Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sermon of Sunday Service (4/3/12)! =)

I woke up today and the first thing I was concerned of was the time! I was so afraid that I would wake up late and miss the first Sunday service at 9.15am. Well it was 8.30am when I woke up so I quickly prepared myself and drove to church. I planned to go for the first service mainly because I didn't want to spend my whole day doing nothing again. I was rather unproductive yesterday and I shall compensate it today. Yes trial exam is coming but nothing is greater than God! I will ace it in God's power! =)) Amen.

I shall proceed straight to the sermon today preached by Reverend Kenneth Chin without further ado. 

Bible verses: Acts 1: 8, John 17, Exodus 3: 10-14, Hebrew 11: 6 

- 5 'W's are the foundation of a church, i.e. worship, word, warmth, work and witness. 
- Holy Spirit is there to empower us, not entertain us. 
- Fear shall be eradicated by the Holy Spirit, when we stand as witness to Jesus. 
- We need more of Holy Spirit, to bear Him. 
- Live for God instead of dying for Him, by glorify Him in every aspect. 
- This can be done by manifestation of Holy Spirit. 
- We need to witness Jesus, in the power of Holy Spirit! 
- Our hopes are found in the gift from God, i.e. the Holy Spirit. 
- How to be a witness to God? 
   Just tell everything you know, you see and you feel (truth)! 
   You don't have to be a scientific or scholarly witness, but just pure witness. 
   You do the invitation, and let the Holy Spirit do the work through the heart of that person! =) 
- Witness the Good News, not bad; as God is always good! 
- Take responsibility for what you know NOW, not what you didn't know in the past. 
- Walk on with the responsibility from now on as you have clearer perception now. 
- Never regret! 
- The whole purpose of Christianity is KNOWING HIM! 
- When you get to know Him, witness Him is natural! 
- You will know Him, when you are being tested with challenges in life. 
- You are living eternal life, when you are living a life knowhing Him. 
- God has come through for us, and prepare us for deeper challenges. 
- It's not necessarily a bad thing when a huge wave of problems hit us at a time; that merely means
  God is working His way to save more and more people into His kingdom. 
- Look at God when you have all problems coming your way! 
- Do you allow God to move in this problem? 
  Allow God to work in your problems, regardless of the depth or difficulty of the challenge; and for that
  God will grant victory to us against greater devils! 
- The more you knowing God, the more the number of victories in your life! 
- When you have problems, only you will get to know the real God! 
- Confidence is what God wants to give us! We CAN do it, with God! =) 
- Confidence comes by knowing Him! 
- 3 points of knowing Him: 
   i) Believe, even when we couldn't see. 
   ii) Feel safe, even when He is silent. 
   iii) When there's no answer, we are still rest assured. 


Today's sermon was quite long and it actually extended close to 11.15am, which was when the second service starts. After this, I couldn't help but to say that I no longer have any excuse not to witness God. God is always good and He is a good God. No matter how tough the challenge is, remember, God is always good and He will work His way if you allow Him to do so. 

I came back home right after service, and my dad scolded me for attending church. As usual, he said that it's wastage of time and resources for going to church every Sunday. This is not the first time he said it, but through today's sermon, I'm confident to say that this is not time wasting! I am again confident that my dad will understand it one day. Holy Spirit will work through his heart. Just believe! =) Sometimes it takes a huge wave of problems to transform people into believing and witnessing God. But remember, God is always good and He will make a way. Amen. 

Alright that's all for now, shall start studying now! =) 


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