Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Week After 1UP camp! =)

Praise the Lord! This is the first thing I want to say after having a not-so-busy week! Despite my negligence over this blog throughout this week, I personally felt closer to God attributes to 1UP camp that I've attended last week! I was granted the ability to speak in tongue (despite I wasn't brave enough to walk forward last Sunday when Pastor Dave asked if there's anyone wants to be granted with such ability and he was praying for them) by manifestation of Holy Spirit. I felt closer to God and whenever I'm trying to find God, I will start speaking in tongue subconsciously! The success of the camp is not calculated based on the mere three days, but rather how long could your close relationship or strong connection with God last after the camp! All is well, for now. =)

I'm still missing my friends but oh well, I'd be seeing them (I hope) tomorrow yeay!!! I hope I would be able to get my mom's car out to attend Sunday service and this time would be a uber great one as there would be a 12 years anniversary celebration of Acts Church tomorrow! Wooohooo! =))) On the Sunday a week before the camp, I joined some church members to play badminton after service and it was super fun, after more than 3 years never hold the racquet! Tomorrow I will join them again, looking forward! =))

Yesterday (Friday) we had CF and we didn't have speaker. So we had cell group and I was one of the leaders! The topic yesterday was about busyness and we were given a story (Luke 10: 38-42) to read, thanks Kiesha! =) I didn't prepare much but I had so much things to share with everyone about busyness. Regardless of what you are doing now whether you are studying or working, often we are so busy with our work and assignments with due dates and put God behind. It's good if you are not so busy and still having a very strong relationship with God, but what about the rest? I wouldn't say that I'm not busy at all as my busyness level can vary according to season. I tend to get very busy when exam's coming, but lay back during other time.

But do you know we can still stay close with God despite our busyness? When can you find time to serve Jesus, to talk to Him? Spend 10 minutes before you sleep to read Bible and pray to Him doesn't sound bad at all. Pray to God giving thank early in the morning, too. For me, when I'm waiting for Casa bus to come, I will again spend my time talking to God. I will just talk about everything, cause you can never hide anything from God. He knows everything and whether you want to share it with Him, it doesn't matter cause He knew it.

When I'm busy and stressful, I would pray to God, surrendering everything including stress and study into His hands, for He controls everything and nothing is outside his realm of power. Have you ever asked yourself the purpose of you indulging youself in the current busyness? Getting a good degree and a bright career ahead? That's good, but it would be even greater if you could attribute everything to God and praise Him, glorify Him, of your success and achievements; and blessings He provided you in abundance. Remember, ask God something and He will always give you abundantly. Busyness is only short run, so is your current busyness worth your time investing? Eternal life is more worthy to invest in, I think.

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