Thursday, 4 November 2010

Back!!! =D

Yo what’s up everyone? xD I’m back!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone missing me? xP I know.. 2 months have passed since my last post! Ouch, that’s really long and I just realised it when I’m typing this. Sorry guys! Too busy studying for tests and exams! Just gotten some mood to write out something here! haha! xD 
You know, just couldn’t imagine that out of no where I became so hardworking, staying back in the library almost everyday until 6.30pm just to catch the second last bus (the last bus is at 9pm), skipping my evening sleep and going to Casa’s study room at the first floor to study after having my dinner. See, how preoccupied I am! >.<
Why? My Semester 1 exam is just around the corner, in 4 weeks time! OMG!!! Someone please kill me! >.< Believe it or not, I actually spend less and less time on Facebook—which is a good thing I suppose, and me myself couldn’t believe it neither. So it’s pretty normal for you people not to believe it! xD 
Oh well, before I forget something, just want to wish every Hindu friend a very happy Deepavali!!! Today is Deepavali eve, so I think this is quite a perfect time for me to wish! xD 
Oh and and, have you guys actually drunk? Me! I drunk for the very first time, when I was having my dinner with classmates in Yuan Steamboat Restaurant near Sunway Pyramid yesterday. The food were really scrumptious, and the BBQ Chicken Wings roasted with honey! Aww.. I like it so much! oh yeah, back to the main topic! Me drunk! omg! My classmates ordered three cans of beer, and I just tried a half cup of it. But, my friend bluffed me, told me to drink it fast fast and see what will happen to me. My God! I drank it like water and, 5 minutes later I felt hot and dizzy suddenly, with my reddish face altogether! >.< Ouch… just couldn’t concentrate! Luckily it just lasted for approximately an hour I guess. Hahaks, never want to touch beer anymore! xP 
Oh yeah, and want to tell you something, that I finally successfully screwed my FM2 test yesterday! Wooohooo! Cheers everyone! I didn’t even know how to do the second question, and literally took me 55 minutes to draw the diagram and stare at it after. Funny thing was, none of my classmates knows how to do neither, nor friends from the other FM class. Some of my friends did figure out ways to solve it, but it was too late cause they had passed up the test paper! For me.. still lost! Hahaks! xD But well, who cares, it’s just a test! No mark will be counted to the final anyhow! xP 
So yeah people, wish me tonnes of luck in my upcoming Semester 1 exam okay! Will get back to you guys when I’m free some day! xD

Favourite Music! =)