the presence of God.
- Those that are not glorified on Earth (love, relationship etc) will be lifted up at the throne in
- Worship Him in spirit, enough of law law law!
- You shall know the Truth and the Truth sets you free.
- Get intimate in God's Words and produce!
- Truths sanctify!
- Arguments started with law will only be countered with law, so don't get there!
- Enemy starts with law and ends with death, beforewhich guilt, shame and condemnation come in!

Monday, 11 June 2012

First Sunday Service after RE:UNION! =)

Hello sorry that I'm late to update you the latest sermon! Haha anyway, I'm fine and sound now! Finally I've garnered enough courage to pick myself up from despair, regain my confidence and ready to beat the last battle! Thanks to all my family members and friends who have been with me throughout the day to provide moral support. I wouldn't know what might happen if nobody was right beside me. Thank God that He never gave up on me, and thanks to all my friends who kept consoling me. Thank you for just be there at the moment I need it the most.

I reached church yesterday morning safe and sound in one piece, thank God. I was feeling down yesterday when I woke up and cried. Okay that might sound abnormal but yeah it's just me! Anyone who knows me well enough will not be surprised about this cause I used to cry a lot when I was a kid. When I was singing worship song, again my tears dropped as I was so touched by God's love to me.

Though I may walk through the valley,
though I may sail through the storm,
I will not fear, cause you are near;

Though I may climb the highest mountain,
though I may go through the fire,
I will not fear, cause you are here.

Goodness and mercy follow me, 
goodness and mercy follow me, 
goodness and mercy follow me, 
all of my days.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujaaaahhhh~ :')

Bible Verses: Revelations 5:8, 8; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Matthew 6:7-9; Exodus 10:25; 2 Samuel 24:24

(Rev. Kenneth Chin)

- Prayer is very important to God, a gift from God as a tool for Him to perform miracles.
- God wants us to pray without ceasing.
- 1) Praying as if everything is dependent on it, as we might take things for granted.
- Everything comes without asking is bonus.
- No pray no pay!
- There are so many things to pray about.
- Don't pray with repetition.
- Worship is the integral part of prayer, is about perspectives.
- Asking is the key thing of prayer.
- Get the right perspectives before started asking.
- God will exalt things that are brought down on Earth (friendship, relationship etc)
- Worship must be offered with sacrifice, praise and thanksgiving!
- 2) Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened!
- When you ask, listen! When you receive those Words of direction, start seeking!
- Take those words and obey!
- After that, go in and knock, as the door might still be closed.
- Don't take 'no' from yesterday as the answer today and tomorrow.
- Don't allow the past to dictate your present and future.
- James 5:16-18
- The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. (James 5:16)
- Are our prayer effective?
- Prayer is not just as ritual, but needs to be effective.
- i) Ask by FAITH -> Faith pleases God (Hebrew 11:6). Those who come to God must believe Him as
      Rewarder (James 1:6). If you are not praying by faith, you are doubleminded. Pray and believe you
      have received, and you will receive (Mark 11:24). Pray for laborers. Laborers are God's answer.
- ii) Ask by FOCUS -> Be as specific as you can (Luke 18:41). God wants us to verbalise what we want,
      so know your priority well.
- iii) Ask FERVANTLY -> Train your stamina to pray! Breakthroughs only happen at the moment your
       flesh says 'cannot'. Flesh gives up and let Spirit takes over. Breakthrough into the new realm of
- iv) Ask FORWARD -> We don't just pray for today, but also for future. Even if you have nothing to
       pray to God, just praise Him and spend more time with Him, that God might reveal to you more
       things! =)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Huge Careless Mistakes Costing My A*! =(

I'm done with my Economics Paper 4 today, and I'm almost done with my A2! OMG~ Tell you  what, I really studied a lot these 4 days yet I wasn't that confident yesterday. I managed to finish the syllabus yesterday and just yesterday itself I was looking through the past year essay questions that my lecturer discussed with us during our extra classes few days back. See, I didn't have time to do my past year, but thank God at least I managed to finish reading the whole syllabus.

