Wednesday, 28 April 2010

BNM Interview (26/4/2010) (8.30am - 5.00pm)

I think most of my friends knew that I have attended BNM interview 2 days ago. Due to over-tiredness that overwhelming me for these two days, only now I posted up my brief experiences on that particular day. Oh, wow, I did enjoy myself on that particular day and I was really glad to know my group members. Coincidently, i was at the same group as Jia Rong, a friend that i knew from Cheryl days before the interview day. My Purple Group consist of 9 members, which were Jia Rong, Huey Yuin, Sze Yun, Wai Yee, Niniey Daud, Shahir, Afif Asyraf, Hanis Suhaila and me.

Every single one of them was great and awesome, and definitely I can't put too much hope on this prestigious BNM Scholarship Award. But hey, I was considered as damn lucky to be selected as one of the 150 shortlisted candidates, out of 10,000 applicants! Whether I am able to secure the scholarship or not, it's not that important but the most important thing is, the experiences gained for the interview sessions. Most of them were very friendly, especially Jia Rong, Huey Yuin, Sze Yun, Niniey and Shahir. Really glad to meet them on that day. Oh, we were provided the breakfast (crispy roti-canai and a cup of teh-tarik), lunch (chicken rice and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice... Yummy~), and high tea (coffee, tea and fruits). Lots of my group members fell in love with the cafeteria inside the BNM's building. Oh well, glassy windows and everything were posh at the cafeteria. Nice~ LOL.... =D

I would post more about my interview experiences later after the interview sessions ended this week, since everything about the interview were confidential. No one should let the cat out of the bag, and every question asked should be kept as secret. Keep in touch everyone~ Stay tuned~ =)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Back Up Plan!!! ^_^

Thanks to everyone who advised me to have my back up plan, if I failed to secure any scholarship in the end. For these few days, i have planned to study A-Levels as my back up plan. After searching for various well known colleges, finally i came out with Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) as my choice for me to study A-Levels. One of my reasons for me to choose it is that the total cost for me to study is relatively cheap, as compared to Taylor's, HELP, INTI, Sunway, etc. With my humble result, i can still get 100% tuition waiver scholarship from the college itself, and because of that, here is my calculations on the total cost for overall A-Levels program with and without scholarship from the college;
With scholarship: 
= Miscellaneous fees(RM3,040) +  External A-Levels exams fee [RM4,500 (4 subjects)] + IELTS class and test fee (RM1,150) 
= RM8,690 # 

Without scholarship:
= Miscellaneous fees(RM3,040) +  Tuition fee for 3 semesters [RM13,500 (4 subjects)] + External A-Levels exams fee [RM4,500 (4 subjects)] + IELTS class and test fee (RM1,150)
= RM 22,190 #

This morning, i woke up pretty early, as compared to other days, and i didn't know why. My mom suddenly said, she want to call TAR College, to ask about their cost of A-Levels program. I was like, "Oh gosh, she would be dragging me to study A-Levels there when she know about the cheaper price in TARC!" Oh well, when she knew about the prices, as i have expected, she was greatly impressed by the PRICE of TARC, and also the marketing skills of the TARC staff. Oh Gosh, nobody know my feeling this morning except for Nicholas Keevan Rajah(same name i know), who was chatting with me via MSN this morning. He kept on consoling me, and giving me spirits to fight for my choice! LOL... My mom kept on saying that, if you don't want to go study in TARC, you'd be going Form 6!!! =.=  I was trying so hard, just to convince her that MCKL is better, from the quality of education, size of classes, and also their warm kindness(MCKL is managed under Methodist Church, if i am not mistaken). Luckily, when mom called dad via handset, my dad said that MCKL is way better than TARC, because of the travel distance. MCKL is more convenient for me, as i only need to take a KTM from Serdang station, straight down to KL Sentral, and walk 10 minutes to reach my college, or else take a monorail from KL Sentral, and just a stop to reach MCKL. As for TARC, it is located in Setapak, and definitely i have no idea on ways to reach there.

