Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Got my "P" Licence!!! ^_^

Hey everyone! Sorry for almost forgotten this memorable event that fulled of happiness and joy, and i think it's time for me to post it up here in blog, to be shared with everyone. Ah, yes about the car driving test, it was done on 31th of March 2010. Early in the morning, i woke up at 5.45am and prepared myself for everything, with an extreme nervousness overwhelming me. Well, i bet everyone would be as nervous as me, in that particular situation.

That day, we seemed to arrive at the driving school in Bangi a little bit earlier than as usual, because my car instructor told me that he would let me and 3 other candidates to practice first, before the test. And well, at 6.30am, we reached that place and started our practices. Due to the limited car available, which was only my instructor's car, i have to share the car with the other 3 candidates for our practice. Three of them were girls, so as you might have expected, i was the last one to practice. Ladies first. Everything seemed to be done well, but due to the time constraint, I had merely practiced for two rounds, while the girls had practiced for 3 to 4 rounds, not sure about that though. At 8am, we had to stop practicing as the JPJ officers seemed to arrive the driving school. Each of us was given a card, with a number and the session printed on it, by our instructor. I got Session 2, number 24. So, i guess i have to wait for quite a long time, for the Session 1 candidates to finish their tests.

While they(those 1st session candidates) were completing their test, we went to the Malay stall nearby inside the driving school and sat there for another 2 hours before we went to register our names at the driving school. After registering my name, I had to wait for another approximately an hour for the test to commence. The JPJ officer gave us a short brief, and finally, the test started, with the first person went into the car. Maybe due to over-nervousness, she failed for the parking part, luckily i was not the first person. Time do flies, and soon enough, it was my turn. Gosh, not to be rude, but the car was indeed an extremely old car, with almost no maintenance at all. Why did i say so? Well, because when i release the clutch at a certain level(as i have get used to my instructor's car), it had totally no response, and thus i had to release more on the clutch. My car engine almost stopped due to the clutch, oh well, luckily it didn't die out during the uphill part, parking part and 3-point-turn part. Oh, but when i was waiting for the parking part, my car's engine did stop and i had to start it quickly. Since there was nothing tested by that time, so it was not counted at all. *Wink wink*

Everything went on smoothly, and i had to wait for the another 2 hours, for the second part, which was the "on the road" part. Oh Gosh, this car was even worst, than the other one i had used for the previous test. My car engine stopped quite a number of times throughout the whole test, and well, the JPJ officer was quite nice though, and gave me a tick at the "Passed" column. He even taught me ways to balance the oil pedal and clutch, but frankly speaking, if i were to use my instructor's car for the test, my car engine would not stop at all! Never mind, at least i have passed my driving test, and i have got my "P" Licence a week after. For now, i have successfully became a legal driver on the streets, finally. =)


  1. Dont worry Nicholas..
    Matriculation is just on of the options..
    I'm you can get JPA scholarship..
    Best of Luck for BNM interview!!


  2. Hey, thanks ya! I'd do my best in BNM interview. :D

    p/s: Is there anything related to car driving licence? >.<

    Nicholas C.W. Ng


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