Monday, 31 May 2010

Dreams Come True!!! ^_^

While I was feeling happy and grateful regarding the call from Shell about the phone interview few hours ago, suddenly I saw an email reached my inbox signalling the title of BNM. I was really nervous about it, wondering what would that be from the bank. Here it is, the message conveyed in the email:

Saudara Ng Chia Wei,

Tahniah kerana terpilih untuk menerima Anugerah Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia Peringkat Pra-Ijazah Sesi 2010/2011 bagi mengikuti kursus Sains Aktuari. Biasiswa berkenaan adalah untuk mengikuti program-program persediaan Ijazah luar negara di kolej-kolej tempatan. Sila fakskan borang yang dikepilkan ke 03- 26942909 dengan segera sekiranya saudara menerima tawaran Biasiswa ini.

Saudara akan dihubungi oleh pihak Bank Negara Malaysia untuk tawaran rasmi Biasiswa dan urusan pendaftaran kolej selewat-lewatnya pada minggu hadapan.

Terima kasih.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed these words repetitively cause finally, I've got the golden opportunity to pursue my dreams! I have always wanted to study Actuarial Science, as most of my friends knew about it. Luckily, the Bank is kind enough to give me my first choice, cause I was so worried that they might be giving me other courses such as Economics and Accounting, since they don't really need lots of qualified actuaries in the bank; And due to my odd dream, my scholarships applications were rejected by numerous scholarships institutions including the most famous Public Service Commission a.k.a. JPA, Petronas, Sime Darby, UEM, TNB, TM, ASEAN, PNB, Japan MEXT, etc. Not even a place in Matriculation college was given to me, albeit after I sent in the appeal.  Until now, I can't actually believe my eyes that I finally got it!!! Thanks God, my parents and all my friends who indeed have been helping me since the very beginning. Thanks to everyone who helped and consoled me when I was being overwhelmed by these pathetic rejections. I would never forget you all, and apparently I'm really appreciate it. =)

After almost every rejection, finally BNM accepted me! This case has successfully proven that not getting JPA scholarship may be a good thing for me, perhaps it's a blessing in disguise! Thanks a tonnes, and good luck everyone!!! Hopefully I can do well in my study and succeed in my future endeavor, so as the others!!! ^_^

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Greatest Rejection Ever!!! T_T

Upon rejected by a dozen of scholarships institutions, I was highly hoping at the very common scholarship that everyone would most likely to apply for - JPA. Obviously, there was a stiff competition among the excellent students nationwide, since JPA is only capable of offering 1500 places to those students for overseas program. Probably there are tonnes of excellent students this batch who scored lots of A+, but instead of 2000 places offered for the previous years, JPA reduced the number to 1500. Due to economics recession maybe, and we as the students, are the major victims. Lots of my friends who actually scored way better than me failed to get the scholarships, including me of course. Also, the introduction of A+ to the students end of last year shocked and intimidated almost every SPM'09 student, cause they were not given enough time to prepare adequately to score A+, which technically means above 90% marks.

Personally, I was really down and depressed over the rejection of JPA, and couldn't really handle it yesterday. In fact, for the whole day! I skipped my lunch and merely ate dinner. For my close friends who kept consoling me when I was being emotional yesterday, sincerely I want to thank all of you for being all ear to me for the whole day long, and you all are the most precious gifts to me. Now, I can only hope at BNM, my last chance to get a scholarship by using my SPM result, which would be announced on any day within next week. Apparently it would be even tougher than JPA, since everyone had tried their best in their interview process. Nevertheless, I can only hope now and hope that everything would turn out fine.

Anyways, congratulations to my friends who get selected to be JPA, Petronas and MARA scholars!!! Good luck to all of you in your future endeavor. Remember, getting a scholarship doesn't mean that the life is a bed of roses now. You still have to work hard to achieve success in your life! All the best! =)

P/S: Going to work out on the appeal letter to JPA and also through MCA! Wish me luck guys and girls! =)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Day After Today!!! ~.~

Well, as everyone would have knew, JPA result would be announced tomorrow. The fateful and historical date for me, may it be a day full of joy or sorrow. Apparently this year JPA delayed their announcement date from 12 May 2010 to 21 May 2010, and hopefully it would all worth it. Also, my mom called BNM just now, and fortunately the call was answered by the manager of scholarship section herself. She said that the scholarship result would be announced latest by Monday, and most probably would be. For this scholarship application by using actual result, BNM would offer 45 scholarships to candidates with top 45 highest marks, which is higher than merely 20 places offered to candidates by using trial result last year. Good luck everyone! =D Hopefully I can secure at least one of those scholarships. =)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Beauty of Mathematics