Despite I managed to finish the syllabus, I wasn't quite sure of many topics and couldn't really memorise a lot of it. Well the syllabus are just so broad that I found it difficult to memorise everything in merely 4 days! Anyway, I'm happy that it's now over! To cut the long story short, praise the Lord that I managed to complete the papers! The paper was hard and I was having problem with time management. Time flies and poof! 2 hours 15 mins gone. =/

Just noticed I did some very huge careless mistake too when there was no room for mistake due to time constraint! Over and over again my lecturers advised everyone to read questions carefully and the result? I myself fell into the deadly trap, exposed myself to the risk of losing 1/4 of the total essay marks. Why? Overconfidence, overexcitement, lack of practice, poor time management skills, and maybe a bit of tiredness. Good bye A* for Economics! =/

So now I'm left with one last paper - Economics Paper 3 (30 mcq), and this is the only one last chance that I have to cover the mistake! Definitely cannot slack now! A* might not seem possible, but A is still within my range of achievement! Need to fight for this one last battle before get to enjoy the taste of freedom!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

RE:UNION Sunday Service (3/6/12)! =)

Today Sunday Service was held in Summit Hotel 5th floor Grand Ballroom and it was indeed grant, with lots and lots of newcomers in church! Around 80+ newcomers in church today! Wow! Praise the Lord for bringing people to know Him more and more! =)

Today's sermon was preached by Pastor Mark Collard, Senior Pastor of Equippers Church London City! It was really a great and eye-opening sermon! It wasn't regarding hard to be understood sermon, but it was easy yet he preached it in such a way that sounded so different! Thank God for him! I just realised he's from London! Weee perhaps I could join his church when I go over to London by then? Praise God! =))

So here it goes! =)

Bible Verses: Luke 17:11-19; 1 Timothy 4:4-5

- Whatever Jesus says, are going to be accomplished.
- What is thankfulness?
- Thankfulness is not about what you say, but attitude and the heart that is being thankful to God.
- Attitude of gratitude creates the atmosphere of favour all over our life.
- The more you know someone, the easier for you to be thankful.
- The more you get to know Him/her, the more you love Him/her for who He/she is.
- We got to know something about God to thank Him!
- Not just saying thank blindly, but by knowing Word of God to know Him more, and thank Him more.
- It's not easy to be thankful.
- Get back to God, and get your heart attuned to God, that heart will be filled with overflowing
- In every moment, thank God.
- Say grace to turn something you eat that is not good into something good!
- Thanksgiving has the power to sanctify!
- In bad situation, with the power of thankfulness, God has the power to turn it into something good!
- Thank God more often.
- 1) Joy of salvation is restored through the thankful spirit! Jesus, I'm thankful for what I've got!
- 2) Thankful heart will position us for God to move.
       Praise Him, glorify Him, lift Him up, then only God will ask you what you need and help you.
       Be thankful before you ask, then He will move.
       Prayer and thankfulness go hand-to-hand.
- 3) Thankful heart will always lead us to His presence (Psalm 100:4)
- Miracles happen, breakthroughs open up, favours come, in the presence of God! =)

RE:UNION 2012 (Part 3): Finale! =)

Well we had RE:UNION 2012 finale at Stadium Negara! It was really awesome and eye-opening with lots of sermons and performances by various local bands (and I just knew that a lot of them are from Acts Church)! Amongst the performers are Coex (Cody Foo), Altered Frequency, An Honest Mistake, Caipifruta, Army of Three, FourLetterStory, Joneil, Juwita Suwito and Flippin Pages, and Used to Wander! Wooohooo! xD Praise the Lord for the variety of talents in church!

So that morning I hopped on a bus provided for delegates from Summit USJ to Stadium Negara! =))

Without further ado, I shall proceed to sermons shared by pastors! First one was by Pastor Sandra!

