Saturday, 17 April 2010

No Matriculation Life For Me!!! T_T

Well, as the topic above, i guess i have to find other alternatives then. Wasted my 6 bucks, and made me sad due to the pathetic rejection for the whole night yesterday , the only paths for me now are A-Levels on my own, waiting for JPA and BNM scholarships applications, or maybe Form 6 STPM in the end if my parents still resist me to study A-Levels due to the risk i would bear upon graduation. Well, after spilling out all my miserable sadness yesterday night, on Facebook, MSN and the blog now, thanks to my friends who consoled me yesterday and today, I feel much better now. Oh, and thanks to Nicola, who made me laugh by sending 15 funny messages to my inbox this morning(3-4am), and constantly tried hard to console me with a huge hope that I would be feeling better soon. Thanks again! =)

Well, Matriculation is not everything, and i did post up at Recom, stating that i won't accept it anyways if i get it(Well it was just a consolation to myself!). My hopes to study overseas on my preferred courses are still there, and it entirely depends on me to work hard, either by taking up A-Levels on my own or through ever hardest Form 6 STPM. However, the hardest thing to resist is, the sadness that i constantly aroused when i read up my friends' posts, saying that they got offers to various Matriculation colleges, even those with result no better than me. Matriculation is mainly made for Bumi, for them to enter local universities with less efforts paid, and has higher priority as compared to those with qualification of STPM.

Well, most of the students who were / going to study Form 6, are still non-Bumi though. STPM is a deathly trap for non-Bumi, and i don't think i'd ever wanted to go into it. Yep, you might be right that STPM has a tougher and completely thorough syllabus as compared to Matriculation and A-Levels, but i don't want to waste my time studying for something that i won't be applying in my near future. But yet, lots of non-Bumis don't have enough financial support from their parents to study in private colleges, and that's why they still choose to study STPM, a widely recognised Pre-University Program supported by Malaysian Education Department, in both overseas and local. Maybe i should give it a try though. >.< Sorry, i didn't mean to infuriate anyone or to raise any racial issue here, but it's just another post for me to rant!

By the way, i just got an offer of SPM High Achiever Scholarship from Taylor's, with a total sum of 6k awarded to me, for me to study A-Levels which cost a total of 18k more, after deducting from the total cost. But well, i don't think my parents'd be able to spend that huge amount of money on my Pre-U program, so i think i have to reject it in the end. Thanks Taylor's for giving me those opportunities. =)

So, here's the preparation for BNM interview, although i'm not really well prepared on it:
1) Brush up my English and BM writing skills. (Have to train hard on this, cause i have been months since my last writing, and my writing skills are getting deteriorated over times, especially BM!)
2) Brush up my English communication skills.
3) Read up some current issues related to financial world.
4) Boost up my confidence level, and don't get affected by the pathetic rejections.

Good luck everyone! :)


  1. dont worry ng..
    u still have chances to get the scholarship.. hard for it..
    u can do it !

  2. Be tough, kid! Just because you failed to secure a number of scholarships, doesn't mean you've come to the ending. Bear in mind, all those scholarships that you got rejected are the top ones, it's really competitive to get chosen.

    And don't really worry about the matriculation thingy.

    I can optimistically say that you have a broad chance to get selected for JPA Science. Stop thinking too much, be focused and good luck for the next interview.

    Stay safe.


  3. hey ng,
    u gotta better opportunity rather than matrix.
    matrix is hard.
    people say.
    matrix life is less joyful as well,
    with rules(well everywhere got rules,but matrix's is totally owhhh..haha)just like school

    do your best for bnm!
    make sure you'll make it through!

  4. Dayah: Thanks a lot! Yep, hopefully i'm managed to secure JPA, and lately BNM. I'd try my very best in the BNM interview session! Thanks again! :D

    Rudy: Thanks Rudy, for the warming consolations and advices. I'd try my very best to stay focus, and do my best for the upcoming interview! :D

    Khadijah: Hmm, matriculation is not really tough as compared to STPM and A-Levels, but given the limited time(a year) for the syllabus to be covered, i would say it is rather rush, and that maybe the reason why people come out with the thought of, Matriculation is hard. And i believe, Matriculation life can be joyful if you know how to enjoy it.Thanks ya, i'd try my best in my BNM interview. :D


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