Sunday, 25 March 2012

Last Sunday Service of the Month (25/3/12)! =)

I couldn't help much but just one thing to say now. Praise the Lord!!! I woke up late today cause slept quite late (around 1.30am) yesterday night and yes I don't prefer to use alarm clock to wake up so that my body will have enough rest. I woke up at 9.30am, which was 15 minutes after the service started. I was like... GOSH I missed the first morning service today! Personally I prefer to go for the first session as I can go back early after service and start doing work, studying etc. But something in me told me this... Just go! You can still make it for the Word of God! Coincidentally my mom's Myvi was almost out of fuel (the petrol sign kept flashing) so I had to refill the petrol on my way to church. When I reached Acts Church around 10.05am, Pastor Kenneth was just about to preach the sermon! AMEN! I just made it on time! Praise the Lord! =)

Sunday Service (25/3/12) (Reverend Kenneth Chin)
Bible verses: Acts 1:8, 2; Zechariah 4:6; Roman 5:5, 7; John 16:5-16
- Holy Spirit speaks to people through visions.
- When there's no peace, we should just wait.
- If the plan is God's will, God will smoothen our journey on achieving the dreams!
- Holy Spirit is a gift, that cannot be earned neither we deserve it.
- On April 9, 1906, the Holy Spirit fell heavily on Azusa Street Revival, which was the historical
  Pentecostal revival meeting led by an African American preacher.
- God wants to give Holy Spirit to us.
- God is spirit full of love, that blesses us and loves us, and it's everywhere!
- Be hungry for Holy Spirit!
- Rely on God's ability! Holy Spirit will do the rest.
- In the power of Holy Spirit, He can make a real difference in our life.
- In the name of Jesus, RECEIVE the Holy Spirit!
- Our job is to believe, and open our heart to receive.
- Fear is not from God. When Holy Spirit comes, you will feel the power and fear will be eliminated, and
  the ability is no longer ours but God's!
- Fear will throw you to the extreme, to hold on to things and believe in things that are unreal!
- To be baptized, it means to be submerged by the Holy Spirit.
- The power of God can lead us to hatred on sins!
- You shouldn't have any hatred or racial problem if you had Holy Spirit in you!
- The promise that you wanted to repent is not powerful enough, only Holy Spirit is!
- When we are charged with the Holy Spirit, sin is a dark thing!
- Holy Spirit came to break the bondage in our lives, to overcome our guilt and remorse!
- Faith is the language of Heaven, Fear is the language of Hell.
- Holy Spirit is meant to be our Helper! To help us on His power!
- When Holy Spirit helps, there's nothing that you cannot pass.
- The advantage of Holy Spirit coming!
- Holy Spirit will touch everyone's heart!
- Earthly father is very great, what's more our Heavenly Father, our Helper! =)
What a great sermon by Pastor Kenneth! Everytime I couldn't help but to be amazed by the Word of God, as each time it touches me and I learnt something new. After almost every service, I feel so revived and charged with the Holy Spirit. Talking about bondage in life, I believe a lot of us have something in our lives that controls us, whether it's personal problem or fear of anything. Whenever you have something that controls you in your life, you will not be able to go further as you are limited. You can only go limitless with God, with the power of Holy Spirit that breaks every bondage in our lives!

Say you were entrapped with the spirit of pornography. You felt so tempted to watch it and upon watching it, you became so down, remorseful, guilty and all sorts of negative feelings. You felt so ashamed to God. You felt like you were the biggest hypocrite! You did all sorts of work for God and there you let yourself down. You again and again made a promise for yourself to repent, but each time it failed and the next day you watch it again. Promise is not powerful enough and prone to be broken! Only charging by the Holy Spirit can empower you on resistance against the temptation of committing sin! Only Holy Spirit is powerful enough to help us to break the bondage in our lives! =)

Alright, time to prepare for revision! Trial is starting soon on Wednesday with the first paper (Economics 42), and again I'm reminding myself to rely on Him! I will try to finish my revision on Economics in 3 days, and this is not going to be possible if I rely on my own strength! Going to start submerging myself in the pool of Economics notes (both AS and A2) soon after my lunch! =)

p/s: Praise the Lord that I've finished studying Physics (core) and Further Maths! Wooohooo! xD Next stop, Economics! =)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Third Sunday Service of the Month (18/3/12)! =)