1 x 8 + 1 = 9
12 x 8 + 2 = 98
123 x 8 + 3 = 987
1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876
12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765
123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654
1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543
12345678 x 8 + 8 = 98765432
123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

1 x 9 + 2 = 11
12 x 9 + 3 = 111
123 x 9 + 4 = 1111
1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111
12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111
123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111
1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111
12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111
123456789 x 9 +10= 1111111111

9 x 9 + 7 = 88
98 x 9 + 6 = 888
987 x 9 + 5 = 8888
9876 x 9 + 4 = 88888
98765 x 9 + 3 = 888888
987654 x 9 + 2 = 8888888
9876543 x 9 + 1 = 88888888
98765432 x 9 + 0 = 888888888

Brilliant, isn't it? 
And finally, take a look at this symmetry.

1 x 1 = 1
11 x 11 = 121
111 x 111 = 12321
1111 x 1111 = 1234321
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111 x 111111 = 12345654321
1111111 x 1111111 = 1234567654321
11111111 x 11111111 = 123456787654321
111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

Taken from here.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Kiss Good Bye to Thomas Cup 2010! =(

Well, I believe that everyone is aware of the Thomas Cup for this whole week and the news that all the Malaysian teams have completely lost to China's. I watched the match between Lin Dan and Chong Wei, and unexpectedly they seemed like warming up in the beginning. However, Lin Dan seemed to warm up faster as compared to Chong Wei and eventually lead Chong Wei by double the scores of Chong Wei at the first half. Amazingly, when Lin Dan reached the score of 18, Chong Wei suddenly counter attacked against Lin Dan and able to score until 17 when Lin Dan beat him at the first match. Well, I think he thought that he would be able to fight back at the second match, which most of us are hoping about, but eventually he didn't!!! He started to be tension when Lin Dan surpassed him by at least 5 marks, and this condition remained throughout the whole match! At last, as expected, Chong Wei was beaten by Lin Dan with the result of second match 21-9. Gosh! How could Chong Wei be so relax in the beginning and lost to Lin Dan at the first round, while totally lost hope when Lin Dan surpassed him by at least 10 points at the second round? Lin Dan is still the great one, and apparently Chong Wei has to train harder for the next encounter with his ultimate rival. 

What frustrated me the most was, the attitude of some of the spectators at the stadium. There was a Malaysian spectator who booed and showed "thumb down" hand signs at Lin Dan just now, during the second match's first half, and I think he was indeed very unethical! Malaysian, we seriously need to change our attitude, although not all, but a drop of ink can spoil the whole jar of milk! It would affect our country's global image, and that would be the resistance for our country to be on par with those advanced countries around the globe; Continue to be the third world country! Oh well, by the way, Lin Dan took off his shirt after he won the so called "World No.1" single badminton player Chong Wei, and danced half-nakedly at the court, in a Muslim country; And I think it was done in an inappropriate way, in which he should know that the whole citizens of Malaysia were watching this match, and he should respect the Malaysians. I was wondering why there was no one there to throw at least an egg towards him. Hmm... Just kidding! LOL... XD 

My First Week Experiences in Form 6!!! ^_^

Well this week was pretty nice for me, and as I am in Physics class, my class have only 5 girls (3 Chinese 1 Indian 1 Malay) and others all boys! So, it was quite boring actually, if you know what I meant. =P

On the second day, it was quite bored as most of the teachers didn't came in but only my class teacher. She explained to us about the format of Pengajian Am and out of my expectation, she has gained her Master in Psychology. Then, I took my chance to ask her about my dilemma, whether to take Physics or Accounting in my A-Levels. She couldn't really give me the answers, and eventually she advised me to go to the counselling room, to seek advices from the counselling teachers. There were a few students there taking personality tests, for they want to change from the Science stream to the Arts stream. Finally, after everything else was over, I still sticked to my initial choice and not to change to Arts Stream - I would be taking Physics instead of Accounting. =)

