Sunday, 3 June 2012

RE:UNION 2012 (Part 2) - Sermon by Pastor Palan! =)

Now I shall proceed to sermons shared by different pastors! It was the Friday night after FM2 paper and the sermon was shared by Pastor Palan Ramasamy! =)

Bible Verses: Judges 11:1-10, 29, 31-34; Hosea 1:1-3 

- Story about Jephthah and Gilead
- Sometimes you feel so messed up! 
- God can use messed up people to expand His Kingdom! 
- A lot of people take their past as an excuse not to serve God. 
- They let their backgrounds to determine their present. 
- Messed up past CANNOT hold you from good plans God has in store for you. 
- Jesus doesn't look at our background, but to tell us how good it will be. 
- 1) Revolutionary love disregards whatever our background is. 
       Jesus: 'I've made you new! Because I've died for you on the Cross!'
       Don't respond to your past character! 
       when we have Spirit of God, Spirit of God will help us not to mess up! 
- 2) Revolutionary love does the opposite of what the flesh desires! 
      How often we feel used by others? But feel dejected when not needed? 
      Despite being rejected, do the opposite what the flesh desires! 
-3) Revolutionary love keeps its promises, at all costs! 
- 4) Revolutionary love -> your calling and the message will measure up! 
       Never judge people as God never judge you! 
- Stop looking at your background! God can use you no matter how messed up are you! 
- When you've made a promise with God, keep to it! =) 

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