Friday, 8 June 2012

Huge Careless Mistakes Costing My A*! =(

I'm done with my Economics Paper 4 today, and I'm almost done with my A2! OMG~ Tell you  what, I really studied a lot these 4 days yet I wasn't that confident yesterday. I managed to finish the syllabus yesterday and just yesterday itself I was looking through the past year essay questions that my lecturer discussed with us during our extra classes few days back. See, I didn't have time to do my past year, but thank God at least I managed to finish reading the whole syllabus.

Despite I managed to finish the syllabus, I wasn't quite sure of many topics and couldn't really memorise a lot of it. Well the syllabus are just so broad that I found it difficult to memorise everything in merely 4 days! Anyway, I'm happy that it's now over! To cut the long story short, praise the Lord that I managed to complete the papers! The paper was hard and I was having problem with time management. Time flies and poof! 2 hours 15 mins gone. =/

Just noticed I did some very huge careless mistake too when there was no room for mistake due to time constraint! Over and over again my lecturers advised everyone to read questions carefully and the result? I myself fell into the deadly trap, exposed myself to the risk of losing 1/4 of the total essay marks. Why? Overconfidence, overexcitement, lack of practice, poor time management skills, and maybe a bit of tiredness. Good bye A* for Economics! =/

So now I'm left with one last paper - Economics Paper 3 (30 mcq), and this is the only one last chance that I have to cover the mistake! Definitely cannot slack now! A* might not seem possible, but A is still within my range of achievement! Need to fight for this one last battle before get to enjoy the taste of freedom!

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