Thursday, 8 April 2010

Preparation for JPA Interview!!! ^_^

Hey everyone, sorry for neglecting this blog, and readers for quite a long time. Anyways, as almost everyone knew, i have got shortlisted for JPA interview that would be held on 9th April, at 8am in Putrajaya. Oh, and i have got Panel 3 for that session, as stated in the interview letter this morning, not really sure about it though. Frankly speaking, for these few days, besides reading for the interview experiences shared by ReCommers in the forum, i have basically did nothing. Here are some favourite questions asked by the interviewers around the nation in JPA interview 2010:

1) Introduction [Name, previous school, family background, co-curriculum, course applied and reasons(Make sure you do adequate researches on the course/major selected)](Mostly in BM, but if you're lucky, you will get to speak in English.)
2) Country selected and reasons. (Make sure you don't say about foreign education is better, or else it might be offensive!)
3) What make you special that deserve this scholarship?
4) Why choose to study overseas, but not local?
5) Would you be willing to accept the scholarship, but for local?
6) Local universities that offer your course applied.
7) Scholarships are funded by tax payers' money. How do you wanna repay them upon graduation?
8) What is your strengths and weaknesses?
9) Global warming
10) Name of Deputy Prime Minister
11) Name of Finance Minister(accounting) / Head of Judges(law)
12) Private Insurance
13) Wawasan 2020
14) 1 Malaysia concept
15) Quality of Water in Malaysia
16) How to preserve and conserve environment?
17) H1N1
18) 1 Malaysia Clinic
19) New Economics Model
20) Green Technology
21) Restriction of 10 subjects to be taken in SPM. Discuss.
22) One word to describe yourself
23) How to improve literacy level among Malaysians
24) Ways to reduce homesickness when study abroad.
25) Kahwin sambil belajar.
26) What do you see yourself doing 10/20 years later?
27) Great Wall of China has been chosen as world heritage by UNESCO. Discuss.

Advices: Read the interview experiences shared by Recommers in

Wish me tonnes of lucks in my interview that would be held on this Friday!!! =)

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