Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Plans for the next 3 months! =)

Hooorayyy!!! My exam is over, and let me tell you how I felt immediately after the exam. I felt happy ostensibly like many other friends, but honestly I felt really empty inside, for all in sudden I didn't know what to do after one whole month of nerding, burying myself with notes and past year papers. I actually felt so emo on the day after, thinking hard of what should I do. All in sudden, I thought of playing Texas Hold'Em Poker in Facebook. I bumped into playing poker a week before (just a day after my Economics Paper 4 exam), and I started to learn how to play.

But the hard thing comes after learning. Learning how to play poker can be done in less than 10 minutes, but to master it takes a whole life! Just in case you don't know what is poker, poker is a card game that involves betting based on the two cards that you are holding distributed by dealer. You are required to put a blind (minimum stake) into a pot (if you decided to play that hand), and to call/raise/fold it according to your hand strength. The hand strengths include royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, fullhouse, flush, straight, three of a kind, 2 pairs and one pair (from strong to weak). This might sound easy, but it hasn't taken into consideration the possibility of bluffing. Bluffing means when someone has a weak hand but deliberately raise the stake just to intimidate others, putting pressure on others to fold their cards (some might have stronger hands).

I've been playing this game for a week now and went through many dramatic experiences, drawing me to such conclusion that poker has lots to do with luck too, as a beginner. As you gain more and more experiences, you will see a suitable method and stick to it as long as it earns you profit in the long run. It is imperative for us to loss poker chips, just like trading with real money in the financial market. Keep folding is a nice way to minimise losses, but you might miss out some winning opportunities when the turn and river (forth and fifth cards) came out. You might have a straight, or stronger pairs, or flush. I don't know, many possibilities involved; but to be safe, don't ever put hope on turn and river, otherwise it would be considered pure luck if you go for it and win. The element of emotions as well play a very huge role in playing poker, that's where psychology comes in. Facial expressions are crucial in real life poker. In short, poker is all about game theory, probability theory and psychology! How interesting it is, right?

Am I going to stuck with playing poker for the next 3 months? If you thought so, I'm afraid I have to let you down. Remember I've gotten notes from a senior whom I barely know, on Financial Maths and Actuarial Science? He is a Financial Maths degree student in Heriot-Watt University and he sent me some of his notes in soft copies when I asked for it. So now it's time for me to start reading actuarial materials! Many mathematical topics I don't find it easy to study, so I'm learning one of the topics in CT8 (Financial Economics) now, namely Discrete-time finance and Derivatives Markets. This module involves many new concepts in Finance, not so much on mathematical equations. That's why I can read it in an attempt trying to understand it. =) Wish me luck!

Also, I have so many books to read up! Previously I bought many books during book fairs and now I have a whole box of books waiting me to read! Those books cover a myriad of subjects such as finance, trading, economics, psychology, astrophysics & cosmology etc. I don't think I would have time to read every book before flying off, but I know I should at least try to finish a few of them! Now that I have so much time, shouldn't waste the time with unproductive activities, right? I should really appreciate what I have now, acknowledging that I have such a privilege to spend my time doing what I enjoy doing. I wouldn't have such privilege once my university life starts.

Next, cooking? I really think I should attend at least a cooking class before flying off! One month cooking class, not bad huh? I should learn how to cook healthy good food, and of course taste plays a very important role too! I emphasize nutrition and taste of the dishes. Art of decorating the dishes? Trivial for now. What is good food in my definition? My definition of good food involves perfect proportion of protein and carbohyrate with a small portion of unsaturated fat. Some oils are actually good for health and do help in losing weight, such as olive oil. That's why I like Spaghetti Aglio e Olio! <3 Should not miss out this very nice dish if you have not already tried.