Finally, mom agreed that MCKL is better and took me straight to MCKL for registration. We had a hard time finding for the exact location though, as it was quite hard to be found, for the first time. =.= Anyways, within two hours, everything has been set and I have successfully registered for MCKL A-Levels program in July intake. The marketing staffs were quite nice too. Oh yeah, for every intake, MCKL gives out only 20 scholarships, and there were only 2 places left when i registered it. So i was lucky to get one of them, and only one more scholarship available, for July intake. Oh, how if i get JPA or BNM scholarship? No worries, the fees are still refundable before the classes started in July, except RM300 for registration fee. If I happened to get JPA/BNM scholarship after July, the fees has to be deducted by the number of classes i have attended, but i don't think it will happen unless i get the scholarship after appealed to the respective institution. If I were to study A-Levels in MCKL, which means i failed to get JPA, BNM, Sime Darby, etc,  I'd be taking 4 subjects, which are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics and Physics. I would try my very best to score 4As in A-Levels and apply for scholarships after receiving offer letters from top foreign universities, and that's my only choice.

Finally, my back up plan is done. Thanks to Glassy(caring senior from Recom) for giving me advices and consolations, my dearest friends for giving me supports and of course, my lovely mom and dad, for giving me the golden opportunity of study A-Levels in prestigious MCKL. Love you all!!! And best of luck to everyone!!! =)

Why we must look for a JOB upon graduation?

We need to get a good job upon graduation, mainly is to afford our life, and improve our lifestyle. Graduate without any effort to find a suitable job, is totally wasting 18 years(approximately) of studies, time, efforts and parents' money. Our parents spent a lot on us, making investment on us, care about us with invaluable love for such a long time since we were born, and it's time for us to repay them once we are graduated, by working.

Working is the source of money, and unless you were to build up your own business, eventually you would still need a job to gain income. Besides, we would have to work to build our career, to gain precious experiences and to fulfill our materialistic mind. I believe, everyone would have desires to buy things, to fulfill their materiality world, for example luxurious cars, huge bungalow, stylish watch, fashionable handbags, etc. When our desires are being fulfilled, we would feel the sense of satisfaction, and might be happy. Rome was not built in a day, even with a low income initially, with time flew and experiences gained, we would eventually get higher income and even bonuses, as compared to those fresh graduates. Accumulations of various capitals would eventually make us rich, to be millionaires, or even billionaires.

Always have a back up plan might work wonders, especially during economics recession, as you might not know what might be awaiting you in future. You might enjoy the money you earned today, but you might lose your job tomorrow. Nobody knows what would happen tomorrow, so have an extra income would be a wise act. You might want to make investment on your capital to earn extra income. But, my advise is, never be over-materialistic, not even a day, because everything can be gone in seconds. Appreciation seems to be the best solution. Good luck! 

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Got my "P" Licence!!! ^_^

Hey everyone! Sorry for almost forgotten this memorable event that fulled of happiness and joy, and i think it's time for me to post it up here in blog, to be shared with everyone. Ah, yes about the car driving test, it was done on 31th of March 2010. Early in the morning, i woke up at 5.45am and prepared myself for everything, with an extreme nervousness overwhelming me. Well, i bet everyone would be as nervous as me, in that particular situation.

That day, we seemed to arrive at the driving school in Bangi a little bit earlier than as usual, because my car instructor told me that he would let me and 3 other candidates to practice first, before the test. And well, at 6.30am, we reached that place and started our practices. Due to the limited car available, which was only my instructor's car, i have to share the car with the other 3 candidates for our practice. Three of them were girls, so as you might have expected, i was the last one to practice. Ladies first. Everything seemed to be done well, but due to the time constraint, I had merely practiced for two rounds, while the girls had practiced for 3 to 4 rounds, not sure about that though. At 8am, we had to stop practicing as the JPJ officers seemed to arrive the driving school. Each of us was given a card, with a number and the session printed on it, by our instructor. I got Session 2, number 24. So, i guess i have to wait for quite a long time, for the Session 1 candidates to finish their tests.

While they(those 1st session candidates) were completing their test, we went to the Malay stall nearby inside the driving school and sat there for another 2 hours before we went to register our names at the driving school. After registering my name, I had to wait for another approximately an hour for the test to commence. The JPJ officer gave us a short brief, and finally, the test started, with the first person went into the car. Maybe due to over-nervousness, she failed for the parking part, luckily i was not the first person. Time do flies, and soon enough, it was my turn. Gosh, not to be rude, but the car was indeed an extremely old car, with almost no maintenance at all. Why did i say so? Well, because when i release the clutch at a certain level(as i have get used to my instructor's car), it had totally no response, and thus i had to release more on the clutch. My car engine almost stopped due to the clutch, oh well, luckily it didn't die out during the uphill part, parking part and 3-point-turn part. Oh, but when i was waiting for the parking part, my car's engine did stop and i had to start it quickly. Since there was nothing tested by that time, so it was not counted at all. *Wink wink*

