Sunday, 26 December 2010

Me Again! =D

Hey there! It’s me again! I know, quite annoying isn’t it? LOL! =p I think I should update more since it’s holiday wooohooo!!! Well, few days ago Semester 1 Exam result was out finally! Guess what I got? :p Praise the Lord that I’ve gotten straight As, unexpectedly and gratefully at the same time. I was expecting a B for FM but well it turned out to be an A! Too excited about it, and think that it’s one of the best Christmas presents I would ever get.
Finally all my hard work has been paid off, it’s all worth it! Studied for the whole day, continuously for 3 weeks. I think I’m going to continue this study style cause it’s one of the most effectual methods, I believe. Should study consistently so that I wouldn’t face much problems later on, especially last minutes cramming. Oh yeah just to tell you all, that I’ve been sooooo unproductive for these few weeks since holidays started, cause I didn’t study at all! None! Zero! Well I’m going to start studying soon, just that I want to enjoy as much as possible for these few weeks without having to worry anything about study.
11th January is drawing nearer and nearer, so does my concern on upcoming Maths test involving first FIVE A2 chapters! >.< Have to really start studying soon, after my Melaka family trip on 27-29 December! Woooohooooo~ =P Ish! Just hate studying so much, that I keep finding excuses for not to study. =.= Anyways, to entertain us, mom planned a family trip to Genting a few days back! I would soon write a post on that, I promise! :p Though it was just lasting for two days one night, but still I think it was one of the best trips ever that I truly enjoyed and had tonnes of fun, at least in the year 2010! :D 
Oh yeah, Merry Christmas to everyone though 2 hours has passed after Christmas, but still I want to wish everyone! Happy Birthday Jesus and thanks for everything Lord! :D Hope that everyone had a great jolly Christmas! Cheers! =D 
“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”  Isaiah 9:6

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Holiday!!!!!!!! =p

Woooohooooo it's holiday now!!! Finally, the days that I longed for have arrived! xD Oh hey, I bet everyone knows that my Semester 1 exams had finally over! Woohooo hurray for that! Thank God that I managed to do most of the papers, well note the word "almost", cause honestly I literally screwed up my FM 2 - Mechanics! T_T Oh well it's over by the way, so just get over it man! My FM 1 was just so awesome that hopefully can pull up my FM 2 to grade A, so now I'm at the edge of getting A or B for my FM! Or .. hopefully not C! >.< Urgh, that's sucks if I ever get a C in my result. Opss, and sorry for the hiatus, for being such a lazy bum to update my blog! >.< Sorry guys! But well it's my blog, who cares, right? =p

So, what've I done so far for these 3 days holiday? Oh wait today is the forth day! *Noted* xD Hmm, went to KLCC initially with my friends Rasyad and Ika for PC fair but since there was nothing much to see, we went to watch movies instead! We watched Narnia and actually bought one large popcorn and large drink! Yummy.. I love popcorn! xD Sweet! Narnia was really awesome I would say, oh and with the starting shot at Cambridge University! Gosh, now I'm craving to apply for Cambridge Economics! No la jk.. .I still love you Actuarial Science! xD But it was really an ancient, beautiful building with serene atmosphere fulled with greenish field. =) Alright stop dreaming, will ya? =p Work it out if you really crave for it!

Next, Rasyad didn't bother to watch Rapunzel cause it was just so childish, and doesn't suit him at all. Oh well who cares, me and Ika decided to ditch him over, and proceeded to watch Rapunzel! Oh gosh, you should really grab the opportunity if you ever had to watch Rapunzel, cause it was really inspiring and at the same time, cuteness to the max! xD  Especially the baby Rapunzel, Pascal the chameleon (bleks!!!! xp) and Maximus the palace horse! Overall the movie was really funny that I literally laughed out loud for uncountable times! xD Well it was really worth watching indeed! =)

So, what's coming up? Oh yeah Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way, Oh what fun it is to ride, In a one horse open sleigh hey! xD  Eh wait, it's just 14 December! I shall keep that for 10 more days! xD As for my Christmas present, it'd be the Semester 1 Exam result!!!!!!!!!! Gosh.. hopefully it wouldn't turn out to be a bomb. B in FM is already expected, so yeah just have to bear with it! Just hope that it wouldn't turn out to be a C! T.T Of course, I would hope for an A in FM, preferably straight As in Semester 1 Exam. Wish me luck guys and girls! =)

Stay tuned to my channel and will be back soon! Ciaoz!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Back!!! =D

Yo what’s up everyone? xD I’m back!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone missing me? xP I know.. 2 months have passed since my last post! Ouch, that’s really long and I just realised it when I’m typing this. Sorry guys! Too busy studying for tests and exams! Just gotten some mood to write out something here! haha! xD 
You know, just couldn’t imagine that out of no where I became so hardworking, staying back in the library almost everyday until 6.30pm just to catch the second last bus (the last bus is at 9pm), skipping my evening sleep and going to Casa’s study room at the first floor to study after having my dinner. See, how preoccupied I am! >.<
Why? My Semester 1 exam is just around the corner, in 4 weeks time! OMG!!! Someone please kill me! >.< Believe it or not, I actually spend less and less time on Facebook—which is a good thing I suppose, and me myself couldn’t believe it neither. So it’s pretty normal for you people not to believe it! xD 
Oh well, before I forget something, just want to wish every Hindu friend a very happy Deepavali!!! Today is Deepavali eve, so I think this is quite a perfect time for me to wish! xD 
Oh and and, have you guys actually drunk? Me! I drunk for the very first time, when I was having my dinner with classmates in Yuan Steamboat Restaurant near Sunway Pyramid yesterday. The food were really scrumptious, and the BBQ Chicken Wings roasted with honey! Aww.. I like it so much! oh yeah, back to the main topic! Me drunk! omg! My classmates ordered three cans of beer, and I just tried a half cup of it. But, my friend bluffed me, told me to drink it fast fast and see what will happen to me. My God! I drank it like water and, 5 minutes later I felt hot and dizzy suddenly, with my reddish face altogether! >.< Ouch… just couldn’t concentrate! Luckily it just lasted for approximately an hour I guess. Hahaks, never want to touch beer anymore! xP 
Oh yeah, and want to tell you something, that I finally successfully screwed my FM2 test yesterday! Wooohooo! Cheers everyone! I didn’t even know how to do the second question, and literally took me 55 minutes to draw the diagram and stare at it after. Funny thing was, none of my classmates knows how to do neither, nor friends from the other FM class. Some of my friends did figure out ways to solve it, but it was too late cause they had passed up the test paper! For me.. still lost! Hahaks! xD But well, who cares, it’s just a test! No mark will be counted to the final anyhow! xP 
So yeah people, wish me tonnes of luck in my upcoming Semester 1 exam okay! Will get back to you guys when I’m free some day! xD