That's all I can think of for now! I would have many camps coming up starting from this coming Friday! CF camp is happening in Genting Highland from this Friday to Sunday, and I have BTN (Birotatanegara) camp coming up from Monday to Friday at Kem BTN Meru! Then there would be a predeparture programme organised by Bank Negara on the week after (Monday to Wednesday), at Lanai Kijang! My schedule is totally packed for the next whole week! :O But fret not, I bet I would have lots of fun and enjoy myself! Wooohooo! =)

Monday, 25 June 2012

College Memories! =)

It's been such a long time since my last update on myself! So yes people, I've finally finished my A-Levels wooohooo! xD Such a huge burden being lifted up from my shoulder, yet another great journey is about to start soon in 3 months time! As most of you know, I've firmed City University London (Cass) to read BSc Actuarial Science. According to my friends who are studying there, it's really not an easy degree to study. Every week they have tests and assignments, but I guess it's almost the same for everyone else. I know I can do it, as nothing is impossible with God!

I have so so much to write yet was irresolute on where should I start it from. It has to start somewhere I realised so here we go, back to the my last personal post where I mentioned about potentially losing my A* due to my Economics Paper 4. I was counting on Paper 3 to at least pull back my deviated vehicle from its course towards the attainment of at least an A, and had one whole week to prepare for it. I really want to thank God that, my Paper 3 went on well despite having one careless mistake. I chose the right answer, and even went on to prove that my initial answer was correct to convince myself, yet I rubbed it off and chose another answer. Oh well...

Anyway, A-Levels is over now. It's been really memorable 2 years experience I had in Taylor's College SJ, and I got to know at least 1/3 of my Facebook friends, so you probably could have imagined how many friends I've got to know throughout these 24 months. I have been through many types of people, and from within picked up quite a number of interests to paint my mundane life into a colourful one, one of which is started attending gym since about a year ago. Remember there was once that many of my consecutive posts were all about gym attending and health? I started to see great result and guess how much I weighed now? 74kg. A total lost of 11kg from my initial weight of 85kg during Chinese New Year this year. God is good! Amen? =)

Also, I came to pick up one of the most unimaginable interests I never thought of 2 years back -- reading. If you don't know me well enough, I used to detest reading. I would have fallen asleep if I were to read boring materials that would never able to catch my attention. But thing changed. I started to pick up the hobby of reading books, particularly books spanning a wide spectrum of my personal interests such as finance, economics, maths, psychology and physics. I've taught myself more and more on financial market by reading alone, and trained myself to be financial literate even in college level. I would really love to share what I know about financial market with anyone, and would definitely yearn for more of it.

I have found my gang of friends, many of which are maths whizzes, classmates and random friends from library. Random friends seems to hold minuscule weightage on my whole circle of friends in Taylor's, but no it actually constitutes one of the largest portion of it. I love to hang out in the library, stay back just to do my homework or study. Library can be considered as my third house other than my own home sweet home and Casa Subang apartment; it definitely contains many of my memories in college, too much in fact, to be put into words of merely a post. Some experiences were just so amazing that I couldn't find the right word to describe it, only praising God is sufficient enough to depict my gratitude of His gracefulness.

So, what's next? BSc Actuarial Science. Bring it on! =)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Third Sunday Service of June (24/6/12)! =)

Today I woke up early, pondering over which service to attend. Eventually I decided to attend 11.15am service and I believe this is not a coincidence. I think I've decided on the right one to attend solely due to the amazing sermon preached by Pastor David Yeow! Pastor Dave is an Associate Pastor of Acts Church and also the head of Campus ministry, held responsible for the welfare and reaching out of campus students.

Amazing sermon? Okay not that the other sermons preached were not amazing, but I believe this sermon has deeply touched me, and to a very large extent I was able to link myself with the sermon. He told us how he got to know Christ at the age of 11, and how he molded himself as who he is now, a strong hero in Christ, a role model for other brothers and sisters in their relentless attempts to continue drawing themselves closer to God. 

