Sunday, 13 May 2012

Second Sunday Service of May (13/5/12)! =)

Helloooooo! Well I'm quite excited today for the Word of God and I reached church very early today, around 8.15am. Okay that was because my sister had to go somewhere so yeah that's why early. I'm very excited partially due to exam's starting tomorrow! A2 Final exam. I've been preparing very hard for the exam, and up to a certain point, I felt so restless and bored studying the same thing, over and over again. Well I just hope I could do well in the exam and aim for perfection, especially for Maths. I cannot afford to make mistakes as I need A* for Maths to meet my minimum requirement for A*AA. Wish me luck peeps! =)

So the sermon today was rather short but of high quality! Even Pastor Kenneth emphasized that before started preaching the sermon today. So excited? Here it goes!

Title: Sifting you as wheat!
Bible verses: Luke 22:31,  Deuteronomy 8, James 1
- Only expectation can breed disappointment.
- De-morning attack comes in the form of disappointment, discouragement and diseases, are all Devil's
- Trials and testing will happen regardless of your faith.
- But with Jesus and the power of Holy Spirit, we can overcome it.
- Purpose of trial is to sift us as wheat, allowed by God's Will to build characters.
- God always test us, but will never tempt us; Devil does!
- While God allows the Devil to tempt/sift us, He will never allow Devil to win over our heart, as God
   is in control!
- Purpose of sifting: To separate the wheat from chaff, usable from unusable, edible from inedible.
- 1st step:  - Thrashing!
                 - Flail is used to beat, to loosen the chaff/useless stuff.
                 - Loosen your desire for earthly riches, for nothing can be taken eternally to Heaven.
- 2nd step:  - Winnowing!
                  - Throwing up and down, and nobody cares, but God cares because He loves us!
                  - Thrown up and down to go after the usable!
                  - Loosen chaff is removed from grain, heavier grain and substance will come back down
                    for the use of God! Chaff will be blown away by wind of doctrine.
                  - Let Devil winnow you, but let God use you!
 - 3rd step: - Sifting (shake), separate wheat from dirt and debris.
                  - Remove all dust from ingredient that is used for the final product.
- Devil asks, Jesus allows, but He never stopped there.
- Devil is used only as a tool, to sift you.
- No matter what you've been through, you will return to Jesus! As Jesus prayed for you! Prayed that
  your faith will never fail, although your actions might fail.
- Our church is Spirit-filled, Christ-centered.
- Return to Jesus, set for encouragement and strength for others.
- Jesus is not a serving religion, Jesus is God!
- Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever!
- God's Will is for us to bear fruits, and Devil gets worried when we bear fruit.
Phew! Finally done and time to get back to my notes! Woke up quite early today (7am) and done nothing so far! I shall study, but enough is enough haha! xD I just hope I could memorise all explanations that are quite common and possible to come out tomorrow. Good luck to all my friends taking A2 tomorrow! I know you can do it! =)

O Lord, I know you have been watching me. I've given my best to prepare for this, and Lord I pray that you will multiply my effort, and for me to bear fruits, standing as a great testimony for you, Lord. Grant me wisdom and careful mind Lord, that I will be able to shine in the exam hall and strive for perfection, with all answers wrote according to the marking scheme. Guide me through the exams Lord. I thank you, for all your great blessings on me. Thank you for everything Lord. I love you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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