On the third day, the orientation started and it was rather bored with various welcoming speeches by the administration board. After the speeches ended, the counselling teacher gave us a talk regarding the relation between the packages of subjects offered in the school and the courses offered in the local public universities. Some personalities tests were given after the talk and oh well, I think I knew myself quite well. XD

On the forth day, the orientation continued and an Explore Race was organised to entertain the Lower 6 students, as well as to bond friendship between the group members. I was elected as the group leader; And I was quite happy for being able to lead the members, try my best to ace the challenges faced by my group, and eventually try out the traditional games in Malaysia such as Batu Seremban, Gasing, Bulu tangkis, etc. It was fun and great experience for me, and all of us enjoyed it immeasurably. Finally, orientation ended on that day. Thanks to teachers and Upper 6 students, we enjoyed it a lot! =)

Today, my class started officially and I got to know my Physics and Maths T teachers. Well, today all the teachers didn't start to teach us, but merely chatting with the students, and I was sitting at the front row. I asked about the qualification of my Maths T teacher, and expectedly he is a degree holder of Bachelor in Science (Mathematics) from Malaya University(UM). He then asked me about my ambition, and he was surprised with it and asked about my result, my future plan and pathways. Later after the recess, I went back to the class and my Pengajian Am teacher was already inside the class. She didn't really teach much, but she was really nice and chatted a lot too. Suddenly, she want to choose the class monitor since my class still didn't have the leader. Nobody want to be the volunteer, and unexpectedly teacher chose me as the class monitor. Oh gosh! How could I be the class monitor since I would be only there for one and a half months? Nevertheless, after my friends persuaded me that I am qualified to be the class monitor even for only the limited period, I have to accept it eventually. Hopefully I can do my best in my part time job as the class monitor of the Physics class! =)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Form 6 in SMK Seri Serdang!!! ^_^

Hey everyone, I have just registered for Form 6 in SMK Seri Serdang today, and I would be studying there for one and a half months, before commence my A-Levels at MCKL in July intake. However, I still need to pay RM54.50 for the fees, since I would be using the facilities in the school. The teacher in charge of Form 6 was so nice to me, but she kept persuading me to pay the fees, and she said that it is for charity and donation to the school. -.- Nevertheless, my mom is willing to pay for it, rather than letting me keep rotting at home. (But I will try my best to delay the payment as long as possible! xP ) At least I can learn something new at school, rather than spending my precious time online at home. Well, I think the school compound is so beautiful, with the tranquil panorama and ideal environment for me to study Form 6, even for just one and a half months. Oh, and I saw quite a number of old friends too, from SMK Seri Kembangan and SMK Seri Indah. I'm really glad to meet them again, after two years of separation. Well the class would officially start tomorrow, at 7.25am!!! I can't be a nocturnal anymore, and apparently no more stay up for me until 4am!  Hopefully I can enjoy myself in the new school and learn some Form 6 STPM syllabus. =) Good luck everyone!!! ^_^

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Farewell My Friends!!!! ~.~

10th of May 2010 - A very significant date to most of SPM'09 leavers as it is a day in which most of the students would end their 5 months long holiday and begin the new chapter in their life. As most of us know, some of our friends would be starting to register in their respective Matriculation colleges, while some of them would be starting to register in their respective secondary school to start their Form 6 STPM. Some of my friends have even reached the state of their Matriculation colleges and are now waiting for the registration day to come patiently, especially for those whose their houses are far in distance from the Matriculation colleges. For instance, some of my friends who are staying around Selangor state have already set their foot out and reached their respective Matriculation colleges in Kedah (ChangLun) and Perlis today.

The main point I want to convey here is that, for those who have decided to go for Matriculation programme and Form 6 STPM, NEVER ever look back (unless you get sponsored by any scholarship body) and no regret! You have made up your mind, decided your path wisely, and everything should be set based on your precise analysis and decision. As in the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, we should never regret on the decision made and always look forward, and I believe most of us have already set up their mind, despite making decision may be the hardest thing for most of us to do, including me. Nevertheless, I would like to wish everyone who are going to start his/her study soon all the best and good luck, regardless of the Pre-University Programmes, such as Matriculation, Diploma, Foundation, STPM, A-Levels, Ausmat, SAM or CIMP. Remember to study hard and smart, and never look back! Best of luck in everyone's future endeavor!!! =)

p/s: By the way, I would be going to Form 6 tomorrow for fun, before enrolling myself in MCKL for A-Levels in this July intake. =) Good luck everyone!!! =)