Through this sermon I believe many of my questions and doubts have been resolved, thank you so much Pastor Dave! Before the sermon, it was praying time when people praying for one another on anything. I didn't have anyone beside me, and Pastor noticed me, came and prayed for me. Immediately I felt peace when he mentioned about letting the Holy Spirit pour out on me. Praise the Lord! =) I didn't know he was going to preach the sermon for today until he went out. Hmm.

Anyway, here's the great sermon I've been talking about! May God bless you with this! =)

Bible verses: Ephesians 3:14-21

- Church is for people knowing God.
- God is moving around the nation & globe for people coming to know Him.
- People need God! Do you know God? =)
- There are alot of people who need to hear God's revival messages!
- Lies of enemy:
  i) Very difficult to tell people about God.
  ii) Very few people come to God.
- People are yearing for God's word!
- People, of all ages, are hungry for God.
- How do you know God is God, God is real? =)
- If God is real, when you pray, He will answer!
- It's not that God will fulfill your wish, but God will provide your deepest needs.
- Only God can give you peace.
- He demands everything, but provides everything by answering every prayers.
- Be a living (physical) sacrifice (spiritual).
- Theologically not ready to spread/share the word of God?
- Present it in a way that God is so real, share it to people!
- Gospel is not just for the Jews, but meant to be public knowledge, for everyone.
- Holy Spirit wants to strengthen our inner being!
- Mind knows, but body is physically weak, not convinced of own ability to share the Gospel.
- i) Be a witness:
     When you tell your friends about Jesus, they are actually listening. Holy Spirit has got our back,
     back us up and give us privilege to be partner with Him.
- ii) Be rooted and grounded in love:
      So that we won't get disappointed easily. When we face failures, try again! Obedience being
      powered by love.
- iii) God will do more than all we ask:
       He will do far more beyond, more than enough, that we should use. Even if you speak
       wrongly, God will turn it right! When you share it from the right place with the right intention,
       God will do far more than enough. As much as you want to invite your friends, God wants it
       MORE! =)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Second Sunday Service of June (17/6/12)! =)

Hello! I know I'm super late to update this blog with the past sermon 2 days ago. So sorry for it! I will update you what I've been doing for the past few days in the next post but here you go, another amazing sermon preached by Pastor Kenneth! =)

Bible Verses: John 4:23-24, Exodus 33-34, Romans 7, John 17:17, Genesis 3:1-4

- What is worship?
- 1) Perspective: When you start worshipping, perspective must change. God is God no matter
      what you think of Him.
- 2) God's name and nature is One!
- 3) Submission.
- Worship is to be bowed not only on our knees, but also our wills.
- The opposite of Spirit is Law.
- Love must alwas lead the way, and nothing can separate us (music, fashion etc)
- If you look hard enough, problems will surely arise; so be thankful for everything! =)
- Don't walk on the way of Law, but of Spirit.
- What's your feeling on God doesn't change what God feels for you.
- Those whose lips are near to God, their hearts might not; and vice versa.
- Everything in God is spiritual, therefore worship God in spirit.
- If you don't forgive, you are already living in earthly Hell.
- God forgives you, so forgive others! =)
- Jesus wants both external and internal.
- God loves us as who we are.
- In the Old Testament, people gathered not because of sermons, pastors, worship songs etc, but
  because of the presence of God.
- Those that are not glorified on Earth (love, relationship etc) will be lifted up at the throne in
- Worship Him in spirit, enough of law law law!
- You shall know the Truth and the Truth sets you free.
- Get intimate in God's Words and produce!
- Truths sanctify!
- Arguments started with law will only be countered with law, so don't get there!
- Enemy starts with law and ends with death, beforewhich guilt, shame and condemnation come in!