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Updates about Me!!! =)

Hey guys, sorry for the long hiatus! I know I know, for over a month I never posted anything here and almost lost contact with you all, eh? Not all I believe cause I always on Facebook! OMG, here comes the trouble! I think I have a big problem with Facebook -- I'm addicted to it! Despite knowing the fact that Facebook is a very dangerous place where private invasion can be easily done, still I surf it almost everyday, every hour, every second. No, not that serious still but then yeah, it's still considered as pretty serious for me. Someone just literally said I'm so lifeless for spending most of my time in front of Facebook and should really find some life for myself.

I have had the opportunity to sign myself up for a few clubs in college, but besides Christian Fellowship's meetings and events, practically I never attended any other clubs' meeting or training or whatever they called it as. Everyday after class I would be too tired and laziness always kicks in on time and that's when I would skip the meeting/training, though I knew that I shouldn't. Coming back from college, the first thing I would do after having my bath is SLEEP on my comfortable bed until dinner time! That's the time when I would be having my dinner and studying for various tests with the laptop and Facebook in front at the living hall of my apartment after that. See! Facebook again! Argh! I should really get rid of it! Or well, reduce the time of surfing it! xP

Anyways, I joined Dodgeball Club a.k.a Taylor's Hyena Club, Musics club, Dance Club and Christian Fellowship Club. Well, I think I should go and get some life out from it and it would be really fun I presume. Oh yeah, I had attended the Change Your World KL which was held on last Saturday at Sunway Convention Center, with my CF friends! With Relent's songs playing at the concert, overall it was really awesome and inspiring! I was so inspired by the speaker and always wanted to do something beneficial to the community since then, and I'm still! Oh oh, and congrats to my team M.A.D 4 KL for winning the best team in KL region! =D

I had even met YB Hannah Yeoh (The State Assemblyman of Subang Jaya) for the second time there, and she's such an inspiring person whom always think of the community first before herself and has been helping the Subang Jaya community since she won the election. Her ultimate vision is to fight corruption if I'm not mistaken, and this is so true that Malaysia is "famous" for her corruption. Most of my friends, if not all, gave bribe before in any form to ease the process of getting some particular jobs done, at least once. I could be wrong, but here is the fact! The most common case of giving bribe is bribe given when one is detained by the traffic police for flouting the traffic laws on the road. Well, to fight corruption, STOP giving bribe in any form! Every transformation starts from within, and who will change if not from ourselves?

Alright, will catch up with you later! See ya next time! =)

p/s: Wish me luck in fighting against Facebook! xD

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Happy 53rd Birthday Malaysia! =)

OMG OMG! So now it's the Merdeka Day! Again, patriotic songs and national flags are everywhere around the nation! =D It's time for us to think about the sacrifice that our forefathers did and appreciate what seems to be insignificant for the young generation now! From the independence delegation leaded by Tunku Abdul Rahman to the contributions all the leaders have made to our country, we should appreciate their hard works and enjoy our freedom now while we can. We might seem to gain freedom from the British colonisation 53 years ago, but we should aim higher to free from things that we have always wanted to change to a greater height. Like for example, people don't really like to pay toll as they are using the highway provided by the government or some companies, and they could change that! Heard that one of the Puchong tolls would be free of charge, just on the Independence Day this year, which is today! It's awesomeeeeeeee~~~ , which I hope for it to be true one day cause paying toll for the usage of the expressways certainly is a burden to the low income families.

Anyways, just wanted to say, Happy Independence Day, Malaysia! Selamat Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia! And here comes a 1 Malaysia theme song that I'm enjoying so much, and would like to share with you all. Enjoy and have fun today! =D

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Against The Gods! ^_^

Gosh I have been reading this book for 2 weeks, and I merely read 1/4 of it due to my busy schedule every weekday in college and various tests for my four subjects. My class starts at 8am and ends at 3 or 4pm every single day without fail, and I will be staying back after class for another one or two hour to finish my homework. Oh well, A-Levels life is so damn hectic, but heck, CPU life is even worst! Most of my housemates are CPU students, and everyday they have to discuss and do their coursework. Okay, stop ranting about hectic life of studying A-Levels. 

Oh yeah, I would like to recommend this book — Against The Gods cause this is indeed a book worth reading, if you had deep interest in reading the development of risk management since centuries ago. Ranging from the history of how renaissance people came out with the development of probability theories by as simple as throwing dice to the contemporary risk management methods, this is definitely a book that you wouldn’t want to miss out! Enough said about this book, since I haven’t finished my reading yet. I will update this post once I finished reading this.  

Friday, 23 July 2010

Random Dialogue With Further Maths 1 Teacher! XD

Student: Teacher, will we actually use Pure Maths(Further Mathematics) in our real life?
Teacher: Not really.
Student: Then why do we learn it?
Teacher: Erm... For the BEAUTY OF MATHS!
Student: Oh, why do we need to learn all these formulae?
Student: LOL! XD 

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Further Maths rocks!

Finally, Mr. Peter—my Further Maths 1 teacher has finished teaching the very first chapter of Further Pure Maths—Summing Series/Summation. At the very first glance of this chapter, I was like “WTH~ So damn hard!”, but now, everything seems to be easy for me cause I finally got to hang on it—the style of the questions, that would usually being asked in the exams. Now only I understood why my seniors kept on saying that Summation is the easiest topic in the Further Pure Maths, cause apparently it is quite easy, if you try to understand it and familiarize yourself with the questions and “style” of the questions and answers.