Bible Verses: 1 Kings 19:19-21; 2 Kings 2:9

- Elisha the Prophet.
- Many believers put a fullstop at times when we reach a certain age/status, under pressure.
- Live out the abundance of our life!
- It's a forever Kingdom, there's no fullstop! Everlasting love.
- Start living the everlasting.
- Don't wait for something to happen in your life, FLOW with Holy Spirit to it!
- 1) You need to be in place where you are found industrious, where God is working things out in you!
       Great dreams have to be started somewhere!
- 2) Total Surrender - Elisha burst up the oxen equipment then followed Elijah!
       This is the only preparation time, for the eternal life in Heaven.
       Elisha managed to see Elijah being taken away, and got double portion of spirit resting on Him!
       When we want the double portion of anointing, keep looking!
       Live victoriously, attributed to the double portion!
       You might have messed up the past, but you don't have to mess up again.
- 3) Seeked for equipping - asked for double portion anointing.
       Elisha knew his calling, and pursue it!
       Spoke with authority, man of integrity, had spiritual insights (victorious living) (2 Kings 6:16-17)
- Action has to be consistent with your message!
- Influential; served till his death! (2 Kings 13:14)
- Made history not only in the past, but keep making it forever!

Second sermon was shared by Reverend Sam Surendran!

Bible verses: Matthew 8:2-3; Luke 15:17-21, Psalm 12; Exodus 16:31; Genesis 13:9-16; Romans 2:4;
                    Deuteronomy 28:3; Jeremiah 48; Philippians 3; Genesis 39:1-4, 39:20-23, 41:51-51.

- Which one first? Love or power?
- Tell people what is right about them, instead of saying out their wrongdoings.
- The best place to begin is from the position of HIS love, not ours!
- Favour is God's wprl, not ours. Breakthrough favour!
- There are favours we don't see from everywhere around us.
- Miraculous catch of fish (Luke 5:1-11, John 21:27)
- God is in the business of breakthrough favour!
- When the God's favour is with you, nothing can fight against you.
- It's not about you, but God's favour upon your life.
- The moment you feel the Father's love, you are no longer a roster worker, but a vision worker.
- Blessing is NOT in a place, but on a PERSON!
- Ruth vs. Boaz; Poor, widow, A Moabite.
- It's the favour of God that makes it work!
- Favours come in small packages! Every role regardless of its significance has favour!
- Be conscious of God, and favour will find you!
- Disappointment (Genesis: 45:7-8)
- Detours & Distractions (Genesis 50:19-20)
- Jacob and favour (Genesis 27:18, 32:24, 32:27)
- Don't change identity to get blessing! Be yourself, and be blessed!
- God is wrestling to bless you! =)


Third sermon was shared by our senior pastor, Reverend Kenneth Chin! =))

Bible Verses: Matthew 3:11; 1 Kings 18:20-40

- God can! Nothing is impossible with God!
- With Jesus & Spirit of God, we are able to overcome!
- Sometimes it's hard to accept something, but God loves them!
- Don't let the music separate us!
- Harp -> Praise, Bow -> Prayer.
- Jesus will baptise you with Holy Spirit and fire!
- Fire, is given by Jesus, and only through Him!
- 'Pur' down the fire -> lightning -> pure energy -> electricity.
- Electricity/Energy flows!
- Fire needs to be channelled to the useful!
- Lightning is created through collision of 2 opposites!
- To attract lightning, we need to be filled with water (Word of God) as faith is the best conductor of
   lightning (Fire)!
- In God's eyes, 'lowest' point is the highest point, without care of what other people will say.
- Only at the highest point in an open ground, lightning will strike!
- Prayer, fast, determination and faith can get you to the highest point!
- Let God who answers by fire be God!
- 1) We need to choose, to leave the old ways and live for Jesus! Choose who you will serve!
- 2) Challenge; God wants to challenge you to do something by faith not by sight!
- 3) Consecrate/Sacrifice; The preparation, of your heart! Many people give what they want to give,
      not what God wants from them. Fire will not keep burning without sacrifice! Preparation is truly the
- 4) Call; Pray and call upon the name of Jesus!
- 5) Cause; Cause of Fire, is never to show off, but to turn people back to God and Jesus! =)