Monday, 11 June 2012

First Sunday Service after RE:UNION! =)

Hello sorry that I'm late to update you the latest sermon! Haha anyway, I'm fine and sound now! Finally I've garnered enough courage to pick myself up from despair, regain my confidence and ready to beat the last battle! Thanks to all my family members and friends who have been with me throughout the day to provide moral support. I wouldn't know what might happen if nobody was right beside me. Thank God that He never gave up on me, and thanks to all my friends who kept consoling me. Thank you for just be there at the moment I need it the most.

I reached church yesterday morning safe and sound in one piece, thank God. I was feeling down yesterday when I woke up and cried. Okay that might sound abnormal but yeah it's just me! Anyone who knows me well enough will not be surprised about this cause I used to cry a lot when I was a kid. When I was singing worship song, again my tears dropped as I was so touched by God's love to me.

Though I may walk through the valley,
though I may sail through the storm,
I will not fear, cause you are near;

Though I may climb the highest mountain,
though I may go through the fire,
I will not fear, cause you are here.

Goodness and mercy follow me, 
goodness and mercy follow me, 
goodness and mercy follow me, 
all of my days.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujaaaahhhh~ :')

Bible Verses: Revelations 5:8, 8; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Matthew 6:7-9; Exodus 10:25; 2 Samuel 24:24

(Rev. Kenneth Chin)

- Prayer is very important to God, a gift from God as a tool for Him to perform miracles.
- God wants us to pray without ceasing.
- 1) Praying as if everything is dependent on it, as we might take things for granted.
- Everything comes without asking is bonus.
- No pray no pay!
- There are so many things to pray about.
- Don't pray with repetition.
- Worship is the integral part of prayer, is about perspectives.
- Asking is the key thing of prayer.
- Get the right perspectives before started asking.
- God will exalt things that are brought down on Earth (friendship, relationship etc)
- Worship must be offered with sacrifice, praise and thanksgiving!
- 2) Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened!
- When you ask, listen! When you receive those Words of direction, start seeking!
- Take those words and obey!
- After that, go in and knock, as the door might still be closed.
- Don't take 'no' from yesterday as the answer today and tomorrow.
- Don't allow the past to dictate your present and future.
- James 5:16-18
- The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. (James 5:16)
- Are our prayer effective?
- Prayer is not just as ritual, but needs to be effective.
- i) Ask by FAITH -> Faith pleases God (Hebrew 11:6). Those who come to God must believe Him as
      Rewarder (James 1:6). If you are not praying by faith, you are doubleminded. Pray and believe you
      have received, and you will receive (Mark 11:24). Pray for laborers. Laborers are God's answer.
- ii) Ask by FOCUS -> Be as specific as you can (Luke 18:41). God wants us to verbalise what we want,
      so know your priority well.
- iii) Ask FERVANTLY -> Train your stamina to pray! Breakthroughs only happen at the moment your
       flesh says 'cannot'. Flesh gives up and let Spirit takes over. Breakthrough into the new realm of
- iv) Ask FORWARD -> We don't just pray for today, but also for future. Even if you have nothing to
       pray to God, just praise Him and spend more time with Him, that God might reveal to you more
       things! =)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Huge Careless Mistakes Costing My A*! =(

I'm done with my Economics Paper 4 today, and I'm almost done with my A2! OMG~ Tell you  what, I really studied a lot these 4 days yet I wasn't that confident yesterday. I managed to finish the syllabus yesterday and just yesterday itself I was looking through the past year essay questions that my lecturer discussed with us during our extra classes few days back. See, I didn't have time to do my past year, but thank God at least I managed to finish reading the whole syllabus.