Everyday I woke up, just to be bombarded with the thought of trial exams approaching. It was 7.45am. I woke up and proceeded to my Economics notes, continued with topics regarding monetary policy and supply side policy. Early morning is, in my opinion, the best time to study especially when one is required to memorise lots of points upon understanding it. Economics works this way for me. You have to understand it, then memorise the points so that you can further elaborate the points during the exam. A good start for my preparation of trial exam coming in less than 2 weeks time, I thought. Next week is going to be more hectic, and of course the week after. Economics 42 on Wednesday, FM1 on Thursday and FM2 on Friday. How 'nice'!

My parents didn't oppose much this morning for me going to church, praise the Lord! =) The annual event of 21 days U-turn (Pray and Fast) has already started yesterday, and now I know the difficulty to fast, especially at home. I do acknowledged that fasting alone is insufficient without prayer, and that it's 'easy' to fast, but hard to pray. they said. I was planning to try out One-Meal Fast yesterday night for dinner, but eventually I succumed to the hunger. That also partly owing to the fact that my parents kept bringing food to me to prevent me from getting gastric. I don't know how to voice out that I was fasting, and I know they wouldn't understand it for now. Anyone knows how long can our stomach sustain before getting gastric, without solid food? Is egg considered as vegetarian food? 

Without further ado, I shall proceed to the Sunday service this morning! I attended 9.15am service and this time we had a wonderful speaker, Chief Elder Wong Kien Yiak to share Word with us. He began with Bible verses of John 11 : 1-7, 17-23 and 38-44. The other Bible verses that he used later on were Roman 8 : 35-37 and Luke 5. 

- We can always measure our health through medical tools, but how are we going to gauge our spiritual 
   walk with God?  
- Pray in a calm, quiet environment without any distraction. 
- External body might depict wellness, but that doesn't necessarily mean deep inside your heart that you
  are doing well. 
- Fast is easy, but pray is hard! 
- Pray for more than 30 minutes without any distraction (phone, Twitter, FB etc). 
- What can separate you from the love of Christ? Assignments? Exams? Tribulations? 
- Love of God enables us to be more than conquerers/overcomers! 
- Because of God's love in us, we are enabled to achieve everything! 
- Regardless of our past, we are given privilege to the love of Christ. 
- Without the love of God, we will be very discouraged. 
- Break away from certain segmentation who keep reminding that you are a failure, from voices that 
   bring you down! 
- Human's advices must always give way to God's advices. 
- Hear what the Holy Spirit wants to tell you. 
- Stretch your faith by serving God, get involved in church's life! 
- Don't allow your faith to remain where you are! 
- Natural explanations need to be surrendered, to give way, to supernatural power and faith! 
- Word of God comes with resurrection power, to achieve breakthrough! (Story of Jesus raising 
- Breakthrough doesn't necessarily come without tribulations and challenges. 
- Need to fight for our breakthrough, by believing in the Word of God! 
- We always need someone to help us for the final breakthrough, need someone to pray for us, need 
   God to help us! 
- Let our pride down! I need the community/church, and they need me! 
- Without Jesus, breakthrough would not be possibly made! 
- We need to come back to Jesus, simply to realise that Jesus loves us! 
- There has to be more than this! 
- No time to gossip nor complain, as we fill the time for more and more of God! 
- Without faith, you are not living the fullness, and you are not well. 
- Come to a place wherethy we desire more of Him, more of His love! 
- Do not settle! Breakthrough, in the presence of Jesus! <3 


That's it for Sunday service this week! It was rather short, but it touches me deep inside my heart! I know that I want to serve more in church, but many times I was being skeptical with myself and doubt I would be able to provide commitment. I'm bad at time management. When exam comes, I will be very panic and nervous. I will get emotional and worried. I will study as much as I could just to get myself as prepared as possible (although many times doesn't really help). I did not share the breakthrough that I wish to achieve throughout this 21 days Fast and Pray with Homes yesterday, but I will share it here. 