RE:UNION 2012 (Part 2) - Sermon by Pastor Palan! =)

Now I shall proceed to sermons shared by different pastors! It was the Friday night after FM2 paper and the sermon was shared by Pastor Palan Ramasamy! =)

Bible Verses: Judges 11:1-10, 29, 31-34; Hosea 1:1-3 

- Story about Jephthah and Gilead
- Sometimes you feel so messed up! 
- God can use messed up people to expand His Kingdom! 
- A lot of people take their past as an excuse not to serve God. 
- They let their backgrounds to determine their present. 
- Messed up past CANNOT hold you from good plans God has in store for you. 
- Jesus doesn't look at our background, but to tell us how good it will be. 
- 1) Revolutionary love disregards whatever our background is. 
       Jesus: 'I've made you new! Because I've died for you on the Cross!'
       Don't respond to your past character! 
       when we have Spirit of God, Spirit of God will help us not to mess up! 
- 2) Revolutionary love does the opposite of what the flesh desires! 
      How often we feel used by others? But feel dejected when not needed? 
      Despite being rejected, do the opposite what the flesh desires! 
-3) Revolutionary love keeps its promises, at all costs! 
- 4) Revolutionary love -> your calling and the message will measure up! 
       Never judge people as God never judge you! 
- Stop looking at your background! God can use you no matter how messed up are you! 
- When you've made a promise with God, keep to it! =) 

RE:UNION 2012 (Part 1) - A Great Testimony! =))

Okay this post is going to be freaking long yet I'm so sleepy now after playing badminton with awesome church members this evening! Anyway, this was the first time ever that I've attended RE:UNION and believe it or not, it was awesome! How I wish I could make it for the next one though, I would be in UK by then. =)

Anyway, we had lots of pastors coming from all around the world! Just to name a few, Equippers Church based in London and Auckland, New Zealand. We also had a few special local speakers, namely Reverend Sam Surendran and Pastor Palan Ramasamy. I will share more of them later. So I was late and only came for Re:Union in Friday evening as I had paper in Friday's morning.

Alright before proceeding to sermons shared in Re:Union parties, let me share a testimony with you! I have one, and I really thank God for it! So as most of you know, I had the scariest papers few days back! Further Maths, a subject that never failed to twist my brain just to solve the questions. I was terrified by then, and prayed for God's wisdom while I was preparing to sit for the paper by practising past year papers. Done my FM1 on Wednesday, and I was stunned, by its level of difficulty. Remember I was so freaked out as papers of all other Science subjects were so difficult, and I was afraid that FM would have followed the trend too.

Apparently, it didn't. Praise the Lord that FM1 was easy, in relative with its past years, and I finished it in 2 hours plus. So everyone started to rejoice after FM1, and I knew, deep down in my heart, FM2 might be very hard just to pull people down from achieving high scores. The day came, it was Friday. I was freaked out on Thursday and I felt that I didn't prepare enough for the exam. Even in the Friday's morning before exam, I was still burying myself with FM2 notes. I was so afraid of geometric distribution and static equilibrium, but I couldn't care much. I studied about simple harmonic motion (SHM) that morning.

Tell you, really, God has been so so great and faithful to me. God knows it! God knew that I was weak in those topics, and God guided me throughout my study. I sailed through the FM2 and finished it in 2 hours. The topics that I was so afraid of, that I was devoid of preparation, didn't come out. There was not a single sign of geometric distribution question, although there was static equilibrium problem as one of the optional questions! Apparently the other option (regression and correlation) was an easy 14 marks question. There were 2 SHM questions and I managed to solve both, partly attributed to my revision of SHM in the morning of the exam day itself. Praise the Lord! God guided me through, even for the last minute revision! There's really nothing God don't know, and cannot do.  God can! See the impossible happened to me? Thank God! =))

I was so thankful to God, that I proceed to worship God inside the exam hall for the remaining time (30 mins) after checking my answers! Although I still did some careless mistakes, but THANK GOD for the papers! I shall ace this paper and I know God will never disappoint me! =))

Favourite Music! =)