Oh yeah, I just had my second Maths test today and fortunately I was able to answer all those questions, except for the bonus question, which wasn’t really important anyway. The question was comprising of 3 sub-questions, and I almost got the answer for the first question, which would finally link me to my second and third questions’ answers! What a waste! But then never mind la, it’s a bonus question anyways, right? :) It doesn’t really matter on the total marks anyways. 

Alright gotta go now! See ya! Signing off~ 

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hectic week!

Hello everyone, I'm back! Had a hectic week indeed due to the various tests for Economics and Physics, as well as the typical killer -- Further Maths that gonna make me lost within the deep sea if I didn't study after class. Now only I understood how's the feeling of doing a Maths question for over an hour and two pages long, with a laptop in front of me of course! =P Summing Series still rocks babe! XD Although I admit that Further Maths is incredibly tough, still I like to do it! No idea why, maybe it's the passion towards Maths lies within me I guess. There was a day which I had to attend three classes of Further Maths continuously (one class per hour) and it did blow my mind off. I was like suffocating when I came out from the class! See the power of Further Maths? XD No worries, I still love you, Further Maths! Oh, I think I was really stressed out this week due to Further Maths and the tests given by my Economics and Physics teachers, which made me laughed like a mad fella when my friends did some random jokes, to release tension stuck beneath my head. My friends all looked at me, as if I just came out from Tanjung Rambutan or anywhere like that. Oh well, laughing is one of the most effective ways to release stress, ain't it? But hey, those jokes were really hilarious you know! XD 

Oh yeah, forgot to introduce you all with my new house-mates, who are Manveer, from Ipoh; Weng Fei, from KL; And Faizzul from Sarawak. To describe them, hmm... let see... Manveer is the one who I mentioned before in my previous post -- the Sikh who was gonna be my roommate, and apparently he is my roommate now! Oh well, wanna tell you all that he is indeed a guy fulled with the sense of humour, and his expression about something is so damn funny! LOL! HAHAHAHA!!! XD Opps, gonna be mad again! Sorry peeps! XD About Weng Fei, he is a guy who loves banana so much that he eats banana every morning for his breakfast! LOL! XD He's even holding the Taekwondo Black Belt Second Dan! Wootz! Don't play play~ Next, Faizzul! He's the only guy that I know who knows how to solve 5x5 version of Rubik's Cube! OMG! I only know how to solve the 3x3 version, but not this! Apparently 5x5 version is so much complicated that the 3x3 version, and hopefully I can get to master it in this one-year time from him as my house-mate! Oh yeah, they are all studying ICPU programme in Taylor's as JPA scholars and would be flying off to Canada next year to pursue Engineering; And their dream university is the University of Toronto, where I heard that the engineering courses offered there are among the best in Canada. So yeah, good luck to them then! Thanks guys for cherish up my life as my house-mates! xD 

It is indeed very interesting to find out about life of studying ICPU from my house-mates! Just their second day and Manveer has his very first coursework to be completed within a week! And for the others, they had their very first diagnostic tests of Advanced Functions and English if I'm not mistaken. Oh yeah, and all of them have to buy the original books as their lecturers are prohibiting the usage of photocopied books -- my most preferable choice, as the original books or even second hand books are so much more expensive than the photocopied one. They have to buy the books on their own expenses as JPA doesn't cover the book fees. So yeah, when they brought back their new original books, they were like taking care of it cause the books are really expensive and costs at least RM200 each, and Manveer even smelled the book, saying that it's the smell of success! XD  They even have new graphic calculators for the subject of Advanced Function, and they started to tease A-Levels student cause their lecturer said that A-Levels' life is some sort of dark ages, which is 100% exam based programme, whereby ICPU comprises of 70% coursework and 30% exams. It was really funny when Manveer frenzied that they can even download games and gadgets from the Internet into the calculators, as it was written at the cover. But then, when he said, how to use ah? XD HAHAHAHAHA!!! I was laughing like mad cause his expression was really hilarious! Oh well, typical modernised Sikh indeed. XD 

Alright, gotta go now! Stay tuned peeps! 

Signing off ~ 

Sunday, 11 July 2010

My Second Week in Taylor's! ^_^

Want to know any update about study? Hmm, well I think I'm coping well with Economics, Physics and Maths now, but not so pleasing for Further Pure Maths, which is still within the chapter of Summing Series for now. Just that I don't really comprehend about how this series can suddenly change into another, the process works just great for me! For Further Maths Mechanics, I think I'm having fun with it! Not much problem encountered for now. Oh yeah, I had just completed my first Maths test which covered the topics of Quadratics and Function, and I think I did well in it, but I got it wrong for second question, out of 6 questions. Never mind, let's let bygones be bygones. Up next, Economics and Physics test next week! Need to study it since Economics is a totally new subject for me, and apparently I need to understand and memorise some economical terms and theories, and try to apply those in the daily life. Hopefully I will do well in it! =)

The Malaysian Studies a.k.a MCQ, contrary to what I have heard from my seniors about its boredom, is indeed quite a fun subject due to the overwhelming sense of humour possessed by the lecturer, Mr Ari. It is quite a fun subject in the class, cause the lecturer loves to make jokes and keep the class alive! He even carried out "political campaign" in the class, urging students to vote him as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia! LOL! XD Quite funny, isn't it? =P Also, the multicultural breast feeding to develop the sense of oneness among the people of Malaysia to support the idea of 1Malaysia initiated by our PM. Haha! XD But, after I downloaded the course documents from the Blackboard 7 at the Taylor's Student Portal, I was quite surprised by the loads of notes that I have to read up. Apparently these notes are going to take off my time gradually and might affect the allocation of time for other subjects such as Further Maths and Economics. Anyways, hopefully I can utilise my time wisely and score these upcoming exams! Wish me luck peeps! =D

Life at Casa Subang! ^_^

Oh hey everyone! I know I know, I've been so quiet for all this while, or maybe just a week! =P Just to update myself, I have already relocated my apartment unit from A-17-06 up to A-19-05! Oh gosh, it's even higher now! Apparently some of my friends are envying me, saying that it will be cold at night and that's awesome since no air-cond is available in our apartment units, at least not for bankies. Undoubtedly, every benefit comes with a price that should be compensated, which is its downside! I have only one bankies house-mate, which is Harry Kumara, and he, or more precisely we, kept on complaining about the time we have to spend every day just to wait for the lift to reach our floor and take us down! Also, we have to wait for the lift to stop by one floor and another just to pick those people up, especially during peak hours (7am in the morning and 4pm in the evening).