My first breakthrough that I wish to achieve, is to perform full reliance on God's ability, and less of my own ability. I'm still struggling with this as I tend to rely on myself most of the time due to my upbringing. With fast and pray as one of the most powerful tool to seek God, I'm confident that God will hear me and grant me the wish to rely fully on Him and His power! But before that, I will need commitment and discipline to fast and pray, despite my busyness of preparing for trial exam. I also wish that God will give me the strength to fast. I also wish God will grant me calm mind for the preparation of exam. 

Second breakthrough that I wish to achieve, is of course my family salvation. It might seem far from my goal now but I know God will work His way on me. As one is saved in a family, the whole family will get saved. I believe in this and I shall be Salt and Light, the testimony for my whole family! Amen. 

That's all for now peeps! =) Going back to my Physics notes and past year papers! Wish me luck, and please keep me in prayer! Thanks! =)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ignorance! =(

Wooohooo it's me again! This week passed rather fast but as time passes, I just get more nervous and emotionally drained. Trial exam is approaching in less than 2 weeks now, and for this whole week I've been trying hard to fully utilise my time at night, spared for revision and study. I've tried out a few Physics past year and one inference that I could derive from it was that I understand nothing much about Physics.

I will get stuck whenever I face questions demanding graphs and explanations. I got really worried about it cause I shouldn't be ending up like this as I expected something better than this. Again, I gave too high of expecation to myself and eventually got upset about it. My friends told me that what matters the most in Physics are the formulae and understanding. Fully utilise the power of formulae and you shall never go wrong in your graphs sketching. For explanation, you must understand the particular concept to give a good explanation.

I only studied Physics on Monday and Tuesday nights. On Wednesday night, I had to study for Statistics as there was a Statistics test yesterday on negative exponential distribution, geometric distribution, sampling & estimation and hypothesis testing. It was on Wednesday and if you know me well, it's one of the three days that I would go to gym in the evening. I came back early that day and went to gym at 4pm, afterwhich I came back and had a nice sleep until 7pm. When I woke up and about to start studying for my Statistics test, I couldn't find my calculator and there I went panic! Just can't imagine I will lost my calculator just on the day before my Statistics test! Ironically one of a few areas that require much usage of calculator.

I eventually borrowed a calculator (although it was merely 570MS (not ES), and it was frustrating!) from my housemate and I proceed with my revision. I studied for 4 hours that night until 11 something, before I was comfortable with my level of understanding on those topics covered. But there was one thing that I forsaken for a moment - prayer. The next morning I was in CF prayer meeting and although I was praying for myself to rely more on God's ability and less of mine, I never actually practiced it.

The fact that I've got full mark for my first Statistics test (on sampling & estimation and hypothesis testing) when I first joined the new class in my second week, have put me in such a high expectation that I could not afford to disappoint my lecturer. Sense of confidence and proudness eventually creeped in and took over me, for I no longer seek God at that particular moment during my test. I even talked to my classmate sitting opposite of me during test. Now is that even considered a test?

Self-reliance was so overwhelming and I succumbed to it. I trusted myself too much. First question was about hypothesis testing, two-sampled test to be exact. I did the entire question by using paired sample t-test for I somehow thought the two sets of data were related when in fact they were actually not. Variance was wrong, and of course critical value was also wrong. When I was doing halfway through the question, I read the last line of the question on both datas having EQUAL variance. I stopped for a moment and suspected I was wrong. I then asked my friends around me whether it's paired sample or two-sample test. They said, paired.

I was reassured and I continued with my working. After the exam, I realised I was completely wrong and there goes my 10 marks (out of 30-40 I think). Can you see something out of this 'tragedy'? I did not blame my friends for misleading me, but I'm blaming myself. Should I believe in my so called 'intuition', I would have changed the fate of the entire test. Should I be more honest, I would have done better. Should I emphasize the greatest reliance on God, He would have helped me to avoid such stupidity. Despite my ignorance, God is a faithful God, and He is always good. He actually for once hinted me that I did wrongly for my first question, although eventually me being taken over by utter ignorance. I'm sorry Lord, I'm sorry. =(

4 hours of preparation, in my opinion, did not go in vain nevertheless. The primary objective of this test is to get us started to revise for the upcoming trial exam and of course final exam in around 2 months time. This test has also taught me a very important lesson: For whatever we do, we MUST rely on God's strength and not on ours. God is greater than all things and nothing is even close to high difficulty level, for Him. I've been relying on my own ability so far, and I believe it's time for Him to take over me completely.

