Sunday, 18 March 2012

Third Sunday Service of the Month (18/3/12)! =)

Everyday I woke up, just to be bombarded with the thought of trial exams approaching. It was 7.45am. I woke up and proceeded to my Economics notes, continued with topics regarding monetary policy and supply side policy. Early morning is, in my opinion, the best time to study especially when one is required to memorise lots of points upon understanding it. Economics works this way for me. You have to understand it, then memorise the points so that you can further elaborate the points during the exam. A good start for my preparation of trial exam coming in less than 2 weeks time, I thought. Next week is going to be more hectic, and of course the week after. Economics 42 on Wednesday, FM1 on Thursday and FM2 on Friday. How 'nice'!

My parents didn't oppose much this morning for me going to church, praise the Lord! =) The annual event of 21 days U-turn (Pray and Fast) has already started yesterday, and now I know the difficulty to fast, especially at home. I do acknowledged that fasting alone is insufficient without prayer, and that it's 'easy' to fast, but hard to pray. they said. I was planning to try out One-Meal Fast yesterday night for dinner, but eventually I succumed to the hunger. That also partly owing to the fact that my parents kept bringing food to me to prevent me from getting gastric. I don't know how to voice out that I was fasting, and I know they wouldn't understand it for now. Anyone knows how long can our stomach sustain before getting gastric, without solid food? Is egg considered as vegetarian food? 

Without further ado, I shall proceed to the Sunday service this morning! I attended 9.15am service and this time we had a wonderful speaker, Chief Elder Wong Kien Yiak to share Word with us. He began with Bible verses of John 11 : 1-7, 17-23 and 38-44. The other Bible verses that he used later on were Roman 8 : 35-37 and Luke 5. 

- We can always measure our health through medical tools, but how are we going to gauge our spiritual 
   walk with God?  
- Pray in a calm, quiet environment without any distraction. 
- External body might depict wellness, but that doesn't necessarily mean deep inside your heart that you
  are doing well. 
- Fast is easy, but pray is hard! 
- Pray for more than 30 minutes without any distraction (phone, Twitter, FB etc). 
- What can separate you from the love of Christ? Assignments? Exams? Tribulations? 
- Love of God enables us to be more than conquerers/overcomers! 
- Because of God's love in us, we are enabled to achieve everything! 
- Regardless of our past, we are given privilege to the love of Christ. 
- Without the love of God, we will be very discouraged. 
- Break away from certain segmentation who keep reminding that you are a failure, from voices that 
   bring you down! 
- Human's advices must always give way to God's advices. 
- Hear what the Holy Spirit wants to tell you. 
- Stretch your faith by serving God, get involved in church's life! 
- Don't allow your faith to remain where you are! 
- Natural explanations need to be surrendered, to give way, to supernatural power and faith! 
- Word of God comes with resurrection power, to achieve breakthrough! (Story of Jesus raising 
- Breakthrough doesn't necessarily come without tribulations and challenges. 
- Need to fight for our breakthrough, by believing in the Word of God! 
- We always need someone to help us for the final breakthrough, need someone to pray for us, need 
   God to help us! 
- Let our pride down! I need the community/church, and they need me! 
- Without Jesus, breakthrough would not be possibly made! 
- We need to come back to Jesus, simply to realise that Jesus loves us! 
- There has to be more than this! 
- No time to gossip nor complain, as we fill the time for more and more of God! 
- Without faith, you are not living the fullness, and you are not well. 
- Come to a place wherethy we desire more of Him, more of His love! 
- Do not settle! Breakthrough, in the presence of Jesus! <3 


That's it for Sunday service this week! It was rather short, but it touches me deep inside my heart! I know that I want to serve more in church, but many times I was being skeptical with myself and doubt I would be able to provide commitment. I'm bad at time management. When exam comes, I will be very panic and nervous. I will get emotional and worried. I will study as much as I could just to get myself as prepared as possible (although many times doesn't really help). I did not share the breakthrough that I wish to achieve throughout this 21 days Fast and Pray with Homes yesterday, but I will share it here. 

My first breakthrough that I wish to achieve, is to perform full reliance on God's ability, and less of my own ability. I'm still struggling with this as I tend to rely on myself most of the time due to my upbringing. With fast and pray as one of the most powerful tool to seek God, I'm confident that God will hear me and grant me the wish to rely fully on Him and His power! But before that, I will need commitment and discipline to fast and pray, despite my busyness of preparing for trial exam. I also wish that God will give me the strength to fast. I also wish God will grant me calm mind for the preparation of exam. 

Second breakthrough that I wish to achieve, is of course my family salvation. It might seem far from my goal now but I know God will work His way on me. As one is saved in a family, the whole family will get saved. I believe in this and I shall be Salt and Light, the testimony for my whole family! Amen. 

That's all for now peeps! =) Going back to my Physics notes and past year papers! Wish me luck, and please keep me in prayer! Thanks! =)

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