Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Lessons learnt from Pickpocket!

Wooohooo today is Labour Day! It's ending soon anyway and has practically nothing to do with me, except more time for me to study. So today I woke up late, just to be bombarded with a news that someone close to me had her smartphone being pickpocketed by some idiots, probably foreign immigrants, on her way going to Mid Valley for gathering by KTM. The smartphone was possibly one of the best and most expensive one (around 1.7k), Samsung Galaxy SII.

This reminds me of the incident happened more than a year back to me, in March 2011. I bought a new phone (Nokia X6) a few months back before someone pickpocketed it from my loosely hanging pocket of my short, same place and same destination. I know it was my fault to put my phone inside that pant cause I wouldn't be able to feel anything since the pocket was not in contact with my leg. The incident should not have happened if I wore jean.

Lesson 1: Always wear tight pant/jean with pockets in contact with your body. It will be harder for people to pickpocket you if you can FEEL your belongings. Any attempt to pickpocket would be detected immediately, but I think they should be smart enough not to choose hard targets.

Lesson 2: Do not show your phone publicly especially in KTM station. Yes even the station itself! That's the most crucial place for those people to find easy targets. They are like heat seeking missiles, waiting to steal smartphones from easy targets. Anyone using smartphone spotted would be observed whether he/she is an easy target or not. So don't be an easy target for them! Be more careful! If you are already holding your phone, hold it tightly and make sure it's in your hand all the time. Or if you want to keep it, put it inside your TIGHT pocket that you can feel it (jean?), otherwise don't use it at all. Don't put it inside loosely hanging pocket, or even handbag or sling bag.

Lesson 3: If you are a smartphone owner, try not to take Malaysian public transport so frequently particularly KTM. Bus, LRT, Monorail etc are still considerably fine, but KTM is the worst. Many foreign immigrants can be spotted taking KTM rather than LRT and Monorail. I don't emphasize much on public bus unless you are standing, watch out too! Passengers in sitting position are most likely harder to be pickpocketed. I don't despise foreign immigrants but a lot of them actually cause higher crime rate in Malaysia.

Well not only in Malaysia, but the 'art' of pickpocketing has been practiced for hundreds years. But no matter what, we can always take precautions to avoid being the easy prey of pickpocket. I've learnt my lesson last year, and I knew it well enough. She was actually aware of this despicable activity too due to my past experience, but again she wasn't careful enough. She didn't take enough precautions to avoid falling into the trap. The only aftermath of it? Financial loss and emotional heartache.

Perhaps this is a lesson that must be learnt individually.

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