For men can go further with his dreams and abilities, but only by having ultimate reliance and faith on God's power, men can go furthest far beyond his expectations and dreams. 

Just came back from Homes a.k.a the greatest place on Earth on Friday night!!! Act Church's annual prayer and fasting event is starting tomorrow (17/3/12) spanning 3 weeks! Prayer and fast is set:

1) to pray & worship God and read God's word
2) to create a closer bond or even reconcile with God, to achieve breakthrough in your life through the work of Holy Spirit
3) to ask for God's protection.

I've personally commited myself to fast for all 21 days, with either partial fast or one-meal fast depending on my commitment. One-meal fast doesn't seem stranger to me cause I eat very little for my dinner almost all the time, while of course partial fast would be quite challenging for me. My personal breakthrough would be my family's salvation, and of course my reliance of God's ability in various circumstances in my life. I realised that although I only have around 1 week plus before Trial exam and thus being so worried about it, God will make His way to help me. God doesn't want His faithful children to fail, and that includes me! God wants us to be successful, and with those success we shall glorify His name! =)

p/s: Oh by the way, my calculator is back!!! Praise the Lord! He heard my prayer and responded to it! =)) On the side note, my understanding of Physics is getting better now. Praise the Lord! Going to study Economics the whole day tomorrow, before starting with Physics again on Sunday and the next 3 days after. I shall drill myself really hard on this period of time in God's presence! Everything is possible. =) Amen.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Second Sunday Service of the Month (11/3/12)! =)

Praise the Lord! =) For I managed to get approval from my parents to use the car, to go to church for Sunday service just now. I still remember last week when I reached home after Sunday service, my dad scolded me for going to church every week. According to him, it was merely a waste of time and resources, something not worthy for us to invest in. It was a challenge to me, for I did not have enough confidence to argue with my dad over this matter. But I was very confident that my dad and my whole family in this matter, will eventually come to know Christ and accept Him as our saviour. God will make a way in whatever we do. Just believe and have faith! =)

I still remember when I came to know Christ, I was only 13. My friend invited me to CF in my secondary school, and gradually invited me to church. My parents were irate for they are not Christian and they were not happy of me going to church. I remember once I argued with my parents (particularly my dad) so much that I didn't talk to him for days. I have to admit, I was rather bold at that age but obviously I did not have much power to make my own decision for myself. I couldn't drive back then. My abilities were limited, constrained by both age and maturity level of my way of thinking. Eventually the frequency of me going to church became lesser and lesser over time, none in th end.

7 years have passed and I'm now a legal driver! Less than a month and I can change my Probabitionary Drivers' Licence (P) to Competent Drivers' Licence (CDL). But what I want to convey is I have the ability to drive, and inability to drive should not be my 'excuse' for me not going to church. I prayed yesterday night, and even asked a few friends of mine to pray for me, to gain courage and confidence to ask my parents for permission. They didn't oppose strongly to my desire of going to church, although there was slight disagreement from my dad. My mom was okay with me going to church, and taaadaaa! Green light. Praise the Lord! =) and thanks for whoever prayed for me! You know who you are. ;)

Without further ado, I shall proceed to God's Word this morning by Reverend Kenneth Chin! =)

Bible verses: Joel 2: 12-14; Acts 6: 1-7, 8:1
- Only in crisis, we get to know who Christ really is.
- Confident that God is good all the time, that He is interested in every detail of your life.
- There's no MAYBE (uncertainty), but only FOR SURE (the goodness of God)!
- God will provide cause He is a good God, regardless of the circumstances! =)
- Everything happens for reason, whether it's good or bad, as God is good and God wants you to know
  something you didn't know.
- God will turn sorrow into joy, mourning into dancing!
- For every shake/problem God put in your life, is to detect and repair cracks (improve our current
- Revival = More of God, less of flesh, more of Holy Spirit!
- Whatever we have been blessed within this church, God wants to make it VIRAL! ;D
- Everything is possible through Christ and Holy Spirit, just believe!
- Stop doing things that stop/limit us.
- Look into our structure of our life, to see whether it's sufficient to lead/evangelise beyond what you
  are doing now.
- Some of the current structures (the way you think) must be changed, to accommodate greater
  improvement in life!
- Vision = VIRAL! God's Word must be viral! Spread!
- To go viral, we must live by revival! =)
- Is what we believe today, contagious enough?
- God is with us, if we want to believe and obey!
- God's first priority is Jesus Christ, for whom is spreading love to the world!
- Be part of the Vision, as nobody will reject a good God!
- As long as there's a presence of the Holy Spirit, everything is possible and any barrier (including
  language) will be teared apart.