Oh yeah, finally I changed from middle room to MASTER bedroom! Wootz! That's so so so awesome that I got to stay at larger room, and ostensibly it comes with a bathroom in it! Just that it don't have the water heater, and I have to endure the coldness of the water every morning if I were to use the master bathroom to take my bath! Nevertheless, I have get used to it and it's a good news for me! That's the advantage of me staying in the hostel for 2 years in the secondary school since I have to bath with cold water every morning! Wootz! Try to enjoy the shower of cold water pour down on me and surely I will have fun! XD Oh yeah, I will be having 3 new house-mates, who are JPA scholars and studying ADFP/ICPU in Taylor's. And I'm going to have a new roommate, who is a Sikh. I was hoping for a Chinese, but then since Miss Sonia, the manager of students accommodation arranged it in this way, never mind then! Just befriend with him and it should be alright! =)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

First Week at Taylor's! ^_^

Amigos! I'm back to my home sweet home finally, after a week staying at Casa Subang and studying at Taylor's Subang! It was a really great experience that I had in this whole week, and apparently I met lots of new friends as well. Oh yeah, I'm now in PE11, a class specifically designed for students who are taking the subject combination of Further Maths, Maths, Economics and Physics. And guess what, I'm the class rep, again, and I have to do lots of works involving photostat notes and exercises! Why me??? >.< Never mind, at least I can get some remarks at the testimonial in the end of the programme! Met lots of new friends, and there are a few international students in my class - from Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea! They are really amiable, and I'm glad that I'm in the same class with them for these one and a half years.

Since I'm studying A-Levels for 2 years programme, I would then have to repeat my third semester in my forth semester, and hopefully it would be a much relaxing programme for me as compared to other peers cause I would learn the A2 Level syllabus twice! Well, for now everything seems to be okay, and the myth of Further Maths being tough is no longer a myth anymore! I have attended the class few days ago, and apparently it wasn't that easy! There are 2 FM teachers in my class in which one of them (Mr.Peter) is teaching Pure Maths, and the other one (Mr.Teh) is teaching Mechanics and Statistics. Despite both of them are overwhelmed with the sense of humours, eventually I still have to struggle with my Further Maths cause it wasn't an easy subject! So as to my peers who are taking Sociology, have fun with it too! xD I'm totally having fun with FM now! xD

Okay, here's my daily schedule for these 2 years, or at least, for this week:

6.00-6.30am            : Wake up from the bed.
7.00-7.30am            : Ride on a shuttle bus from Casa Subang to Taylor's.
8.00am-10.00am    : Class.
10.00am-10.55am  : Break.
11.00am-1.00pm    : Class.
1.00pm-1.55pm      : Lunch break.
2.00pm-3/4.00pm : Class. (except Friday, which the class ends at 1pm.)
3/4.30pm                : Ride on a shuttle bus in front of Taylor's back to Casa.
5.00pm-7.00pm     : Online/study/sleep/exercise/playing games
7.00pm-8.00pm     : Dinner time.
8.00pm-1.00am     : Online/study/playing games.
1/2.00am                : Sleeping time! xD

What you guys/girls think about my schedule? Pretty bored, isn't it? Well, this is life! Have to install more games for me to play! Oppss, oh yeah, Further Maths kill! Okay okay, going to study now! xD

Friday, 25 June 2010

The Beginning of My New Journey!!! ^_^

Greetings all!!! 

Yep yep, my new important chapter of life has begun today! No, I'm not getting married apparently, as what Jia Rong said in the blog! LOL! xD  I have registered at Taylor's College Subang Jaya today, met with lots of sponsored students of JPA, Security Commission, Petronas, and of course, my beloved Bank Negara Malaysia! =D Well, to be frank, Taylor's seemed small from my first sight, which I believe most of the people who've been there will agree to. Done all those registration things, and entered a lecturer room for briefing by the Principal of All Pre-U programme, Mr. Ananda and Casa Subang accommodation representatives.

Then, we were all being separated and guided to the lecturer halls respectively, according to the sponsors. Apparently I was being guided to the lecturer hall for Bank Negara Malaysia scholarship, and later a speech was given by the manager of scholarship section, Madam Rafidah. She briefed to us about the allowances, requirement to proceed the scholarship from Pre-U category to undergraduate's, and the registration form of Taylor's. Every BN scholar has to attain at least 2A 1B to continue the scholarship enjoyment. Hopefully I can do it, or else... Okay! No or else, I must achieve it!!! Even though I'm taking Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Physics, one of the most competitive subjects combinations, I still have to score those subjects's exams! Most of the BN scholars didn't dare to take the risk of taking Further Maths, so yeah, I think I'm the only one taking this subject, for the July intake. But all those hard works and patience would definitely be worthwhile I believe! With persistence, interest, and hard works, nothing is unachievable though! ^_^ 

Okay, skip that! There were 14 BN scholars who would be studying A-Levels at Taylor's, fortunately selected based on the application by using actual result--5 Chinese, 2 Indian and 7 Malays. I didn't talk much to those Malays today, but will do in the next few days. For the Indian, I knew one of them much earlier via Facebook, introduced by my friend. One guy (Harry)(Accountancy) and one girl (Dharrnesha)(Economics) for the Indian, and Harry is staying in the same unit apartment with me, but different room though. He will be my roommate after relocation next week I believe! ^_^ For the Chinese, there were 4 girls and one boy, and I'm the one! Haha! xD Well, 3 of them have already started their A-Level programme at Taylor's since January, so they won't be in the same class with me, including Huey Yuin. 

