Saturday, 10 April 2010

JPA Interview Experience Sharing!!! ^_^

Course Applied: Science (Actuarial Science)

Date: 9th April 2010

Time: 8am

Venue: PICC, Putrajaya

Experience part:

Well, I reached there at 7.45am, which the hall had already full with potential scholars. I went to the board nearby and checked my name, and signed it to confirm my attendance. Later, i went straight to the panel, which i had leave my mom outside(only interviewees allowed to go in). Then, i went to search for my panel, Panel 3, and sat there. I met this guy, which was at the same group with me, applying for Science local. We chatted a lot but nothing much important. Later, a JPA officer called my name, and ask me to hand in all the certified documents (IC, birth certs, ...), as well as the clear holder fulled with every document needed.

Well, fortunately i was able to get know of my group members, 3 girls (Michelle Phoon, Emily Cheah, Jasmine Yeoh) and 2 boys (me and Soon Yew). Well i know, all Chinese. Michelle is applying for Chemical Engineering, which she later wished to switch into Science(Chemistry), Emily(Business Admin), Jasmine(Accountancy), me[Science(Actuarial Science) and Soon Yew(Science local)]. Not long after, since we are all at the first group, we went into the interviewers room. We greeted them, and they permitted us to sit down, as usual. The interviewers consist of 2 Malay ladies, and one Indian lady. They are too kind, and the Malay lady started first.

Here're the questions:
Section 1 (Introduction)
Malay interviewer 1: Okay, please introduce yourself in Bahasa Malaysia, starting from the 5th person, then 3rd, 1st, 2nd (me) and 4th.

Okay, everyone seemed doing fine on this part. Well, for this part, there was no any time restriction, so we can talk anything we want, as long as we wish to. I'm not really satisfied for my answer in this section, as i didn't say much on my course. And the weird thing was, they didn't even shoot me once!!! They didn't ask a lot about my preferred course, which i have been preparing it since last year. Well, the interviewer did ask me about "So, you like movie of numbers?" , and i said " yeah, 21(if you know the movie)." Well, at least i did mention about i do know that to be a qualified actuary is not an easy mission, and i know that i'm capable to do it, pass the professional exams. I did sell myself a little bit here, but suddenly i thought of how if they ask another question, which is "Why you deserve this scholarship?", and i might not have the chance to speak the points out as i have already stated everything in the intro(But eventually they didn't!). So, i stopped at the professional exams, and i totally forgot about my preferred country, which nobody in my group mentioned about it.
Section 2: Group Discussion (English) 
Malay interviewer 2: Okay, what is the current issue that you are concern about and why? Discuss it in 5 minutes.

We moved our chair to a semicircle shape, and discussed about the current issue, and finally came out with 1 Malaysia Concept. We discussed it for about 5 minutes, before the interviewers said that "can we start now?". Everyone agreed and moved the chairs to the initial positions. I was not the first one to talk, as i don't really know what to talk in 1 Malaysia concept. Well, after two other interviewees spoke out their opinions, i volunteered to be the third one, which i think is, not too bad. I talked about 1 Malaysia is a concept introduced by Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, a concept that can consolidate our nation unity among races, to prevent the past history to repeat, just like the tragedy of 13 May 1969. Besides, 1 Malaysia concept also about one thinking, which can make all the citizens focus to one vision, Vision 2020, that set by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. Oh, and suddenly i thought about a post i read in a blog (Boyzoo's blog if i'm not mistaken), I said about there are lots of Malaysian staying outside Malaysia, and become permanent residents in their working countries. Many thought that they are lack of loyalty( I forgot about the word "loyalty" and after a while stuck at the point, i said "Taat setia", OMG!!! >.< ), but in fact, they are much more patriotic than what we might thought as. They are actually very proud to be Malaysians, and whenever people ask them about their origin, they'd answer "I'm from Malaysia", and they'd promote Malaysia to others.

Suddenly, the interviewer asked me:
"Do you have any relative stay overseas, as permanent resident?"

Me: "Well, yeah, i have a cousin that is a permanent resident in UK, working there." Then, everything's over for the Section 2 after others spoke out of their opinions.

Section 3: Personal Question (BM)
Indian interviewer: Okay, sekarang, nyatakan satu keburukan Facebook.

Oh gosh, i was like, Facebook??? Okay, nice one. The first person said out her opinions, and later i spoke out mine as well, as the second interviewee. I said about Facebook is totally wastage of time, and as a teenager, we should appreciate the time studying, and do those activities that are more beneficial, such as be a volunteer in a charity centers. Besides, Facebook is also the place for the cyber crime to occur. Well, i think i was okay in this part.

However, for whole interview session, i think i was a little bit... nervous. I was relatively slower in speaking(especially English), and i need to think longer before i speak, as compared to other interviewees, who could speak English really fluently.

Rating: I don't really know how to rate myself. Maybe 6/10. Someone rates me please? =)

Best of luck to everyone!!! =)

Favourite Music! =)