- Summary: 1) Spirit! 
                       Spirit is needed to spread, not only reliance on manpower. Live and walk with the Holy
                       Spirit. Holy Spirit is with us, going to take care of us. Spirit of God moves through the
                       spirit of man, not by power/strength. Let Holy Spirit come and touch you, to be
                       consistent in the walk with Him.
                   2) Sons and Daughters! 
                       Once we found a house, we root ourselves and become sons and daughters, to serve
                       and carry the name. We are not guests! We are trained to be sons and daughters, to
                       be part of the House (church) and to be submitted to the leading of Holy Spirit!
                   3) Structures, Systems and Strategies! 
                       Everything will have structure, including governments, churches etc. Every church will
                       have a governmant with Jesus be the Prime Minister. Structures, systems
                       and strategies have to be remolded and redefined to align with the Holy Spirit, to
                       execute God's plans, to fulfill the vision!


Praise the Lord for the Word! God's Word by Reverend Kenneth Chin never failed to amaze and inspire me! The main purpose we go to church every Sunday is to learn more and more of God's Word, to learn how to live a good Christian life, to be a better person. Just now when Pastor asked people to turn to Acts 6, I was surprised cause I was reading this passage yesterday! Yes just yesterday! I read Acts 1 to 6 yesterday night and today Pastor preached about Acts 6! See? Everything happens for reason! I could have just stopped at Acts 5, but I continued to read Acts 6 and stopped there! I believe this is part of God's work on me! And it's just the matter of time when you realise what God has done in your life! For that, I want to thank you Lord! =)

Wooohooo I've just signed up for Re:Union conference and I believe it will be a great one! It will be held on 31 May - 2 June 2012! Wait a minute, what about my A2 exam? Yes I just realised! I have no paper on 31 May, but I have FM2 exam in the morning of 1 June!!! I couldn't remember just now and I've just checked the examination timetable OMG!!!

Just a moment of panicking, I've the feeling that it will be alright. God assured me that it is going to be fine! Since I do not have any paper on 30 May, I can study from morning until evening, while going for Re:Union at night (or probably skip it?)! Start preparing now and everything shall be well taken care of! I will just skip the morning session of 1 June (for 3 hours of FM2 exam) and resume it in the afternoon! Weeeeeee! Done!

Okay time to get nerdy again. Back to my notes! =) Stay tuned.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Second Week of March! =)

Good morning people! I'm awake now and it's wayyyyy too early for a weekend! The malfunction of my alarm clock has definitely trained me well to rely not on him, but rather my most reliable biological clock! I'm lazy to change the battery, or buy a new battery, cause this has never came across my mind recently! Too busy with study. Wait, really? These few days I woke up everyday automatically at 6.15 - 6.20am, with the first thing in mind is... trial is coming in less than 3 weeks! Stressful. =(

I praise God for waking me up, take shower and prepare myself for class commencing at 8am every weekday. My breakfast has been the same too, for this whole week; yet I enjoy eating it so far; 2 bananas, 3 slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter spread, 2 eggs and a cup of low fat milk. This can last me for another 4 hours before my break time at 11am.

This week I spent quite a considerable number of hours teaching my juniors too, mainly on applied maths (mechanics and statistics). By teaching them, I'm actually revising the syllabus myself and in a way it's good for the preparation for trial exam too! I found myself understand the topics more when I was teaching them, since I myself need to fully comprehend the question before teaching the right way to think and solve it. New interest lies in teaching line, I guess. Haha! xD

I also bumped into this course named Quantitative Finance, which I often overlook in the past but found it rather interesting and captivating with its tough challenges now. Check it out if you're interested, too! Bank Negara does offer this course for postgraduate degree and that attracts me towards it even further. It's basically pricing and hedging derivatives (forwards, futures, options), bonds, currencies, equities etc by applying high density of various statistical methods and mathematical tools (for instance, stochastic calculus), which can be called as mathematical finance, and often overlap with financial engineering and computational finance too. The person who perform quantitative finance is called quantitative analyst, or in short 'quant'.