What about the other girl? Guess what, she's one of the Kijang Emas recipients and would be pursuing Medicine later, which means she's one of the top 30 national top scorers! And she would be studying A-Levels for 2 years programme as well, with me! Gosh, I felt so lucky for being her classmate, even though merely for 2 subjects--Maths and Physics. She's taking Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry anyways. Here is the fact : All the allowances of Kijang Emas Scholarship and BNM Scholarship are exactly the same; Just that the Kijang Emas Scholarship doesn't has any bond, but BNM Scholarship does. The feeling of gratefulness immensely overwhelmed me abruptly for being able to obtain this BNM Scholarship when I know the fact. Anyways, the 10-year-bond is all worthwhile cause I can acquire invaluable experience from the job as a qualified actuary in the Central Bank of Malaysia. Plus, the bank do covers the examination fees of my series of actuarial professional exams. By the time I finish serving my bond at the age of 33, I will be a honourable qualified actuary by then, hopefully! 

Next, we had our lunch at the cafeteria and the food there were fantastic! We had a plate of white rice, topped with fried chickens, curry, mixed vegetables and fruits--honeydew and watermelon. Later, we were all brought to the Casa Subang condominium and the keys of our rooms were given to us. Four forms were given to us to check out everything inside our apartment units respectively as well as to report those complaints, just in case there is anything that we don't really satisfy on. Well, I did write quite a number of complaints regarding the appliances and furnitures in my room. For instance, the round-light bulb was way too dim I think, and apparently it wouldn't be suitable for me to study at night with that degree of brightness! I will definitely need a table light, if they(the apartment people) couldn't repair it! =_= Anyways, I won't be staying long in the room cause Sonia, the manager of the students accommodation, said that she will try to group all the July intake Bank Negara scholars to stay in the same floor or maybe different floor for the guys--me, Harry and Syahmi.  After the seniors check out from their rooms next week, we might have a relocation to another floor! Oh yeah, I'm now staying at Casa Subang Condominium, with my unit number of A-17-06, and the middle room. =) 

I moved some of my luggages which had been swiftly packed yesterday night into my wardrobe inside my rooms, and for now, only 80% of the luggages were packed. I'm now typing this post at my home sweet home, and would be back to Casa on Sunday night, bringing the remaining 20% of my luggages with me. The orientation week will be started on this coming Monday, and hopefully I can meet up with lots of nice new friends! Couldn't wait for it now! XD Good luck everyone by the way! =) Signing off~ 

p/s: Tomorrow is my previous school's Carnival Day!!! Woots! XD Have fun! =D

Thursday, 17 June 2010

YouthSays Advertising!!! ^_^

Hey peeps! Feel free to promote these campaigns below by simply clicking these links and THAT's ALL!!! No worries cause they are all free of virus or anything like that! Thanks a lot peeps! I really appreciate it! =D

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

World Cup Fever!!! ^_^

The competition for the world most famous game besides Olympic Games finally arrived again, at South Africa this time! I believe almost everyone is so obsessed with the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches, and some of the people around us are actually gambling with those matches throughout the whole competition -- a common scene though. This is the time for all football fans to hang out, spend their time in front of the television or perhaps live on the scene itself to watch the most extraordinary game for them.

For now, I have watched the match of Germany Vs. Australia, and it was indeed a perfectly interesting football match that I have ever seen. I'm not an avid football fan, but at least I didn't fall asleep throughout the whole match. Probably the match between Germany Vs. Australia is the first match that I watched every part of it! The most amazing part was, the forth goal by Cacau from Germany was scored just after 3 minutes the third goal scored by Mueller. Germany was just totally on fire!!! Eventually, Germany won the match with 4:0 against Australia. The German team was just spendid on the game! Besides, South Korea and Japan have made it to the next ground, and I, as an Asian, am really proud of those teams. The match today would be the match between North Korea and Brazil. Would the North Korea win Brazil, or a draw, or be defeated? We will just wait and see. Stay tuned for that ! xD

As the official anthem for the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup, Waka waka by Shakira has gained its popularity throughout the globe, and it has became one of my favourite songs too! Here are the lyrics of Waka waka:

Enjoy peeps!!! Stay tuned ! Signing off~ 

BNM Award Ceremony to excellent bank staffs' children!!! ^_^

On this past Saturday, my dad brought my whole family to the Award Ceremony to excellent bank staffs' children organised by the Central Bank of Malaysia. As everyone may has known, I got a mixture of 10A+/A's in the SPM exam last year, while my younger sis got 7A's in her PMR exam last year. On that morning, we woke up early at 7am and prepared ourself for the event. Once I reached the BNM building, me and my younger sis went to the registration desks to register our names; And later on my mom and I went to the desk to look for Miss Rafidah to get my contract documents. When I took a glance at the offer letter, once again I felt extremely grateful for getting the Bank Negara Scholarship. We were so lucky that we were treated breakfast in the building, and once again the generousity of the bank had been proven!

While I was waiting the commencement of the whole event, suddenly Azrul Hisyam, my Facebook friend greeted me and conversed with me. Congratulations to him, cause he got both JPA (Medicine to Poland) and BNM (Actuarial Science!!! to UK) at the same time, and I think he's going to reject BNM due to his deep interest in Medicine. =.= Nevertheless, I'm still happy for him that he get to decide the best pathway for him. Besides, I have met with Sabrina, another BNM scholar before the Award Ceremony started, when every award recipient was lining up at the same role and starting to talk to each other. She would be studying A-Levels in KTJ for 2 years, before flying off to UK to pursue Economics. It was really nice meeting them on that day! ^_^

When the Governor arrived at the scene, everyone kept quiet and definitely I could feel her strong aura at that particular time. Indeed a very respectable person. Not long after, the event started with "Negaraku" and award ceremony started with UPSR students, until PMR students, eventually to SPM students and Pre-U students. Here are a few pictures during the award ceremony:

Me queue-ing for my turn during the award ceremony! ^_^ 

The first guy is Azrul Hisyam who I mentioned earlier! ^_^ 

Receiving the award with RM 800 from the honourable Governor!!! ^_^ 

Outside the hall, me waiting for the group picture to be captured! ^_^ 

 Me, my younger sis, my dad and mom! ^_^ 

After capturing the group picture of all the SPM award recipients with the Governor, we went to the classy cafeteria to rest for a while. On the way there, I met with Yi ying, a ReComer,  BNM scholar and staff's daughter as well. My mom requested favour from her to take my family's picture, and here it is: 

