Saturday, 10 December 2011

2 Weeks Experiences in The New Class! =)

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It's been two weeks since I joined the new class! Most, if not all, of my new classmates are quite friendly to me, gratefully! Thank God for that! Within the first few days I've recognised and remembered most of my classmates' names! =p Okay to be frank, I was trying to memorise. That's why I could remember their names fast, and blend into their group easily? =) How? Facebook does the trick! Adding someone into your friend list in Facebook will definitely improve your ability to remember names. Well it works for me, at least! =p

Okay why am I keep writing posts about PE1? I don't know, just want to share my thoughts with everyone, how I spend my time in the new class and so on. During break time I tend to hang out with a group of new friends, and a large portion of them were from Catholic High School, PJ. Haha I was supposed to go there, but I didn't. My younger sister did, anyway. Most of them tend to play ping pong (at Wisma Subang) after eating lunch (during break time), and I join them every time they go! I'm interested in playing ping pong too, cause my dad is quite good at it! But he never taught me. I found my ping pong skills improved over these two weeks. =p That's quite awesome! haha! =)

Jojo Pan Mee, char siew (roasted pork) fried rice, famous pork noodle, and Subway (on Friday cause there is a breakfast set at our break time) are among the regular food they have every week. Crap, until now I haven't tried the pork noodle cause usually we need to wait very long (at least 40 mins) for the order to come. 18 months in Taylor's and I haven't tried eating pork noodle even once! So much to be a Taylor-ian. Epic fail. =/

How are the lecturers doing? My first post about the new class depicted quite a lot on my new lecturers. After 2 weeks, here's the real one! My classmates are not really satisfied with my FM 2 lecturer (Ms.Wong) and Physics lecturer (Mr.Subra). Not to offend anyone, but I don't know, my friends just don't really like their approaches of teaching? I should first clarify about Mr.Subra. Indubitably he's good, especially at doing notes. I think his notes are quite detailed and awesome. He even has all this notes handwritten, good job for that! =) But I think he's not really attractive at teaching. His way of teaching is mundane, boring. He's not 'sharp' enough at answering questions asked by students? That's what they said. Hmm.

Ms.Wong? I don't know, but my friends kept complaining about her. One of my classmates said she's okay in teaching mechanics, but when it comes to statistics, fail. She asked students to look at examples at the textbook (A Concise Course in A-Level Statistics by J.Crawshaw and J.Chambers), and explained from there. But unfortunately the students disliked this way of approach. They said they could even read from the textbook at home, if that's the case. How Mr.Teh (my previous FM2 lecturer) taught me was really awesome! He entered the class (without textbook and only one marker pen? *gasp* ) and started to teach, by writing formulae on the board and explaining the concepts to students.

I think this way is more effective cause students had to listen attentively to his teachings, otherwise will not going to understand what he said. He then selected a few exercises from the textbook and asked students to attempt it. Sometimes he asked students to take questions from past year papers and attempt it. See? Isn't it more effective than Ms.Wong's way of teaching?  I think so. For me, I can understand what Ms.Wong was trying to teach cause I have learnt those in Mr.Teh's class. But how if it's new to the students (my classmates)? I don't think I could understand too, if I were in their shoes. =( Hmm, for other lecturers, they are all quite awesome and doing great! =) Keep it up!

That's all for now! Ciao~ =)

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