Happy Mothers' Day!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Day after day, finally the day awaiting by every mother worldwide comes, and apparently today is the Mothers' Day!!! Today is the day when every touching mother's story would be unearthed to the whole nation and the world. Even in The Star Online there was a video about tribute to the mother, and undoubtedly it was a solid proof that shown the greatest love in the world - Love from the mother, one and the only one. Mother is the one who carried us for over 9 months long; Gave birth to everyone of us here with unimaginable, unbearable pain; Took care of our welfare with the purest love ever; Gave us advices and motivated us whenever we face problems in spite of the degree of seriousness; Most importantly she taught us patiently, and formed us to be the finest person we could ever imagine today. Without our mother, we would never exist in this tiny world, to get the perfect opportunity to live in this wonderful world fulled with miracles and colors.

Firstly, I would like to thank my mom for giving birth to me, teaching me strictly yet tolerantly, and giving me the purest love ever in taking care of my everything. Everything. Clothes, shelters, health, meals, finance, etc. Besides, I want to thank my mom, cause she always there for me no matter what. Thanks for visiting me every weekend for the past two years, when i was studying in fully residential school. Thanks for helping me to wash my clothes, thanks for fetching me every time i need it, thanks for teaching me lots of lessons since I was a baby, thanks for taking care of me and cook great meals everyday. 

Besides, I would like to apologise to my mom because I can be so ignorant sometimes, always be stubborn-headed, always argue due to some small matters. From here, I would like to sincerely say that, I'm so sorry and I never mean to do it. I promise that I wouldn't hurt you anymore, and be happy always!

Finally, thanks for everything, and most importantly, thanks for introducing me to this wonderful world! Without you and dad, I would never be exist in this world. I would do my very best in every single thing to make you proud, and I promised that I would. =)

I love you always MOM, forever and ever!!! 

My mom and I at Mid Valley!!! ^_^

My mom and sisters at Penang beach!!! ^_^ 

My dad, mom, younger sis and I at the Penang beach!!! ^_^ 

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Advices and information from Senior Recommer, Smilehoe! ^_^

Here is the reply of Smilehoe, a senior Recommer to me due to my dilemma at my previous post, and I think it is worthwhile for me to post it up here to be shared with everyone due to its great and effective information to me. He's an actuarial student in UM(University of Malaya) and here it goes: 

Hi Nicholasng925,
First of all, I think that the effort you put in considering and researching on actuarial science is impressive. I didn't know as much as you do while I was at your place.I'm not an engineering student so my advice would be lopsided, do take it at face value and make your own judgement. 

We will talk about a few scenarios,
Case 1, No A-levels,
I think alternatives are pretty limited. Form 6, A-levels or other Pre-U courses at more affordable institutions. You can again aim towards Act.Sc. while doing those courses.

Case 2, A-levels or other Pre-U, but no scholarship for overseas degree
As you have mentioned, NTU and NUS are good alternatives. High government loan available. Though NUS offers twinning programme, there might be some issues you need to sort out beforehand, i.e. admission might be harder, and the funding of the two years in Aussie. NTU on the other hand, won't much of a burden if you take Sg government loan.

Apply to UTAR, UKM, UM or other local universities. Local universities do accept A-level qualifications. Some A-level students have in fact been accepted to UM actuarial sc., but I can't guarantee whether the chances of getting in are the same.

On quality wise, Utar, UM and UKM don't differ much. The path to fellowship depends much more on the student than the institution. Utar and UKM have students who take SOA papers at incredible rate. And UM does not lag too far either. So don't turn out the option on Utar, it's a reasonably viable path and as long as you persist, you'll turn out equal with your overseas counterparts.

Take the risk, do A-levels and apply to overseas unis. If you are accepted at an Ivy-league or equivalent institute, JPA will sponsor your studies (I hope I'm not wrong on this). And even if you don't want, certain universities do not charge tuition fees. Those with need-blind policy of admission usually are tuition free. Some European universities do not charge fees either. So do check them out. And don't give up on scholarships application while you do your A-levels.

Actuarial sc. may be intimidating due to its exam oriented nature and various claims. But as with every other subject, it is as easy or as hard as you want it to be. I don't see law, medic, engineering or other professions easier than act. sc. Others can't tell you if you make it or not. Granted, there's still a lot of hard work but that what dreams and life are about. 

