Sunday, 11 March 2012

Second Sunday Service of the Month (11/3/12)! =)

Praise the Lord! =) For I managed to get approval from my parents to use the car, to go to church for Sunday service just now. I still remember last week when I reached home after Sunday service, my dad scolded me for going to church every week. According to him, it was merely a waste of time and resources, something not worthy for us to invest in. It was a challenge to me, for I did not have enough confidence to argue with my dad over this matter. But I was very confident that my dad and my whole family in this matter, will eventually come to know Christ and accept Him as our saviour. God will make a way in whatever we do. Just believe and have faith! =)

I still remember when I came to know Christ, I was only 13. My friend invited me to CF in my secondary school, and gradually invited me to church. My parents were irate for they are not Christian and they were not happy of me going to church. I remember once I argued with my parents (particularly my dad) so much that I didn't talk to him for days. I have to admit, I was rather bold at that age but obviously I did not have much power to make my own decision for myself. I couldn't drive back then. My abilities were limited, constrained by both age and maturity level of my way of thinking. Eventually the frequency of me going to church became lesser and lesser over time, none in th end.

7 years have passed and I'm now a legal driver! Less than a month and I can change my Probabitionary Drivers' Licence (P) to Competent Drivers' Licence (CDL). But what I want to convey is I have the ability to drive, and inability to drive should not be my 'excuse' for me not going to church. I prayed yesterday night, and even asked a few friends of mine to pray for me, to gain courage and confidence to ask my parents for permission. They didn't oppose strongly to my desire of going to church, although there was slight disagreement from my dad. My mom was okay with me going to church, and taaadaaa! Green light. Praise the Lord! =) and thanks for whoever prayed for me! You know who you are. ;)

Without further ado, I shall proceed to God's Word this morning by Reverend Kenneth Chin! =)

Bible verses: Joel 2: 12-14; Acts 6: 1-7, 8:1
- Only in crisis, we get to know who Christ really is.
- Confident that God is good all the time, that He is interested in every detail of your life.
- There's no MAYBE (uncertainty), but only FOR SURE (the goodness of God)!
- God will provide cause He is a good God, regardless of the circumstances! =)
- Everything happens for reason, whether it's good or bad, as God is good and God wants you to know
  something you didn't know.
- God will turn sorrow into joy, mourning into dancing!
- For every shake/problem God put in your life, is to detect and repair cracks (improve our current
- Revival = More of God, less of flesh, more of Holy Spirit!
- Whatever we have been blessed within this church, God wants to make it VIRAL! ;D
- Everything is possible through Christ and Holy Spirit, just believe!
- Stop doing things that stop/limit us.
- Look into our structure of our life, to see whether it's sufficient to lead/evangelise beyond what you
  are doing now.
- Some of the current structures (the way you think) must be changed, to accommodate greater
  improvement in life!
- Vision = VIRAL! God's Word must be viral! Spread!
- To go viral, we must live by revival! =)
- Is what we believe today, contagious enough?
- God is with us, if we want to believe and obey!
- God's first priority is Jesus Christ, for whom is spreading love to the world!
- Be part of the Vision, as nobody will reject a good God!
- As long as there's a presence of the Holy Spirit, everything is possible and any barrier (including
  language) will be teared apart.

- Summary: 1) Spirit! 
                       Spirit is needed to spread, not only reliance on manpower. Live and walk with the Holy
                       Spirit. Holy Spirit is with us, going to take care of us. Spirit of God moves through the
                       spirit of man, not by power/strength. Let Holy Spirit come and touch you, to be
                       consistent in the walk with Him.
                   2) Sons and Daughters! 
                       Once we found a house, we root ourselves and become sons and daughters, to serve
                       and carry the name. We are not guests! We are trained to be sons and daughters, to
                       be part of the House (church) and to be submitted to the leading of Holy Spirit!
                   3) Structures, Systems and Strategies! 
                       Everything will have structure, including governments, churches etc. Every church will
                       have a governmant with Jesus be the Prime Minister. Structures, systems
                       and strategies have to be remolded and redefined to align with the Holy Spirit, to
                       execute God's plans, to fulfill the vision!


Praise the Lord for the Word! God's Word by Reverend Kenneth Chin never failed to amaze and inspire me! The main purpose we go to church every Sunday is to learn more and more of God's Word, to learn how to live a good Christian life, to be a better person. Just now when Pastor asked people to turn to Acts 6, I was surprised cause I was reading this passage yesterday! Yes just yesterday! I read Acts 1 to 6 yesterday night and today Pastor preached about Acts 6! See? Everything happens for reason! I could have just stopped at Acts 5, but I continued to read Acts 6 and stopped there! I believe this is part of God's work on me! And it's just the matter of time when you realise what God has done in your life! For that, I want to thank you Lord! =)

Wooohooo I've just signed up for Re:Union conference and I believe it will be a great one! It will be held on 31 May - 2 June 2012! Wait a minute, what about my A2 exam? Yes I just realised! I have no paper on 31 May, but I have FM2 exam in the morning of 1 June!!! I couldn't remember just now and I've just checked the examination timetable OMG!!!

Just a moment of panicking, I've the feeling that it will be alright. God assured me that it is going to be fine! Since I do not have any paper on 30 May, I can study from morning until evening, while going for Re:Union at night (or probably skip it?)! Start preparing now and everything shall be well taken care of! I will just skip the morning session of 1 June (for 3 hours of FM2 exam) and resume it in the afternoon! Weeeeeee! Done!

Okay time to get nerdy again. Back to my notes! =) Stay tuned.

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