Now I'm wondering whether I can be both qualified actuary and at the same time be a quant! I do realise that albeit actuarial science and quantitative finance are both quite distinctive, they share some resemblances in their foundation and I think foundation is very important for a person to achieve further in related career. Their discrepancy mainly lies within their fields of applications, where actuarial science is generally applied more in insurance, pension and investment; and quantitative finance is concerned more with investment management, risk management and derivatives pricing.

Both subjects are very numerical inclined, and typically those who are studying quantitative finance come from physics, engineering or maths background rather than economics background. What about actuarial science background, since it's also very mathematical inclined? I personally think Actuarial Science degree is more rigorous than typical Engineering degree, but slightly less than Maths and Physics. So people from actuarial science background should do fairly well too in the study of quantitative finance.

Sounds very interesting, no? It's okay to dream high, cause most high achievers are dreamers, too! =)

Alright, that's all for now! Will update more later! =)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sermon of Sunday Service (4/3/12)! =)

I woke up today and the first thing I was concerned of was the time! I was so afraid that I would wake up late and miss the first Sunday service at 9.15am. Well it was 8.30am when I woke up so I quickly prepared myself and drove to church. I planned to go for the first service mainly because I didn't want to spend my whole day doing nothing again. I was rather unproductive yesterday and I shall compensate it today. Yes trial exam is coming but nothing is greater than God! I will ace it in God's power! =)) Amen.

I shall proceed straight to the sermon today preached by Reverend Kenneth Chin without further ado. 

Bible verses: Acts 1: 8, John 17, Exodus 3: 10-14, Hebrew 11: 6 

- 5 'W's are the foundation of a church, i.e. worship, word, warmth, work and witness. 
- Holy Spirit is there to empower us, not entertain us. 
- Fear shall be eradicated by the Holy Spirit, when we stand as witness to Jesus. 
- We need more of Holy Spirit, to bear Him. 
- Live for God instead of dying for Him, by glorify Him in every aspect. 
- This can be done by manifestation of Holy Spirit. 
- We need to witness Jesus, in the power of Holy Spirit! 
- Our hopes are found in the gift from God, i.e. the Holy Spirit. 
- How to be a witness to God? 
   Just tell everything you know, you see and you feel (truth)! 
   You don't have to be a scientific or scholarly witness, but just pure witness. 
   You do the invitation, and let the Holy Spirit do the work through the heart of that person! =) 
- Witness the Good News, not bad; as God is always good! 
- Take responsibility for what you know NOW, not what you didn't know in the past. 
- Walk on with the responsibility from now on as you have clearer perception now. 
- Never regret! 
- The whole purpose of Christianity is KNOWING HIM! 
- When you get to know Him, witness Him is natural! 
- You will know Him, when you are being tested with challenges in life. 
- You are living eternal life, when you are living a life knowhing Him. 
- God has come through for us, and prepare us for deeper challenges. 
- It's not necessarily a bad thing when a huge wave of problems hit us at a time; that merely means
  God is working His way to save more and more people into His kingdom. 
- Look at God when you have all problems coming your way! 
- Do you allow God to move in this problem? 
  Allow God to work in your problems, regardless of the depth or difficulty of the challenge; and for that
  God will grant victory to us against greater devils! 
- The more you knowing God, the more the number of victories in your life! 
- When you have problems, only you will get to know the real God! 
- Confidence is what God wants to give us! We CAN do it, with God! =) 
- Confidence comes by knowing Him! 
- 3 points of knowing Him: 
   i) Believe, even when we couldn't see. 
   ii) Feel safe, even when He is silent. 
   iii) When there's no answer, we are still rest assured. 


Today's sermon was quite long and it actually extended close to 11.15am, which was when the second service starts. After this, I couldn't help but to say that I no longer have any excuse not to witness God. God is always good and He is a good God. No matter how tough the challenge is, remember, God is always good and He will work His way if you allow Him to do so. 

