Sunday, 27 May 2012

Last Sunday Service of May (27/5/12)

Hello people! I'm back after a week of drilling myself with  FM! Yeah, the freaking hard FM papers are  on next Wednesday and Friday!!! 2 more days. *gasp* Seriously, what I need now is definitely prayer and enough sleep! I need to be more alert and very careful when I'm solving the questions as I did many many mistakes throughout the exercises. Now that I still have at least 10 more papers to do, I doubt I would have enough time to rest. Anyway I can always find strength from God! =))

So today as usual I went to Acts Church for the Sunday Service! Yeah I don't really skip church unless there's something really really important that I have to do. Okay I don't mean FM is not important but whatever the mountain of difficulties and challenges that I might be facing in this whole week, God is good and is real! He will bless me and help me through! Amen.

So excited for the Words? We had a really special speaker today, Pastor Andy Yeoh, preaching the sermon. So here it goes! =)

Bible Verses: 1 King 18:21, 31-32, 36; Acts 2, 4; Romans 12:1

- We need more of Holy Spirit today!
- Holy Spirit wants to fill us again!
- There are more Christians living today than 2000 years ago.
- Holy Spirit is sent to us to remind us, for remembrance.
- A reminder is powerful, for we human forget, and Holy Spirit reminds us.
- Revival is a lifestyle, is here to stay until God comes!
- Fire = Holiness, Passion, Purity.
- How many opinions we have about God?
- Falter = Dancing around, between opinions.
- Decide in your heart, for only 1 opinion! God is Lord, God is real!
- Revival can only come from our God and no other!
- He is God, whether you believe Him or  not, and remains strong.
- Worship God with increasing human power will not be adequate to catch God's attention; but only with
  aid of Holy Spirit!
- Revival only happens to things that once lived.
- Only churches and Christians can be revived, the non-believers coming in desperation to know Jesus,
  that is the result of revival!
- Altar = Prayer; we should really pray for everything, prayers need to be revived!
- Altar = Sacrifice; comford is not God's priority. Go for extra miles!
- Altar = Offering; in the book of Acts, no one keep things for their own. If everyone wants to take,
  who gives? If everyone gives, everyone gets! Giving must be restored, in the form of time, talent and
- Altar = Worship; worship to God is not constraint to only singing songs, but also to put a smile on
  someone's face. Worship God means having consciousness of God! =)
- Revival: restoration, reawakening, resurrection and improvement! 
- Altar = Relationship with God! 
- Seed = Word of God, Water = Spirit.
- Too much of seeds or water is not enough; Seed + Water fire up!
- It's about God's glory!
- Obedience is better than sacrifice!
- Fire only falls on altar, with sacrifice!
- Posititon ourselves for God to move!
- Plan A: Buy a food and bless someone with it, as God has been so good to me, and now I want to
             good to you! =)
- Plan B: Make a lovely card and give it to your lecturers/teachers, blessing them with God's kindness!
Oh btw, Re-Union is happening next week! So excited now! It's in Stadium Negara on next Saturday, and is about to blow up with few thousands people! It's going to be grant and definitely looking forward to it! But now... time to resume FM past year! =)) Well wish me luck! I definitely need that! =) Okay ciao~ God bless! :)

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