 Probably this is the first and most beautiful family photo that I have ever seen in my whole life! 
(From left: My elder sis, mom, dad, younger sis and me! ) 
(Venue: In front of BNM's cafeteria)
(Credit to Yi Ying)

After talking to Yi Ying for a few minutes, she left with her parents. It was really nice meeting her too! =) Here are a few more pictures that have been captured on that day: 

 At the compound of BNM, in front of the cafeteria! ^_^ 

With my parents inside BNM's cafeteria! ^_^

Seems like facing bankruptcy eh? LOL! xD 

This looks better in any way! ^_^ 

Alright, that's all for this post! Stay tuned peeps! Signing off~ 

Monday, 14 June 2010

Singapore Trip 2010 (7-10 June)

Hey people! I'm back! Sorry for the long hiatus and allow me to continue writing this blog! In this episode, I would be posting about my Singapore trip last week! My mom was having her business meeting with her colleagues from Japan, Korea and Taiwan in Singapore. So, me and my elder sister grabbed the golden opportunity to visit the Lion City while my mom was having her meeting. My mom took a flight from KLIA to Singapore, while me and my sis took a Konsortium bus straight to Singapore.

Cut all those craps, all of us were staying in Mandarin Orchard Singapore, for 4 days 3 night. I knew that it's indeed a very deadly expensive hotel for us to stay. But no worries, the accommodation was fully supported by the company my mom works in, due to the official meeting with her counterparts from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. On Tuesday morning -- which was the second day there, my sis and I took a MRT from Somerset station to City Hall station for a walk around the area. What amazed me the most was the cleanliness of the stations as well as the streets at Singapore. Basically you wouldn't see any rubbish on the floor, not even a piece of paper! Malaysia would need a very long time just to achieve these I can assure you!

Around the City Hall MRT station, with the guidance of a map for us, we walked to the Singapore Art Museum. Walking on the streets of Singapore was really enjoyable and definitely it was a great experience for me. Due to the expensive fees for entrance of Singapore Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore, we didn't manage to get it and merely took a few pictures of those wonderful places. Here are a few pictures took there:

At the front of Singapore Art Museum! ^_^ 

It's cute!!! At the Singapore Art Museum! ^_^ 

The National Museum of Singapore! Look at its perfect, wonderful architectural design crafted at the building!!! ^_^ 

At the National Museum of Singapore! ^_^ 

Nice staircase picture of mine inside the National Museum of Singapore! ^_^ 

With some statues near the National Museum of Singapore! ^_^ 

Next, we walked to Peranakan Museum, which is just a few streets away from the National Museum of Singapore. Inside, we were lucky enough to be given the chance to pay merely student price for the entrance fees by the kind staffs there, even though we were not students from Singapore. We really appreciated that and decided to pay $ 3 dollar each to visit the museum. From there, finally I got the opportunity to discover everything about Peranakan in depth. Here are a few interesting pictures taken around the Peranakan Museum: 

Inside the Peranakan Museum! ^_^ 

One more nice staircase picture of mine inside the Peranakan Museum! ^_^

Peranakan's wedding! ^_^

Nice one, with a lion statue! ^_^ 

Wedding of Chinese Peranakan! ^_^ 

The traditional Peranakan ladies costume! ^_^ 

In front of the Peranakan Museum, holding the hand of the cute little statue girl! ^_^ 

Time to go back to the hotel, and it's the end of our second day in Singapore! 

At the Stanford House, while walking back to the City Hall MRT Station! ^_^ 

On the third day, my cousin who's working in Singapore went to the hotel we were staying in, to be with us for the whole entire day, while my mom was still having her meeting for the last day on that day. We went for a walk at the Wild Wild Wet and took some nice pictures there. 

With my elder sis at Wild Wild Wet~ xD 

With my elder sis at the entrance of Wild Wild West! ^_^

With my cousin at the one of the parks in Singapore! ^_^ 

With my sis at the park! ^_^ 

After the walk at Wild Wild Wet and the park near the area, we went back to the hotel by taking a taxi. It was the first time I took a taxi in Singapore I think, and what surprised me the most was that the taxi drivers seemed to drive so fast, as if like they were rushing for some occasions. Never mind, personally, I LOVE SPEED! xD 

By the time I reached my hotel room, my mom was already inside the room and was about to go out for dinner with her colleagues. My mom said that she want to bring me and my sis as well to her dinner, so I quickly took a bath and accompanied her as well as my sis down to the lobby of the hotel, preparing for her colleagues and the taxi. Here is the place, where I saw two luxurious Maserati parked in front of my hotel. 

Yeah yeah! Here they are! xD 

We (Me, elder sis, mom and her colleagues) went to the one of the restaurants in the Riverside Point to had our dinner. That was my first time to get a little taste of Tiger Beer, cause my mom's colleagues ordered two jar of those. It was indeed bitter, and I don't really like it! Still, I prefer my fruit juice and I had two cups of Lemon juice with Aloe Vera. xP We had three kilo of crabs cooked with pepper sauce (1 kilo) and chilly (2 kilo), a large plate of fried rice with slices of fried eggs, a medium plate of spaghetti and a small plate of kangkung. Overall the food was really delicious, and all of us were very contented with the dinner that night. But the price would really scare everyone of you, and it did scare me tremendously! The price for the dinner that night was $ 282 Dollar, which could be converted into RM 650+ easily!!! Too bad I didn't take any picture of the dinner ate, but below are a few pictures taken near the Riverside Point. 

After the dinner, my mom's colleague had to catch his flight back to Japan on that night itself, so we sent him to the taxi stop to get a taxi for him. Later, we walked around the area near the Riverside Point and took some pictures there, even though those pictures might be blur a little. 

Royal Selangor Building in Singapore!!! ^_^ 

With my mom! ^_^ 

One of the bars at the area near the Riverside Point! ^_^ 

The restaurants around the Riverside Point! ^_^ 

My mom and me sitting at the Riverside Point! ^_^ 

Later at night, at 10.30pm, my sis, mom, cousin and me took a MRT to the nearest station to Marina Bay, intended to visit the Merlion Park. 