One thing to note is before you choose a career or course, factor in the future working environments too. Engineering will be related to site or lab work depending on specialization while act. sc. will be constrained to an office cubicle (*Note rough generalization). So do think about it as well.

Still, if you were determined to pass professional exams, long hours of study are absolutely necessary. It can become unbearable especially once you start working. Dropping out halfway is not uncommon. If you want to know more, I suggest you visit here and interact with the community there. There are many accounts on study life and challenges an actuarial student faces. 

All the best.

Below was my reply to the helpful senior for his information:

Hi Smilehoe! Thanks a lot for giving me such an insightful reply in the thread. In fact, you have given me lots of useful informations about local institutions' actuarial programmes about their lecturers and the rate of students taking SOA papers, and I knew that UTAR actually have a few students who passed 6 SOA papers successfully. Most importantly, finally i knew that local universities(UM, UKM) do accept A-Levels students, although those who apply them by using A-Levels result might have slightly lower chance to succeed.

About the NUS's twinning programme, I think you were referring to the Bachelor of Social Science(Actuarial Science) in collaboration with ANU. However, I prefer NTU more as like you have said, I shouldn't be facing much problem if i take Singapore Government's loan. However, I won't stop there just yet before trying out to research on US, Europe universities as you said, and maybe Australia universities too; And I do know that some of the US universities have need-blind policy and will grant some scholarships and financial aids to international students given the fact that their parents' monthly income does not exceed certain amount, which most of the medium income families in Malaysia probably won't exceed it. I think i have to start doing my researches and scholarship application while I do my A-Levels.

Yeah I do realise that Actuarial Science is indeed intimidating due to the exam oriented nature, but I just believe that I am able to do it, and hopefully i do. I totally agree that is what make up life and dreams! Oh, and I think i prefer office environment more than at the sites, factories or labs. In fact, I can sit at a particular place for hours, and even half a day, doing my studies or facing the computer! Opps~ :P

Lastly, I really want to thank you for introducing the actuarial forum to me, and I have registered it straightaway once i knew it from you. I don't know how to reply you, but only to say thank you for giving me so much useful information about actuarial science and most importantly clearing my questions and doubts. I really appreciate it, and thanks a lot. Good luck to you too! =)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Actuarial Science Vs Engineering

Actually I'm in dilemma now, whether to choose A-Levels in MCKL or Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Communication) in UTM. To be frankly, Engineering were my preferred courses since I was in primary school, but well, apparently I don't really know a lot about this course. Until when I was Form 4, I suddenly fell in love with this very particular course - Actuarial Science. I had never heard about it before when my dad(a banker) mentioned about it in a random talk on a journey back to home from a vacation. Curiosity aroused from the talk, and I straight away did researches about Actuarial Science once I reached home. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with this course, and kept on telling myself that I want to study this course as my future career! 

Apparently, my knowledge about Actuarial Science is definitely more than that in Engineering courses. I knew that to become a qualified actuary, one have to sacrifice a lot of precious time to study for the series of professional actuarial exams, and certainly it is a very very tough task. Yes, I knew about this and I'm still wanting to continue this course, still wanting to fulfill my dream to be a qualified actuary, with perseverance, deep passion and hard work. In fact, I think I owned most of the criteria needed to become an actuary. Unfortunately, JPA don't offer this course anymore this year, and I have to apply Science as my alternative, since Actuarial Science can be one of the majors in Science in most of the universities abroad. Having my back up plan to study A-Levels in MCKL is seemingly a great decision and a good choice for me to continue my pursuit of my dream since I would be taking Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Accounting(a perfect combination for actuarial studies) in the A-Levels. Well, even though I have got 100% tuition waiver scholarship from the college, I still have to pay RM8-9k for the overall 1.5 year A-Levels programme in MCKL, which is considerably cheaper as compared to other private colleges such as Taylor's, Sunway, etc. 

Undoubtedly, taking A-Levels on my own would be very risky upon the completion of the A-Levels programme. Albeit I might get 4As for my A-Levels and some offer letters from top notch universities abroad if I study hard and smart enough, but the financial constraint would be always the problem I would face. How if I can't get any scholarship even though with the above criteria? How can i fund my study abroad, maybe in UK, US, Australia or Canada? Well, the worst scenario would be failing to get any scholarship or financial aid and ending up to study Actuarial Science in UTAR, and definitely I would still need to pay for the study there, maybe supported by PTPTN loan. However, I don't think I am ready enough to face the worst scenario, and certainly I won't be really like to study in UTAR due to various factors.

