Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Week After 1UP camp! =)

Praise the Lord! This is the first thing I want to say after having a not-so-busy week! Despite my negligence over this blog throughout this week, I personally felt closer to God attributes to 1UP camp that I've attended last week! I was granted the ability to speak in tongue (despite I wasn't brave enough to walk forward last Sunday when Pastor Dave asked if there's anyone wants to be granted with such ability and he was praying for them) by manifestation of Holy Spirit. I felt closer to God and whenever I'm trying to find God, I will start speaking in tongue subconsciously! The success of the camp is not calculated based on the mere three days, but rather how long could your close relationship or strong connection with God last after the camp! All is well, for now. =)

I'm still missing my friends but oh well, I'd be seeing them (I hope) tomorrow yeay!!! I hope I would be able to get my mom's car out to attend Sunday service and this time would be a uber great one as there would be a 12 years anniversary celebration of Acts Church tomorrow! Wooohooo! =))) On the Sunday a week before the camp, I joined some church members to play badminton after service and it was super fun, after more than 3 years never hold the racquet! Tomorrow I will join them again, looking forward! =))

Yesterday (Friday) we had CF and we didn't have speaker. So we had cell group and I was one of the leaders! The topic yesterday was about busyness and we were given a story (Luke 10: 38-42) to read, thanks Kiesha! =) I didn't prepare much but I had so much things to share with everyone about busyness. Regardless of what you are doing now whether you are studying or working, often we are so busy with our work and assignments with due dates and put God behind. It's good if you are not so busy and still having a very strong relationship with God, but what about the rest? I wouldn't say that I'm not busy at all as my busyness level can vary according to season. I tend to get very busy when exam's coming, but lay back during other time.

But do you know we can still stay close with God despite our busyness? When can you find time to serve Jesus, to talk to Him? Spend 10 minutes before you sleep to read Bible and pray to Him doesn't sound bad at all. Pray to God giving thank early in the morning, too. For me, when I'm waiting for Casa bus to come, I will again spend my time talking to God. I will just talk about everything, cause you can never hide anything from God. He knows everything and whether you want to share it with Him, it doesn't matter cause He knew it.

When I'm busy and stressful, I would pray to God, surrendering everything including stress and study into His hands, for He controls everything and nothing is outside his realm of power. Have you ever asked yourself the purpose of you indulging youself in the current busyness? Getting a good degree and a bright career ahead? That's good, but it would be even greater if you could attribute everything to God and praise Him, glorify Him, of your success and achievements; and blessings He provided you in abundance. Remember, ask God something and He will always give you abundantly. Busyness is only short run, so is your current busyness worth your time investing? Eternal life is more worthy to invest in, I think.

Managing Your Financial Health! =)

On Tuesday, I attended a talk organised by Acts Church intended for young working adults, on managing our financial health. It was quite beneficial even for me, a campus student. The talk was conducted by Dr. Wong Hong Meng, a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of professional experience. I heard that his first seminar on goal setting was rather boring, but thank God this time it was in fact very informative! It's never too young for a person to start thinking about retirement (preferably now), cause when it would be too late when you start thinking about it at the age of 55. For me, I'm aiming to spend most of  my retirement period in Perth (Australia) cause I personally think that it's a very calm and serene place.

There are 4 key elements in personal finance i.e income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. The inequality between income and expenditure would result in saving, while that between assets and liabilities would result in net worth. These are two cases that we should always work out. First, when income more than expenditure, positive saving would occur; which in turn would increases assets. Increasing assets would increase income and greater surplus for saving would occur! That's why money makes money, and the rich people get richer and richer. Second, when we have positive saving, we can reduce liabilities (debt, loan etc), which in turn reduce interest expense and increase surplus for saving!

To build wealth, you will need to reduce your liabilities and increase your assets (whether in the form of business, property, shares, bonds, fixed deposit, current/saving accounts etc). These 4 key elements in personal finance shall be managed carefully and you will succeed soon! We should always reduce expenditure and ask ourselves these 3 questions:

1) Do I need it?
2) Can I afford it?
3) Is it worth it?

If it's not worth it or you cannot afford it but you still need it then ask, is there an alternative?

Here is a very meaningful quote for everyone to ponder upon:

We use money we don't have to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't know.

