Sunday, 27 May 2012

Last Sunday Service of May (27/5/12)

Hello people! I'm back after a week of drilling myself with  FM! Yeah, the freaking hard FM papers are  on next Wednesday and Friday!!! 2 more days. *gasp* Seriously, what I need now is definitely prayer and enough sleep! I need to be more alert and very careful when I'm solving the questions as I did many many mistakes throughout the exercises. Now that I still have at least 10 more papers to do, I doubt I would have enough time to rest. Anyway I can always find strength from God! =))

So today as usual I went to Acts Church for the Sunday Service! Yeah I don't really skip church unless there's something really really important that I have to do. Okay I don't mean FM is not important but whatever the mountain of difficulties and challenges that I might be facing in this whole week, God is good and is real! He will bless me and help me through! Amen.

So excited for the Words? We had a really special speaker today, Pastor Andy Yeoh, preaching the sermon. So here it goes! =)

Bible Verses: 1 King 18:21, 31-32, 36; Acts 2, 4; Romans 12:1

- We need more of Holy Spirit today!
- Holy Spirit wants to fill us again!
- There are more Christians living today than 2000 years ago.
- Holy Spirit is sent to us to remind us, for remembrance.
- A reminder is powerful, for we human forget, and Holy Spirit reminds us.
- Revival is a lifestyle, is here to stay until God comes!
- Fire = Holiness, Passion, Purity.
- How many opinions we have about God?
- Falter = Dancing around, between opinions.
- Decide in your heart, for only 1 opinion! God is Lord, God is real!
- Revival can only come from our God and no other!
- He is God, whether you believe Him or  not, and remains strong.
- Worship God with increasing human power will not be adequate to catch God's attention; but only with
  aid of Holy Spirit!
- Revival only happens to things that once lived.
- Only churches and Christians can be revived, the non-believers coming in desperation to know Jesus,
  that is the result of revival!
- Altar = Prayer; we should really pray for everything, prayers need to be revived!
- Altar = Sacrifice; comford is not God's priority. Go for extra miles!
- Altar = Offering; in the book of Acts, no one keep things for their own. If everyone wants to take,
  who gives? If everyone gives, everyone gets! Giving must be restored, in the form of time, talent and
- Altar = Worship; worship to God is not constraint to only singing songs, but also to put a smile on
  someone's face. Worship God means having consciousness of God! =)
- Revival: restoration, reawakening, resurrection and improvement! 
- Altar = Relationship with God! 
- Seed = Word of God, Water = Spirit.
- Too much of seeds or water is not enough; Seed + Water fire up!
- It's about God's glory!
- Obedience is better than sacrifice!
- Fire only falls on altar, with sacrifice!
- Posititon ourselves for God to move!
- Plan A: Buy a food and bless someone with it, as God has been so good to me, and now I want to
             good to you! =)
- Plan B: Make a lovely card and give it to your lecturers/teachers, blessing them with God's kindness!
Oh btw, Re-Union is happening next week! So excited now! It's in Stadium Negara on next Saturday, and is about to blow up with few thousands people! It's going to be grant and definitely looking forward to it! But now... time to resume FM past year! =)) Well wish me luck! I definitely need that! =) Okay ciao~ God bless! :)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Third Sunday Service of May (20/5/12)! =)

Wooohooo! I'm back! So far I've finished 3 papers over the week, i.e. both Maths papers and Physics Paper 4 (structured). Maths Paper 4 was okay, praise the Lord! Maths Paper 3... Oh well I lost around 4 marks but still I'm really thankful for it! At least I just lost 4 marks, not 20 marks. This year Maths Paper 3 was a bit harder compared to previous years (although October/November 2011 paper was tough too), and involved a lot of proving questions (around 5 out of 10). Hopefully I can make it! I need A* for Maths as Cass demanded it. =)

For Further Maths students, proving questions are the best questions to be answered since you will be confident that your answer is correct if you could prove something. Physics Paper 4... I have not much comments on it. It was definitely one of the hardest compared to past year papers, since it involved one 7-mark experiment at Section A (Core) and not many people actually read it. A lot of random tricky questions was asked too in that paper with weird numerical values as answers, so just hope that the percentile will be pulled down. =)

Anyway, get back to today's sermon! Well, today's service was a bit different as Pastor Kenneth led us to praise God with worship songs and showed us quite a number of pictures and videos on our church's leaders' trip to Jakarta recently. At least it was something different and interesting today! =)

So here it goes!