A few days ago, I have successfully got Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Communication) in UTM, and that seems like my old lover. My parents kept on saying that E&E is a very good course, and you would be regretting for not grabbing this perfect opportunity, for not every non-Bumi can get. For me, it would not be any problem if I study Electrical Engineering cause it is still involving Maths and Physics, in which both of these are my favorite subjects back in high school and I was able to score A+ for both. However, I knew nothing about Electrical Engineering, besides knowing it for involving Physics, Maths, diodes, transformer, voltage and so on. That's all! About the working environment of electrical engineer, I have totally no idea. However, Diploma in E&E is definitely the safer, smoother, and cheaper pathway as compared to pathway towards my dream, which would be involving A-Levels and luck, and that would be extremely risky for the latter one. 

For the working environment of actuary, I knew that an actuary would be facing lots of computer to build actuarial models by using actuarial softwares (Prophet, Moses, etc), meeting lots of clients to explain the highly sophisticated actuarial models to them, pricing insurance premiums, calculating and managing risk that would be faced by the community to protect security of the financial world. Ironically, sometimes I do cross over some thoughts that I can't cope up with actuarial studies, as I have never study it back in high school, for the most thing that I studied were merely simple Probability, Probability Distribution and Statistics in Additional Maths, and some theories in Principle of Accounts. 

Precious comments and advices are very much appreciated, and thanks in advance! =)

Monday, 3 May 2010

BNM Interview Part 2 (26/4/2010) (7.30am - 5.00pm)

Let us continue with my interview experience in BNM last Monday. Oh wow, time does fly right? A week just passed by without noticing much on it. This post is going to be extremely lengthy, and you can stop here if you don't want to proceed.

Okay, let me start telling the whole experiences here in the deceivingly old yet technologically advanced  BNM Headquarter in front of Jalan Kuching, KL. At 6am, I woke up with a pretty nervous mode cause I would be having an interview that day, and I started to recall back everything that I had practiced on. The Malay essays phrases, the answers for common questions, and my future plan. Everything. Lazily and reluctantly I had to wake up from my bed, and started to prepare fast. Making sure everything was smart and tidy, and my file with a bunch of certs were prepared, at 6.30am, my mom drove me down to BNM building in KL, and unexpectedly the traffic was quite heavy at the KL-Seremban Highway. The Perodua Myvi that my mom drove just slowly crawled towards the destination, and I thought that I would be late for the interview. Fortunately, the traffic congestion gradually recovered and the Myvi could easily run at 60km/h, not bad i think. At 7.20am, I had reached the BNM building.

A very familiar building, where my dad used to bring me here for the past two years, during pulang bermalam on Friday, once a month. I used to leave my school(ASiS) on Friday afternoon(1pm) and head to BNM headquarter as my dad was working there. For me, I used to spend my time there in the BNM's library surfing the Internet, while waiting for my dad to finish his job at 5pm. My mom parked the car at the car park inside the BNM building and walked along into the old block, where I found lots of candidates(with their parents) were already waiting there patiently, and they seemed to be nervous too. Like me, I bet everyone was having the same feeling on that particular time. Not long after I registered my name at the counter, a petite guy named Mr. Mohd Suapi, introduced himself to all of the candidates and stated that he was the coordinator for the scholarship department. Later, he brought everyone of us to the BNM's cafeteria for our breakfast, and from there we have to separate with our beloved parents.

Got some wishes and luck from my mom, every candidate including me started to follow Mr Mohd Suapi to the cafeteria. Amazingly, the cafeteria was classy like 5-star restaurant, and everyone seemed to fall in love with it. Well, I have had been to the cafeteria for quite a number of times, so I was not that obsessed with the cafeteria like the other candidates. Most of them was there for the first time, and everyone started to praise the beauty of the cafeteria. Classy, glassy and posh. Everything. One technology that I wish to compliment on was the usage of the high-tech machine at the pay counter, in which it was used by the staffs to pay for their food, cashless. The staff would have to show his/her staff card, and the price of the foods bought would be credited from the monthly salary. Quite advanced, right? Alright, back to the story, all the candidates sat down at the tables, with the crispy roti canai and a cup of hot teh tarik put in front of every candidate. Everyone was awkward for not knowing each other, and started to introduce themselves and meet new friends. From what I had observed, everyone of them was great and smart, and from there I realised that the competition to secure the scholarship would be really stiff. They were all quite amicable, and we had talked a lot about education and the interview, to relieve our stress and nervousness.