Isn't it very true? Many times we buy things that we don't actually need it and eventually put it aside. We buy it cause of special discount and there greed comes in. Human being is wired in such a way to take advantage of every possible product incurring lower cost with maximum total utilities. Hence we must learn to control ourselves, resist the temptation to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't know. What is the purpose of you buying expensive branded clothes, shoes and all? Not to be offensive to faithful loaded people who like to collect branded items, but have you ever thought why did you even delve into such group of people? For me, I prefer to buy something reliable, durable and comfortable enough (not too lavish) and that's it! By so doing, you can actually save a lot! Imagine this, if you are spending someone's else money, will you spend it without thinking more than twice? =)

This paragraph would be all about borrowing. As a Christian, we should not borrow at all as it can be very very costly. Motives of borrowing often positively correlate with sins. Borrowing to meet basic needs should not happen at all. Borrowing to maintain quality of life... pride? To improve quality of life... ego? For investment... greed? You might argue that borrowing within means is okay, that's right especially you are starting up a business. But bear in mind that 90% of new startup companies will fail within first few years (due to smaller size and devoid of economies of scale) and be prepared to lose all your money by then! Biblically speaking, debt is a curse for disobedience and freedom from debt is a reward for obedience. By borrowing, we make ourselves to be slaves to lenders should you by any chance experience default.

Save early and invest early! Never look down on the power of compound interest, cause compound interest alone can be very rewarding over time! I also learnt about leveraged investing (heard of it somewhere before this), but beware of the risk involved in it! Basically it's using other people's money to increase size of investment in a hope of multiplying the return of investment. Should the value of investment goes up, you will gain a few multiple times than what you are supposed to gain initially without leverage. BUT, if the value of investment goes down, you will lose a few multiple times of what you are supposed to lose too. Risky, but rewarding. Always be very careful when using this tool in investment!

Lastly, Dr. Wong warned us about the pyramid schemes as most of them are scams. If someone comes forward and introduce you to a scheme with very high return of investment (guaranteed more than 5%), beware! If the person couldn't even explain the business they are involved in, or couldn't show the governance process, or too complicated to be understood, reject it! You will never regret for your wise decision. No business can promise return of investment of more than 10% per annum unless with back up by the government or banks. Otherwise, the business would have been of a very high risk one. The higher the risk involved, the higher the rewards; and of course greater lose should the odd against you.

That's it for financial talk! Not too hard to understand I guess. I went to yumcha with my church friends after the talk and  I reached Casa at 12.10am that day. Again I didn't study much and trial exam is coming in a month! =/ But I'm quite happy that I finally get started in doing my past year papers for Physics. Tan Kelvin (my ex-classmate) told me to do the past year questions straight for Physics, and I will learn from the marking scheme a lot, and this might be faster than reading notes alone. Indeed, reading notes didn't help much for me to understand Physics more, practice did. =)

That's all for now! Ciao~ =)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Acts Campus Camp 2012: 1UP! =)

Just in case you were, by any chance, wondering where have I been for the past 3 days, I've attended a camp organised by Acts Campus (a subset of Acts Church). Firstly I would tell you when have I started joining Acts Church. To be honest, it had been a few years since I last attended formal Sunday service; which means, I never go to church since year 2008 until August last year (approximately 4 years). I was so afraid to go back to my previous church after SPM for I thought people might be judging me. Perhaps I wasn't strong enough in my faith, that I was afraid of other people and eventually forsaking God. I believe this is the period of what they called it as 'backsliding' period. Surprised? The life without Christ (after I learnt about Christ) was horrible, full of challenges and temptations by the Devil. But again, thank God that I'm saved once again! =)

I'm now dare to declare my backsliding period cause I am not afraid of anyone judging me for only God has the highest power to judge! What matters most is not your history but rather your current faith and your progress in the relationship with God. Thank God for this realisation of truth! =) Later in this post I would write more about what held me back from progressing well in my Christian life (and eventually backsliding).