Title: Thanksgiving! =)
Bible verses: Philippians 4:6, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, 2 Timothy 3, Psalm 78

- It's good to give thanks!
- Shouldn't expect to be thanked, but learn how to give thanks.
- It's hurt if someone take your blessing/help for granted, that's how God feels.
- Thanking God not only by saying thank you, but start serving/respecting Him!
- Thanksgiving should be overflowing in your heart, to the extent of it depicted through your actions.
- Don't take God's love ans blessing for granted!
- Thank God for everything whether you like it or not.
- There's a lot of things to be thankful for!
- The key into entering the presence of God is by thanksgiving!
- Gate signifies authority and identity.
- Enter into His Gate (authority) by thanksgiving!
- If gratitude opens the gate, then unthankfulness closes it!
- Don't worry, be thankful, be happy!
- Thankful people are happy and peaceful people.
- Be positive and thankful, for joy of the Lord is by giving thanks.
- When you give thanks fro everything, you're doing the Will of God.
- The day you stop giving thanks, is the moment you take someone for granted.
- Unthankfulness always compare; that's when you start dying inside.
- Stop comparing and be thankful of what you have!
- Opposite of thanksgiving is murmuring.
- Thanksgiving is for the sake of remembrance, while murmuring means forgetting.
- Thankful people tend to say 'at least', while murmuring people tend to say 'if only'.
- Start giving out of thankfulness! =)
Many times we take other people for granted, and today's sermon definitely deeply attracted my attention. As a son or a daughter, we sometimes forget to thank our parents for all the great things that they have done for us. They help us whenever we get into troubles, and educate us into what we are today. They have been supporting our expenses since our birth, and how many times we actually remember to say thank you to our beloved parents? I will leave that to you.

To be honest, I somehow feel odd to thank my parents but be ungrateful despite all the things that they have done to me. I'm a rebellious kid and like to argue over petty stuffs. Something trivial could be turned into something so powerful that exacerbates my relationship with parents. Despite all that, at the end of the day, they still care for me. Filial piety never existed in my dictionary as my respect towards my parents was almost null. But something touched me today. This sermon is reflecting so much on my problem and the message was simple. Be thankful! Not only to God, but to everything else. Be thankful for what you have (your parents, friends, expensive smartphones, warm and loving family etc).

Well, my parents are not believers of Christ, and neither is my entire family. Okay at least a few of my cousins have been saved! Thank God! But I can do better, and my first step is through my own family. I've always view my house as a battlefield, with ticking bombs ready to be exploded if one is not careful. Okay I'm over-exaggerated. But the situation wasn't too far behind that. I just don't know why, and it's been like that all this while. What can I do? I know I would not be able to change everyone in split seconds, but God is able! I know the ultimate change shall start within me myself.

Have a nice day everyone. God bless! =)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Second Sunday Service of May (13/5/12)! =)

Helloooooo! Well I'm quite excited today for the Word of God and I reached church very early today, around 8.15am. Okay that was because my sister had to go somewhere so yeah that's why early. I'm very excited partially due to exam's starting tomorrow! A2 Final exam. I've been preparing very hard for the exam, and up to a certain point, I felt so restless and bored studying the same thing, over and over again. Well I just hope I could do well in the exam and aim for perfection, especially for Maths. I cannot afford to make mistakes as I need A* for Maths to meet my minimum requirement for A*AA. Wish me luck peeps! =)

So the sermon today was rather short but of high quality! Even Pastor Kenneth emphasized that before started preaching the sermon today. So excited? Here it goes!

Title: Sifting you as wheat!
Bible verses: Luke 22:31,  Deuteronomy 8, James 1
- Only expectation can breed disappointment.
- De-morning attack comes in the form of disappointment, discouragement and diseases, are all Devil's
- Trials and testing will happen regardless of your faith.
- But with Jesus and the power of Holy Spirit, we can overcome it.
- Purpose of trial is to sift us as wheat, allowed by God's Will to build characters.
- God always test us, but will never tempt us; Devil does!
- While God allows the Devil to tempt/sift us, He will never allow Devil to win over our heart, as God
   is in control!
- Purpose of sifting: To separate the wheat from chaff, usable from unusable, edible from inedible.
- 1st step:  - Thrashing!
                 - Flail is used to beat, to loosen the chaff/useless stuff.
                 - Loosen your desire for earthly riches, for nothing can be taken eternally to Heaven.
- 2nd step:  - Winnowing!
                  - Throwing up and down, and nobody cares, but God cares because He loves us!
                  - Thrown up and down to go after the usable!
                  - Loosen chaff is removed from grain, heavier grain and substance will come back down
                    for the use of God! Chaff will be blown away by wind of doctrine.
                  - Let Devil winnow you, but let God use you!
 - 3rd step: - Sifting (shake), separate wheat from dirt and debris.
                  - Remove all dust from ingredient that is used for the final product.
- Devil asks, Jesus allows, but He never stopped there.
- Devil is used only as a tool, to sift you.
- No matter what you've been through, you will return to Jesus! As Jesus prayed for you! Prayed that
  your faith will never fail, although your actions might fail.
- Our church is Spirit-filled, Christ-centered.
- Return to Jesus, set for encouragement and strength for others.
- Jesus is not a serving religion, Jesus is God!
- Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever!
- God's Will is for us to bear fruits, and Devil gets worried when we bear fruit.
Phew! Finally done and time to get back to my notes! Woke up quite early today (7am) and done nothing so far! I shall study, but enough is enough haha! xD I just hope I could memorise all explanations that are quite common and possible to come out tomorrow. Good luck to all my friends taking A2 tomorrow! I know you can do it! =)

