Sunday, 20 May 2012

Third Sunday Service of May (20/5/12)! =)

Wooohooo! I'm back! So far I've finished 3 papers over the week, i.e. both Maths papers and Physics Paper 4 (structured). Maths Paper 4 was okay, praise the Lord! Maths Paper 3... Oh well I lost around 4 marks but still I'm really thankful for it! At least I just lost 4 marks, not 20 marks. This year Maths Paper 3 was a bit harder compared to previous years (although October/November 2011 paper was tough too), and involved a lot of proving questions (around 5 out of 10). Hopefully I can make it! I need A* for Maths as Cass demanded it. =)

For Further Maths students, proving questions are the best questions to be answered since you will be confident that your answer is correct if you could prove something. Physics Paper 4... I have not much comments on it. It was definitely one of the hardest compared to past year papers, since it involved one 7-mark experiment at Section A (Core) and not many people actually read it. A lot of random tricky questions was asked too in that paper with weird numerical values as answers, so just hope that the percentile will be pulled down. =)

Anyway, get back to today's sermon! Well, today's service was a bit different as Pastor Kenneth led us to praise God with worship songs and showed us quite a number of pictures and videos on our church's leaders' trip to Jakarta recently. At least it was something different and interesting today! =)

So here it goes!

Title: Thanksgiving! =)
Bible verses: Philippians 4:6, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, 2 Timothy 3, Psalm 78

- It's good to give thanks!
- Shouldn't expect to be thanked, but learn how to give thanks.
- It's hurt if someone take your blessing/help for granted, that's how God feels.
- Thanking God not only by saying thank you, but start serving/respecting Him!
- Thanksgiving should be overflowing in your heart, to the extent of it depicted through your actions.
- Don't take God's love ans blessing for granted!
- Thank God for everything whether you like it or not.
- There's a lot of things to be thankful for!
- The key into entering the presence of God is by thanksgiving!
- Gate signifies authority and identity.
- Enter into His Gate (authority) by thanksgiving!
- If gratitude opens the gate, then unthankfulness closes it!
- Don't worry, be thankful, be happy!
- Thankful people are happy and peaceful people.
- Be positive and thankful, for joy of the Lord is by giving thanks.
- When you give thanks fro everything, you're doing the Will of God.
- The day you stop giving thanks, is the moment you take someone for granted.
- Unthankfulness always compare; that's when you start dying inside.
- Stop comparing and be thankful of what you have!
- Opposite of thanksgiving is murmuring.
- Thanksgiving is for the sake of remembrance, while murmuring means forgetting.
- Thankful people tend to say 'at least', while murmuring people tend to say 'if only'.
- Start giving out of thankfulness! =)
Many times we take other people for granted, and today's sermon definitely deeply attracted my attention. As a son or a daughter, we sometimes forget to thank our parents for all the great things that they have done for us. They help us whenever we get into troubles, and educate us into what we are today. They have been supporting our expenses since our birth, and how many times we actually remember to say thank you to our beloved parents? I will leave that to you.

To be honest, I somehow feel odd to thank my parents but be ungrateful despite all the things that they have done to me. I'm a rebellious kid and like to argue over petty stuffs. Something trivial could be turned into something so powerful that exacerbates my relationship with parents. Despite all that, at the end of the day, they still care for me. Filial piety never existed in my dictionary as my respect towards my parents was almost null. But something touched me today. This sermon is reflecting so much on my problem and the message was simple. Be thankful! Not only to God, but to everything else. Be thankful for what you have (your parents, friends, expensive smartphones, warm and loving family etc).

Well, my parents are not believers of Christ, and neither is my entire family. Okay at least a few of my cousins have been saved! Thank God! But I can do better, and my first step is through my own family. I've always view my house as a battlefield, with ticking bombs ready to be exploded if one is not careful. Okay I'm over-exaggerated. But the situation wasn't too far behind that. I just don't know why, and it's been like that all this while. What can I do? I know I would not be able to change everyone in split seconds, but God is able! I know the ultimate change shall start within me myself.

Have a nice day everyone. God bless! =)

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