Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Heartbreak over Mistakes!

Most people are emotionally driven, and that includes me and most people I know. We feel sad and heartbroken when we lose something; happy and excited when we gain. But what I would like to discuss here is the overwhelming sadness engulfing us when we lost something.

Losing something, in my opinion, is a very common experience that everyone would encounter at least once in a lifetime (even that also considered as extremely rare). The 'magnitude' of sadness engulfing us largely depends upon losses that hit us, either in the matter of finance, health, relationship with friends and family , and loss of a loved one. Seeing the sadness and heartbrokenness that overwhelmed me and some of my close people due to financial loss, I would love to go deeper into it and share some of my views on financial loss.

This was particularly evident yesterday within my circle of close people. Some individuals kept emphasising the emotional pain of losing something expensive, without realising the careless individual who commited the mistake was also experiencing deep emotional pain at equal amount, if not more. I was completely baffled over such unnecessary action as I personally would not care much over the loss even if it was paid using my own money.

It is completely normal if you mourn over your financial loss for a moment, but DO NOT ever dwell in it for a long time. It's true that you lose your few months salary in just a matter of split seconds, but don't ever dwell in it. Majority of people would dwell over financial loss and be so emotionally affected, eventually causing more and more unnecessary problems.

Money is important and it is very hard to be earned, often earned through hard work (other than those who born into a weathy family)? True! But money is definitely not everything. Losing money is very common and any slight mistakes you commit would cost you hundreds, if not thousands. Look at the road accidents happen almost everyday, you would never know when will be your turn. But be more careful in completing all tasks can mitigate the risk of falling into paying such unnecessary cost.

Losing money is even more evident in the financial market, where majority of investors and traders lose money everyday. Fund managers can lose up to millions over a week when the market is against their odds due to unforeseen financial crisis. Dwelling into mistakes committed would only drag traders into making irrational decisions and falling further into the losing game. Many people could not take the emotional pain caused by the market volatility, and prefer not to get involved in it. That's why some people choose to commit suicide due to sudden market crash as they thought it was the end of the world.

What I would like to advise here is, learn from your mistakes. Some of the mistakes can cost you hefty sum of money. But the return? You gain an experience of committing the mistakes. Wise people would learn from mistakes that other people make, and take precautions over it. But people tend to forget other failing stories, and fall into the same mistakes after a while. In the long run, only people who have the real experience of failure would take sufficient precautions to prevent falling into it again.

So people, don't ever dwell in sadness over certain external loss. What more important is your ability to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself over time.

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