O Lord, I know you have been watching me. I've given my best to prepare for this, and Lord I pray that you will multiply my effort, and for me to bear fruits, standing as a great testimony for you, Lord. Grant me wisdom and careful mind Lord, that I will be able to shine in the exam hall and strive for perfection, with all answers wrote according to the marking scheme. Guide me through the exams Lord. I thank you, for all your great blessings on me. Thank you for everything Lord. I love you. In Jesus name, Amen.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

First Sunday Service of May (6/5/12)! =))

So yes people! Just in case you were still living your life thinking that it was April, WAKE UP!!! Well I did, until I realised it's no longer April. It's already May now, exactly 1 week to the commencement of my A2 Final exam! OMG!!! =O Yet I'm still not quite prepared yet for my exam. To be precise, I still have 13 Physics past year papers to be completed, and I forgot a lot of the previous papers. I always fail to tackle questions asking for explanations and that's when I will get stuck. =( I'm just afraid I might explain it wrongly. But that shall be improved over this week as I trust in God! God will help me to get through this! Amen.

So today Pastor Kenneth Chin is finally back after 3 weeks of attending mission trips and stuffs! And of course he came back with an extremely awe-inspiring sermon! Can't wait for it? Here it goes!

Bible verses: Matthew 13, 2 Chronicles 20:20, Matthew 6:32-33
- It's important to be led by Holy Spirit when going to other country.
- We don't know everyone, but Holy Spirit does!
- We are in the life-changing business, unlike McD and Starbucks!
- Language of Holy Spirit is through vision!
- God is an expert in changing atmosphere.
- Too much of preparation on speech/sermon will restrict the freedom for God to move.
- Any great opportunities that seem to be impossible to happen, only God can do it!
- Bible is living and powerful, able to change life!
- We will receive what we are believing for!
- We can only see when we start believing!
- Either give our best or don't give at all! (All or nothing)
- God does not deserve to be parking attendent, He only deserve the best from you!
- Until we do that, we will never experience fullness that God has in store for us.
- Be excited about something to keep yourself awake.
- God is not into religious duty, He is looking for someone who is serious in Him!
- Refuse to be wayside Christian!
- Make sure your heart is at the right place, to remain yourself in the center of God's plan.
- Believe wholeheartedly and lose, rather than half-half.
- Same garden, but at one side good soil, another one stoned soil;
  Same heart, but different results! Is your heart acting this way?
- Check your heart regularly and remove the thing holding you back, start be prosper!
- In life, we make decisions for care of this world!
- It's okay to desire the luxurious upgrade in our life, but with it will come the care of this world!
- Don't allow the care of this world to choke you, over your heart!
- God will take care of this!
- Don't let your desires and care of this world to affect you, because Jesus care for us!
- Be prepared to lose them for God, and gain them in multiple times!
I was really speechless when Pastor preached this particular sermon! It was so magnificently mind-blowing! This is what I need! I was actually thinking of this few days ago (if you read my previous post). I was talking about losing valuables and money, and not to be bothered too much by it. And yes, today Pastor preached slightly different version but conveyed the same message! Don't allow the care of this world to choke you and your heart!

Your problems and worries escalate as your wealth and money grows. You fear that those luxuries will be gone one day. Fear this and that, eventually be choked by it! You may wake up bombarded by this awful feeling each day. It's indeed very true and I hope everyone can learn from this. When you get an luxurious item/gadget/car, you're afraid of losing it! See? You're letting the care of this world to affect you. What if I tell you this? Let loose of this fear, and let God take care of it. God can take back what He has given you, but God is a graceful God! We are so undeserving yet He loves us so much and gave us everything! Serve Him well and He will be delighted!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Heartbreak over Mistakes!

Most people are emotionally driven, and that includes me and most people I know. We feel sad and heartbroken when we lose something; happy and excited when we gain. But what I would like to discuss here is the overwhelming sadness engulfing us when we lost something.

