Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Updates about Me!!! =)

Hey guys, sorry for the long hiatus! I know I know, for over a month I never posted anything here and almost lost contact with you all, eh? Not all I believe cause I always on Facebook! OMG, here comes the trouble! I think I have a big problem with Facebook -- I'm addicted to it! Despite knowing the fact that Facebook is a very dangerous place where private invasion can be easily done, still I surf it almost everyday, every hour, every second. No, not that serious still but then yeah, it's still considered as pretty serious for me. Someone just literally said I'm so lifeless for spending most of my time in front of Facebook and should really find some life for myself.

I have had the opportunity to sign myself up for a few clubs in college, but besides Christian Fellowship's meetings and events, practically I never attended any other clubs' meeting or training or whatever they called it as. Everyday after class I would be too tired and laziness always kicks in on time and that's when I would skip the meeting/training, though I knew that I shouldn't. Coming back from college, the first thing I would do after having my bath is SLEEP on my comfortable bed until dinner time! That's the time when I would be having my dinner and studying for various tests with the laptop and Facebook in front at the living hall of my apartment after that. See! Facebook again! Argh! I should really get rid of it! Or well, reduce the time of surfing it! xP

Anyways, I joined Dodgeball Club a.k.a Taylor's Hyena Club, Musics club, Dance Club and Christian Fellowship Club. Well, I think I should go and get some life out from it and it would be really fun I presume. Oh yeah, I had attended the Change Your World KL which was held on last Saturday at Sunway Convention Center, with my CF friends! With Relent's songs playing at the concert, overall it was really awesome and inspiring! I was so inspired by the speaker and always wanted to do something beneficial to the community since then, and I'm still! Oh oh, and congrats to my team M.A.D 4 KL for winning the best team in KL region! =D

I had even met YB Hannah Yeoh (The State Assemblyman of Subang Jaya) for the second time there, and she's such an inspiring person whom always think of the community first before herself and has been helping the Subang Jaya community since she won the election. Her ultimate vision is to fight corruption if I'm not mistaken, and this is so true that Malaysia is "famous" for her corruption. Most of my friends, if not all, gave bribe before in any form to ease the process of getting some particular jobs done, at least once. I could be wrong, but here is the fact! The most common case of giving bribe is bribe given when one is detained by the traffic police for flouting the traffic laws on the road. Well, to fight corruption, STOP giving bribe in any form! Every transformation starts from within, and who will change if not from ourselves?

Alright, will catch up with you later! See ya next time! =)

p/s: Wish me luck in fighting against Facebook! xD

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