Then, when we intended to walk towards the Marina Bay, instead we walked towards the direction of Golden Sand (Jin Sha) Casino. No idea though on how we got there, but since we were there, my mom and sis entered the casino, just for visiting the casino -- not gambling of course ; While my cousin and I couldn't enter cause we are still underage. The legal age for the entrance into casino is 21, and apparently I'm not even 18 yet! xD It was 12am, and we were at the Golden Sand (Jin Sha) Casino! However, here are a few pictures captured by my sis inside the casino. 

After a few minutes sitting outside the entrance of the casino, finally my mom and sis went out and we took a taxi back to our hotel. It was so exhausting but I did enjoy it very much! xD In the next morning, we checked out from the hotel at 1pm, walked around Orchard Road and took our last meal in Singapore at the ION Mall. After that, my mom took a flight back back to KLIA, while me and my sis took a Transnational bus back to KL. 

Overall, the trip to Singapore this time was really fun and enjoyable! It was indeed a very unforgettable experience for me, and of course walking around the city of Singapore burnt tonnes of calories within me; And it's a good thing I suppose! xD That's all peeps! Hope that you guys enjoyed reading my post! Stay tuned for next episode ! 

Signing off~ 

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Got UK!!! ^_^

I have just received an e-mail from BNM again, just two days after I was informed about the great news! Here it is as below:

Dear Scholar,

Subject to your acceptance of our scholarship offer, you are required to register for your A-Level Program at Taylor's as follows:

Date: 25 June 2010 (Friday)

Time: 7.30 am

Venue: Taylor's College Subang Jaya,
           No. 1, Jalan SS15/8,
          47500 Subang Jaya,

The Bank will be sending you the letter of offer and contract documents (if you have not received it) together with the college registration booklet by end of next week. Please be advised that you will have to hand in the contract documents to us on the registration day itself. You are also required to bring along the college registration booklet.

Scholarship Section
Bank Negara Malaysia

After I read this email, there was a great hope in my mind that I'm going to get UK as my country, which turned out to be true after my mom confirmed it with the manager of BNM's scholarship section. I would like to thank everyone who helped and supported me for all these while, especially my parents and my dearest friends! I would never forget everyone of you cause friends are the ones who make my life to be meaningful, and I'm really appreciate every single one of you! As the conclusion, I would be doing Cambridge A-Levels in Taylor's College Subang Jaya for 2 years, before flying off to UK for 3 years to pursue my dream course - Actuarial Science. Good luck everyone in your future endeavour!!! ^_^  

Monday, 31 May 2010

Dreams Come True!!! ^_^

While I was feeling happy and grateful regarding the call from Shell about the phone interview few hours ago, suddenly I saw an email reached my inbox signalling the title of BNM. I was really nervous about it, wondering what would that be from the bank. Here it is, the message conveyed in the email:

Saudara Ng Chia Wei,

Tahniah kerana terpilih untuk menerima Anugerah Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia Peringkat Pra-Ijazah Sesi 2010/2011 bagi mengikuti kursus Sains Aktuari. Biasiswa berkenaan adalah untuk mengikuti program-program persediaan Ijazah luar negara di kolej-kolej tempatan. Sila fakskan borang yang dikepilkan ke 03- 26942909 dengan segera sekiranya saudara menerima tawaran Biasiswa ini.

Saudara akan dihubungi oleh pihak Bank Negara Malaysia untuk tawaran rasmi Biasiswa dan urusan pendaftaran kolej selewat-lewatnya pada minggu hadapan.

Terima kasih.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed these words repetitively cause finally, I've got the golden opportunity to pursue my dreams! I have always wanted to study Actuarial Science, as most of my friends knew about it. Luckily, the Bank is kind enough to give me my first choice, cause I was so worried that they might be giving me other courses such as Economics and Accounting, since they don't really need lots of qualified actuaries in the bank; And due to my odd dream, my scholarships applications were rejected by numerous scholarships institutions including the most famous Public Service Commission a.k.a. JPA, Petronas, Sime Darby, UEM, TNB, TM, ASEAN, PNB, Japan MEXT, etc. Not even a place in Matriculation college was given to me, albeit after I sent in the appeal.  Until now, I can't actually believe my eyes that I finally got it!!! Thanks God, my parents and all my friends who indeed have been helping me since the very beginning. Thanks to everyone who helped and consoled me when I was being overwhelmed by these pathetic rejections. I would never forget you all, and apparently I'm really appreciate it. =)

After almost every rejection, finally BNM accepted me! This case has successfully proven that not getting JPA scholarship may be a good thing for me, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise! Thanks a tonnes, and good luck everyone!!! Hopefully I can do well in my study and succeed in my future endeavor, so as the others!!! ^_^

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Greatest Rejection Ever!!! T_T

Upon rejected by a dozen of scholarships institutions, I was highly hoping at the very common scholarship that everyone would most likely to apply for - JPA. Obviously, there was a stiff competition among the excellent students nationwide, since JPA is only capable of offering 1500 places to those students for overseas program. Probably there are tonnes of excellent students this batch who scored lots of A+, but instead of 2000 places offered for the previous years, JPA reduced the number to 1500. Due to economics recession maybe, and we as the students, are the major victims. Lots of my friends who actually scored way better than me failed to get the scholarships, including me of course. Also, the introduction of A+ to the students end of last year shocked and intimidated almost every SPM'09 student, cause they were not given enough time to prepare adequately to score A+, which technically means above 90% marks.

Personally, I was really down and depressed over the rejection of JPA, and couldn't really handle it yesterday. In fact, for the whole day! I skipped my lunch and merely ate dinner. For my close friends who kept consoling me when I was being emotional yesterday, sincerely I want to thank all of you for being all ear to me for the whole day long, and you all are the most precious gifts to me. Now, I can only hope at BNM, my last chance to get a scholarship by using my SPM result, which would be announced on any day within next week. Apparently it would be even tougher than JPA, since everyone had tried their best in their interview process. Nevertheless, I can only hope now and hope that everything would turn out fine.