Losing something, in my opinion, is a very common experience that everyone would encounter at least once in a lifetime (even that also considered as extremely rare). The 'magnitude' of sadness engulfing us largely depends upon losses that hit us, either in the matter of finance, health, relationship with friends and family , and loss of a loved one. Seeing the sadness and heartbrokenness that overwhelmed me and some of my close people due to financial loss, I would love to go deeper into it and share some of my views on financial loss.

This was particularly evident yesterday within my circle of close people. Some individuals kept emphasising the emotional pain of losing something expensive, without realising the careless individual who commited the mistake was also experiencing deep emotional pain at equal amount, if not more. I was completely baffled over such unnecessary action as I personally would not care much over the loss even if it was paid using my own money.

It is completely normal if you mourn over your financial loss for a moment, but DO NOT ever dwell in it for a long time. It's true that you lose your few months salary in just a matter of split seconds, but don't ever dwell in it. Majority of people would dwell over financial loss and be so emotionally affected, eventually causing more and more unnecessary problems.

Money is important and it is very hard to be earned, often earned through hard work (other than those who born into a weathy family)? True! But money is definitely not everything. Losing money is very common and any slight mistakes you commit would cost you hundreds, if not thousands. Look at the road accidents happen almost everyday, you would never know when will be your turn. But be more careful in completing all tasks can mitigate the risk of falling into paying such unnecessary cost.

Losing money is even more evident in the financial market, where majority of investors and traders lose money everyday. Fund managers can lose up to millions over a week when the market is against their odds due to unforeseen financial crisis. Dwelling into mistakes committed would only drag traders into making irrational decisions and falling further into the losing game. Many people could not take the emotional pain caused by the market volatility, and prefer not to get involved in it. That's why some people choose to commit suicide due to sudden market crash as they thought it was the end of the world.

What I would like to advise here is, learn from your mistakes. Some of the mistakes can cost you hefty sum of money. But the return? You gain an experience of committing the mistakes. Wise people would learn from mistakes that other people make, and take precautions over it. But people tend to forget other failing stories, and fall into the same mistakes after a while. In the long run, only people who have the real experience of failure would take sufficient precautions to prevent falling into it again.

So people, don't ever dwell in sadness over certain external loss. What more important is your ability to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself over time.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Lessons learnt from Pickpocket!

Wooohooo today is Labour Day! It's ending soon anyway and has practically nothing to do with me, except more time for me to study. So today I woke up late, just to be bombarded with a news that someone close to me had her smartphone being pickpocketed by some idiots, probably foreign immigrants, on her way going to Mid Valley for gathering by KTM. The smartphone was possibly one of the best and most expensive one (around 1.7k), Samsung Galaxy SII.

This reminds me of the incident happened more than a year back to me, in March 2011. I bought a new phone (Nokia X6) a few months back before someone pickpocketed it from my loosely hanging pocket of my short, same place and same destination. I know it was my fault to put my phone inside that pant cause I wouldn't be able to feel anything since the pocket was not in contact with my leg. The incident should not have happened if I wore jean.

Lesson 1: Always wear tight pant/jean with pockets in contact with your body. It will be harder for people to pickpocket you if you can FEEL your belongings. Any attempt to pickpocket would be detected immediately, but I think they should be smart enough not to choose hard targets.

Lesson 2: Do not show your phone publicly especially in KTM station. Yes even the station itself! That's the most crucial place for those people to find easy targets. They are like heat seeking missiles, waiting to steal smartphones from easy targets. Anyone using smartphone spotted would be observed whether he/she is an easy target or not. So don't be an easy target for them! Be more careful! If you are already holding your phone, hold it tightly and make sure it's in your hand all the time. Or if you want to keep it, put it inside your TIGHT pocket that you can feel it (jean?), otherwise don't use it at all. Don't put it inside loosely hanging pocket, or even handbag or sling bag.

Lesson 3: If you are a smartphone owner, try not to take Malaysian public transport so frequently particularly KTM. Bus, LRT, Monorail etc are still considerably fine, but KTM is the worst. Many foreign immigrants can be spotted taking KTM rather than LRT and Monorail. I don't emphasize much on public bus unless you are standing, watch out too! Passengers in sitting position are most likely harder to be pickpocketed. I don't despise foreign immigrants but a lot of them actually cause higher crime rate in Malaysia.

Well not only in Malaysia, but the 'art' of pickpocketing has been practiced for hundreds years. But no matter what, we can always take precautions to avoid being the easy prey of pickpocket. I've learnt my lesson last year, and I knew it well enough. She was actually aware of this despicable activity too due to my past experience, but again she wasn't careful enough. She didn't take enough precautions to avoid falling into the trap. The only aftermath of it? Financial loss and emotional heartache.

Perhaps this is a lesson that must be learnt individually.

Favourite Music! =)