Everything went on smoothly, and i had to wait for the another 2 hours, for the second part, which was the "on the road" part. Oh Gosh, this car was even worst, than the other one i had used for the previous test. My car engine stopped quite a number of times throughout the whole test, and well, the JPJ officer was quite nice though, and gave me a tick at the "Passed" column. He even taught me ways to balance the oil pedal and clutch, but frankly speaking, if i were to use my instructor's car for the test, my car engine would not stop at all! Never mind, at least i have passed my driving test, and i have got my "P" Licence a week after. For now, i have successfully became a legal driver on the streets, finally. =)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

No Matriculation Life For Me!!! T_T

Well, as the topic above, i guess i have to find other alternatives then. Wasted my 6 bucks, and made me sad due to the pathetic rejection for the whole night yesterday , the only paths for me now are A-Levels on my own, waiting for JPA and BNM scholarships applications, or maybe Form 6 STPM in the end if my parents still resist me to study A-Levels due to the risk i would bear upon graduation. Well, after spilling out all my miserable sadness yesterday night, on Facebook, MSN and the blog now, thanks to my friends who consoled me yesterday and today, I feel much better now. Oh, and thanks to Nicola, who made me laugh by sending 15 funny messages to my inbox this morning(3-4am), and constantly tried hard to console me with a huge hope that I would be feeling better soon. Thanks again! =)

Well, Matriculation is not everything, and i did post up at Recom, stating that i won't accept it anyways if i get it(Well it was just a consolation to myself!). My hopes to study overseas on my preferred courses are still there, and it entirely depends on me to work hard, either by taking up A-Levels on my own or through ever hardest Form 6 STPM. However, the hardest thing to resist is, the sadness that i constantly aroused when i read up my friends' posts, saying that they got offers to various Matriculation colleges, even those with result no better than me. Matriculation is mainly made for Bumi, for them to enter local universities with less efforts paid, and has higher priority as compared to those with qualification of STPM.

Well, most of the students who were / going to study Form 6, are still non-Bumi though. STPM is a deathly trap for non-Bumi, and i don't think i'd ever wanted to go into it. Yep, you might be right that STPM has a tougher and completely thorough syllabus as compared to Matriculation and A-Levels, but i don't want to waste my time studying for something that i won't be applying in my near future. But yet, lots of non-Bumis don't have enough financial support from their parents to study in private colleges, and that's why they still choose to study STPM, a widely recognised Pre-University Program supported by Malaysian Education Department, in both overseas and local. Maybe i should give it a try though. >.< Sorry, i didn't mean to infuriate anyone or to raise any racial issue here, but it's just another post for me to rant!

By the way, i just got an offer of SPM High Achiever Scholarship from Taylor's, with a total sum of 6k awarded to me, for me to study A-Levels which cost a total of 18k more, after deducting from the total cost. But well, i don't think my parents'd be able to spend that huge amount of money on my Pre-U program, so i think i have to reject it in the end. Thanks Taylor's for giving me those opportunities. =)

So, here's the preparation for BNM interview, although i'm not really well prepared on it:
1) Brush up my English and BM writing skills. (Have to train hard on this, cause i have been months since my last writing, and my writing skills are getting deteriorated over times, especially BM!)
2) Brush up my English communication skills.
3) Read up some current issues related to financial world.
4) Boost up my confidence level, and don't get affected by the pathetic rejections.

Good luck everyone! :)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Rebirth from Total Misery!!! ^_^

Well, sorry for neglecting this blog and the readers, again. =.= I have to admit that, I felt really sad for these few days due to the continuous rejection over my scholarship application. However, thanks to Glassylicious, a caring approachable big sister in Recom family, she helped me to get rid of  my miserable sadness, give me precious advices and support me from every aspect. As the most unforgettable advices from her, she said that, scholarship is like a lotteries, and don't put too much hopes on it. For every place of scholarships available, its like 10 other students with the same excellent criteria with you, battling for the only one place. Inevitably, there'd be 9 other students who fail to get the place, and that person might be you. It's not that you are not great enough, but there's other people who are greater than you. It's the loss of the scholarship corporation for losing you, so stand up now and proof them that they are wrong for not choosing you as their scholar. Don't put too much hopes on every scholarship, and always have a Plan B, so that you won't suffer from an unrecoverable misery when you got rejected. You might want to read this up, a perfect piece of advices from Glassylicious, the caring sister from big Recom family.