Anyways, congratulations to my friends who get selected to be JPA, Petronas and MARA scholars!!! Good luck to all of you in your future endeavor. Remember, getting a scholarship doesn't mean that the life is a bed of roses now. You still have to work hard to achieve success in your life! All the best! =)

P/S: Going to work out on the appeal letter to JPA and also through MCA! Wish me luck guys and girls! =)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Day After Today!!! ~.~

Well, as everyone would have knew, JPA result would be announced tomorrow. The fateful and historical date for me, may it be a day full of joy or sorrow. Apparently this year JPA delayed their announcement date from 12 May 2010 to 21 May 2010, and hopefully it would all worth it. Also, my mom called BNM just now, and fortunately the call was answered by the manager of scholarship section herself. She said that the scholarship result would be announced latest by Monday, and most probably would be. For this scholarship application by using actual result, BNM would offer 45 scholarships to candidates with top 45 highest marks, which is higher than merely 20 places offered to candidates by using trial result last year. Good luck everyone! =D Hopefully I can secure at least one of those scholarships. =)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Beauty of Mathematics

1 x 8 + 1 = 9
12 x 8 + 2 = 98
123 x 8 + 3 = 987
1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876
12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765
123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654
1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543
12345678 x 8 + 8 = 98765432
123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

1 x 9 + 2 = 11
12 x 9 + 3 = 111
123 x 9 + 4 = 1111
1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111
12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111
123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111
1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111
12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111
123456789 x 9 +10= 1111111111

9 x 9 + 7 = 88
98 x 9 + 6 = 888
987 x 9 + 5 = 8888
9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888
98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888
987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888
9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888
98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888

Brilliant, isn't it? 
And finally, take a look at this symmetry.

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321
1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321
11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321
111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

Taken from here.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Kiss Good Bye to Thomas Cup 2010! =(

Well, I believe that everyone is aware of the Thomas Cup for this whole week and the news that all the Malaysian teams have completely lost to China's. I watched the match between Lin Dan and Chong Wei, and unexpectedly they seemed like warming up in the beginning. However, Lin Dan seemed to warm up faster as compared to Chong Wei and eventually lead Chong Wei by double the scores of Chong Wei at the first half. Amazingly, when Lin Dan reached the score of 18, Chong Wei suddenly counter attacked against Lin Dan and able to score until 17 when Lin Dan beat him at the first match. Well, I think he thought that he would be able to fight back at the second match, which most of us are hoping about, but eventually he didn't!!! He started to be tension when Lin Dan surpassed him by at least 5 marks, and this condition remained throughout the whole match! At last, as expected, Chong Wei was beaten by Lin Dan with the result of second match 21-9. Gosh! How could Chong Wei be so relax in the beginning and lost to Lin Dan at the first round, while totally lost hope when Lin Dan surpassed him by at least 10 points at the second round? Lin Dan is still the great one, and apparently Chong Wei has to train harder for the next encounter with his ultimate rival. 

What frustrated me the most was, the attitude of some of the spectators at the stadium. There was a Malaysian spectator who booed and showed "thumb down" hand signs at Lin Dan just now, during the second match's first half, and I think he was indeed very unethical! Malaysian, we seriously need to change our attitude, although not all, but a drop of ink can spoil the whole jar of milk! It would affect our country's global image, and that would be the resistance for our country to be on par with those advanced countries around the globe; Continue to be the third world country! Oh well, by the way, Lin Dan took off his shirt after he won the so called "World No.1" single badminton player Chong Wei, and danced half-nakedly at the court, in a Muslim country; And I think it was done in an inappropriate way, in which he should know that the whole citizens of Malaysia were watching this match, and he should respect the Malaysians. I was wondering why there was no one there to throw at least an egg towards him. Hmm... Just kidding! LOL... XD 

My First Week Experiences in Form 6!!! ^_^

Well this week was pretty nice for me, and as I am in Physics class, my class have only 5 girls (3 Chinese 1 Indian 1 Malay) and others all boys! So, it was quite boring actually, if you know what I meant. =P

On the second day, it was quite bored as most of the teachers didn't came in but only my class teacher. She explained to us about the format of Pengajian Am and out of my expectation, she has gained her Master in Psychology. Then, I took my chance to ask her about my dilemma, whether to take Physics or Accounting in my A-Levels. She couldn't really give me the answers, and eventually she advised me to go to the counselling room, to seek advices from the counselling teachers. There were a few students there taking personality tests, for they want to change from the Science stream to the Arts stream. Finally, after everything else was over, I still sticked to my initial choice and not to change to Arts Stream - I would be taking Physics instead of Accounting. =)

On the third day, the orientation started and it was rather bored with various welcoming speeches by the administration board. After the speeches ended, the counselling teacher gave us a talk regarding the relation between the packages of subjects offered in the school and the courses offered in the local public universities. Some personalities tests were given after the talk and oh well, I think I knew myself quite well. XD

On the forth day, the orientation continued and an Explore Race was organised to entertain the Lower 6 students, as well as to bond friendship between the group members. I was elected as the group leader; And I was quite happy for being able to lead the members, try my best to ace the challenges faced by my group, and eventually try out the traditional games in Malaysia such as Batu Seremban, Gasing, Bulu tangkis, etc. It was fun and great experience for me, and all of us enjoyed it immeasurably. Finally, orientation ended on that day. Thanks to teachers and Upper 6 students, we enjoyed it a lot! =)

Today, my class started officially and I got to know my Physics and Maths T teachers. Well, today all the teachers didn't start to teach us, but merely chatting with the students, and I was sitting at the front row. I asked about the qualification of my Maths T teacher, and expectedly he is a degree holder of Bachelor in Science (Mathematics) from Malaya University(UM). He then asked me about my ambition, and he was surprised with it and asked about my result, my future plan and pathways. Later after the recess, I went back to the class and my Pengajian Am teacher was already inside the class. She didn't really teach much, but she was really nice and chatted a lot too. Suddenly, she want to choose the class monitor since my class still didn't have the leader. Nobody want to be the volunteer, and unexpectedly teacher chose me as the class monitor. Oh gosh! How could I be the class monitor since I would be only there for one and a half months? Nevertheless, after my friends persuaded me that I am qualified to be the class monitor even for only the limited period, I have to accept it eventually. Hopefully I can do my best in my part time job as the class monitor of the Physics class! =)

Favourite Music! =)