Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Further Maths rocks!

Finally, Mr. Peter—my Further Maths 1 teacher has finished teaching the very first chapter of Further Pure Maths—Summing Series/Summation. At the very first glance of this chapter, I was like “WTH~ So damn hard!”, but now, everything seems to be easy for me cause I finally got to hang on it—the style of the questions, that would usually being asked in the exams. Now only I understood why my seniors kept on saying that Summation is the easiest topic in the Further Pure Maths, cause apparently it is quite easy, if you try to understand it and familiarize yourself with the questions and “style” of the questions and answers.

Oh yeah, I just had my second Maths test today and fortunately I was able to answer all those questions, except for the bonus question, which wasn’t really important anyway. The question was comprising of 3 sub-questions, and I almost got the answer for the first question, which would finally link me to my second and third questions’ answers! What a waste! But then never mind la, it’s a bonus question anyways, right? :) It doesn’t really matter on the total marks anyways. 

Alright gotta go now! See ya! Signing off~ 

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