Sunday, 24 June 2012

Third Sunday Service of June (24/6/12)! =)

Today I woke up early, pondering over which service to attend. Eventually I decided to attend 11.15am service and I believe this is not a coincidence. I think I've decided on the right one to attend solely due to the amazing sermon preached by Pastor David Yeow! Pastor Dave is an Associate Pastor of Acts Church and also the head of Campus ministry, held responsible for the welfare and reaching out of campus students.

Amazing sermon? Okay not that the other sermons preached were not amazing, but I believe this sermon has deeply touched me, and to a very large extent I was able to link myself with the sermon. He told us how he got to know Christ at the age of 11, and how he molded himself as who he is now, a strong hero in Christ, a role model for other brothers and sisters in their relentless attempts to continue drawing themselves closer to God. 

Through this sermon I believe many of my questions and doubts have been resolved, thank you so much Pastor Dave! Before the sermon, it was praying time when people praying for one another on anything. I didn't have anyone beside me, and Pastor noticed me, came and prayed for me. Immediately I felt peace when he mentioned about letting the Holy Spirit pour out on me. Praise the Lord! =) I didn't know he was going to preach the sermon for today until he went out. Hmm.

Anyway, here's the great sermon I've been talking about! May God bless you with this! =)

Bible verses: Ephesians 3:14-21

- Church is for people knowing God.
- God is moving around the nation & globe for people coming to know Him.
- People need God! Do you know God? =)
- There are alot of people who need to hear God's revival messages!
- Lies of enemy:
  i) Very difficult to tell people about God.
  ii) Very few people come to God.
- People are yearing for God's word!
- People, of all ages, are hungry for God.
- How do you know God is God, God is real? =)
- If God is real, when you pray, He will answer!
- It's not that God will fulfill your wish, but God will provide your deepest needs.
- Only God can give you peace.
- He demands everything, but provides everything by answering every prayers.
- Be a living (physical) sacrifice (spiritual).
- Theologically not ready to spread/share the word of God?
- Present it in a way that God is so real, share it to people!
- Gospel is not just for the Jews, but meant to be public knowledge, for everyone.
- Holy Spirit wants to strengthen our inner being!
- Mind knows, but body is physically weak, not convinced of own ability to share the Gospel.
- i) Be a witness:
     When you tell your friends about Jesus, they are actually listening. Holy Spirit has got our back,
     back us up and give us privilege to be partner with Him.
- ii) Be rooted and grounded in love:
      So that we won't get disappointed easily. When we face failures, try again! Obedience being
      powered by love.
- iii) God will do more than all we ask:
       He will do far more beyond, more than enough, that we should use. Even if you speak
       wrongly, God will turn it right! When you share it from the right place with the right intention,
       God will do far more than enough. As much as you want to invite your friends, God wants it
       MORE! =)

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