Friday, 10 February 2012

Updates on Second Week of February! =)

I didn't go to gym this week, nope not even once! =( Attributes to the public holidays on Monday and Tuesday, I was staying at home all the while. I couldn't go to gym as it is located in Summit Subang Jaya and I wasn't in Casa. But on Monday I went to Times Square to meet up with a friend  and unexpectedly met some other friends too! Aina just came back from Melbourne and is doing internship now with Security Commission (she's a Sime Darby scholar, though). Knew her back in June 2010 when I entered college and she already half way through her SAM programme.

With Aina! =D 

Pavillion's awesome CNY decoration of Dragon! Peace! =D 

Again, nice decoration! =D 

With Aina, Han Shen (center) and his friends! =)
So the outing was really awesome! After one year of studying degree in Accounting and Finance in the University of Melbourne, Aina shared with me some of the thoughts she have on her study and this includes a fair bit of stock market. So far she only covered topics on Accounting and going to cover modules in Finance in her coming second year.

Although I'm just a college student, I enthusiastically shared with her my thoughts about stock market. The only thing I'm lacking now is the experience of trading, and for that I'm going to start gaining experience once I graduated from the university. One more thing that I want to build within me is my mindset, cause it's very important to have a clear and right mindset to trade in the market. For that I would slowly learn by reading books on correct mindset written by successful people particularly in this trading line. Found out about this book and I heard that it's good to read. A Gift to My Children - A Father's Lessons For Life and Investing (by Jim Rogers, one of the most successful investors), a book intendedly written for his young daughter to teach her important values of life to achieve success and happiness. Adding this book into cart of RM200 book voucher! =p 

I'm lacking of exercise this week! Usually I will go to gym at least 3 times per week (usually on alternate days) and this week none! What happened? I was quite busy on Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday), occupied with thing to be done and event to be attended. Thing to be done? I sound so busy haha!

Tell you what, I drove from home to college on Wednesday and after college I drove back to my secondary school (ASiS) in Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, to take my SPM certificate. WHAT?!?!?! Yea I know, now only I want to go back right haha! I went back to school with Jeremy Wee (one of my best friends in school) and we chatted with many teachers, one of whom was Pn. Quake (Biology teacher (the only Chinese teacher after Pn. Ding, my Add Maths teacher left) but never taught me). We talked like some sort of old friends and from there I've really learnt a lot about a teacher's life, and apparently it's not as easy as one might have thought. I knew about her age by the way hehe, but she definitely doesn't look old at all! She looked like 20+! =O We gossiped a lot but I shall keep it to myself haha! =p

What about event to be attended? High Flyers Club, or in simplistic language, Taylor's Scholars Club, have organised an event specifically to celebrate Chinese New Year. Again I saw lion dance! I'm now wondering why I got to watch so many lion dance performance this year, in relative to other years. Some years none, and this year at least 5! >.< Perhaps God wants to entertain me before I fly overseas and never get the opportunity to watch lion dance performance for the next 2-3 years. Haha thanks anyway! =)

Anyway, just to update you on my study! I'm quite happy recently cause Miss Wong (my new FM 2 lecturer) gave me so many exercises on Simple Harmonic Motion (a Mechanics topic which I was so afraid of since the first time I learnt it last year), and eventually me getting attuned to it and able to solve complicated questions on SHM. I'm a happy boy! =D

That's all for now! Ciao~ =) 

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