Here I would like to share one testimony on how I eventually get saved after years of backsliding God. Although I've served as a Treasurer in Taylor's Christian Fellowship for more than 8 months since January 2011 but I still could hardly feel God's presence in my life. Most of the time I relied on my own strength to solve problems instead of praying to God. Until one evening in a probabilistic occasion on Tuesday, I met Ping for the first time (she was my friends' friend in INTEC) on the street in front of my college after class, and she 'picked' me up since she was on her way going to Acts Church (in Summit Hotel) with her friends. She invited me to go for prayer service that evening and since I had nothing to do, I went to Acts Church for the first time, afterwhich I decided to join Homes (cell group by Acts Church) every fortnight's Friday. For these few weeks after CNY 2012, I've been attending Sunday service in Acts Church for several times now although I have to drive all the way from my house in Seri Kembangan to Summit Hotel. I believe this is not
a mere probabilistic occurrence but rather God's work in summoning me back to Him! Too good to be coincidental? Praise the Lord! =)

Right back to the title! I went to Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson on Friday afternoon after class, and there were around 300+ campers. We checked in that evening, and went to beach. 

At the beach! Haha Shin! =D 
Waiting for the first session to start! =D (From left: Me, Ivan Chew (my roommate), Joanne and Alicia) 

The first session started at night with sermon by Reverend Kenneth Chin, after dinner. I would summarise his sermon here:

Bible verses: Deuteronomy 34, Galatians 5: 22-23, Romans 5: 1-5, 2 Peter 1: 5, Daniel 6: 1, Galatians 5: 7-11
- Have you really grown up?
- The way to 1UP -> Look up to the One!
- Life is short, be the best that you can.
- 1UP in my faith! Never settle! Be A class with unlimited leave! =)
- Cross is 'offensive', and opposing the nominal world.
- 3 principles: 1) Jesus said: Take up the cross DAILY and follow me!
                      2) Walk in the Spirit! Be what I meant to be, don't be a slave to people (Take my life,
                          cause I already gave it to my Heavenly Father! Not afraid of dying for Christ)
                      3) Way to success -> Know Him! God chose you, not otherwise!
- Best example: Master chooses  a dog and loves it unconditionally no matter what. Similarly, God choose you and loves you unconditionally regardless of what you did.

Camwhore! =D Waiting for second session, or is it? I can't remember lol! =p 


In the next morning, the second session started off with sermon by Pastor Sandra, and I would like to admit it was certainly very interesting and thought provoking for me! =) Here's the summary of it:

- Capacity -> You could increase capacity in whatever you do!
- In Christ, you have the opportunities to increase capacity!
- We don't have to walk in the fallen world, with Christ!
- In the long run, we can be the Salt and Light, don't be afraid to participate! Live outside your comfort zone!
- 1UP in everything! Relationship should 1UP you instead of bringing you down!
- Observe! Not go and chase cause you might fall down and hurt yourself LOL! =O
- Leave her, if she's not meant for you. You can't do anything cause that's the effect inflicted by hormone.
- General rules of Relationship: 1) God, I'm interested.
                                                2) Ask God to improve yourself, equip yourself with unprecedented
                                                    characters and qualities in you! -> Good man!
                                                3) Both should love God more than each other.
                                                4) Honour, value and respect! =)
                                                5) Relationship should lead to marriage!
- Do not forsake friendship with other people for BGR!
- BGR should develop you to be a better person!
- Love needs to be developed, to grow with God! =)
- If you delve into something you should not, you will lose innocence.
- Ask God about your other half, and wait! God is faithful, and He will answer you! =)
- Ask God whether you are ready for a relationship.
- Manage sexual drive in a relationship!
- Help each other to grow in Christ! =)

After this session, I finally have a revelation and it clearly resolved some of my questions dancing in my head for quite some time. Thanks Pastor! =) Now I know how should I react if I ever fall for a girl. First thing to do, pray and ask God! Ask for something and God will give you abundantly as God is a gracious God! =) Improve yourself to be a better person, to be the right person for her. Okay, time to pray! =)

1UP Camp's group picture! =D Try to find me? =p 

Next I attended a workshop about how to make your purse not that empty, in other word how to make yourself 'loaded' all the time. What I learnt is money doesn't belong to you, but it belongs to God! Financially healthy means a progressive journey to save well, spend well and invest well. One way to be financially healthy is by start doing a budget sheet every week or month. Quite manageable I think. =)

At night, third session started off with short sermon by Pastor Dave! =) Here's the summary:

Bible Verses: Mark 2: 21-22, Mark 10: 17, 1 Kings 3: 3
- There's nothing wrong with you!
- He has a plan for you.
- A new you! Restore what enemies took from you.
- God wants you to surrender the ONE thing that you love, to Him alone.
- It's not about how many things you give up, but that one thing that you love, thing that you're reluctant to give up at greatest price, to the extent of loving it more than loving God!
- Speaking in tongue, is the manifestation of His power (Holy Spirit) in you, a blessing from God.
- Sometimes you want to 1UP, to be closer with God, but there's something that holds you back. Find the 'something' and surrender it to God! Leave it! =)
- God wants us to 1UP with Him.

