Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Back Up Plan!!! ^_^

Thanks to everyone who advised me to have my back up plan, if I failed to secure any scholarship in the end. For these few days, i have planned to study A-Levels as my back up plan. After searching for various well known colleges, finally i came out with Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) as my choice for me to study A-Levels. One of my reasons for me to choose it is that the total cost for me to study is relatively cheap, as compared to Taylor's, HELP, INTI, Sunway, etc. With my humble result, i can still get 100% tuition waiver scholarship from the college itself, and because of that, here is my calculations on the total cost for overall A-Levels program with and without scholarship from the college;
With scholarship: 
= Miscellaneous fees(RM3,040) +  External A-Levels exams fee [RM4,500 (4 subjects)] + IELTS class and test fee (RM1,150) 
= RM8,690 # 

Without scholarship:
= Miscellaneous fees(RM3,040) +  Tuition fee for 3 semesters [RM13,500 (4 subjects)] + External A-Levels exams fee [RM4,500 (4 subjects)] + IELTS class and test fee (RM1,150)
= RM 22,190 #

This morning, i woke up pretty early, as compared to other days, and i didn't know why. My mom suddenly said, she want to call TAR College, to ask about their cost of A-Levels program. I was like, "Oh gosh, she would be dragging me to study A-Levels there when she know about the cheaper price in TARC!" Oh well, when she knew about the prices, as i have expected, she was greatly impressed by the PRICE of TARC, and also the marketing skills of the TARC staff. Oh Gosh, nobody know my feeling this morning except for Nicholas Keevan Rajah(same name i know), who was chatting with me via MSN this morning. He kept on consoling me, and giving me spirits to fight for my choice! LOL... My mom kept on saying that, if you don't want to go study in TARC, you'd be going Form 6!!! =.=  I was trying so hard, just to convince her that MCKL is better, from the quality of education, size of classes, and also their warm kindness(MCKL is managed under Methodist Church, if i am not mistaken). Luckily, when mom called dad via handset, my dad said that MCKL is way better than TARC, because of the travel distance. MCKL is more convenient for me, as i only need to take a KTM from Serdang station, straight down to KL Sentral, and walk 10 minutes to reach my college, or else take a monorail from KL Sentral, and just a stop to reach MCKL. As for TARC, it is located in Setapak, and definitely i have no idea on ways to reach there.

Finally, mom agreed that MCKL is better and took me straight to MCKL for registration. We had a hard time finding for the exact location though, as it was quite hard to be found, for the first time. =.= Anyways, within two hours, everything has been set and I have successfully registered for MCKL A-Levels program in July intake. The marketing staffs were quite nice too. Oh yeah, for every intake, MCKL gives out only 20 scholarships, and there were only 2 places left when i registered it. So i was lucky to get one of them, and only one more scholarship available, for July intake. Oh, how if i get JPA or BNM scholarship? No worries, the fees are still refundable before the classes started in July, except RM300 for registration fee. If I happened to get JPA/BNM scholarship after July, the fees has to be deducted by the number of classes i have attended, but i don't think it will happen unless i get the scholarship after appealed to the respective institution. If I were to study A-Levels in MCKL, which means i failed to get JPA, BNM, Sime Darby, etc,  I'd be taking 4 subjects, which are Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics and Physics. I would try my very best to score 4As in A-Levels and apply for scholarships after receiving offer letters from top foreign universities, and that's my only choice.

Finally, my back up plan is done. Thanks to Glassy(caring senior from Recom) for giving me advices and consolations, my dearest friends for giving me supports and of course, my lovely mom and dad, for giving me the golden opportunity of study A-Levels in prestigious MCKL. Love you all!!! And best of luck to everyone!!! =)


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