Despite I managed to finish the syllabus, I wasn't quite sure of many topics and couldn't really memorise a lot of it. Well the syllabus are just so broad that I found it difficult to memorise everything in merely 4 days! Anyway, I'm happy that it's now over! To cut the long story short, praise the Lord that I managed to complete the papers! The paper was hard and I was having problem with time management. Time flies and poof! 2 hours 15 mins gone. =/

Just noticed I did some very huge careless mistake too when there was no room for mistake due to time constraint! Over and over again my lecturers advised everyone to read questions carefully and the result? I myself fell into the deadly trap, exposed myself to the risk of losing 1/4 of the total essay marks. Why? Overconfidence, overexcitement, lack of practice, poor time management skills, and maybe a bit of tiredness. Good bye A* for Economics! =/

So now I'm left with one last paper - Economics Paper 3 (30 mcq), and this is the only one last chance that I have to cover the mistake! Definitely cannot slack now! A* might not seem possible, but A is still within my range of achievement! Need to fight for this one last battle before get to enjoy the taste of freedom!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

RE:UNION Sunday Service (3/6/12)! =)

Today Sunday Service was held in Summit Hotel 5th floor Grand Ballroom and it was indeed grant, with lots and lots of newcomers in church! Around 80+ newcomers in church today! Wow! Praise the Lord for bringing people to know Him more and more! =)

Today's sermon was preached by Pastor Mark Collard, Senior Pastor of Equippers Church London City! It was really a great and eye-opening sermon! It wasn't regarding hard to be understood sermon, but it was easy yet he preached it in such a way that sounded so different! Thank God for him! I just realised he's from London! Weee perhaps I could join his church when I go over to London by then? Praise God! =))

So here it goes! =)

Bible Verses: Luke 17:11-19; 1 Timothy 4:4-5

- Whatever Jesus says, are going to be accomplished.
- What is thankfulness?
- Thankfulness is not about what you say, but attitude and the heart that is being thankful to God.
- Attitude of gratitude creates the atmosphere of favour all over our life.
- The more you know someone, the easier for you to be thankful.
- The more you get to know Him/her, the more you love Him/her for who He/she is.
- We got to know something about God to thank Him!
- Not just saying thank blindly, but by knowing Word of God to know Him more, and thank Him more.
- It's not easy to be thankful.
- Get back to God, and get your heart attuned to God, that heart will be filled with overflowing
- In every moment, thank God.
- Say grace to turn something you eat that is not good into something good!
- Thanksgiving has the power to sanctify!
- In bad situation, with the power of thankfulness, God has the power to turn it into something good!
- Thank God more often.
- 1) Joy of salvation is restored through the thankful spirit! Jesus, I'm thankful for what I've got!
- 2) Thankful heart will position us for God to move.
       Praise Him, glorify Him, lift Him up, then only God will ask you what you need and help you.
       Be thankful before you ask, then He will move.
       Prayer and thankfulness go hand-to-hand.
- 3) Thankful heart will always lead us to His presence (Psalm 100:4)
- Miracles happen, breakthroughs open up, favours come, in the presence of God! =)

RE:UNION 2012 (Part 3): Finale! =)

Well we had RE:UNION 2012 finale at Stadium Negara! It was really awesome and eye-opening with lots of sermons and performances by various local bands (and I just knew that a lot of them are from Acts Church)! Amongst the performers are Coex (Cody Foo), Altered Frequency, An Honest Mistake, Caipifruta, Army of Three, FourLetterStory, Joneil, Juwita Suwito and Flippin Pages, and Used to Wander! Wooohooo! xD Praise the Lord for the variety of talents in church!

So that morning I hopped on a bus provided for delegates from Summit USJ to Stadium Negara! =))

Without further ado, I shall proceed to sermons shared by pastors! First one was by Pastor Sandra!