Here it is, the crispy roti canai and cups of hot teh tarik!!!
(credit to Sze Yun ^_^)

Some of them have already started their studies(A-Levels and Ausmat) in the private colleges, for January intake or March intake, to prevent time wasting at home doing nothing (like me. =.=). After chatting for a few minutes, our coordinator Mr. Mohd Suapi greeted us and invited us to have our breakfast. Then only everyone started to enjoy the meal. We were then given a tag with particular color indicating respective group and the name stated above; And my tag color was PURPLE!!! My favourite color, coincidently. Next, my group members and I were introduced to our facilitator, Mr Mahathir(hope to spell his name correctly), and he led us to the Knowledge Management Centre at the first floor of the old building to prepare for our interview sessions. Unexpectedly, the Knowledge Management Centre was the library, where I used to go for the past two years, to spend my time there surfing Internet while waiting for my dad to finish his job. Gosh, it was really an unexpected venue, for I was going to determine my future there- The exact place for me to surf Internet those days.

Yes yes, it's here!!! The Knowledge Management Centre!!! 
(Credit to Gracey ^_^)

Next, our interview sessions started. There were 4 essential parts which everyone of us must go through - Individual Presentation, Individual Interview, Essays writing and Group Presentation <--- The arrangement of the parts was like that, in my case. *points there* But it's not really important, anyway.

First and foremost, I started with Individual Presentation. I was given a paper with the question on it, and I was given merely 25 minutes to think and write it on the Mahjong paper. The question was about my future plan, and what would I going to do in the next 5 years and beyond. This question shouldn't be a problem, if you know what are your future plans, your pathways, and your career well enough. I was the third one to be interviewed, and once I was inside, I greeted them and started to present my future plan. I think I did it great, simply because I knew my career, my pathway, and my alternative plans well enough. That's what 4 months holiday at home 'rotting' for. =p The two interviewers were so kind and apparently they won't eat me up. They just want to know me better, and so they asked lots of questions regarding my study, my co-curriculum at school, and my adaptation in the school(as I was one of the ten non-Bumis in my school). Thumbs up for this! =D

Secondly, I went to a particular table in the library, and waited there for almost half an hour, for the next part- Individual Interview. As I walked in, I greeted the three interviewers (2 Malay ladies and a Malay guy) in front of me, and I handed up my file with the bunch of certs. One of the Malay ladies started to flip through my certs, and the Malay guy at the middle started to bombard various killer questions to me. Most of the questions I would say that I answer them quite okay, but there were a few one, which I think I screwed it up. The questions were undoubtedly tough and simply made me went "huh" for quite a few times. From there, I started to voice out craps and without my realisation, I started to talk about Mathematics, my second choice. There was one question that was very tough, which was " What is Mathematics to you?", and that's all for the question. I have to think thoroughly about the ways I was going to say, and suddenly said that Maths is everything, along with the examples about application of Maths in our daily life. Without realising it, I gave an example about civil engineering. (For example, this building is calculated to withstand how much pressure and what is the strength of this building.) Gosh, I think I gave an irrational answer about Maths and I think I couldn't satisfy the interviewers much on this part. =( Never mind, it's over by the way. Chill~ ^_^

Thirdly, it was Essays Writing part. I was given a paper with 4 questions on it, and I was required to write two essays from the four questions stated, one for each language(English and Malay). For only an hour was allocated for this part, I had to speed writing my essays and the handwriting apparently seemed untidy and hideous. Hopefully the markers won't care much on the handwriting. Fortunately, I was able to finish it on time, and hopefully I did well in this part.

