Sunday, 25 March 2012

Last Sunday Service of the Month (25/3/12)! =)

I couldn't help much but just one thing to say now. Praise the Lord!!! I woke up late today cause slept quite late (around 1.30am) yesterday night and yes I don't prefer to use alarm clock to wake up so that my body will have enough rest. I woke up at 9.30am, which was 15 minutes after the service started. I was like... GOSH I missed the first morning service today! Personally I prefer to go for the first session as I can go back early after service and start doing work, studying etc. But something in me told me this... Just go! You can still make it for the Word of God! Coincidentally my mom's Myvi was almost out of fuel (the petrol sign kept flashing) so I had to refill the petrol on my way to church. When I reached Acts Church around 10.05am, Pastor Kenneth was just about to preach the sermon! AMEN! I just made it on time! Praise the Lord! =)

Sunday Service (25/3/12) (Reverend Kenneth Chin)
Bible verses: Acts 1:8, 2; Zechariah 4:6; Roman 5:5, 7; John 16:5-16
- Holy Spirit speaks to people through visions.
- When there's no peace, we should just wait.
- If the plan is God's will, God will smoothen our journey on achieving the dreams!
- Holy Spirit is a gift, that cannot be earned neither we deserve it.
- On April 9, 1906, the Holy Spirit fell heavily on Azusa Street Revival, which was the historical
  Pentecostal revival meeting led by an African American preacher.
- God wants to give Holy Spirit to us.
- God is spirit full of love, that blesses us and loves us, and it's everywhere!
- Be hungry for Holy Spirit!
- Rely on God's ability! Holy Spirit will do the rest.
- In the power of Holy Spirit, He can make a real difference in our life.
- In the name of Jesus, RECEIVE the Holy Spirit!
- Our job is to believe, and open our heart to receive.
- Fear is not from God. When Holy Spirit comes, you will feel the power and fear will be eliminated, and
  the ability is no longer ours but God's!
- Fear will throw you to the extreme, to hold on to things and believe in things that are unreal!
- To be baptized, it means to be submerged by the Holy Spirit.
- The power of God can lead us to hatred on sins!
- You shouldn't have any hatred or racial problem if you had Holy Spirit in you!
- The promise that you wanted to repent is not powerful enough, only Holy Spirit is!
- When we are charged with the Holy Spirit, sin is a dark thing!
- Holy Spirit came to break the bondage in our lives, to overcome our guilt and remorse!
- Faith is the language of Heaven, Fear is the language of Hell.
- Holy Spirit is meant to be our Helper! To help us on His power!
- When Holy Spirit helps, there's nothing that you cannot pass.
- The advantage of Holy Spirit coming!
- Holy Spirit will touch everyone's heart!
- Earthly father is very great, what's more our Heavenly Father, our Helper! =)
What a great sermon by Pastor Kenneth! Everytime I couldn't help but to be amazed by the Word of God, as each time it touches me and I learnt something new. After almost every service, I feel so revived and charged with the Holy Spirit. Talking about bondage in life, I believe a lot of us have something in our lives that controls us, whether it's personal problem or fear of anything. Whenever you have something that controls you in your life, you will not be able to go further as you are limited. You can only go limitless with God, with the power of Holy Spirit that breaks every bondage in our lives!

Say you were entrapped with the spirit of pornography. You felt so tempted to watch it and upon watching it, you became so down, remorseful, guilty and all sorts of negative feelings. You felt so ashamed to God. You felt like you were the biggest hypocrite! You did all sorts of work for God and there you let yourself down. You again and again made a promise for yourself to repent, but each time it failed and the next day you watch it again. Promise is not powerful enough and prone to be broken! Only charging by the Holy Spirit can empower you on resistance against the temptation of committing sin! Only Holy Spirit is powerful enough to help us to break the bondage in our lives! =)

Alright, time to prepare for revision! Trial is starting soon on Wednesday with the first paper (Economics 42), and again I'm reminding myself to rely on Him! I will try to finish my revision on Economics in 3 days, and this is not going to be possible if I rely on my own strength! Going to start submerging myself in the pool of Economics notes (both AS and A2) soon after my lunch! =)

p/s: Praise the Lord that I've finished studying Physics (core) and Further Maths! Wooohooo! xD Next stop, Economics! =)

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