I came back home right after service, and my dad scolded me for attending church. As usual, he said that it's wastage of time and resources for going to church every Sunday. This is not the first time he said it, but through today's sermon, I'm confident to say that this is not time wasting! I am again confident that my dad will understand it one day. Holy Spirit will work through his heart. Just believe! =) Sometimes it takes a huge wave of problems to transform people into believing and witnessing God. But remember, God is always good and He will make a way. Amen. 

Alright that's all for now, shall start studying now! =) 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Basketball Match! =)

It's been really really long time since the last time I played basketball on daily basis. I was in Form 4 by then, and studied most of the time when I was in Form 5. College life started after 6 months in June 2010 and again I was busy accustuming myself with yet another new chapter of my life. Basketball totally went out of my mind and I haven't been playing it for quite some time, until few days ago when my junior asked me to join his basketball team representing A-Levels students in conjunction of Scholars' Sports Day!

What? Sports Day? Last year I didn't join and doubt I would have ever participated this year. I eventually agreed to join his team since not many A-Levels guys know how to play basketball. I planned to practice playing basketball these few days but eventually the plan failed due to raining mostly in the evening. Everything was against my plan and I felt so discouraged to join the Sports Day yesterday night.

Oh before that, yesterday I wanted to come back early to practice basketball but I missed the Casa bus at 4:15pm hence I went to hang out with my CF friends after CF at McDonald SS15. Later I planned to take public bus back to Casa but there was NO bus so I decided to walk back (around 2-3km?) to Casa after waited for around 45 minutes. Heavy rain started to pour halfway my journey but I continued my journey nevertheless. I was completely wet but thank God that not many things in my bag were wet! Only a few pieces of papers, shoes and of course my whole body. Solution: Need to get myself an umbrella this weekend since the weather is a bit crazy these days! =)

I felt really tired and about to fall sick (I thought) yesterday night and that was part of my 'excuses' not to join Sports Day today. But guess what, my junior and friend came to my room early in the morning (at 6: 50am), just 10 minutes before the bus left, to wake me up and ask me to join them. I had no choice but to join. All my whinings in Facebook and Twitter turned void. =/

To be honest, I've never been to Taylor's Lakeside campus despite have been studying in TCSJ for more than 20 months now. Alright you may start laughing! HAHAHAHA!!! =____= I know that's quite ridiculous and funny in a way that I had never been to Lakeside after so long. OMG! It was really really HUGE and of course deserved to be called a university with a lake amidst of all shopping-mall-like shops and restaurants. How small our Roadside campus is now in relative to Lakeside's! =p

Oh btw back to basketball! Basketball matches were quite exciting and fun! I met quite a number of new friends (mostly Petronas scholars) who are doing SAM at TCSJ. Seeing the way they play basketball, it was really motivating, but intimidating, for me to proceed my game. They really had a great teamwork, determination and fighting spirit. As you might have surmised, they eventually proceeded to final and won the championship. Congrats people you guys are really great! Good job! The team leader Sky also taught me one thing that skills can win a game, but only teamwork, determination and enormous fighting spirt could win a championship! Thanks bro! It's indeed very true and fit the particular circumstance to every bit.

I personally quite enjoyed the game, despite lost my first two matches with SAM and ADP players. SAM players were quite unbeatable, but we could have beaten ADP team! Attributed to me that I have missed so many opportunities to score, we were in tight match and ADP team won us by merely 1 point. I know I could have done better but nothing seemed to work well without consistent practice and bond between teammates. Me and my teammates just did not have that kind of 'chemistry' and that pretty much failed our team. Anyway, I was consistently reminded that we were there to HAVE FUN!!! Indeed. =)

I met many new friends today and I'm happy! =)) Weeeeeeeeee! Back to reality, Trial A2 is impending in slightly more than 3 weeks now! And I'm not done with Economics and Physics yet. Not even Further Maths 2 for that matter. Although it's just a trial, but I do not wish to take it for granted. For whoever taking trial exam for granted shall not do any better in the actual exam. Mind my word, trial is important! =)

Shall start studying and stop wasting time on unproductive activities! Oh btw, I finally started to enjoy my Xperia X8 after 1 year owning it, thanks to the Wifi network particularly I-Xcess everywhere in college. But I shall stop indulging myself in it! =)

Time to get back to notes and past year questions! =D Ciao!

Favourite Music! =)