Monday, 25 June 2012

College Memories! =)

It's been such a long time since my last update on myself! So yes people, I've finally finished my A-Levels wooohooo! xD Such a huge burden being lifted up from my shoulder, yet another great journey is about to start soon in 3 months time! As most of you know, I've firmed City University London (Cass) to read BSc Actuarial Science. According to my friends who are studying there, it's really not an easy degree to study. Every week they have tests and assignments, but I guess it's almost the same for everyone else. I know I can do it, as nothing is impossible with God!

I have so so much to write yet was irresolute on where should I start it from. It has to start somewhere I realised so here we go, back to the my last personal post where I mentioned about potentially losing my A* due to my Economics Paper 4. I was counting on Paper 3 to at least pull back my deviated vehicle from its course towards the attainment of at least an A, and had one whole week to prepare for it. I really want to thank God that, my Paper 3 went on well despite having one careless mistake. I chose the right answer, and even went on to prove that my initial answer was correct to convince myself, yet I rubbed it off and chose another answer. Oh well...

Anyway, A-Levels is over now. It's been really memorable 2 years experience I had in Taylor's College SJ, and I got to know at least 1/3 of my Facebook friends, so you probably could have imagined how many friends I've got to know throughout these 24 months. I have been through many types of people, and from within picked up quite a number of interests to paint my mundane life into a colourful one, one of which is started attending gym since about a year ago. Remember there was once that many of my consecutive posts were all about gym attending and health? I started to see great result and guess how much I weighed now? 74kg. A total lost of 11kg from my initial weight of 85kg during Chinese New Year this year. God is good! Amen? =)

Also, I came to pick up one of the most unimaginable interests I never thought of 2 years back -- reading. If you don't know me well enough, I used to detest reading. I would have fallen asleep if I were to read boring materials that would never able to catch my attention. But thing changed. I started to pick up the hobby of reading books, particularly books spanning a wide spectrum of my personal interests such as finance, economics, maths, psychology and physics. I've taught myself more and more on financial market by reading alone, and trained myself to be financial literate even in college level. I would really love to share what I know about financial market with anyone, and would definitely yearn for more of it.

I have found my gang of friends, many of which are maths whizzes, classmates and random friends from library. Random friends seems to hold minuscule weightage on my whole circle of friends in Taylor's, but no it actually constitutes one of the largest portion of it. I love to hang out in the library, stay back just to do my homework or study. Library can be considered as my third house other than my own home sweet home and Casa Subang apartment; it definitely contains many of my memories in college, too much in fact, to be put into words of merely a post. Some experiences were just so amazing that I couldn't find the right word to describe it, only praising God is sufficient enough to depict my gratitude of His gracefulness.

So, what's next? BSc Actuarial Science. Bring it on! =)

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