As for me, I have got rejected by TM, TNB, Khazanah, UEM, PNB, Shell and Petronas(Give me back my 20 bucks!!!), and left out Sime Darby, Japan Embassey(MEXT) and Asean. I have went to JPA interview on last Friday, and well, i think i was not performing good enough in the interview, to impress the interviewers. T_T The hope for securing this JPA scholarships is so tiny, and i do really hope i'm able to secure it. Oh well, another one that just brighten my day hours ago. Below is the email and I really feel grateful to God. Thanks God! =D Oh well, this is my second time for the BNM scholarship interview, and I'm hoping that i can do well in it. Experiences is the best teacher, and I don't think I did well enough last time during application by using trial result, but now, I'd certainly try my best to show them the homework I have done. Wish me lucks guys, and good luck to everyone for your endeavors!!! =)

Dear Applicant,

Congratulations! This is to inform you that you have been selected to
attend the assessment and interview sessions for 
Bank Negara Malaysia
Scholarship 2010. The details of the sessions will be
announced in due time.

Please bear with us as we are finalizing the dates and venues for the
sessions. Once confirmed, we will update you accordingly. You may wish to
regularly check your email and ensure your mobile phone to be active at all
times as any updates will only be communicated via these medium.

Do kindly reply to this email and state your name, NRIC and contact details
to ensure consistency with our records. See you soon here at 
Bank Negara

Scholarship Section

Saturday, 10 April 2010

JPA Interview Experience Sharing!!! ^_^

Course Applied: Science (Actuarial Science)

Date: 9th April 2010

Time: 8am

Venue: PICC, Putrajaya

Experience part:

Well, I reached there at 7.45am, which the hall had already full with potential scholars. I went to the board nearby and checked my name, and signed it to confirm my attendance. Later, i went straight to the panel, which i had leave my mom outside(only interviewees allowed to go in). Then, i went to search for my panel, Panel 3, and sat there. I met this guy, which was at the same group with me, applying for Science local. We chatted a lot but nothing much important. Later, a JPA officer called my name, and ask me to hand in all the certified documents (IC, birth certs, ...), as well as the clear holder fulled with every document needed.

Well, fortunately i was able to get know of my group members, 3 girls (Michelle Phoon, Emily Cheah, Jasmine Yeoh) and 2 boys (me and Soon Yew). Well i know, all Chinese. Michelle is applying for Chemical Engineering, which she later wished to switch into Science(Chemistry), Emily(Business Admin), Jasmine(Accountancy), me[Science(Actuarial Science) and Soon Yew(Science local)]. Not long after, since we are all at the first group, we went into the interviewers room. We greeted them, and they permitted us to sit down, as usual. The interviewers consist of 2 Malay ladies, and one Indian lady. They are too kind, and the Malay lady started first.

Here're the questions:
Section 1 (Introduction)
Malay interviewer 1: Okay, please introduce yourself in Bahasa Malaysia, starting from the 5th person, then 3rd, 1st, 2nd (me) and 4th.

Okay, everyone seemed doing fine on this part. Well, for this part, there was no any time restriction, so we can talk anything we want, as long as we wish to. I'm not really satisfied for my answer in this section, as i didn't say much on my course. And the weird thing was, they didn't even shoot me once!!! They didn't ask a lot about my preferred course, which i have been preparing it since last year. Well, the interviewer did ask me about "So, you like movie of numbers?" , and i said " yeah, 21(if you know the movie)." Well, at least i did mention about i do know that to be a qualified actuary is not an easy mission, and i know that i'm capable to do it, pass the professional exams. I did sell myself a little bit here, but suddenly i thought of how if they ask another question, which is "Why you deserve this scholarship?", and i might not have the chance to speak the points out as i have already stated everything in the intro(But eventually they didn't!). So, i stopped at the professional exams, and i totally forgot about my preferred country, which nobody in my group mentioned about it.
Section 2: Group Discussion (English) 
Malay interviewer 2: Okay, what is the current issue that you are concern about and why? Discuss it in 5 minutes.

