Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Second Semester in Taylor's!!! (Part 2)

Well, I have to admit that it’s been a long time since my last update, so receive my apologies everyone! That’s why I have a lot to tell you guys here! =p 
Since the first week of college, everything is so messed up, especially the Casa bus schedule. Last year, there were buses every single hour heading back to Casa from college(1.30pm-6.30pm, last bus be 9pm), but now there are only three buses available for all the scholars living in Casa. Yes, 3 buses (2.30pm, 4.15pm/5.30pm/6pm and the last one be 7.30pm). As my classes end at 4pm from Monday to Wednesday, I have to wait for the second bus and disappointing enough, the bus never failed to crash my hopes into pieces cause the bus never came. It’s been the same situation for the past few weeks, and I’m pretty sure that I took either cab or public bus back to Casa most of the time, fortunately enough shared the cost with my friends. I would talk to the person in charge sooner or later, and hopefully it could be better. 
Besides, I definitely need to plan my time wisely as AS exam is coming up around May, with just few months left before trial. Concurrently, I’m planning to study for STEP papers just for the sake of interest, as well as building my solid foundation in Maths, or perhaps as a preparation for Oxford application this year. I’m planning to apply for Maths and Statistics in Oxford as my last slot in UCAS application this year, with the other four be Actuarial Science in City(Cass Business School), LSE, Warwick(MMORSE) and Heriot-Watt. I was really lucky to have found my senior studying Maths & Stats in Oxford whom can give me guidances about the application process, though she did her application approximately three years ago. Anyhow, she gave me quite a lot of information and thanks to her that I realised that I need to practice STEP past years papers just to get a hang of it. Wish me luck everyone! =) 
Besides, I’m really lucky for having a few classmates who are really enthusiastic in Maths, and they are planning to participate in various Maths competitions this year such as Australian Maths Competition (AMC), Olympiad Maths Competition (OMC) and Canadian Maths Competition (Euclid). Thus, I have to practice lots of exercises as well just to get myself well prepared for these competitions. See, that’s the reason why I desperately need a study timetable to spend my time wisely, distributing my time equally for AS revision, STEP and Maths competitions practices. Going to plot it soon, I mean it! =p 
Oh yeah, I’m really glad to know that I have BNM juniors studying at Taylor’s! At least for now I knew one of them, Kiesha Ooi, who is studying Cambridge A-Levels now and going to pursue Economics in the UK, in September 2012! Same time with me I know. =p But the issue that made me envious over her is that, she got the opportunity that I’ve been craving for such a long time, which is to stay at MyPlace instead of Casa. I prefer Myplace, for it’s really near to the college, and I don’t have to wake up that early every morning just to catch the Casa bus. I could wake up at 7.30am yet able to make it to 8am class.
Plus, I could spend more time in the library/study room revising and practicing everything that I ought to, instead of wasting 30 minutes at least stuck in the traffic jam everyday, on the two-way journey between Casa and Taylor’s. So pissed off! =.= I can write a whole long essay on disadvantages of staying at Casa, which I’m not going to do so here cause I love my readers and appreciate them so much! =p 
Alright, that’s all for now! Happy Chinese New Year everyone by the way! May you all have a prosperous year ahead, with many awesome things coming your way! =D 

Second Semester in Taylor's!!! (Part 1)

Praise the Lord that He has given us the opportunity to enjoy another year full with new yet interesting challenges, which I believe would be blessed so abundantly with tonnes of blessings and miracles which are yet to be showered and revealed upon us. 
Apparently this is my first post in the year 2011, and it’s been a month since my last update! Feeling excited on this new year, as I received my first batch of juniors last week, implying that I’m still playing a part in the ageing process. For the first time I feel so old but the good news is, I’d be joining their class in my forth semester which is next year! I’m not going to take A2 exam with my dearest classmates but rather, a semester slower so that I will have adequate time to prepare for the final exam and aced it with greater confidence. 
I’ve started my A2 syllabus for all subjects that I’m taking, and logically the difficulty level is getting higher. It’s not something like AS level of difficulty anymore but rather, a more sophisticated and complex knowledge that could easily subdue almost every student showing average level of intelligence, including me obviously. But I hold strong to my principles that nothing is unattainable by endorsing virtues of passion, persistence and perseverance, making me a different person altogether. 
I’m learning second chapter of Economics A2 (Production), and it’s quite confusing somehow with all sorts of curves combined together forming graphs, as well as the topics on the economies of scale(EOS). There are so many types of EOS and I’m supposed to know all these. Definitely need to put more efforts on it. For Maths, I’ve sat for my first test involving five chapters (Modulus Function, Partial Fraction, Polynomials, Exponential & Trigonometric) and I attained 31/32. Praise the Lord! Now I’ve finished Differentiation and studying Integration now. Heart that there are three more chapters to go before ending Math A2 syllabus (Paper 3), which are complex number, vector and another unknown topic. That’s extraordinary fast! =D 
As for FM 1, I’m learning Linear Spaces now, and slowly approaching the legendary vector space that my seniors had been talking about. Well it’s quite hard to understand everything, but I think I should be doing just fine if I study hard. Whereas for FM 2, I’ve finished the first topics of Statistics, which is probability density function and continuous density function. Today teacher taught us Sampling and Estimation, and I was so excited as I like Statistics. We will only learn random sampling in the syllabus, but in real life practice, there are a lot more types of samplings, which I should know since I’m going to pursue a course full of statistical methods. Looking forwards for FM2 class! =) 

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