While writing the essays, my stomach was famishing and it was lunch time. At 1.30pm, all my group members started to walk towards the cafeteria, led by our facilitator. Once again, BNM was being so generous to us, and there was chicken rice with a glass of orange juice being put on the table for all interviewees. Believe it or not, we didn't pay any cent for that! Yummy~ The set of lunch was scrumptious and we were contented with that. Next, while all the Muslims friends went to surau to perform their prayers, me and my group members (Huey Yuin, Jia Rong, Sze Yun, and Wai Yee) went back to the library to CHAT! We chatted like a group of squirrels, and started to know each other better. They were all very intelligent girls, and one of them actually has her mom working in the BNM too, just like me with my dad. She seemingly knew a lot of things regarding economics and monetary stuffs, since her mom is an economist. Another one, I would like to compliment her for loving to read up Times, The Economists and magazines like that during leisure time. Apparently she would be a great economist in future, I bet! =) Believe it or not, we became good friends ever since, and hopefully we could be friends forever. =)

The proof of the generosity of BNM! The scrumptious chicken rice with a glass of orange juice besides!!!
(Credit to Gracey ^_^) 

When the Muslims friends came back, we continued our interview sessions, which was the last part- Group Presentation. We were brought to the Human Resources Department, where there was a meeting room inside. We went in there, and we were then given a question paper each, with a few Mahjong papers and a few marker pens. Due to the excessive number of group members, we were separated into two groups. My group was consist of 5 members, including me. This part was like a a group presentation, or more precisely, roles acted. I was elected as the project manager for my group, and everyone started to play his/her role chosen and planned about the project. When the presentation was about to start, I went BLANK and had to take a glance on the Mahjong paper to remind me on what I was going to say.

Unfortunately, cause my group was the first group to present, we had less time to discuss about everything, approximately 30 minutes. Unlike the second group, they had more time to discuss outside the meeting room while my group was presenting. I stuck when I was about to introduce the objective of the project, and it took me about 10 seconds to think about it and say it out. Gosh, I was like, OMG!!! What happened to me??? >.< Nevertheless, I think it was because of the tiredness that was so overwhelming at the time, cause it was 3.30pm in the evening, and practically i just couldn't think anything. My brain was stuck!!! What a group leader I was. >.< Fortunately, I was able to revive myself and play my role well. While the interviewers bombarding my group members and I questions, again I failed at brain storming and my group members kept on supporting each other's back. Thanks everyone! Well I think my group did a great job, and our project plan seemed to be perfect, except for some really specific details that we missed out. Plus, everyone of us never literally cooperated with each other, and never planned nor did any project of such, which involving lots of people in the community. 4/5 marks seemed to be good enough for us, and hopefully everyone would succeed in securing this prestigious scholarship.

After came out from the meeting room, everyone was relieved and my group facilitator even brought us to the store, and gave each of us some little souvenir. So nice of him! Then, we were served fruits, tea and coffee at the end of the presentation in the meeting room, while exchanged the contact information concurrently. Finally! Pheww~~~ Everything was over!!! While as I said, I wouldn't put too much hope in it, cause each of us was doing so great and awesome on the interview sessions, and when you think you did it great enough, there would always be others who did it as great as you are or even better than you, since everyone else did their very best in the interview sessions. Good luck to everyone! =)


Behind from left: Shahir, Me, Afif Asyraf
Front row from left: Niniey Daud, Hanis Suhaila, Jia Rong(Gosh, so cute! =P), Huey Yuin, Sze Yun
(Credit to Huey Yuin ^_^)

Behind from left: Shahir, Me, Afif Asyraf
Front row from left: Niniey Daud, Hanis Suhaila, Jia Rong, Huey Yuin, Sze Yun, Wai Yee
(Credit to Huey Yuin ^_^)

Keep in touch, friends forever!!! =D 

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Diploma in Electrical Engineering(Telecommunication)?


TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:
SURAT TAWARAN:Pihak IPTA akan mengeluarkan surat tawaran kepada calon yang berjaya mulai 03 Mei 2010 (Isnin)  
Catatan : Pastikan anda mengesahkan SETUJU TERIMA TAWARAN di laman web IPTA berkaitan mulai 03 Mei 2010 hingga 10 Mei 2010.

Thanks for giving me this, but I'm in dilemma now, whether I should accept it or not. I have always wanted to study Actuarial Science, but apparently I have gotten this, and my parents said that it is very hard to get this place since I am a non-Bumi. Yet, with my determination, or you may say me as stubborn boy for wanting my course so badly, I have decided to turn it down, to give this golden opportunity to someone who deserves this  more than me. Thanks to everyone who advised me, and hopefully I can attain stupendous result in A-Levels. =) Bonne Chance (Good luck in French) ! =)

Favourite Music! =)