We moved our chair to a semicircle shape, and discussed about the current issue, and finally came out with 1 Malaysia Concept. We discussed it for about 5 minutes, before the interviewers said that "can we start now?". Everyone agreed and moved the chairs to the initial positions. I was not the first one to talk, as i don't really know what to talk in 1 Malaysia concept. Well, after two other interviewees spoke out their opinions, i volunteered to be the third one, which i think is, not too bad. I talked about 1 Malaysia is a concept introduced by Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, a concept that can consolidate our nation unity among races, to prevent the past history to repeat, just like the tragedy of 13 May 1969. Besides, 1 Malaysia concept also about one thinking, which can make all the citizens focus to one vision, Vision 2020, that set by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. Oh, and suddenly i thought about a post i read in a blog (Boyzoo's blog if i'm not mistaken), I said about there are lots of Malaysian staying outside Malaysia, and become permanent residents in their working countries. Many thought that they are lack of loyalty( I forgot about the word "loyalty" and after a while stuck at the point, i said "Taat setia", OMG!!! >.< ), but in fact, they are much more patriotic than what we might thought as. They are actually very proud to be Malaysians, and whenever people ask them about their origin, they'd answer "I'm from Malaysia", and they'd promote Malaysia to others.

Suddenly, the interviewer asked me:
"Do you have any relative stay overseas, as permanent resident?"

Me: "Well, yeah, i have a cousin that is a permanent resident in UK, working there." Then, everything's over for the Section 2 after others spoke out of their opinions.

Section 3: Personal Question (BM)
Indian interviewer: Okay, sekarang, nyatakan satu keburukan Facebook.

Oh gosh, i was like, Facebook??? Okay, nice one. The first person said out her opinions, and later i spoke out mine as well, as the second interviewee. I said about Facebook is totally wastage of time, and as a teenager, we should appreciate the time studying, and do those activities that are more beneficial, such as be a volunteer in a charity centers. Besides, Facebook is also the place for the cyber crime to occur. Well, i think i was okay in this part.

However, for whole interview session, i think i was a little bit... nervous. I was relatively slower in speaking(especially English), and i need to think longer before i speak, as compared to other interviewees, who could speak English really fluently.

Rating: I don't really know how to rate myself. Maybe 6/10. Someone rates me please? =)

Best of luck to everyone!!! =)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Preparation for JPA Interview!!! ^_^

Hey everyone, sorry for neglecting this blog, and readers for quite a long time. Anyways, as almost everyone knew, i have got shortlisted for JPA interview that would be held on 9th April, at 8am in Putrajaya. Oh, and i have got Panel 3 for that session, as stated in the interview letter this morning, not really sure about it though. Frankly speaking, for these few days, besides reading for the interview experiences shared by ReCommers in the forum, i have basically did nothing. Here are some favourite questions asked by the interviewers around the nation in JPA interview 2010:

1) Introduction [Name, previous school, family background, co-curriculum, course applied and reasons(Make sure you do adequate researches on the course/major selected)](Mostly in BM, but if you're lucky, you will get to speak in English.)
2) Country selected and reasons. (Make sure you don't say about foreign education is better, or else it might be offensive!)
3) What make you special that deserve this scholarship?
4) Why choose to study overseas, but not local?
5) Would you be willing to accept the scholarship, but for local?
6) Local universities that offer your course applied.
7) Scholarships are funded by tax payers' money. How do you wanna repay them upon graduation?
8) What is your strengths and weaknesses?
9) Global warming
10) Name of Deputy Prime Minister
11) Name of Finance Minister(accounting) / Head of Judges(law)
12) Private Insurance
13) Wawasan 2020
14) 1 Malaysia concept
15) Quality of Water in Malaysia
16) How to preserve and conserve environment?
17) H1N1
18) 1 Malaysia Clinic
19) New Economics Model
20) Green Technology
21) Restriction of 10 subjects to be taken in SPM. Discuss.
22) One word to describe yourself
23) How to improve literacy level among Malaysians
24) Ways to reduce homesickness when study abroad.
25) Kahwin sambil belajar.
26) What do you see yourself doing 10/20 years later?
27) Great Wall of China has been chosen as world heritage by UNESCO. Discuss.

Advices: Read the interview experiences shared by Recommers in

Wish me tonnes of lucks in my interview that would be held on this Friday!!! =)

Favourite Music! =)