That night, we praised and worship for quite a long time (more than 1 hour I think). I really felt God whenever we praise and worship cause that's the time where I am at my most submissive state, to submit everything to God! Thank you Lord for your presence with us through Holy Spirit! =) Later on, we cam-whored for the rest of the night for memories! =D

With housemates! Ivan, Benjamin and Victor! =) 
With housemates Ivan and Darren! =) 
Alicia! =) 
Joanne! =) 
Really pro in camwhore! xD 
Haha funny Ivan! xD 

With SJ10 Homies!!! =D 

With SJ1 people! =D 

Stinger Bumblebee! xD 

This morning, we had Sunday service and again sermon was given by Pastor Dave! Here's the summary:

Bible Verses: Galatians 6: 9, Galatians 2: 20
- The success of this camp is going to start counting from tomorrow onward!
- Leave the old 'you', be offensive through the Cross and conviction!
- Live and encounter God everyday, not only devilish one-night stand!
- Everyone will be challenged, and what matters is how you respond to it!
- Have spirit of excellence in every aspect!
- Be prepared to lose some friends when you start 'offensing' people by Cross!
- Losing friends is part of the fruits yielded from the Cross and our conviction!
- God wants you to be champion in every field, including study!
- Look at study as testimony for God! Nothing is impossible with God!
- Ask and we shall receive, with expectations being put in God!
- You receive nothing cause you ask for nothing! Ask for something and God will give you abundantly!
- Devil cannot take anyone of us, for we are already owned by Jesus!
- Live by God's power, so that we wouldn't be attacked by devil.
- Pray for God's peace, for it would alleviate all worries!
- Nothing is too hard for God, surrender everything to Him!
- How well God has done to you yesterday, depends upon how long it lasts! =)
- Real deal lasts FOREVER!
- Carry our cross daily and not lose up!
- The higher the level up, the greater the challenges! You will be challenged for sure!
- Be consistent in it, and you will be victorious, if you never give up!
- Do things on God's ability, not yours.
- Lead by example! Live by faith, for the Son of God!
- Respond with the Word of God!
- How to say no to all negative things that will hurt God's heart, but that you enjoy it?
   Ans: Start internalises Scriptures, for your heart is connected with God! =)

Here's an extremely powerful, beautiful passage, which pastor asked us to memorise on the spot!

'I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.' - Galatians 2: 20

Last lunch before departing! =') 

After lunch, we departed back to Summit Hotel and that's it!

This camp has taught me lots of things, and somehow changed my perception altogether! Things that were holding me back from progressing well in Christian life have been resolved! Many times I had doubts with God, as I thought God never answered my prayer. Apparently I was wrong. God will never give something too hard to be endured, something incapable of being endured by His children! God will make a way every time we face challenge and each challenge is God's way to strengthen us, to build us into a troop of stronger army! =)

Also I had doubts with many stories in the Bible (which indirectly had doubts with God), as many didn't appear logical or scientific to me. I was being skeptical in God. For instance, God created the universe and all creatures. To me who have been raised up in a scientific environment, I used to debate this with my own logical explanation. I remember I debated with Xiu Jing before about this, saying that right particles somehow bumped into each other by chances, and created universe through some reaction and similar thing occurs to stars and galaxies, and all planets including Earth. But through this camp, I have found the reason to believe all the 'illogical' occurrences, cause believing is faith and faith shall stand itself. This is my belief, my conviction, and I must hold strong to it! =)

I once looked at God as an entity for me to seek help and nothing more than that. That was very wrong indeed, cause we shall pray to God consistently, bear the cross DAILY and not only when we face unsolved problems. As we walk in the Christian life, we are having a relationship with God, and nothing lesser. God is the greatest and the Almighty One, and nothing is above Him! Surrender everything to God and you shall receive fruitful results! Amen.