Bible Verses: 1 Kings 19:19-21; 2 Kings 2:9

- Elisha the Prophet.
- Many believers put a fullstop at times when we reach a certain age/status, under pressure.
- Live out the abundance of our life!
- It's a forever Kingdom, there's no fullstop! Everlasting love.
- Start living the everlasting.
- Don't wait for something to happen in your life, FLOW with Holy Spirit to it!
- 1) You need to be in place where you are found industrious, where God is working things out in you!
       Great dreams have to be started somewhere!
- 2) Total Surrender - Elisha burst up the oxen equipment then followed Elijah!
       This is the only preparation time, for the eternal life in Heaven.
       Elisha managed to see Elijah being taken away, and got double portion of spirit resting on Him!
       When we want the double portion of anointing, keep looking!
       Live victoriously, attributed to the double portion!
       You might have messed up the past, but you don't have to mess up again.
- 3) Seeked for equipping - asked for double portion anointing.
       Elisha knew his calling, and pursue it!
       Spoke with authority, man of integrity, had spiritual insights (victorious living) (2 Kings 6:16-17)
- Action has to be consistent with your message!
- Influential; served till his death! (2 Kings 13:14)
- Made history not only in the past, but keep making it forever!

Second sermon was shared by Reverend Sam Surendran!

Bible verses: Matthew 8:2-3; Luke 15:17-21, Psalm 12; Exodus 16:31; Genesis 13:9-16; Romans 2:4;
                    Deuteronomy 28:3; Jeremiah 48; Philippians 3; Genesis 39:1-4, 39:20-23, 41:51-51.

- Which one first? Love or power?
- Tell people what is right about them, instead of saying out their wrongdoings.
- The best place to begin is from the position of HIS love, not ours!
- Favour is God's wprl, not ours. Breakthrough favour!
- There are favours we don't see from everywhere around us.
- Miraculous catch of fish (Luke 5:1-11, John 21:27)
- God is in the business of breakthrough favour!
- When the God's favour is with you, nothing can fight against you.
- It's not about you, but God's favour upon your life.
- The moment you feel the Father's love, you are no longer a roster worker, but a vision worker.
- Blessing is NOT in a place, but on a PERSON!
- Ruth vs. Boaz; Poor, widow, A Moabite.
- It's the favour of God that makes it work!
- Favours come in small packages! Every role regardless of its significance has favour!
- Be conscious of God, and favour will find you!
- Disappointment (Genesis: 45:7-8)
- Detours & Distractions (Genesis 50:19-20)
- Jacob and favour (Genesis 27:18, 32:24, 32:27)
- Don't change identity to get blessing! Be yourself, and be blessed!
- God is wrestling to bless you! =)


Third sermon was shared by our senior pastor, Reverend Kenneth Chin! =))

Bible Verses: Matthew 3:11; 1 Kings 18:20-40

- God can! Nothing is impossible with God!
- With Jesus & Spirit of God, we are able to overcome!
- Sometimes it's hard to accept something, but God loves them!
- Don't let the music separate us!
- Harp -> Praise, Bow -> Prayer.
- Jesus will baptise you with Holy Spirit and fire!
- Fire, is given by Jesus, and only through Him!
- 'Pur' down the fire -> lightning -> pure energy -> electricity.
- Electricity/Energy flows!
- Fire needs to be channelled to the useful!
- Lightning is created through collision of 2 opposites!
- To attract lightning, we need to be filled with water (Word of God) as faith is the best conductor of
   lightning (Fire)!
- In God's eyes, 'lowest' point is the highest point, without care of what other people will say.
- Only at the highest point in an open ground, lightning will strike!
- Prayer, fast, determination and faith can get you to the highest point!
- Let God who answers by fire be God!
- 1) We need to choose, to leave the old ways and live for Jesus! Choose who you will serve!
- 2) Challenge; God wants to challenge you to do something by faith not by sight!
- 3) Consecrate/Sacrifice; The preparation, of your heart! Many people give what they want to give,
      not what God wants from them. Fire will not keep burning without sacrifice! Preparation is truly the
- 4) Call; Pray and call upon the name of Jesus!
- 5) Cause; Cause of Fire, is never to show off, but to turn people back to God and Jesus! =)

RE:UNION 2012 (Part 2) - Sermon by Pastor Palan! =)

Now I shall proceed to sermons shared by different pastors! It was the Friday night after FM2 paper and the sermon was shared by Pastor Palan Ramasamy! =)

