Monday, 24 March 2014

Three Updates of Summer 2013

As busy as I have been appearing to be, I'm going to keep this short and... sweet? 

I'm thankful for everything that has happened throughout last year, and there are indeed lots of happenings which I acknowledgingly failed to update. But here are the top 3 that left the most vivid impressions throughout my Summer 2013. 

2013 passed by me swiftly and now the first quarter of the 2014 is slipping by too. What prompted me to update this blog was my ironic nature to keep record of happenings in my life. As I have started planning for the much anticipated Summer 2014, I see the necessary step to note down a few important updates of last summer before I completely forgotten any of them. 

#1st Update: Brighton Day Trip with churchmates and friend (10 June) 

Short summary, the fish and chips is of the best value for money! Cheap and tasty.

Oh, and some memorable shots! 

My travel partners (Cherrie, Mei Yeen and Christine)! =) 

Backing the infamous landmark, Brighton Pier. 

1... 2... 3... JUMP!  

An apparent 'shortie', as tossed by Mei Yeen. 

My first fresh LIVING oyster drizzled with lemon juice! 

#2nd Update: My first working experience as a summer intern in Bank Negara. (17 June  - 6 September)

Here I was so priviledged to have undergone the supervision of a credit risk specialist outsourced from Oliver Wyman, and he was very attentive and engaging with his witty sharing of experiences in consulting realm. I mingled fairly well with friendly colleagues, seniors and bosses too! I even joined them for occasional Insanity sessions and badminton every Wednesday evening. Invited my boss to play badminton with me and other seniors a number of times, and man he's GOOD at it!

Throughout the internship I was exposed to various internal data systems in BNM for data extraction, forming the basis for further analysis to be carried out by risk analysts. 

This is my short summary on my 10-week internship experience with BNM. Do check it out for some flavour working in the Central Bank!
With Cheryl (manager), Aiman and Sue Jean (my fellow interns), during SRU Raya Open Day. 

With my first superior, Daniel Chin, on the last day of my internship.

#3rd Update: Loss of my Late Grandma (July 6, 2013) and demolishment of my grandma's house for the development of new housing project 

Devastatingly shocked by the news, we rushed back to Penang in the morning itself. At 82, my grandma passed away from myocardial infarction after being infected with late discovery of Hepatitis B. Having had been admitted into the hospital for quite many times throughout the years, we all concurred that she shall rest in peace. 

You will always be missed in our heart, my dearest Grandma. 

Chinese New Year 2011.

Prolly the most bizarre statement, it was one of the rare opportunities to gather with cousins for one whole week, and even get to know some distant cousins. Never knew I have a distant cousin of my age too. Unbeknownst to us the younger generation prior to the gathering, that was the last time we gathered at my late grandma's old wooden house in Balik Pulau. Apparently it was built in 1963, architected by my grandma herself. 

So we decided to shoot as many pictures as possible with our primary CNY gathering spot for the past 20+ years. 

Cousins from mom's side.

Posing in front of the year this house laid its first stone.

So here you go, top 3 happenings of my last summer! Thanks for reading the post. Stay tuned for more! 

Favourite Music! =)