Lastly, I have been very lazy to read Bible and live a life unlike any other Christian. I seldom pray very hard and often stuck in my prayer due to lack of communication with God. I used to be very pumped up to read Bible but eventually the fresh spirit diminished over time. But now it's different! Now that I've changed and I know I certainly am! I have 1UP myself and God has again given me a whole new ME to read up his Word. Seek answers from the Bible and you shall be blessed with powerful scriptures by internalising it. Thank you Lord, for all these wonderful experiences and revelations, to grow more and more in your love, to be closer with you! Thank you, for your presence with us in Holy Spirit throughout these days! =)

*I have some more pictures but some of them haven't been posted up yet so yea! Will update this soon! =)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! =)

To all my friends whether you're celebrating or not, Happy Valentine's Day! I've learnt something more significant today that Valentine's Day is not only constrained to showing love to your loved one, but rather showing love to everyone around you. But this is a very common misconception that 80% of people make, that Valentine's Day is only reserved for couples to show their love towards one another by buying extravagantly on roses and chocolates (mainly), not for others.

Well I was part of the statistics above before this. Thanks to Alicia, she acknowledged me by keeping herself busy yesterday night just to wrap up nicely some Valentine's gifts (Ferrero Rocher) for friends around her. Valentine's Day is simply a day to spread love to everyone around you, not only your loved one. She's just that lovely haha! =)) God bless her always!
The message above is indeed very true and shall be the first message for Valentine's Day. God loves us so much that he could sacrifice his only Son to save the undeserving us, to reconcile the relationship with Him. Time to ponder upon your relationship with God? Stop hurting His feelings and start obeying Him! =)

Oh by the way, here is a link to economics freaks for Valentine's Day! 14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You Enjoy haha! =D

While everyone is busy celebrating Valentine's Day, today is my mom's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday mummy!!!!!!! You are the best mom in the world, although many times I fight with you verbally over random things. I'm sorry for being so disobedient sometimes, for being so rude to the extent of making you cry. =( It was just my irrational behaviour that overwhelmed me at that particular moment. I'm sorry. Although many times I get annoyed by your remarks on certain things, but you will always be the one and only best mom I ever have. Thank you for introducing this world to me, and thanks for the opportunity that you've given me to grow up healthily by feeding me consistently no matter how poor you are. Thank you for teaching me many things and be my 'first' countless times. No matter how busy your working hours are, you will always be there for us. Thank you! =') I LOVE YOU always, and will always do! <3

By the way, Whitney Houston just died on the past Sunday. I just woke up on Sunday morning and about to get myself prepared for Sunday service at church. I online a while and saw this sad news. I never actually knew who was Whitney Houston but I definitely know the song above. That was me who know the song but never cared about the singer. Now I do, though. Her voice was so angelic, her music was so legendary and shall live forever. You will be greatly missed, Whitney. =(

Anyway, I was quite happy when I went to gym yesterday! It's been more than a week since my last exercise in gym so I weighed myself again to see if there's any changes throughout this week. Guess what? On the Friday before last week, I was weighed 85.3kg and had fat percentage of 27.6%. Now, I'm weighed 83.7kg and have a fat percentage of 26%! I'm progressing well through healthy diet, albeit never go to gym last week due to busy schedules and random occasions. Looks like my healthy diet has started to show its result this time! Definitely aiming for more! 10kg lost is not impossible with Him! Amen! =D

Wooohooo Acts Campus Camp is coming this weekend at Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson! So looking forward to it cause I know it's going to be fun! But first thing I need to do before going to camp is wash up all my clothes by myself since I'm not going back home this weekend. But I know it's worth it! =) So excited now! Can't wait hahaha! Weeeeeeeeee~ xD

That's all for now! Till then. =)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Taking a Break! =)

It's been more than a month since my last consumption of fried food. Since I started to control over my diet, I completely cut off all fried food and started to eat good food. What is meant by good food here is those enriched with protein and preferably low carbs, and high in fibre with considerable amount of good fat (peanut butter, olive oil etc).

Today my mom's friend Justin came over to visit my house. He's a big guy, a bit fat though, and he has known me since I was quite small and even back when I was still staying at my old house in Taman Sri Rampai (Setapak, Kuala Lumpur). He's a security manager who could easily earn RM10k monthly as his base salary, just by specialising in everything regarding security. Err, yes security here literally means protection against danger, damage, loss, and crime, rather than security as financial instrument. Somewhat unbelievable but it's true story.

