Sunday, 11 July 2010

Life at Casa Subang! ^_^

Oh hey everyone! I know I know, I've been so quiet for all this while, or maybe just a week! =P Just to update myself, I have already relocated my apartment unit from A-17-06 up to A-19-05! Oh gosh, it's even higher now! Apparently some of my friends are envying me, saying that it will be cold at night and that's awesome since no air-cond is available in our apartment units, at least not for bankies. Undoubtedly, every benefit comes with a price that should be compensated, which is its downside! I have only one bankies house-mate, which is Harry Kumara, and he, or more precisely we, kept on complaining about the time we have to spend every day just to wait for the lift to reach our floor and take us down! Also, we have to wait for the lift to stop by one floor and another just to pick those people up, especially during peak hours (7am in the morning and 4pm in the evening).

Oh yeah, finally I changed from middle room to MASTER bedroom! Wootz! That's so so so awesome that I got to stay at larger room, and ostensibly it comes with a bathroom in it! Just that it don't have the water heater, and I have to endure the coldness of the water every morning if I were to use the master bathroom to take my bath! Nevertheless, I have get used to it and it's a good news for me! That's the advantage of me staying in the hostel for 2 years in the secondary school since I have to bath with cold water every morning! Wootz! Try to enjoy the shower of cold water pour down on me and surely I will have fun! XD Oh yeah, I will be having 3 new house-mates, who are JPA scholars and studying ADFP/ICPU in Taylor's. And I'm going to have a new roommate, who is a Sikh. I was hoping for a Chinese, but then since Miss Sonia, the manager of students accommodation arranged it in this way, never mind then! Just befriend with him and it should be alright! =)

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