Bible Verses: Judges 11:1-10, 29, 31-34; Hosea 1:1-3 

- Story about Jephthah and Gilead
- Sometimes you feel so messed up! 
- God can use messed up people to expand His Kingdom! 
- A lot of people take their past as an excuse not to serve God. 
- They let their backgrounds to determine their present. 
- Messed up past CANNOT hold you from good plans God has in store for you. 
- Jesus doesn't look at our background, but to tell us how good it will be. 
- 1) Revolutionary love disregards whatever our background is. 
       Jesus: 'I've made you new! Because I've died for you on the Cross!'
       Don't respond to your past character! 
       when we have Spirit of God, Spirit of God will help us not to mess up! 
- 2) Revolutionary love does the opposite of what the flesh desires! 
      How often we feel used by others? But feel dejected when not needed? 
      Despite being rejected, do the opposite what the flesh desires! 
-3) Revolutionary love keeps its promises, at all costs! 
- 4) Revolutionary love -> your calling and the message will measure up! 
       Never judge people as God never judge you! 
- Stop looking at your background! God can use you no matter how messed up are you! 
- When you've made a promise with God, keep to it! =) 

RE:UNION 2012 (Part 1) - A Great Testimony! =))

Okay this post is going to be freaking long yet I'm so sleepy now after playing badminton with awesome church members this evening! Anyway, this was the first time ever that I've attended RE:UNION and believe it or not, it was awesome! How I wish I could make it for the next one though, I would be in UK by then. =)

Anyway, we had lots of pastors coming from all around the world! Just to name a few, Equippers Church based in London and Auckland, New Zealand. We also had a few special local speakers, namely Reverend Sam Surendran and Pastor Palan Ramasamy. I will share more of them later. So I was late and only came for Re:Union in Friday evening as I had paper in Friday's morning.

Alright before proceeding to sermons shared in Re:Union parties, let me share a testimony with you! I have one, and I really thank God for it! So as most of you know, I had the scariest papers few days back! Further Maths, a subject that never failed to twist my brain just to solve the questions. I was terrified by then, and prayed for God's wisdom while I was preparing to sit for the paper by practising past year papers. Done my FM1 on Wednesday, and I was stunned, by its level of difficulty. Remember I was so freaked out as papers of all other Science subjects were so difficult, and I was afraid that FM would have followed the trend too.

Apparently, it didn't. Praise the Lord that FM1 was easy, in relative with its past years, and I finished it in 2 hours plus. So everyone started to rejoice after FM1, and I knew, deep down in my heart, FM2 might be very hard just to pull people down from achieving high scores. The day came, it was Friday. I was freaked out on Thursday and I felt that I didn't prepare enough for the exam. Even in the Friday's morning before exam, I was still burying myself with FM2 notes. I was so afraid of geometric distribution and static equilibrium, but I couldn't care much. I studied about simple harmonic motion (SHM) that morning.

Tell you, really, God has been so so great and faithful to me. God knows it! God knew that I was weak in those topics, and God guided me throughout my study. I sailed through the FM2 and finished it in 2 hours. The topics that I was so afraid of, that I was devoid of preparation, didn't come out. There was not a single sign of geometric distribution question, although there was static equilibrium problem as one of the optional questions! Apparently the other option (regression and correlation) was an easy 14 marks question. There were 2 SHM questions and I managed to solve both, partly attributed to my revision of SHM in the morning of the exam day itself. Praise the Lord! God guided me through, even for the last minute revision! There's really nothing God don't know, and cannot do.  God can! See the impossible happened to me? Thank God! =))

I was so thankful to God, that I proceed to worship God inside the exam hall for the remaining time (30 mins) after checking my answers! Although I still did some careless mistakes, but THANK GOD for the papers! I shall ace this paper and I know God will never disappoint me! =))

Favourite Music! =)