After around an hour of talking and gossiping with my mom (haha yes everyone gossips I believe), he brought us to Puchong to eat its famous Puchong Yong Tau Fu (the shop simply named Puchong Yong Tau Fu, located opposite SK Puchong Batu, near LDP Highway). Without fried food, it would not have been a complete set of traditional Yong Tau Fu. And believe it or not, it was really piquant! =) I was trying to resist the temptation of eating more but eventually failed. Well, a bit. Just a little bit more than usual appetite. It was just a lunch anyway, not dinner.

Puchong Yong Tau Fu! =D Super crispy but frigtening! =O 

Fried Brinjal with pork meat sandwiched! Naiseeee! =D 

Ji Bao Gai (paper wrapped chicken)! Delicious~ =)))

So that's it! Feeling hungry now? It's highly recommended but beware of your diet! It's okay though to take a break once in a while after months of controlling your diet! =) Till then.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Updates on Second Week of February! =)

I didn't go to gym this week, nope not even once! =( Attributes to the public holidays on Monday and Tuesday, I was staying at home all the while. I couldn't go to gym as it is located in Summit Subang Jaya and I wasn't in Casa. But on Monday I went to Times Square to meet up with a friend  and unexpectedly met some other friends too! Aina just came back from Melbourne and is doing internship now with Security Commission (she's a Sime Darby scholar, though). Knew her back in June 2010 when I entered college and she already half way through her SAM programme.

With Aina! =D 

Pavillion's awesome CNY decoration of Dragon! Peace! =D 

Again, nice decoration! =D 

With Aina, Han Shen (center) and his friends! =)
So the outing was really awesome! After one year of studying degree in Accounting and Finance in the University of Melbourne, Aina shared with me some of the thoughts she have on her study and this includes a fair bit of stock market. So far she only covered topics on Accounting and going to cover modules in Finance in her coming second year.

Although I'm just a college student, I enthusiastically shared with her my thoughts about stock market. The only thing I'm lacking now is the experience of trading, and for that I'm going to start gaining experience once I graduated from the university. One more thing that I want to build within me is my mindset, cause it's very important to have a clear and right mindset to trade in the market. For that I would slowly learn by reading books on correct mindset written by successful people particularly in this trading line. Found out about this book and I heard that it's good to read. A Gift to My Children - A Father's Lessons For Life and Investing (by Jim Rogers, one of the most successful investors), a book intendedly written for his young daughter to teach her important values of life to achieve success and happiness. Adding this book into cart of RM200 book voucher! =p 

I'm lacking of exercise this week! Usually I will go to gym at least 3 times per week (usually on alternate days) and this week none! What happened? I was quite busy on Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday), occupied with thing to be done and event to be attended. Thing to be done? I sound so busy haha!

Tell you what, I drove from home to college on Wednesday and after college I drove back to my secondary school (ASiS) in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, to take my SPM certificate. WHAT?!?!?! Yea I know, now only I want to go back right haha! I went back to school with Jeremy Wee (one of my best friends in school) and we chatted with many teachers, one of whom was Pn. Quake (Biology teacher (the only Chinese teacher after Pn. Ding, my Add Maths teacher left) but never taught me). We talked like some sort of old friends and from there I've really learnt a lot about a teacher's life, and apparently it's not as easy as one might have thought. I knew about her age by the way hehe, but she definitely doesn't look old at all! She looked like 20+! =O We gossiped a lot but I shall keep it to myself haha! =p

What about event to be attended? High Flyers Club, or in simplistic language, Taylor's Scholars Club, have organised an event specifically to celebrate Chinese New Year. Again I saw lion dance! I'm now wondering why I got to watch so many lion dance performance this year, in relative to other years. Some years none, and this year at least 5! >.< Perhaps God wants to entertain me before I fly overseas and never get the opportunity to watch lion dance performance for the next 2-3 years. Haha thanks anyway! =)

Anyway, just to update you on my study! I'm quite happy recently cause Miss Wong (my new FM 2 lecturer) gave me so many exercises on Simple Harmonic Motion (a Mechanics topic which I was so afraid of since the first time I learnt it last year), and eventually me getting attuned to it and able to solve complicated questions on SHM. I'm a happy boy! =D

