Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Why we must look for a JOB upon graduation?

We need to get a good job upon graduation, mainly is to afford our life, and improve our lifestyle. Graduate without any effort to find a suitable job, is totally wasting 18 years(approximately) of studies, time, efforts and parents' money. Our parents spent a lot on us, making investment on us, care about us with invaluable love for such a long time since we were born, and it's time for us to repay them once we are graduated, by working.

Working is the source of money, and unless you were to build up your own business, eventually you would still need a job to gain income. Besides, we would have to work to build our career, to gain precious experiences and to fulfill our materialistic mind. I believe, everyone would have desires to buy things, to fulfill their materiality world, for example luxurious cars, huge bungalow, stylish watch, fashionable handbags, etc. When our desires are being fulfilled, we would feel the sense of satisfaction, and might be happy. Rome was not built in a day, even with a low income initially, with time flew and experiences gained, we would eventually get higher income and even bonuses, as compared to those fresh graduates. Accumulations of various capitals would eventually make us rich, to be millionaires, or even billionaires.

Always have a back up plan might work wonders, especially during economics recession, as you might not know what might be awaiting you in future. You might enjoy the money you earned today, but you might lose your job tomorrow. Nobody knows what would happen tomorrow, so have an extra income would be a wise act. You might want to make investment on your capital to earn extra income. But, my advise is, never be over-materialistic, not even a day, because everything can be gone in seconds. Appreciation seems to be the best solution. Good luck! 


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