Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Second Sunday Service of June (17/6/12)! =)

Hello! I know I'm super late to update this blog with the past sermon 2 days ago. So sorry for it! I will update you what I've been doing for the past few days in the next post but here you go, another amazing sermon preached by Pastor Kenneth! =)

Bible Verses: John 4:23-24, Exodus 33-34, Romans 7, John 17:17, Genesis 3:1-4

- What is worship?
- 1) Perspective: When you start worshipping, perspective must change. God is God no matter
      what you think of Him.
- 2) God's name and nature is One!
- 3) Submission.
- Worship is to be bowed not only on our knees, but also our wills.
- The opposite of Spirit is Law.
- Love must alwas lead the way, and nothing can separate us (music, fashion etc)
- If you look hard enough, problems will surely arise; so be thankful for everything! =)
- Don't walk on the way of Law, but of Spirit.
- What's your feeling on God doesn't change what God feels for you.
- Those whose lips are near to God, their hearts might not; and vice versa.
- Everything in God is spiritual, therefore worship God in spirit.
- If you don't forgive, you are already living in earthly Hell.
- God forgives you, so forgive others! =)
- Jesus wants both external and internal.
- God loves us as who we are.
- In the Old Testament, people gathered not because of sermons, pastors, worship songs etc, but
  because of the presence of God.
- Those that are not glorified on Earth (love, relationship etc) will be lifted up at the throne in
- Worship Him in spirit, enough of law law law!
- You shall know the Truth and the Truth sets you free.
- Get intimate in God's Words and produce!
- Truths sanctify!
- Arguments started with law will only be countered with law, so don't get there!
- Enemy starts with law and ends with death, beforewhich guilt, shame and condemnation come in!

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