Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! =)

To all my friends whether you're celebrating or not, Happy Valentine's Day! I've learnt something more significant today that Valentine's Day is not only constrained to showing love to your loved one, but rather showing love to everyone around you. But this is a very common misconception that 80% of people make, that Valentine's Day is only reserved for couples to show their love towards one another by buying extravagantly on roses and chocolates (mainly), not for others.

Well I was part of the statistics above before this. Thanks to Alicia, she acknowledged me by keeping herself busy yesterday night just to wrap up nicely some Valentine's gifts (Ferrero Rocher) for friends around her. Valentine's Day is simply a day to spread love to everyone around you, not only your loved one. She's just that lovely haha! =)) God bless her always!
The message above is indeed very true and shall be the first message for Valentine's Day. God loves us so much that he could sacrifice his only Son to save the undeserving us, to reconcile the relationship with Him. Time to ponder upon your relationship with God? Stop hurting His feelings and start obeying Him! =)

Oh by the way, here is a link to economics freaks for Valentine's Day! 14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You Enjoy haha! =D

While everyone is busy celebrating Valentine's Day, today is my mom's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday mummy!!!!!!! You are the best mom in the world, although many times I fight with you verbally over random things. I'm sorry for being so disobedient sometimes, for being so rude to the extent of making you cry. =( It was just my irrational behaviour that overwhelmed me at that particular moment. I'm sorry. Although many times I get annoyed by your remarks on certain things, but you will always be the one and only best mom I ever have. Thank you for introducing this world to me, and thanks for the opportunity that you've given me to grow up healthily by feeding me consistently no matter how poor you are. Thank you for teaching me many things and be my 'first' countless times. No matter how busy your working hours are, you will always be there for us. Thank you! =') I LOVE YOU always, and will always do! <3

By the way, Whitney Houston just died on the past Sunday. I just woke up on Sunday morning and about to get myself prepared for Sunday service at church. I online a while and saw this sad news. I never actually knew who was Whitney Houston but I definitely know the song above. That was me who know the song but never cared about the singer. Now I do, though. Her voice was so angelic, her music was so legendary and shall live forever. You will be greatly missed, Whitney. =(

Anyway, I was quite happy when I went to gym yesterday! It's been more than a week since my last exercise in gym so I weighed myself again to see if there's any changes throughout this week. Guess what? On the Friday before last week, I was weighed 85.3kg and had fat percentage of 27.6%. Now, I'm weighed 83.7kg and have a fat percentage of 26%! I'm progressing well through healthy diet, albeit never go to gym last week due to busy schedules and random occasions. Looks like my healthy diet has started to show its result this time! Definitely aiming for more! 10kg lost is not impossible with Him! Amen! =D

Wooohooo Acts Campus Camp is coming this weekend at Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson! So looking forward to it cause I know it's going to be fun! But first thing I need to do before going to camp is wash up all my clothes by myself since I'm not going back home this weekend. But I know it's worth it! =) So excited now! Can't wait hahaha! Weeeeeeeeee~ xD

That's all for now! Till then. =)

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