That's all for now! Ciao~ =) 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

February's Updates! =)

Hello people! Sorry for the hiatus as I got very lazy to update my blog lately after a whole day of classes and gym training (again on alternate days). Happy news! I've dropped 0.1kg in 4 days! Well not that impressive, but my bodyfat percentage dropped from 28.9% (on Monday) to 27.6% (on Friday), which is surprisingly lower than that before CNY (28%)! Good progress I think, lose fats but gain muscles to accommodate the weight lose. My dinner for every weekday is just as simple (and healthy?) as follow: 1 apple, 2-3 small bananas, 2 slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter spread and about 200ml of low fat milk.  That sounds a bit like my breakfast, without eggs. I'm done with my dinner. =) Yes I might get hungry when the time passes 11.30pm, so I would usually drink some low fat milk or maybe just plain water to kill my hunger temporarily. And I will sleep early, usually around 12.30am.

Biological fact about hunger is, to my amusement, hormones balancing between leptin and ghrelin. Whenever stomach feels hungry, it would secrete hunger hormone called ghrelin, turning on the hunger cell and off the satiety cell, reducing metabolic rate and inducing the desire to eat something to kill hunger. Whenever stomach feels full, it would secrete leptin, turning on the satiety cell and off the hunger cell, increasing metabolic rate and that's when one will start feeling full and stop eating. Haha so much of biological facts! But I wanted to convey is, drink plain water can actually temporarily kill hunger until you fall asleep. Well you wouldn't feel hungry when you are sleeping like a dead pig, right? I hope not. =p

Recently I've asked a question to a staff working in the HR department with my sponsor, and the answer clarified everything that I would need to know regarding my decision on UK universities. I was proposing an alternative whether I could self-sponsor for my final year of MMORSE in the University of Warwick, and what she replied was, reaffirming yet hope crushing, answer. It would be a deferment of my service with the Bank by so doing, which is not permissible since year 2011. Strong answer, I thought. Because of this answer I've since decided my firm and insurance universities. 

Actuarial Science (3 years) at Cass Business School would grant me maximum number of 8 papers exemption from the Institute of Actuaries UK, while MORSE (3 years) at the University of Warwick would only grant me maximum number of 2-3 papers exemption. Before this, MMORSE (4 years) is longer in time frame and less one paper exemption (7 papers) than Actuarial Science (3 years) at Cass, but the fact that I am opened to choosing many interesting and fun optional modules totally surmounts the disadvantages of longer time frame and lesser paper exemption. 

Now, the cost of taking another 5-6 papers on my own (should I choose MORSE over Actuarial Science) is, in my opinion, more immense than the satisfication I would otherwise gain by taking up those optional modules offered in MORSE. I still can't believe that I would not have the chance to learn number theory formally. =( Number theory, Geometry and Motion, Quantum Phenomena, Particle Physics, Astronomy, Classical Mechanics and Relativity, Stars, Galaxies etc. All these are some of the optional modules that I find it interesting and yearn to learn, and would never had the chance to learn it in Cass. This is one of many moments when I'm envious over the freedom of private students. 
On the bright side, Cass is not at all that bad. Cass is afterall one of the top, if not the top, institutions to prepare students for actuarial profession, with Heriot-Watt, Oxford (Maths & Stats), Warwick (MMORSE) be others (in no particular order). Cass is the first institution in England to offer Actuarial Science degree (second in the UK, with the first be Heriot-Watt), and also the forth best business school in the UK (behind London Business School, Said Business School (Oxford) and Imperial College Business School), based on the Financial Times's business school ranking 2011. Judging the fact that Cass is a business school located in the center of financial district in London, I know I would have a very high chance to meet people with similar interest and share knowledge with them, particularly on finance, investment and even trading! Can't wait for another 8 months and definitely looking forward to it! =) 

I would put Cass Business School as my firm and Heriot-Watt University as my insurance. Oh by the way, congrats to those who received offers from LSE to read Accounting and Finance! Some of my friends have already received offer from LSE to read Actuarial Science, and I'm still waiting for mine. =/ But I'm not really keen to going there anyway. Just trying to join in the hype and excitement with an offer from LSE! =p Cass FTW! =D 

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