Sunday, 3 June 2012

RE:UNION Sunday Service (3/6/12)! =)

Today Sunday Service was held in Summit Hotel 5th floor Grand Ballroom and it was indeed grant, with lots and lots of newcomers in church! Around 80+ newcomers in church today! Wow! Praise the Lord for bringing people to know Him more and more! =)

Today's sermon was preached by Pastor Mark Collard, Senior Pastor of Equippers Church London City! It was really a great and eye-opening sermon! It wasn't regarding hard to be understood sermon, but it was easy yet he preached it in such a way that sounded so different! Thank God for him! I just realised he's from London! Weee perhaps I could join his church when I go over to London by then? Praise God! =))

So here it goes! =)

Bible Verses: Luke 17:11-19; 1 Timothy 4:4-5

- Whatever Jesus says, are going to be accomplished.
- What is thankfulness?
- Thankfulness is not about what you say, but attitude and the heart that is being thankful to God.
- Attitude of gratitude creates the atmosphere of favour all over our life.
- The more you know someone, the easier for you to be thankful.
- The more you get to know Him/her, the more you love Him/her for who He/she is.
- We got to know something about God to thank Him!
- Not just saying thank blindly, but by knowing Word of God to know Him more, and thank Him more.
- It's not easy to be thankful.
- Get back to God, and get your heart attuned to God, that heart will be filled with overflowing
- In every moment, thank God.
- Say grace to turn something you eat that is not good into something good!
- Thanksgiving has the power to sanctify!
- In bad situation, with the power of thankfulness, God has the power to turn it into something good!
- Thank God more often.
- 1) Joy of salvation is restored through the thankful spirit! Jesus, I'm thankful for what I've got!
- 2) Thankful heart will position us for God to move.
       Praise Him, glorify Him, lift Him up, then only God will ask you what you need and help you.
       Be thankful before you ask, then He will move.
       Prayer and thankfulness go hand-to-hand.
- 3) Thankful heart will always lead us to His presence (Psalm 100:4)
- Miracles happen, breakthroughs open up, favours come, in the presence of God! =)

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